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The Leading Causes Of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a serious health problem, it is essentially the growth of abnormal cells in the lungs.

This growth of unhealthy cells can start anywhere in the lungs. Lung cancer is actually the leading cause of cancer deaths in both men and women. Of those people who contract lung cancer, less than half of them survive one year. The quicker you notice symptom and have it diagnosed, the quicker treatment can begin and the odds improve. The leading cause of lung cancer is smoking. eighty seven percent of people who have lung cancer have gotten it from smoking.

People who get lung cancer from asbestos exposure usually get it from work or from living in an older home.

If a person smokes a pack a day, they have twenty times the risk of getting lung cancer or some other serious health problem than a person who doesn't smoke at all. There are so many carcinogens in tobacco smoke that they constantly damage the healthy cells of the lungs, and the risk goes up for smokers depending on how long they have smoked and how much they have smoked. There are other causes of lung cancer for healthy people who don't smoke These causes include asbestos, which used to be used in building materials. It enters a healthy person's lungs by inhaling, and then attaches to the respiratory lining.


Some research has indicated a diet low in fruit and vegetables may increase the chances of developing cancer if exposed to tobacco smoke. Some evidence shows fruit and vegetables may protect against lung cancer. The final cause of lung cancer in healthy people is radon exposure. Radon is a gas which is naturally released from soil and rocks. In closed spaces like caves, basements and other areas, it can become concentrated and cause lung cancer or other health problems. It is always a good idea to have a home checked for radon levels because there are things that can be done to lower them to more acceptable levels.


The good news?

When smokers quit smoking, their risk for getting lung cancer goes down immediately and every year that they don't smoke.


It is also an interesting fact that 25% of nonsmokers that get lung cancer live with smokers, so the secondhand smoke is most likely the cause of their lung cancer health issues.


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Sunless Tanning Lotions Avoid Cancer


For most Americans, having a pasty complexion isn't really all that appealing. Unlike other people who want to be fair, a lot of Caucasians want to darken their complexion a bit through tanning. Unfortunately due to the harmful effects caused by the ultraviolet rays from the sun, it really isn't advisable anymore to stay under the heat for so long for that coveted golden tan.


This type of self-tanning is often referred to as sunless tanning wherein you won't be relying on the sun's rays to darken your skin.


This is why a lot of people want to go through the healthier alternative which is with the aid of a tanning bed as well as tanning bed lotions.


1. Tanning Procedure

- Lay on the tanning bed after applying tanning bed lotion - Don't stay on the tanning bed for too long, 30 to 45 minutes will do - No need to rotate - Reapply lotion to preserve your new golden brown color for around a week


2. Lotions

There are actually a lot of tanning bed lotions available in the market today. You can choose from all sorts of variants and brands depending on your natural skin tone. The type of shade that you wish to have and your tanning bed lotion budget. The Fiji Blend tanning bed lotions actually offer all sorts of tanning bed lotions that you might want to try and they are all available on the internet. Various online tanning bed lotion stores you can find all sorts of products from various tanning bed lotion manufacturers that may not be available to your local surf shop or beauty supplies store. It is highly recommended that you take some time out to check out these tanning bed lotion websites.


One of the popular tanning bed lotions that you can purchase either from the internet or at your local beauty supplies store is the Fiji Blend line of tanning bed lotions. The Fiji Blend line of tanning bed lotions boasts of being a staple in tanning salons and is highly recommended by tanning bed lotion users. Aside from being able to give you a smooth and even tan, the Fiji Blend tanning bed lotions will actually provide you with various other benefits for your skin such as anti-aging factors and moisturizing enhancers. This is a great plus for tanning bed lotion users as this will ensure you of a nice looking, healthy and even tan. Other tanning bed lotions, when not applied accordingly usually end up uneven and very unflattering.


