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Information on Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Inflammatory breast cancer is a rare cancer that happens in a very small percentage of women. It is an aggressive type of locally advanced cancer. In general, women with inflammatory breast cancer are diagnosed at a younger age. In extremely rare circumstances, this form of breast cancer is diagnosed in men. Inflammatory breast cancer usually develops as a sheet rather than a lump.


Symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer include:

Breast becomes red, purple, pink or bruised;
Breast becomes firm and enlarged;
A warm feeling in the breast;
Itching of the breast;
Skin texture similar to an orange peel;
Enlarged lymph nodes under the arm;
Flattening of the nipple;
Swollen skin on the nipple;
Change in color of the skin around the nipple.


Cancer Prevention

It is very easy to mix up the symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer with those of a breast infection.

If you become aware of any of the signs of inflammatory breast cancer, see your doctor immediately. This form of cancer is not caused by an inflammation or infection. Inflammatory breast cancer happens when cancer cells clog the lymphatic vessels in the skin overlying the breast. In the past, inflammatory breast cancer was treated by surgery and was associated with a 100% mortality rate.



Fortunately, major progress has been made in recent years using a combination of treatments, including surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. These treatments have greatly improved the prognosis for a woman with inflammatory breast cancer. Recent studies have shown as much as a 50% survival rate after 5 years and a 35% survival rate after 10 years.


Alex Fir shares a wealth of information on his website Breast Cancer Facts. To see how inflammatory breast cancer looks like visit this page inflammatory breast cancer pictures.


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RELIEVING STRESS TO PREVENT CANCER From the office of Dr. Laurence Magne, author of It is now agreed that stress is not what happens, but how the person reacts to what happens. Stress in itself is neither good nor bad. It is a mechanism built into our organism, not for the purpose of making us sick, but to enable us to respond more effectively to challenges. The successful people who can handle stress effectively have designed techniques to manage the inevitable stressors in their life. You will note that the most truly successful people are not overburdened with stress.


They actually perceive stress as an opportunity for learning and achievement. They also possess a disciplined self-awareness and the flexibility to handle excessive amounts of stress. Individual techniques which they qualified as tools for developing a consistently positive attitude toward life included: Deep breathing, Listening to music Long walks on the beach Traditional meditation Yoga practices Prayer Biofeedback Visualisation The silent repetition of a meaningful word or mantra Relying on stress management techniques alone to accomplish therapeutic goals is shortsighted. You must also take a good look at what drives your life. To learn more how you can stop cancer in your life, read Cancer Free For Life.


Suggested web site: Photos of Newport Beach


Finding a purpose in life: feeling that you have a role to fulfil in the universe which gives you an unwavering commitment to your values. The stress management techniques described above are only tools to reinforce your sense of purpose. Victor Frankl: Man's search for meaning. "Man finds identity to the extent to which he commits himself to something beyond himself, to a cause greater than himself.' Research also shows that purpose is beneficial to psychological health, alleviating such conditions as depression and anxiety and physical health and contributing to recovery from heart attacks and cancer.


A majority of people with stress-related disorders are actually suffering from an inner feeling of unworthiness that generates an impressive array of coping strategies all aimed at self-perfection. The person you think you are is actually a committee of sub-personalities, each doing its best to keep you safe from situation that threatened you in the past. Most of us still harbour the emotional ghosts or ourselves as children, frightened and insecure. Healing our guilt involves putting these ghosts to rest by giving them the love they need to let go of their self-protective fear.


The question is not how we will die, but how we will live. Our inner critic tells us that we never good enough, never worthy of our own love. In spite of all our achievements, peace and acceptance remain elusive, and we are guilty and stressed. We have forgotten who we really are. We are searching for our worthiness in all the wrong places. We forget that we access our real identity whenever the mind becomes quiet and we are fully present in the moment. But whenever our guard is down, yielding to the majesty of a sunset, the caress of a breeze, the silence of a heartfelt hug, we re-experience the inner current of joy and love that is always present After all, what else can mobilize us to overcome the inertia of day-to-day life?


