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What Is Cancer, Anyway?

Cancer is not some foreign invader which has to be cut, burned or poisoned in hopes that it will die before the patient dies. No, cancer is simply a temporoary malfunction in your normal cell division process. Each of has about 75 trillion cells in our body. Virtually all of them replace themselves many times during our lifetimes. How many cells? Well, it's 75,000,000,000,000. That's a lot. They have various life cycles, but in about 7 years, they have all been regenerated. Amazing? I'll say!
So, on an average day, about 29 billion cells in your body replace themselves by dividing in two. One of the cells resulting from that division dies off.

These "free radicals" bounce around, bumping into normal cells, and, in the process, damaging the normal cells DNA.

In our bodies all day every day are lots of "free radicals." These little rascals are molecules which have one unpaired oxygen electron in their atomic makeup. They are produced by our digestive system, the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink and so on. In other words, we can't avoid them.

About a million or so of the damaged cells each day are damaged in such a way that the "oncogenes," the hundred or so genes (out of the 33,000 or so in each cell's DNA) which control cell death, get damaged. When this happens, the cell begins to grow out of control. It becomes a cancer cell. Our immune system (about 20 trillion cells strong) normally recognizes this and takes care of it every day, until it can't anymore. Then, we "get" cancer.

Actually, all of us "have" cancer every day. It is controlled and gives us no symptoms. When symptoms (a tumor, for example) show up, it means that our metabolism (cell division and cell death)has temporarily broken down. A tumor with a billion cells is about the size of the period at the end of this sentence. By the time a tumor is diagnosed, it has usually been growing for from 5 to 12 years. Far from a death sentence or something requiring instant, emergency, radical treatment, this "getting" cancer is a wakeup call.

The key to understanding and controlling cancer is that it is a "systemic" problem. Our entire system has broken down. Killing the cancer cells (with chemotherapy and radiation, for example) is not going to restore our system to its normal balance. In fact, those "treatments" simply make the condition worse by severely damaging what is left of our immune system. Once one understands this, our current conventional cancer treat- ment system makes no sense.

An "oncologist" is supposed to be a cancer doctor. But their training and practice does not include studying and understanding the cancer cell and its relationship to the rest of the body's cellular mechanics and communication. Cellular biology is a very complex and fascinating body of knowledge which is growing rapidly. If the oncologist understood the above, they would be looking for a way to reverse that cell physiology gently and in a non-toxic way (assuming they were honest and open-minded). That is how cancer is brought back under control -- gently and permanently.

One M.D. who has "broken the mold" and treats cancer in a gentle and understanding way says that the docs calling themselves "oncologists" are actually "chemotherapists," not oncologists. Radiologists attempt to deal with cancer using radiation. This always has harmful effects on our body's ability to control our health -- our immune system.

All of us have heard of people who have been "cured" of their cancer using chemotherapy. Remember Lance Armstrong? The chemo- therapy poster boy? It so happened that Lance had one of the few rare cancers (testicular cancer) which can be effectively con- trolled using chemotherapy.

In October, 1971, Dr. Gordon Zubrod, a leading researcher at the National Cancer Institute, presented a list of the cancer malig- nancies which were "highly responsive" to chemotherapy. All of these are rare in adults. But, most important, the list has not changed since 1971. Here it is:

Burkitt's lymphoma;


Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia;

Hodgkin's Disease;


Embryonal Testicular Cancer;

Wilms' Tumor;

Ewing's Sarcoma;



That's it. In the 33 years since that list was published, there is no solid evidence that chemotherapy for the other, more common, cancers results in significant increased survival. One of my daughters was cured of Wilms' Tumor, a rare kidney tumor, when she was three using chemotherapy. But for all the other common forms of cancer (breast, colon, prostate, lung, ovarian, etc.) chemo may show a temporary shrinking of the tumor, what the cancer docs call a "response." Most of the time, the chemotherapy treatment eventually kills the patient. It killed my former wife ten years ago.

Chemotherapy targets dividing cells. The multitude of tests of new chemotherapy drugs test toxic (actually carcinogenic, or cancer- causing) substances against particular kinds of cancer cells in live patients. Usually this is done with half the cancer patients in the test taking an older chemotherapy drug. When there is even slightly more "response" with the new drug, and over 50% of the test group on the new drug survives, a new cancer drug is approved.