3. Maintaining a Smooth, Even Tone

Even with the Fiji Blend tanning bed lotion variants, you need to be able to choose that one that is most appropriate to your skin tone, or else you might end up either looking to dark or half-baked. You need the right kind of tanning bed lotion that will give you that fresh from the beach look that most Caucasians are envious of. Also, the Fiji Blend line of tanning bed lotions are safe and easy to use and are comparatively affordable to the majority.


For more great tanning lotion related articles and resources check out


Early lung cancer detection needed

When Dana Reeve, widow of actor Christopher Reeve, died of lung cancer, the stories of her death pointed out that she didn't smoke. She was young, only 44; she had nursed her paralyzed husband for eight years; she left a 13-year-old son an orphan. And how could she have gotten lung cancer? She had never smoked.Lung cancer is often preventable, and it is usually fatal. Unfortunately I will also become a victim of this disease. Not for myself, but a victim because I am a friend of a lung cancer person. One of my very dearest friends will undergo a lung operation this coming Tuesday. Be cautious of any information or claims obtained from unmonitored sources, in particular the Internet. The Internet can be an empowering source of information, but a healthcare professional should be consulted before making medical decisions.


Breast Cancer Statistics

Cancer is a disease that starts in our cells.

What is cancer?

Our bodies are made up of millions of cells, grouped together to form tissues or organs. Genes inside each cell order it to grow, work, reproduce and die. Normally, our cells remain healthy. Sometimes a cell's instructions get mixed up and it behaves abnormally. After a while, groups of abnormal cells can circulate in the blood or immune system, or they can form lumps or tumours. Tumours can be either benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Benign tumour cells stay in one place in the body and are not usually life-threatening.


Malignant tumour cells are able to invade the tissues around them and spread to other parts of the body. Cancerous cells that spread to other parts of the body are called metastases. The first sign that a malignant tumour has spread is often swelling of nearby lymph nodes, but cancer can metastasize to almost any part of the body. It is important to find malignant tumours early and treat them. Cancers are named after the part of the body where they start. For example, cancer that starts in the colon but spreads to the liver is called colon cancer with liver metastases. There are four main types of lung cancer: small cell lung cancer, squamous cell carcinoma, large cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma. Tobacco smoking is strongly linked to the first three but only weakly linked to adenocarcinoma. However, this type of lung cancer has been linked to the use of low-tar cigarettes.


The best means of prevention is to never start smoking or using chewing tobacco, or to stop using tobacco products. A healthy diet is an important part of prevention. The outlook varies by cell type and stage of the disease. In general, the prognosis is better for squamous cell cancers than for adenocarcinomas. Early detection is key to better chances of survival. According to the American Lung Association, 87 percent of lung cancer cases are caused by smoking. Another 12 percent are linked to radon exposure. Only 15 percent of people diagnosed with the disease will still be alive five years after the diagnosis; 60 percent die within the first year. What is Chemoprevention? For individuals who demonstrate the greatest risk, researchers are currently conducting several new trials to test the use of natural and synthetic substances to prevent development of the disease. This new research has been coined, chemoprevention.


The National Cancer Institute's (NCI) chemoprevention research effort started in the early 1980s and has grown considerably since that time. Currently, approximately 400 compounds are being studied as potential chemopreventive agents, mainly in laboratory research. Over 40 of these compounds are being studied in clinical trials (research studies with people). Some of these agents are being investigated as single agents; others are being tested in combinations of two drugs. Chemoprevention trials look at possible ways to prevent cancer with interventions that include drugs, vitamins, diet, hormone therapy, or other agents.


The American Cancer Society (ACS) has set aggressive challenge goals for the nation to decrease cancer incidence and mortality--and to improve the quality of life of cancer survivors--by the year 2015. To address these critical goals, the ACS publishes the Nutrition and Physical Activity Guidelines to serve as a foundation for its communication, policy, and community strategies and ultimately, to affect dietary and physical activity patterns among Americans.