It's the crisis and pain which are the universal awakeners. In facing our dark parts, the disowned parts of our being that we thought were unworthy of love, we learn to live whole, authentic lives. In the shadow, we find the power that allows us to live life with enthusiasm, excitement, and joy, the natural impulses lost from our childhood. In becoming psychologically whole, we mend our souls and become spiritually whole. We discover loving-kindness and compassion, the ability to suffer with.


Visit www.alternative-health-ebooks for more information and free articles. This article is available for reprint for your website and newsletter, provided that you maintain its copyright integrity and include the signature tag.


The Truth About Breast Cancer

Breast cancer happens when cells in the breast or a tumor, grow out of control and damages nearby tissue. In women, the most common and fatal type of cancer is breast cancer. Detection There are often no symptoms in the early stages. Women should be aware of the screening recommendations and follow them.


Unhealthy guilt is an autoimmune disease of the soul that causes us to literally reject our own worth as human beings. Unhealthy guilt causes life to become organized around the need to avoid fear rather than the desire to share love. Finding out who we are is the very process of life. As long as we are prisoners of guilt, we cannot discover who we are, we are too busy with people-pleasing, and our addiction to perfection, to really live each moment as it happens.


There are varieties of symptoms that may appear as the tumor grows such as:

- The breast changing in size or shape - Breast skin becomes pitted or ridged

- Thickening or lump in the underarm or breast - Discharge from nipple or the nipple turns inward

- Skin on the breast becomes red or scales


If you have any of these symptoms, have yourself examined by a medical professional. This does not mean you have cancer but you defiantly want to have this checked. Before the age of twenty, is very rare to get it and not often diagnosed in women less than twenty-five years old. The chances of contacting climbs steadily after 25 and peaks around menopause age in women. It increases less after menopause but as they age, the risk to older women gradually increases.


Risk Factors Nobody really knows what causes this cancer. Some of the elements that are thought to increase the risk are:



There are more cases of women than men Weight: Overweight women are at higher risk Age: From 25 to menopause, the chances increases. Children: If a woman has not had a child, or had a child after 30 Family History: Women that have a family member that have or had it are at risk.


Male Breast Cancer Yes, it really does happen. It is certainly not as common as in women but approximately one to 1.5% happens to men. Older men most often diagnosed with it and are between sixty and seventy years old. If a man has had previous exposure to radiation, such as for cancer treatment, their risk increases. Approximately 20% of men with a mother, sister or other close female relatives with breast cancer are certainly at higher risk. Some of the symptoms in men includes swelling or a breast lump, retracted nipple or discharge and scaling or redness of the breast skin or nipple.


Statistics The statistics are frightening. Each and ever year, over 182,000 women and 16,000 men are diagnosed with breast cancer. Over 400 men and 43,300 women will die from this terrible disease. During their lifetime, one woman out of eight has or will get breast cancer. Most people have family or friends that have or had breast cancer. Always give them your support and encouragement.


Learn more about Breast Cancer and other Health-related issues at Breast Cancer and Health


Modifying Cells to Fight Skin Cancer?


Some scientists are making headway in the fight against skin cancer in Germany where they modified blood cells to use to attack tumor cells and wiped out the cancer in two male patients with advanced melanoma. Come again you did what? That is what they are saying, could it be true? Well, no one knows for sure yet, but if they figure out a way to make it work in all patients this could be a massive break thru indeed. Could this be the break thru that gene therapists have been longing for to fight cancer?


Maybe some say.

Nevertheless this is good news, unfortunately there were 15 patients and only two were cured, but the two who were cured were Totally cured, completely as in 100% cured. Wow. Perhaps they will figure out why it works how it works and it what ratio it works so they can help everyone with advanced Melanoma?


If they can perfect this it might be used to fight advanced breast cancer, colon cancer and other common cancers, which put patients in terminal situations? Of course this also has application in life longevity efforts and other diseases like heart disease too. Melanoma does kill almost 10,000 people a year in the United States so this is a wonderful break thru and scientists are working to figure it all out. Consider this in 2006.


"Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;


Cancer, Cancer, Everywhere!