Unfortunately, no cancer drug has "eyes" for only cancer cells. These drugs kill any dividing cell. Where are some of your fastest dividing cells? In your hair and your gut. That's why chemotherapy causes you to lose your hair and get nauseous. But these drugs also cause long-term damage to your organs -- kidneys, liver, heart, etc. Doesn't it seem like there should be a better way? There is. More coming soon in another article.

I am a "reporter," not a medical professional. Any treatment for cancer or any other illness should be discussed with your medical professional.


Bill Henderson is the author of "Cure Your Cancer" and "Cancer-Free." His books and 70 newsletters have helped over 600 people in 51 countries overcome their cancer in the last 4 years. He provides phone and e-mail answers to his individual reader's questions. His web site is:


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


To Prevent The Cancer Diagnosis, You Should....


All my experience watching people "get" and overcome cancer can be boiled down into one sentence: hat we put in our mouth causes and reverses all degenerative diseases. All of them can be avoided and overcome by correcting what we put in our mouth (just nother way of saying the same thing).


Stop eating processed food (hydrolized this and hydrogenated that), dairy, red meat, sugar and other sweeteners (even honey and maple syrup), preservatives and chemicals.

So, first things first. Detoxify your body and avoid cancer (and all other degenerative diseases) by fixing your diet. Stop drinking coffee and alcohol and using cigarettes and prescription drugs. Hmmmmm. Tall order.

[Of course, I'm not recommending that you stop taking prescription drugs immediately. Consult your doctor. In Chapter 1 of my book are 11 website directories of "holistic" doctors who are sympathetic with this approach and will help you gradually elim- inate your prescription drugs -- all of which have side effects.]

Diet books abound. Many are worthless. The theories in one are contradicted by those in another. Find any book by John McDougall, Susan Powter, Robert Pritikin, Gary Null, Dean Ornish, Neal Barnard and Terry Sintani. You'll get sound advice on your diet. They describe a diet {and give you tasty recipes) based on whole grains, beans, most vegetables, some local fruit and small amounts of poultry and seafood (if your system is compatible with seafood). This is how you get and stay well.

Did you know that many studies with fruit flies and mice (they live conveniently short lives) show that restricting your calories to 30-40% less than what you are now eating will extend your life expectancy by 40%, no matter when you start it. Amazing but true. The same effect can be obtained by fasting every other day.

The Japanese are first in the world in life expectancy (average 81.9 years). The French are 7th. The U.S. is 23rd. Why do you think this is true? The average American eats 170 pounds of sugar every year. Junk food and processed food with no nutrients cut our life span by years and ensure that most of us will suffer from prolonged degenerative disease before we die. Changing your diet is the least expensive and most productive thing you can do to improve your health and lifespan. I began getting this right when I married my present wife in 1995. I was 64.

OK, you've heard it since grade school. Exercise is good for you. But did you know that gradually building up to one hour a day of strenuous exercise (where it is difficult but not impossible to talk to the person next to you) doesn't just benefit your bones, muscles, tendons, endurance, etc.? It also affects your cellular health and avoids cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteo- porosis, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and virtually all other degenerative disease.

Get clearance from your doctor, of course, and get supervision when you start by hiring a qualified trainer. Details of the program I use are in my book. I started a regular exercise program I've become "hooked" on when I was 60. What's your excuse? Age? Physical condition? Hey -- just do it!

Just take "One-A-Day" vitamins and you're home free. NOT!!

The so-called "Recommended Daily Allowances" (RDA) of vitamins and minerals are woefully below the optimum level you need to maintain vibrant health. There is no real excuse for this. There are thousands of studies of the effect of supplements and the best daily dosage. Unfortunately, if you try to follow these guidelines with individual supplements like Vitamin C, beta carotene, CoQ10, colloidal silver, selenium, astralagus, etc., etc. you will soon go broke.

Better to find one of the formulas put together by knowledgeable health professionals. I mention the one I have used for about 15 years in my book. I am 73 and in perfect health. It is Dr. David Williams' Daily Advantage. It costs about $44 a month, but it has kept me healthy ever since I started taking it (and exercising regularly). You can get more information at Dr. Williams' web site:

or by calling Mountain Home Nutritionals in Ranson, West Virginia at (800) 888-1415.

