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Breast Cancer, Prevention is The Cure

October has been Breast Cancer Awareness month since 1985. In the coming days, pink ribbons will emerge in abundance, symbolizing the efforts of educational and fund raising events that take place to find the "cure", and offering hope to those already diagnosed. These local and national events will generate millions of dollars. As the "Race for the Cure" continues, how can women incorporate preventative measures into their daily lives? Prevention is the hope that you will not be one of the growing numbers of women being diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

Sue Macleod, a breast cancer survivor and health care professional, observes that since the petro-chemical era of the 1930's, the incidence of breast cancer has risen from 1 in 50 women to 1 in 8 by the year 2000.

Women are repeatedly told that "early detection is the best protection". Early detection is vital if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, but this is not the same as prevention. While researching for this article, I realized that "early detection" is often confused with actual "prevention".


The document points out that we can no longer ignore the increasing evidence that repeated exposure to certain chemicals are contributing to the rising incidence of breast cancer each year. Chemicals such as parabans, pesticides, cleansers and pharmaceutical drugs act like estrogens in our bodies. This is troubling, because a woman's vulnerability to breast cancer increases as her lifetime exposure to estrogen increases.


The mounting evidence linking synthetic chemicals to the rising rates of breast cancer is empowering women to make healthy choices in their everyday lives. These choices are preventative.

What can be done to prevent breast cancer and minimize risk? *Choose 100% pure, synthetic chemical free cosmetics. Individuals can make healthy choices regarding the personal products they use daily. Many of these, including lotions, cosmetics, shampoos and conditioners, contain chemicals that have been linked to breast cancer. According to industry estimates, on any given day, a woman may use as many as 25 different cosmetic and personal care products containing more than 200 different chemical compounds.


Avoid rubbing these toxic cocktails into your skin by choosing healthy, organic and natural products.


*Be a more informed consumer. Ask critical questions about "pink ribbon promotions" before you purchase a product. The cosmetic industry has been criticized for raising money for breast cancer research by promoting products that may actually contribute to the rising tide of breast cancer. See for ways to demand safer products from cosmetic companies.

*Include high dietary intake of carotenes: dark leafy greens and green and yellow produce.

*Eat foods rich in Vitamin E and Selenium: sunflower seeds, freshly ground wheat, olive oil, flax oil, garlic, onions, and mushrooms.

*Reduce consumption of animal foods that contain hormones, such as milk, chicken, beef, and pork.

*Increase consumption of organically grown foods.

*Create sufficient consumption of Vitamin D: sunlight, 10 minutes daily; sardines and tuna.

*Discover what really moves you and keep moving: gardening, yoga, dance, walking, etc.

*Reduce or eliminate the use of plastic containers for food storage.

*Avoid unnecessary radiation; radiation is cumulative over a lifetime.

*Avoid using pesticides (weed killers, insecticides, etc) in your yard or home.


Join community action groups that support organizations that are investing in research that focus on cause and prevention. Support the "race for the cause". So when you see those pink ribbons emerge this month, consider that they proclaim "Prevention is the Cure". Laura Weinberg, co-president of The Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition says it best, "The old pink ribbon is hope for the future. This pink ribbon is saying there is something we can do today."


Resources: Breast Cancer?

Breast Health, Susan Weed

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Pathways to Prevention, The Breast Cancer Fund



Cancer risk: Could beauty products have an ugly side? Sue Hutchinson, San Jose Mercury News, September 20 2005.

Use With Discretion, India Statesman, Women's Feature Service, September 4, 2005


### Pamela Cronan-Maddox, herself an ovarian cancer Survivor, is the visionary and president of The Alchemist's Apprentice, Inc., an online apothecary dedicated to providing 100% pure, organic and healthy personal care products.


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.




Alternative forms of medicine like:

Acupuncture can be used for providing pain relief. Herbal Medicine helps strengthen the body's ability to eliminate cancer cells. They do not however cure cancer, but can definitely prolong the life of a person suffering from cancer. Homeopathy is effective in providing relief from the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Mind and Body Treatment focuses on a persons emotions, behaviour and faith. It is believed that a person must maintain a positive attitude and live a life free of mental and emotional stress. Massage and reflexology have also been found to be effective in strengthening cells and promoting the release of anti-cancer hormones in the body. The Mind and Body treatment has been found to be very effective and powerful in dealing with cancer, and perhaps even preventing it.

