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Prostate Cancer - What Every Man Needs to Know

Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancers in men. Prostate cancer is often found in elder men and the risk of prostate cancer increases with age. It occurs mostly among the male population of 50 years and above. In prostate cancer, cancerous cells are primary formed in the prostate that then gets transferred to other cells through the process of metastasis. Prostate cancer spreads to other parts of your body like bones.


Lung Cancer

There are no definite prostate cancer symptoms that can be easily noticed by the patients.

Causes of Prostate Cancer:

Scientists still do not know the exact cause behind prostate cancer. No one knows why some people suffer with prostate cancer while others do not. Clinical researchers and scientists are working hard to find the answer of this basic question. However they are optimistic to come out with a 'prostate cancer cause' report very soon.


Prostate Cancer Symptoms:

Prostate cancer does not show any cancer symptom or sign at the initial stage. However, few prostate cancer symptoms have been identified by the National Cancer Institute .


These specific prostate cancer symptoms are given below:

1) Frequent urination.

2) An interrupted or weak urine flow.

3) Trouble while urination.

4) Sensation of pain while ejaculation.

5) Inability to urinate.

6) Burning sensation or pain during urination.

7) Blood in the urine or in the semen.

8) Stiffness or frequent pain in the upper thighs, lower back or hips.


These symptoms are however, not specific for prostate cancer. Therefore if you experience any of these symptoms, don't panic- just consult a doctor. Prostate cancer treatment: Treatment of prostate cancer depends upon factors such as the location of the tumor, general health condition of the patient, age of the patient and size of the tumor. Prostate cancer can be treated with help of following treatment methods.


1) Surgical castration by orchidectomy: the cheapest and simplest prostate cancer treatment is orchidectomy. The only disadvantage is a psychological effect of the loss of testicles.


2) Prostate cancer can be treated with the help of oestrogen hormone and LHRH-analogues. This is a "medical castration." This prostate cancer treatment is very expensive. Oestrogen can be taken orally but oestrogen prostate cancer treatment can give rise to thrombotic complications.


3) Hormone therapy can also be used as prostate cancer cure.


4) The chemical found in black pepper, which causes the tongue to burn, sweat to pout out and eyes to water commonly called as capsaicin is thought to be helpful in prostate cancer cure. US researchers have found that capsaicin can cause human cancer cells to kill themselves. This study is guiding to the way for a new prostate cancer cure.


5) Radiotherapy can also be used for prostate cancer cure. Radiotherapy just destroys cancer cells by radiation. The method is absolutely painless. But treatment of prostate cancer with the help of radiotherapy can cause some side effects like impotence and diarrhea.


6) Brachytherapy can also be applied to cure prostate cancer. Here radioactive elements inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells.


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Cancer Symptom


Cancer symptoms and the importance of early detection

Cancer is like a curse for mankind and that too a life threatening one. Cancer will continue to be a monster for us until we are able to detect cancer symptoms in a more definitive manner and are able to find a fail-proof cure for it. So, we are faced with two challenges here - the ability to read/recognise cancer symptoms and the ability to treat cancer in a fail-proof manner. To understand cancer symptoms and the importance of early detection in a better way, let's first start with understanding what cancer actually is.


Importance of early detection of cancer symptoms

Since the cancer cells grow at a fast pace, if you are not able to read cancer symptoms early enough, the cancer might become completely incurable. If the cancer symptoms are diagnosed in the early stages (and if the cancer is localised to just one organ), you might actually be able to get a cure for cancer. So, early detection of cancer symptoms is quite important in determining your chances of survival. Moreover, if the cancer symptoms are not recognised quickly and diagnosis sought, cancer can spread to other organs too (which might make it completely incurable). There are instances where early detection of cancer symptoms lead to complete cure too (e.g. early detection of breast cancer symptoms might make it possible to get a complete cure through surgery that involves removal of cancerous cells).