I get no compensation of any kind from any of the products I recommend. My conviction that this is the best, however, was reinforced recently when I read a book called "Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements," by Lyle MacWilliam, BSc, MSc, FP. The author had compiled charts which compared 500 "nutritionals" supplements. Daily Advantage was not one of them. However, when I compared its ingredients with the "top 5" in the book using his "blended standard," it was better than any of them.

Your age now is immaterial. Whatever age you are, whatever your current health condition is, starting a sound supplement program is essential. I started getting this right when I was 58.

The above three "vitals" -- diet, exercise and supplements -- form what many have called a "three-legged stool of health." The idea is that if you neglect any one of the legs, the "stool" (your health) collapses. Others have suggested that the "stool" has a fourth leg, which is spiritual faith. I don't try to cover it in my book, but there is evidence that it has a strong role in maintaining or regaining your health.

I'll be back soon with an article on specific recommendations for overcoming cancer. I am just a "reporter," not a medical professional. Any changes in your health regiman should be discussed with your doctor.


Bill Henderson is the author of "Cure Your Cancer" and "Cancer-Free." His books and 70 newsletters have helped over 600 people in 51 countries overcome their cancer in the last 4 years. He provides phone and e-mail answers to his individual reader's questions. His web site is:


Professionals Comment On Cancer Treatment

Many doctors have broken the conventional or "allopathic" physician mold and treat cancer and other "diseases" with the full array of available treatments -- complementary, alternative, integrative or conventional. Their common credo is "We treat people -- not diseases."


Cancer Patients

These doctors are the ones I pay attention to.

There are thousands of them today, all over the world. In Chapter 1 of my book "Cancer- Free," I list eleven website directories of these "holistic" doctors and clinics in virtually every country. They are Medical Doctors (M.D.s), Doctors of Osteopathy (D.O.s), Naturopathic Doctors (N.D.s), Chiropractors (D.C.s) and "others." Each of these websites has a feature where you can type in your Zip Code and you will be shown a list of these doctors in your area. In my experience, the letters after their names are far less important than properly interviewing them, which I also cover in Chapter 1 of my book.

There are many of these doctors who publish information and comments about their profession. Here are some of the quotes which you may find interesting.

1. From an oncologist:
"We have a multi-billion dollar industry that is killing people, right and left, just for financial gain. Their idea of research is to see whether two doses of this poison is better than three doses of that poison."

Glen Warner, M.D., Oncologist
2. From a cardiologist and internist who treated 65,000 patients at his five-story hospital before he slipped on the ice outside his hospital and died from the blow to his head in early 2003:

"There have been many cancer cures, and all have been ruthlessly and systematically suppressed with a Gestapo-like thoroughness by the cancer establishment. The cancer establishment is the not-too-shadowy association of the American Cancer Society, the leading cancer hospitals, the National Cancer Institute, and the FDA. The shadowy part is the fact that these respected institu- tions are very much dominated by members and friends of members of the pharmaceutical industry, which profits so incredibly much from our profession-wide obsession with chemotherapy."

Robert C. Atkins, M.D., Author, "Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution" and founder, The Atkins Center in New York.

3. From a "holistic" physician who publishes a regular newsletter which I wouldn't miss because of his common sense.
"I look upon cancer in the same way that I look upon heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, or even obesity, for that matter, in that by dramatically strengthening the body's immune system through diet, nutritional supplements, and exercise, the body can rid itself of the cancer, just as it does in other degenerative diseases. Consequently, I wouldn't have chemotherapy and radiation because I'm not interested in therapies that cripple the immune system, and, in my opinion, virtually ensure failure for the majority of cancer patients."

Julian Whitaker, M.D.

4. An interesting quote from a drug company executive.
"...90% of prescription drugs only work 30% to 50% of the time." Allen Roses, M.D., Senior Vice President, GlaxoSmithKline, at a London Conference in December, 2003.

5. From a professor at the University of California.
"My studies have proved conclusively that untreated cancer victims live up to four times longer than treated individuals. If one has cancer and opts to do nothing at all, he will live longer and feel better than if he undergoes radiation, chemotherapy or surgery." Professor Hardin B. Jones, Ph.D. See also:

6. And from the only two-time Nobel Laureate.
"Everyone should know that the "war on cancer" is largely a fraud, and that the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society are derelict in their duties to the people who support them."