In late July of 2006, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released the results of an in-depth study on the substance Trichloroethylene, commonly known as TCE (as well as TRI and TRIKE). This study has suggested that TCE can cause cancer in humans. TCE is a colorless, nonflammable liquid that carries a somewhat sweet scent. Their primary use has been as a cleaning agent, to remove grease from metallic objects, but has come to be used as an additive in adhesives, correction fluid (liquid paper), as well as paint and spot removers.


Since the 1920's it TCE has been used to extract vegetable oils from plant materials. Recently, it has become a common product in the decaffeinazation of coffee, as well as 'flavoring' hops (a key ingredient of beer) and spices. Finally, TCE has been used widely as a cleaning agent in the dry cleaning process. Scientists have concluded that although TCE dissolved in water, its composition readily remains in ground water for extended periods of time. Furthermore, it has the ability to evaporate quickly, and to be inhaled by humans and animals. The resilient disposition of this chemical makes it difficult to dispose of, leading medical professionals to deduce that, given time and continued exposure, TCE may very be the next single major cause of cancer among human!


The signs of high exposure to TCE are: headaches, dizziness, breathing difficulties, lessened coordination and a difficulty concentrating. Inhaling large quantities of TCE may adversely affect a person's heart and respiratory system, and can lead to death. Consuming TCE in your water or food will cause nausea, nerve, kidney and liver damage. As with Radon Gas, the remediation of TCE should be done by a professional. Although, some experts believe that a home with high levels of TCE can be significantly helped by simply drawing the air out of the home with floor and ceiling fans.


If you feel that you've been exposed to a high level of TCE, it is best to inform your doctor or medical professional. They will be able to conduct test via your blood, urine and/or breath to discover if your exposure is an immediate threat to your health.


D. Brownlee is a gifted author of more than 20 years, writing on a host of topics pertaining to family, faith and finances.

Alternative Cancer Treatments - Oxygen Therapy

Alternative therapies in the treatment of all types of cancer are becoming increasingly popular with the general public due to the wider publicity they are now receiving and their increasing advocacy by conventional physicians and hospitals, not least because of the highly effective nature of many of them. In this article we examine the important role oxygen plays in the control of disease.There is much evidence to suggest that oxygen is a major deterrent to the creation and survival of cancer cells in the body and many emminent scientists and researchers consider the development of oxygen-based therapies as key to the ultimate eradication of cancer. There are now several oxygen therapies available, including the use of hydrogen peroxide compounds (H2O2), ozone therapy and even hyperbaric chambers (as used in decompression chambers for deep see divers).


All of the health eating and exercise daily routines mean nothing if you fail to schedule an annual health exam or medical checkup. Although these don’t necessarily help you avoid cancer they do assist in the early detection of prostate cancer which is extremely important because in most cases early detection was the key to be able to successfully cure prostate cancer that was diagnosed in a majority of males. A yearly or annual exam is highly recommended, but if you are in a higher risk category then perhaps a semi-annual exam would prove to be better.


In order to understand how human tissue absorbs and uses oxygen, we need first to understand the concept of pH. The term pH refers to concentration of the hydrogen proten, which in turn indicates the degree to which body tissue and fluids is either acidic or alkaline. As a general rule in organic chemistry, acidic compounds tend to expel oxygen, while alkaline compounds absorb it. The contemporary western diet is, to say the least, rich in acid-producing foods, in particular refined sugar, and this is considered to be one of the main reasons that cancer rates have multiplied significantly during the last century.


For this reason, many therapeutic diets are specifically designed to eliminate too much acidity. Indeed most avoid over-consumption of sugars, which can be regarded as a major contributor to the onset and progression of cancer. In general, the majority of today's conventional foods in the West can be considered as acid-forming. This includes meats, bread, grains and cereals. The notable exceptions to this are most fruits and vegetables. It might also be noted that excessive stress and very negative emotions can also cause acidic conditions to arise.


Because it takes about 20 parts of alkaline substance to neutralize one part acid, our bodies are constantly struggling to maintain a balance. In the early stages of imbalance, symptoms may be relatively mild, including things like colds and flu. The body then begins to use up alkalising minerals such as calcium to neutralize the excess acid, which in turn can lead to deficiencies. As acid wastes build up, fat is then deposited to protect vital organs (there is a link between excess acidity and obesity). As the acidity increases, microforms such as yeasts multiply in the body, producing more toxins and yet greater acidity, in a vicious circle. Ultimately, it is believed that this can lead to degenerative diseases such as cancer.