Pro-active detection of cancer symptoms

Cancer symptoms can be detected at a very stage by being proactive e.g. by going for cancer screening tests that help see the cancer symptoms early enough for curative action to be effective. In fact, too much of a delay could lead to curative action being not possible at all. Most hospitals and clinics stack free cancer symptom detection booklets which you can read to increase your awareness about cancer symptoms and cancer in general.


Warren and Karen have been involved in the internet for a number of years and run several websites. They are most interested in providing opportunities for people to connect with information relating to business, health and creativity. Check out their Cancer Symptom blog for more information.


Alternative Cancer Treatment


Prevention as an alternative cancer treatment

Since there is no fail-proof treatment available for most types of cancer (unless detected in very early stages), the best you can do is take preventive measures. In that sense, prevention can be called an alternative cancer treatment methodology. So, what all does this alternative cancer treatment methodology suggest.


What is cancer?

Put simply, cancer is a diseased condition of body which is caused by uncontrolled abnormal growth of cells. This growth might start in one organ and might quickly start spreading to other nearby organs. There are various types of cancer and these are generally named after the body organ where this uncontrolled and abnormal growth of cells occurs. So you have breast cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer and many other types of cancer. The cancer symptoms might vary based on what organ they affect.


Physical fitness as an alternative cancer treatment (prevention) methodology

Obesity is said to increase the risk of cancer. So, exercise or adequate physical activity can act as alternative cancer treatment (prevention) methodology. Just mark off some time from your schedule for daily exercise. A number of people think that exercise is synonymous to gymnasium. However, that is not the case. This alternative cancer treatment (prevention) methodology doesn't ask you to visit gym. You can just participate in simple activities like playing tennis or brisk walking etc.


Diet control is an effective alternative cancer treatment (prevention) methodology

Your diet should consist of all essential nutrients in correct proportions. This will not only act as an alternative cancer treatment (prevention) methodology but also help you in keeping healthy as such (thus evading other diseases/ problems too). As an alternative cancer treatment (prevention) methodology, diet control suggests you to reduce fat content in your food and to include bean and Soya products in your diet. It also suggests that you must refrain from smoking and limit alcoholic drinks to the minimum.


Sun protection as an alternative cancer treatment (prevention) technique

As we know it, UV radiations from sun can cause skin cancer. So, avoidance of direct sunlight can act as an alternative cancer treatment (prevention) methodology. Use of sun tan lotions that have SPV (Sun Protection Factor) of at least 15 is recommended as part of this alternative cancer treatment (prevention) technique.


Avoiding pollution - an alternative cancer treatment (prevention) technique

Some pollutants can cause cancer. So, you need to be on your guard against chemical agents/ fumes (especially if you live too close to an industrial area). . Avoiding pollution is surely an alternative cancer treatment (prevention) technique.


Go for early detection of cancer

Everyone dreads cancer. However, early detection of cancer is really an alternative cancer treatment (prevention) technique. Most cancer screening tests are quite easy to perform. Even self-screening is possible for some types of cancer. So, going for cancer screening can act as an alternative cancer treatment (prevention) technique and hence prevent threat to life that is caused by cancer.


Warren and Karen have been involved in the internet for a number of years and run several websites. They are most interested in providing opportunities for people to connect with information relating to business, health and creativity. Check out their Alternative Cancer Treatment blog for more information.


Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment

Just the mention of cancer sends a chill down your spine. And when it comes to talking about cancer treatment (complete cure), one is just left looking around for answers. Yes, it's a well known fact that there is no fail-proof or definitive cancer treatment for most types of cancer. Unavailability of cancer treatment is what makes cancer so dreaded. Well, it's not just the unavailability of cancer treatment that makes the things so grim but also the difficulty in detection of cancer.


Cancer treatment and research

Though a lot of research has been going on in the field of cancer treatment, the solution (i.e. fail-proof cancer treatment) has been evading the researchers till now. It's not that all the research has been unsuccessful. There have been improvements in cancer treatment techniques that are being used and some new cancer treatment techniques have yielded good results; however, there is nothing like a complete cure for most types of cancer. A lot of effort is also being put into developing cancer diagnosis procedures in order to ensure correct and timely diagnosis of various types of cancer. After all, successful diagnosis is the first step towards cancer treatment.