Linus Pauling, Ph.D.
7. Finally, from the doctor with the second most popular medical website on the Internet. "There is no way to be nice about this. There is no point in raising false hopes. There is no treatment or vaccine in sight. There is no miracle breakthrough on the horizon. Medicine, as we know it, is dying. It is entering a terminal phase. What began as an acute illness reached the chronic stage about a decade ago and progression towards death has been remarkably swift and well beyond anything one could have predicted.

The disease is caused by conflict of interest, tainted research, greed for big bucks, pretentious doctors and scientists, lying, cheating, invasion by the morally bankrupt marketing automatons of the drug industry, derelict politicians and federal and state regulators - all seasoned with huge doses of self-importance and foul odor."

Joseph Mercola, D.C. and Nicholas Regush, journalist. More at:

I am a "reporter," not a medical professional. I will follow this up with another article, offering you some specific ideas which my readers have found useful for dealing with cancer.


Bill Henderson is the author of "Cure Your Cancer" and "Cancer-Free." His books and 70 newsletters have helped over 600 people in 51 countries overcome their cancer in the last 4 years. He provides phone and e-mail answers to his individual reader's questions. His web site is:

Now That You "Have" Cancer, What's Your Strategy (Article 5 of 6)

Your doctor has said the "C" word and you're puzzling: "What do I do now? There seem to be so many options. The doctor is pressing me to get on with the surgery and chemotherapy/ radiation. Help!"

I've been there. I know. Unfortunately for my dear wife, there was no readily available information in 1990-1994 (or, at least, I failed to find it)... Now, there's too much on the Internet and in books, newsletters, etc.

Of all the hundreds of people I have now watched overcome their cancer, there seem to be four "essentials" that they all have. I call them the "Four A's."


-- all cancer survivors share a positive attitude. They know that they, not their doctors, are in charge of their health. They know that all cancers, regardless of type or "stage," can be brought back under control. They know that they must co-doctor for all the reasons you have already learned about our conventional medical "system."


-- Virtually all the cancer survivors I know also had a loved one or friend willing to help them. How?

* To do the necessary research to get "smarter than their oncologist."

* To accompany them to the doctor's office.

* To help them decide when to get a second (or third, or fourth) opinion and help them find a "holistic" doctor.

* To help them find and order the cheapest and best quality supplements.

Cancer patients often get depressed, tired or just plain disgusted with the struggle to overcome their disease. Get an "advocate."


-- Cancer recovery is not a "do it yourself" project. Every cancer survivor has had supervision of their treatment and recovery by a qualified medical professional. The letters after his or her name are meaningless (M.D., D.O., N.D., D.C., etc.). What is important is that you, the cancer patient, literally trust them with your life

Again, the resources for finding such a doctor through Internet directories are phenomenal. My book has eleven such web directories in Chapter 1. But don't neglect the "jungle" telegraph." Ask all your friends (who agree with your approach). I don't have cancer. But I did what I recommend you do and found my "holistic" doctor through a "holistic" dentist who had treated my current wife.


-- Get on with it! Don't wait to begin taking useful supplements (Chapter 5 in my book) until you've found the perfect doctor. Start today. Cancer cells continue multiplying out of control every day. They're not at "Parade Rest" while you decide what to do. Time matters. Get going!

Whatever else you decide to do -- whether it's surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, alternative treatments or some combination of all of them -- you must build up your immune system -- immediately. One of the world's experts on the immune system who has treated hundreds of cancer patients told me he had never seen one with a strong immune system. With what you know about the nature of cancer, this should not come as a surprise. My immune system is controlling the cancer cells that exist in my body every day. Yours is not. End of story.

A priority task for you now is to rebuild that immune system to where it is at normal strength -- soonest. How? Fortunately, you have many options, all of which work. They are not cheap. And they are not covered by insurance. Examples are RM-10, Msr-3, Oncolyn and beta glucan. I cover all of them and more in detail in my book. You can look them up on Google and order one on the Internet today. Get one and get started taking it now.