Alternative health clinics will regularly employ acid-neutralizing minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, in their treatment programs to assist with correcting acid/alkaline imbalances. Vitamin D is another key component, being essential to calcium obsorption by the organism. Guidelines for testing saliva pH, which is considered to be the most reliable signal of ionic calcium deficiency, are given in the book "The Calcium Factor: The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth" by Carl J Reich, MD and Bob Barefoot.


These are:

- For the non-deficient and healthy person, pH 7.5 (dark blue) to pH7.1 (blue) i.e. moderately alkaline.

- For the moderately-deficient to highly-deficient, pH 6.5 (blue-green) to pH 4.5 (light yellow).

- Over half of adults tested have a pH 6.5 or lower, indicating aging and lifestyle defects.

- Cancer patients frequently have a pH 4.5, particularly when terminal.

- As a point of reference, most children have a pH 7.5.


Other acid-neutralizing minerals are Rubidium, Cesium and Vanadium. There are also several proprietary products available commercially, including oxygen-based products that are aimed at maintaining the correct pH balance in the body. I hope that this brief insight into the importance of oxygen in the correct functioning of the body, plus its role in the prevention and treatment of cancer, will encourage you to further investigate this fascinating subject, crucial to your health. As always, you should seek the guidance of a professional medical practioner before taking any medications or undergoing any form of therapy.


Dr. Tavares is a medical consultant experienced in traditional and complementary medicine. Her writing about prostate cancer can be found at her blog Alternative Cancer Treatments.

3 Simple But Highly Effective Steps To Avoiding Prostate Cancer

When you mention the words prostate cancer around men it can literally put fear in their hearts. This disease is a very harsh condition that can prove fatal for a large percentage of individuals that contract it unless they start to protect themselves at an early age. Before going into some things you can do to avoid prostate cancer it needs to be mentioned that there are unfortunately some obstacles that simply can’t be avoided. For instance if there is a history of prostate cancer in the family or if you are at a certain age where this form of cancer seems to appear quiet frankly then the reality is the likelihood of being diagnosed with prostate cancer is higher. However, there are a few things you can do now to combat the effects of catching prostate cancer. They include a proper diet, plenty of exercise and an annual checkup or health exam.


Simply put exercise is one of the most beneficial things anyone can do to improve their overall health and quality of life. Let's be honest our bodies require enough exercise stimulation in order to stay health, strong and function properly. The fact is you really should exercise on a regular basis in order to stay in good shape. Exercise also has the benefit of helping your body stay disease free, to include cancer. By sticking to an exercise plan you significantly lower your chances of contracting prostate cancer and should you actually be diagnosed with the disease your body will be in much better shape and capable of dealing with the adverse effects of cancer in the prostate gland while you undergo treatment for the condition.


Naturally, diet is another crucial factor to leading and living a healthy lifestyle and it fits nicely with a good exercise program. In fact, medical studies show that a well balanced diet has the most effect on whether or not you lead a health life. Unhealthy foods, such as those found in fast food restaurants, are a precursor to future health related problems to include prostate cancer. Generally speaking, most medical professionals and doctors highly recommend the nutrient called lycopene as a supplement needed to help prevent all forms of cancer to include the dreaded prostate cancer. Although Lycopene is found in many different foods it is abundantly found in papaya, tomatoes, watermelons and guava. Additionally you can choose to take vitamins, nutrient supplements and minerals that contain lycopene.


Prostate cancer isn't something to mess around with, but by adapting a health diet incorporated with an exercise routine used in conjunction with a regular health examination the odds of staying cancer free are higher and should you be diagnosed with prostate cancer you stand a much better chance of beating the disease.


Timothy Gorman is a successful Webmaster and publisher of Online Prostate Health where he provides more important information on the prostate gland, prostate cancer and prostate cancer symptoms that you can research in your pajamas on his website.


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More coming soon!


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