Cancer treatment - old and new methods

The old methods of cancer treatment include things like surgical procedures for removal of malignant tissue and use of radiation and chemotherapy to get rid of the malignant cells and prevent their growth. Apart from these cancer treatment methods, there are other cancer treatment procedures that are being put to use quite effectively - one such cancer treatment is the use of Tamoxifen in hormone based cancer treatment. A number of other new cancer treatment procedures are being developed and tested all the time in an effort to find a cancer treatment that is fully curative and fail-proof.


Cancer treatment, prevention and detection

Since there is no definitive cancer treatment available, the best way to tackle this monster is to take measures for protection against cancer and to device ways of early detection of cancer. The main recommendations for cancer prevention include things like refraining from tobacco, reducing intake of alcoholic drinks, engaging in physical activity / exercise and avoiding exposure to direct sunlight (i.e. UV rays). With regards to cancer detection, the most important thing is to increase your knowledge about cancer, cancer symptoms, cancer treatment etc. It's important to know that there are many cancer screening tests that you can undergo to help detect cancer in early stages and hence get cancer treatment whilst the things are still controllable.


Warren and Karen have been involved in the internet for a number of years and run several websites. They are most interested in providing opportunities for people to connect with information relating to business, health and creativity. Check out their Cancer Treatment blog for more information.


Watching Out for Ovarian Cancer


One of the cancers that are among the deadliest is ovarian caner. It is rare, but it is among the most deadly, with a low survival rate in the final two stages. This is because it is a relatively silent killer that often progresses beyond any hope of healing before it is discovered. New tests are allowing doctors to catch this disease earlier, improving chances of survival, but it is still a little-known menace that affects women.


Ovarian cancer initially attacks the ovaries. As with most cancers, the exact cause of the cancer is not completely known. However, it does start in the ovaries. If caught soon enough, the ovaries can usually be removed, with a very god chance of success. The key, however, is catching the cancer early. It needs to be caught in its first or second stage for the best chance of survival. And therein lies the problem. Most of the time, the cancer is not found until it is in the third or fourth stage. These stages are pretty much too late for most people. The fourth stage especially, as by this time the cancer has probably spread throughout the body. This cancer cannot be detected by a pap smear. Therefore, it is important that you inform your doctor of a family history of ovarian cancer (genetics is the main indicator and cause) and any other irregularities. Even though improved tests can help detect the cancer earlier than before, it is important that your physician be on the look out for indicators.


Second-hand smoke: Exposure to second-hand smoke has been shown to be a definite risk factor. Your risk increases by 30 percent from daily exposure to second-hand smoke. This is probably the most significant risk factor for lung cancer in non-smokers. Exposure to radon: Radon is an odorless gas than can seep out of the soil into buildings. Worse yet, the gas can seep from the soil into water near residential communities. Radon has been implicated as a potential cause of lung cancer.


Some of the symptoms of ovarian cancer include irregular menstrual cycles (although many women have these anyway, but someone prone to cancer will find that birth control does not properly regulate it), frequent nausea and fever, and vaginal bleeding. A frequent need to use the bathroom is another indication of the possibility of ovarian cancer. All of these things need to be discussed with your doctor so that she or he knows what the possibilities might be.


Behaviors that are though to reduce the risk (although nothing can completely eradicate the risk of ovarian cancer) include healthy diet and exercise, oral contraceptives, breastfeeding, and having at least one full-term pregnancy. Of course, none of these behaviors are complete protection against any illness, including cancer, but it can help you reduce your chance of developing it. Surgical procedures are also thought to help. Things like having your tubes "tied" and also the removal of the ovaries can reduce your risk as well. Although, interestingly enough, even removing your ovaries does not completely eliminate your chances of developing ovarian cancer (even though it helps significantly).