A few cancer survivors used just one natural substance. That is not what I recommend. Almost all those I know used somewhere between 4 and 6 different substances. When they overcame their cancer, neither they nor their doctor could tell you for sure which one of the substances did the most work. Complicating it further, not everyone reacts the same to all substances. There are many variables:

* The complexities of cellular "communication."

* The various types of cancer cells

. * The metabolism of the cancer patient.

* The discipline he or she used in their diet, exercise, supplements, etc.

What's a cancer patient to do? My advice -- come at the cancer from at least five directions. What do I mean? Of the 100 or so "alternative" (I hate that word!) cancer treatments I am aware of, the ones I recommend use different theories for dealing with the cancer cells. Each is effective. None has a 100% effectiveness ratint. However, by using several of them at once, you raise your odds dramatically of overcoming the cancer. They also meet three absolute criteria:

* They are readily obtainable anywhere in the world.

* They are relatively inexpensive.

* They work for all types of cancer.

In other words, I know personally many people who have used this type of mix and are cancer-free for months or years (in some cases 20-30 years).

In the next and last article in this series, I will describe what I think are the best treatment options for this "mix." If you need complete information on this subject, you will find it in my book "Cancer-Free," which is available at my website (see below).


Bill Henderson is the author of "Cure Your Cancer" and "Cancer-Free." His books and 70 newsletters have helped over 600 people in 51 countries overcome their cancer in the last 4 years. He provides phone and e-mail answers to his individual reader's questions. His web site is:

Beating Cancer -- Gently

Feeling overwhelmed with the challenge of cancer? Want to take control of your life and treatment? I can help you. I can show you options which work permanently to control your cancer in a gentle, non-toxic way. You can learn how to locate a doctor to supervise your care who is sympathetic to these treatments.


Literally millions of our dividing cells get damaged every day -- some by free radicals, some by viruses and some by just normal cell breakdown due to aging or inherited gene mutation (this latter is rare). Fortunately, our cell division policing process recognizes these "incorrect" cell divisions and kills them off, most of the time.

It is no longer necessary to settle for the "big three" of conventional cancer treatment -- surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Today's cancer patients die for only three reasons: 1) Lack of information; 2) Lack of discipline; and 3) Blind trust in their cancer doctors.


On November 1, 1994, my former wife, Marjorie, passed on. She had lived a wonderfully productive and really unique life. I loved her dearly. Watching her being treated by the conventional cancer "system" etched memories that will never go away. I was puzzled and frustrated by the barbaric nature of the treatments and the extreme pain she endured for four years. I saw dozens of other cancer patients hooked up to IVs and submitting to what seemed horribly toxic and ineffective "treatment." Nobody was able to explain the cause of this mysterious invader gradually eating away at my wife's vitality and life force. "Is there no better way?" I wondered.

Beginning in 1998, I became aware of the tidal wave of information building on the Internet about cancer (and everything else!). I vowed to take Marjorie's advice and "turn lemons into lemonade." I began researching the book that became an e-book in November, 2000. I have updated it continuously and rewritten it three times since then. Today, it is also available as a "real" book. The latest edition, called "Cancer-Free" is the result of four years of feedback from doctors, nurses, cancer researchers, cancer survivors and cancer "crusaders" like me all over the world.

When you first walk into the oncologist's office after your cancer diagnosis, you need to be smarter than he or she is about cancer. What? Smarter than the cancer specialist? Yes. Exactly. If you want to survive your cancer and get your cancer under control, you need to be smarter than your oncologist.

All conventional cancer treatment today is driven and controlled by drug company money. Any competition is brutally suppressed, with the cooperation of our Federal and State governments. Many books have been written on this subject, some better than others. One especially good one is "Politics in Healing," by Daniel Haley. The fact of the corruption is very real. Don't you be a victim of it.

* Since the 1930's in the U.S. alone, over 150 treatments for cancer which are gentle and non-toxic have healed cancer patients. Some treatmetns have healed hundreds. Many have healed thousands. I know many of these people well. Why won't you hear about these from your cancer doctor? Because they are all natural substances. Therefore, they cannot be patented and offer no profit to the pharmaceutical companies. This simple fact drives all conventional cancer treatments.