These guidelines, published every five years, are developed by a national panel of experts in cancer research, prevention, epidemiology, public health, and policy, and as such, they represent the most current scientific evidence related to dietary and activity patterns and cancer risk. The ACS guidelines are consistent with guidelines from the American Heart Association for the prevention of coronary heart disease as well as for general health promotion, as defined by the Department of Health and Human Services' 2000 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.


In 2006 there will be an estimated 174,470 new cases of lung cancer and an estimated 162,460 Americans will die from the disease.

The American Cancer Society offers support and hope for people diagnosed with lung cancer and their families as well as resources to help smokers quit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including its own Quitline, which since its launch in May 2000 has provided services to more than 150,000 callers. For more information, call 800-ACS-2345 or visit


Lung cancer chemoprevention - Why does it not work?From the National Cancer Center. Common wisdom is that vitamin in fruits and vegetables prevent cancer. However, trials of supplementing vitamins like vitamin A analogues (retinoids: beta-carotene, retinol, retinyl palmitate, or isotretinoin) or vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol), did not prevent lung cancer in smokers. Randomised trials in all the three settings: primary (healthy high-risk e.g. smokers), secondary (pre-malignant lesions), and tertiary (prevention of second primary tumours in previously treated patients), have produced negative results (either neutral or harmful).


Chemoprevention trials were prompted by relationship between diet and lung cancer. Diet rich in foliage vitamins was protective against lung cancer - as demonstrated in a recent Dutch study of 939 patients. Similarly, higher blood level of ß-carotene is linked to a lower risk of lung cancer. Nonetheless, intervention trials failed to show a reduced risk in lung cancer by consuming ß-carotene. A phase III trial, the Alpha-Tocopherol, Beta-Carotene (ATBC) [beta-carotene (20 mg/d), alpha-tocopherol (50mg/d)] indicated significant increases in lung cancer incidence (18%) and no effect on lung cancer mortality (risk ratio, 0.99). Another study, CARET, had a 28% increase in lung cancer with vitamin treatment. Similarly, in both Euro-scan and the US-Lung Intergroup Trial (both testing retinoids in tertiary prevention), results were neutral.


Disclaimer: please. Any information is for general entertainment and educational purposes only, and should not be construed as medical advice, medical opinion, diagnosis or treatment. Any information provided by this web site is not a substitute for actual medical attention. Always promptly consult your licensed health-care professional for medical advice and treatment.


Ruth Bird is married for 27 years to husband Chris, who is battling the monster, MS. People and Pet Health Care are her passions., Cancer


Cancer - Nutritional supplement called Essies tea


"And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." Genesis 1:29

"After chemo and radiation, I had 3 operations, the last one in Nov. of 2004. With a consultation on April 4 2005, I was told that the cancer has spread and that they could not do anything else for me. They made an appointment for July 4 2005 and told me that I do not have to go if I do not want to. Since May 11 2005 I have been using the severe dose, and with the appointment I had gained my weight back and was told that my body was clean of all cancer"

As a nutritional supplement, the eight herbs in essies tea (Blessed Thistle, Burdock Root, Kelp, Red Clover, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm Bark, Turkey Rhubarb Root, Watercress) works together to help lessen the side-effects caused by chemotherapy and radiation.

In testimonials of cancer survivors, the herbal mixture, also known as Essiac, is often praised as THE reason for their survival. The person that started treatments using this herbal mixture, Rene Caisse, has treated about 40 000 cancer patients over her lifetime, but the FDA never allowed her to register it as a approved treatment for cancer.

Even with a high survival rate among her patients, that was written of by doctors and given only a short time to live, professional was and is still sceptical about it. You and you alone can make the desicion whether to take essies tea or not !

Essies tea has no side-effects and does NOT interfere with any other treatments.

Please read the book "Calling of an Angel" and then go to for further information.


Johan M Coetzer (pronounced Yo-hun Could-sir) Webmaster of, devoted to let every American know about the benefits of Essies tea in patients with cancer.


16 Tips for daily living with Cancer.


All our information comes from the daily practice of cancer patient's they have managed the life crises with the cancer disease and with that, they have become the psychic power for every day! Check it out!