By understanding your family history and taking care to live a healthy lifestyle, you can probably avoid ovarian cancer. It is a rare cancer, but more deadly perhaps because of that rarity. Most women are not likely to get it, but it is a good idea to be on your guard, especially if there is a history of ovarian cancer in your family.


Learn more about ovarian cancer, and other cancers and their treatments at The Cancer Directory

Lung Cancer in Non-Smokers

More and more often, I come across cases of nonsmokers who develop lung cancer. My attention is always drawn to news of this nature because my husband passed away at the age of 51 from brain and lung cancer. He never smoked a day in his life. The complacency non-smokers have shared over the years is no longer a viable option. Smokers and non-smokers alike are vulnerable to a disease which is largely incurable. Among patients with lung cancer, only about 14% live five years after their diagnosis. In the face of a disease that seems to have neither rhyme nor reason, what can we do to protect ourselves? First, assess your risk for lung cancer; then take measures to prevent the disease.


What are the risk factors for lung cancer?

Gender: Unfortunately, women seem to be more vulnerable to lung cancer. Research has shown that female smokers are more susceptible to the cancer-causing chemicals found in cigarettes. In another study, a gene linked to abnormal lung cancer cell growth was found to be more active in women than in men. It did not matter whether the women smoked or not. A family history of lung cancer: Evidence suggests that there is a lung cancer gene which predisposes offspring to develop lung cancer. However, the evidence is far from conclusive as the situation is made difficult by the fact that offspring of smokers have been exposed to a smoking environment since childhood and would therefore have a greater risk for developing the disease. Scarring from previous lung disease : Scarring in lungs caused by tuberculosis or other lung disease can be a risk factor for lung cancer.


Air pollution: Long-term occupational exposure to diesel exhaust fumes may increase lung cancer risk by 47%. Air pollution in general is a risk factor in the general population. Swedish researchers estimate that as many as 1 in 10 cases of lung cancer may be caused by air pollution in the Swedish capital city, Stockholm. Past Cancer Treatment: Researchers in Sweden who looked at the medical records of 140,000 breast cancer patients found that there was an increase of lung cancer 5 to 20 years after breast cancer treatment. Suspicion is that radiotherapy in the chest area may have made the lungs more susceptible to the disease. Estrogen Replacement Therapy: According to researchers at the University of Pittsburg, estrogen may fuel the growth of non small-cell lung cancer.


What preventative measures can we take?

Diet: An apple a day may keep lung cancer away. A Finnish study suggests that apples not only keep doctors away, but provide protection for the lungs as well. This study found that people who ate the most apples were 58 % less likely to develop lung cancer. Other studies suggest that lung cancer risk is lower among smokers and non smokers who ate at least 5 servings of vegetables and fruits daily.


Beta Carotene: A high intake of beta carotene compounds can lower your lung cancer risk; however, studies also show that the beta carotene is only effective when the compounds are ingested from whole foods such as peaches, melon, carrots, mangoes, dark leafy vegetables, squash etc. The opposite effect seems to take place with beta carotene supplements. A Finnish study reported 18% more lung cancer cases among heavy smokers who took beta carotene supplements. And a National Cancer Study on the effects of vitamin A and beta carotene was halted because smokers taking the supplements had 28% more lung cancer than those taking a placebo.


Selenium and Vitamin C: Taking selenium supplements on a long- term basis has been shown to decrease the incidence of lung cancer. In one study, people taking 55-200 mcg of the mineral daily had a 46% lower rate of lung cancer. As well, studies indicate that people who take less than 90 mg of vitamin C on a daily basis may have a 90% higher risk of lung cancer than those who take 140mg or more.


Avoid second-hand smoke and check your house for radon. There are never guarantees in life, but it makes perfectly good sense to take some preventative measures as these can not only improve your overall quality of health and life but also prevent lung cancer.


A runner for 27 years, retired schoolteacher and writer, Mary is helping people reclaim their bodies. Nutrition, exercise, positive vision and purposeful engagement are the tools used to turn their bodies into creative selves. You can visit her at or learn how she lost her weight at


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