* Since 1971, when President Nixon declared "War on Cancer," cancer deaths per 100,000 population have risen steadily. If you were the General in charge of this "war," you almost certainly would have scrapped your strategy for something different by now. Instead we, the taxpayers, keep funding the National Cancer Institute (NCI). This year their budget request is for $6.2 billion (with a "b") of your tax money. This agency was established in 1937. Not once in their 67-year history have they honestly tested even one of the 150 "alternative" substances mentioned above.

* 55% of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) executives are employed by a pharmaceutical company when they leave he FDA. Several ex-Congressmen are among the 600 full-time lobbyists for "Big Pharma" in Washington. The pharmaceutical companies are the largest contributors to political campaigns.

* The average cancer patient generates $500,000 worth of revenue for the cancer treatment "system" before they die. This is invisible to most cancer patients because it is covered by private insurance or Medicare/Medicaid. Over 1.2 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer each year. Over 570,000 Americans die of their cancer every year -- 1,500 every day. Cancer treatment is REALLY big busines.

* According to Forbes magazine, AstraZeneca made $630 million in 2001 on one breast cancer drug. Thay call it Nolvadex (commonly known as Tamoxifen). Why has the name been changed? Because the original patent for this drug was issued in 1972. It has been extended, as is typical for expensive prescription drugs, by manipulation of the filler and packaging and other trivial changes made by AstraZeneca to extend the life of the patent and avoid cheaper generic forms of this drug.

* Have you ever wondered why a drug company would spend $200-500 million testing a new drug? Tamoxifen aka Nolvadex alone has made AstraZeneca and its predecessor companies over $18 billion in the last 32 years. Forbes estimated that AstraZeneca would make $2.6 billion in 2002 on cancer drugs alone.

* Because of politics, our government's Medicare system encourages the fraud and abuse that is rampant among oncologists. For example, the chemotherapy drug Etoposide is sold wholesale to oncologists for them to administer it to cancer patients in their office. The cost to the oncologist is $7.50 for a 100mg dose. The allowable Medicare reimbursement, however, is $129.24 for that same 100mg dose. The consumer (you and I) pay a co-payment of $25.87 for this dose -- almost three and a half times the doctor's cost! Medicare pays the rest from our tax dollars.

* According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the average oncologist makes $253,000 a year. Of this, 75% is profit on chemotherapy drugs administered in his or her office. All of these drugs, like Tamoxifen and Etoposide, treat the symptoms of cancer, not its causes.

* A recent survey of the 64 oncologists on the staff at McGill Cancer Therapy Center in Montreal found that 58 of them (91%) said they would not take chemotherapy or allow their family members to take it for cancer treatment. Why not? Too toxic and not effective. Today, 75% of cancer patients are administered chemotherapy. Go figure!

* Very few oncologists advise their patients that there are dozens of substances available which are inexpensive and effectively offset the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Why? They just don't know about them. They're too busy to study what my readers and I study -- or too close-minded -- or both.

* The long-term survival rate of cancer patients with metastasized cancer treated with chemotherapy is 3%. Most of the "alternative" substances I discuss have long-term survival rates of 50-70% when used alone (few of them are used alone). Combinations of different and compatible "alternative" substances boost survival rates to 90% or more.

* A recent survey by Life Extension Foundation found that 80% of cancer patients take some "alternative" substances for their cancer. Half of them do not tell their cancer doctor what they are taking. Obviously, this is a sad testimony to the "ignorance and arrogance" of the cancer treatment "system."

Enough? Do you see why you must be aware of the cancer treatment environment before you "submit" to treatment? Our medical system has been completely corrupted by drug company money. You and I are not going to be able to change this in our lifetimes. What we can do, and what I'm dedicated to helping you do, is survive chronic, degenerative diseases like cancer by being aware of this and taking charge of your own health care.

Knowledge is power. More on how to do this soon. Stay tuned. By the way, I'm just a "reporter," not a medical professional. I'm not selling anything except my books, which you'll find at my web site.


Bill Henderson is the author of "Cure Your Cancer" and "Cancer-Free." His books and 70 newsletters have helped over 600 people in 51 countries overcome their cancer in the last 4 years. He provides phone and e-mail answers to his individual reader's questions. His web site is:


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Depression Treatment Tips - When you read about depression, you will encounter many passages like the following: "These brain chemicals--in varying amounts--are responsible for our emotional state.


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