1. Water, water everywhere. Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water per day. This not only prevents constipation, but helps your kidneys to cope with the medication you may be taking.


2 Short cuts. If you are going to have cancer chemotherapy, chances are that your hair may fall out. If you cut it short before the time - this way there will be much less hair to lose and the change will not be that remarkable, should your hair fall out.


3. Cut out the coffee. If you have problems with diarrhoea, caffeine in any form will make this worse. Remember that there are many cola drinks that contain caffeine - look out for these.


4. Watch your temperature. You are most susceptible to bacterial infections 7-12 days after chemotherapy. Watch out for any signs of an increasing temperature and go and see your doctor. Wash your hands frequently and avoid close contact with anyone who is ill, as you are also very susceptible to viral infections.


5. Three meals a day. If you are on any type of cancer medication, you should not skip meals. A small meal is better than no meal at all. Nausea is often a problem, especially if you have had cancer chemotherapy. An empty stomach will worsen all symptoms that you do have. Starches such as rice and bread and potatoes are generally well tolerated. Remember fruit and vegetables are good for you too.


6. Bed knobs and broomsticks. Delegate as much of the heavy housework as you can and let other people help you. The things that you do have to do, should be spread out over the week. Remember that fitting long handles on brooms and dusters can alleviate the bending you have to do normally. Take regular breaks and get a high chair so that you can wash dishes and iron while sitting down.


7. Be freezer wise. If you are living by yourself, cook more than you need on the days you are feeling better. You will be very grateful on other days if you can just pop something into the microwave.


8. Put your money where your mouth is. Spend money on decent mouthwash - cancer chemotherapy as well as other cancer treatments can play havoc with the inside of your mouth. The cells inside your mouth are rapidly dividing cells - the ones targeted by chemotherapy. You may develop mouth ulcers. A mouth wash and regular brushing with a soft toothbrush could go a long way towards preventing mouth ulcers.


9. Enjoy yourself. Just because you have cancer doesn't mean that you have to stop doing all the things you really enjoy, whether it is seeing people, going to the movies, reading, watching sport, cooking, going to the theatre, going to the pub. You might have to make minor adjustments to make things a little easier, but it is important that you should enjoy yourself as well.


10. The magic of sleep. Sleep gives your body a chance to regenerate and recover. Usually adults need about seven hours. Try and get an extra hour of sleep every day, if possible. The cancer medication you take can put extra stress on the body - try for an afternoon nap as well.


11. Get some fresh air. Even if you are not well enough to exercise, an hour or two in the sunshine or somewhere outside where it is pretty can do wonders for your sense of wellbeing. If you are well enough to go for a walk, do so - walking is pleasant and very beneficial exercise.


12. Friends indeed. This is the time when you will find out who your true friends are. When you are having a tough time, or need someone to talk to, or need to go out somewhere nice like the movies, friends are invaluable. Don't be afraid to ask - chances are you would have been there for them had the situation been reversed.


13. No pain, no pain. With modern medical science being what it is, there is no reason why anyone should endure inordinate pain on an ongoing basis. If your painkillers do not work, or if they have nasty side effects, get something else from your doctor.


14. Bathroom blues. Move into the bedroom closest to the bathroom, especially if you have difficulty moving. Have a handrail installed if you need it. Remember that showering is always easier than bathing. Put a panic button in the bathroom in case you fall or get stuck or injured.


15. Bring on the entertainment. Many people who spend long periods of time in bed complain of boredom. There is much that can be done to alleviate this. The radio, magazines and books, cable TV, books on tape and videos are but a few examples of things that can be done to combat boredom. Get a book or magazine holder, so that you don't have to balance the weight of books or magazines while you are reading.


16. Life line. Get a telephone next to your bed. This is a good idea not only in an emergency, but is also nice for social contact. A cell phone/mobile phone that you can carry around in the house with you is also great Pre-Programmed Emergency numbers.


With our next information - we will inform you about the "Living with cancer -the medical side". -you should have a look on this site in the next 2 weeks! You have more questions' - send us a mail!


Health-Service-Online Fritz Frei Admin Health-Service-Online


Since more than 25 years Fritz Frei works in the health-and hospital business as a consultant and he make it easy to check out the important details about the diagnoses, tests and treatments and the life with the Cancer disease. To receive more information's about all prostate cancer -questions - Links and last research News's - visit

Life Insurance And Critical Illness Insurance. Cancer Tests To Increase Women's Premiums

Ladies, if your mother or any other female blood-line relatives have a history of breast or ovarian cancer then from next year onwards, you could face higher insurance premiums. You could even be refused cover altogether. When these women apply for life and critical illness cover, the insurance industry wants to ask them whether they have been tested for the gene mutations BRCA1 or BRCA2. These are the gene complications that increase the chances of them developing these cancers. But before the insurance companies can ask these questions on their application forms, they must get approval from the Genetics and Insurance Committee, the body that advises the Government on these and similar issues.


In the coming months the Association of British Insurers (ABI) will be requesting the Committee for authority to ask women whether they have been tested positive for BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutations. These are the mutations that are present in 1 in 10 of newly diagnosed cases of ovarian cancer and 1 in 20 of new cases of breast cancer. Approximately 1 in 850 women in Britain inherit a faulty BRCA1 gene and of those, 14 - 18% will develop breast cancer during in their lives. On the web site for the Genetics and Insurance Committee we found a notice saying, " The Committee expects that the Association of British Insurers will submit in late 2006/2007 four revised and updated applications for the use of adverse results from the predictive genetic tests of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes (breast/ovarian cancer) in helping to determine insurance premiums for life and critical illness insurance".


So far, application forms issued by British insurance companies are only allowed to ask for the results of predictive tests for Huntington's disease. Even then, the question can only be asked when the application is for more than £500,000 of life insurance cover or mote than £300,000 for critical illness insurance or over £30,000 for payment protection insurance. This rule is set under an agreement entered into by the insurance industry which is due to expire in 2011 but the Chairman of the ABI's Genetics Working Party,

Harpal Karlcut, is reported in the trade insurance magazine "Cover", as saying: -


"We are looking to get approval for the breast cancer test by the end of the year", adding, "The two breast cancers are the next conditions that we will look at but after that we don't see the need to look at other conditions. We do keep an eye out for what diseases may come up in the future but there is nothing else on the horizon". We add another important rider - yet!


Express specialise in life insurance quotations but also offer both critical illness cover and life assurance policies

Tips For Preventing Breast Cancer

There is so much awful news and information out there about breast cancer. These days it seems that every magazine, newspaper, radio show, and piece of mail has a headline declaring that every woman's risk of developing breast cancer is increasing. There is a numbing feeling of inevitability in all this information we hear and read that more and more women tend to think about breast cancer as a 'when' rather than an if.


Some doctors also think that women who are exposed to tobacco smoke, are more likely to have lung cancer than men exposed to smoke. Researchers have found a gene called GRPR which causes unusual cell growth in people exposed to cigarette smoke. This gene is more active in women than in men and may explain why females are more prone to lung cancer.


There is so much frightening information about the disease out there. The stats available are horrible and this bring one major question to mind; 'what can be done to prevent breast cancer?' The bulk of medical advancement in the area of breast and indeed most cancers, involves what should be done after, and not essentially before, getting the disease. There is more to preventing breast cancer than the ritual yearly mammogram. Of course this may help detect the breast cancer at its early stage, but that is about the best it can do. It won't prevent you from getting the disease. To prevent breast cancer, we need to be more proactive, we need to take individual and collective action.


The first step towards proactively preventing breast cancer is to understand the causes and risk factors of breast cancer and what decreases breast cancer risk. However, there are few conclusive answers to these queries, partly because most research focuses on eliminating breast cancer after - not before - it occurs. Medical research has validated so few risk factors for breast cancer that almost 70 percent of the women diagnosed with breast cancer are not associated with any clear cut risk factor.


To make matters worse, our sex, age, reproductive history, family history, exposure to radiation (such as fallout from above-ground atomic bomb tests), race, culture, and height are factors beyond our control. When we're told that these factors play crucial roles in the cause of breast cancer, we can be left with feelings of hopelessness and panic. For instance, being a black woman or being from a family with history of breast cancer, puts you in the forefront of those at risk of breast cancer. These are things we don't decide for ourselves.


When we include risk factors that are considered "not well substantiated", but which are clearly contributing to breast cancer incidence, including ingestion of and exposure to prescription hormones, hormone-mimicking organochlorines, prescription drugs, petrochemicals, and electromagnetic fields, as well as unwise lifestyle choices such as smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol immoderately, wearing tight bras, or not exercising, then we can find that there are indeed many ways we can reduce our chances of getting breast cancer and in essence preventing it.


Individually, we can prevent breast cancer by buying and eating organically grown food, filtering our water, building powerful immunity, living wisely and vigorously, being in touch with our breasts, using natural remedies for menopausal problems.


Try out the following tips:

- Aerobic exercise 3-4 times a week
- Maintaining a positive mental attitude
- Breathwork and deepening body-awareness
- Expressing your feelings to keep your energy flowing
- Eating healthy foods and taking the "right" supplements
- Avoiding toxicity

Try as much as you can to avoid the following and you will be as far from breast cancer as you humanly can:

Any medication containing acetaminophen

Products such as Tylenol, Sudafid, Bromo seltzer, vicodin, and many others which drive down the glutathione levels in the body. Glutathione is an essential antioxidant and detoxifier. Aspartame (not to be confused with aspertate) has been proven to cause cancer in rats. It is a common ingredient in many no-sugar products such as yogurt, ice cream, desserts and carbonated beverages. Splenda is also harmful. Toxins. Use toxin-free, organic products. Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly with soapy water to remove chemical residues. Better yet, buy only organic products and non-GMO (non-genetically modified) foods. Read labels (veggies and fruit will have an 9 to indicate organic and an 8 for non-GMO).


Active computer screens should be at least 18 inches away from your body. You need to be at least 36 inches from your active television screens. It is obvious that several factors that are known to predispose someone to breast cancer are not completely within our control. It makes more sense therefore, to be very keen about your breast. This serves a dual function. Even when it does not completely protect you from cancer, it allows for early detection of the cancer when it does occur. No one knows your body as well as you do. That's why it's essential to examine your breasts at the same time every month - so you can detect any changes that might occur. When you do the self-examination, you are reassuring yourself that your body is still in great condition


Breast Self Exams still remain the number one method for detecting changes in breast health. Although, finding any symptoms does not really mean you have cancer but when you have it, early detection means your survival probability is very high. Very high! It also means you have a broad range of alternative and complementary treatment options.


When we talk about breast cancer, the second worst killer after lung cancer, knowledge is not just power, it is your life!


Michael Russell
Your Independent guide to Breast Cancer


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Colon Cancer - The reason that they never went public with their findings was because they could not find a way to make a synthetic version that worked so they could patent it.

Breast Cancer Increases - It may not be the same case for all patients. With the increasing knowledge about the cures and treatment breast cancer can be treated very easily.

American Cancer Society - It was found that 25% of them showed evidence of asbestos-related lung disease. However, around the turn of the century, researchers noticed a large numbers of deaths and lung problems in asbestos mining towns.
Teeth Whitening System - Earlier when there was no proper treatment introduced in dentistry only dentures were the cures used for tooth decay. But now the branch of dentistry has advanced so rapidly that almost every tooth problem has a solution.


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Allergy Relief Shots - This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard of them. Allergies are so common 20% of Americans have some kind of allergic reaction or another to certain external stimuli whether food, water, or air.


More coming soon!


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