Nutrition and Diet has been found to be effective in preventing tissue and cell damage and ensuring the proper immune function of the body.


Practitioners of this form of medicine recommend the use of herbs like Asian Ginseng, Astragalus and Dong Quai.


Traditional Chinese Medicine has been found to be effective in providing relief from the side effects of the conventional treatments of cancer. Article submited By John D. Samara On the behalf of Global cancer concern india is a ngo in india serving cancer suffering people for cure of different types of cancer like child cancer, throat cancer, breast cancer, bone cancer, prostat cancer etc.


For making donationskindly visit

Donation for Cancer Patients , Online Donations, Donate Online for Cancer Patients, NGO



R. Kumar is a journalist and presently working in remote areas of asian sub continents for awareness on Cancer


The Risk of recurrence in prostate cancer


Prostate cancer disease

Prostate cancer - the most common form of cancer in men is Prostate cancer, the second leading cause of cancer death. The Main risk factors include age (incidence increases in men over the age of 65 years). It is more prevalent in the western world and about 10% of cases can be linked to family history. The recurrance Rate of the prostate cancer is high.


Cancer Patient Wigs

Mostly, the Prostate cancer is a continuum; progressing through localized, locally advanced, advanced and hormone-refractory stages In general it is a slow growing cancer.

He is primarily under hormonal control i.e. testosterone. The choice of treatments which include watchful waiting, surgery (prostatectomy), radiotherapy, hormonal therapy and chemotherapy are dependent on the stage of disease.


1. Most important, that If detected early, using PSA determination, DRE examination and biopsies, and treated appropriately, survival rates are excellent.

2. The most critical focus for the treatment of prostate cancer is to treat those cancers where it is necessary.

3. The Decisions about the best management of prostate cancer can be very complex and depend upon the:


- Pathology of the cancer (unlike other cancers, prostate cancer often progresses very slowly)

- The impact that treatment can have on quality of life, including sexual activity

- Stage of the disease (non-metastatic (localized or locally advanced), metastatic or hormone refractory)

- Age and general health of the patients at diagnosis

- Patients preference for treatment

- PSA at diagnosis


4. The treatment options for prostate cancer are:

- Deferred treatment often called watchful waiting or 'active surveillance'

- Surgery Radical Prostatectomy

- Radiotherapy External Beam and/or Brachytherapy

-Hormonal (endocrine) therapy Androgen Ablation e.g. anti-androgens, medical castration (LHRHa) or surgical castration

- Chemotherapy

- Palliative Therapy e.g. chemotherapy

- Investigational Therapies


Prostate Cancer Recurrence Rates ***

Prostate cancer is now detected at earlier stages due to heightened awareness and improved screening techniques. Despite definitive therapy, cancer cells may remain and can go undetected for years until they develop into metastatic disease. The risk of recurrence is high, suggesting there is a need to improve treatment approaches. Therefore, it is important to predict pathological stage and risk of disease recurrence early, so that appropriate treatment and/or monitoring can be initiated. The result's of all new treatments will bring us in the future the chance of a lower prostate recurrance.


**You can inform you about the recurrence Rates on:

This gives you an overview with a study case and the results.


Admin Fritz

Please, take note that the above information is for educational purposes only and is meant to complement any medical treatment, not to prescribe or diagnose any


Please consult with your doctor before starting any medical or nutritional program.Recognizing diabetes mellitus is difficult already


Fritz - MBA Executive in the Health-Service and Hosptial consulting since more thant 20 years like to make it easy - to recieve answers on all your questions over the internet.


Mesothelioma Cancer And Your Legal Rights:

Your first goal is to find out how many cases an attorney has actually handled. You also want to know: how many of these were settled, and how many of these went to trial? What were the results of each case? You should ask the same questions about his or her law firm. You're goal is to find out about the firm -- is this an area the firm specializes in? Next, you want to ask if the attorney intends to actually handle your case him or herself. Many attorneys simply refer these cases to another law firm and receive part of the fee in exchange. This may not be in your best interest. A very important question to ask is how expenses and attorney fees will be handled for the case. The process is not fast -preparation for the trial and then the trial itself - will take many months (or even years).


Corporations that manufacture asbestos products have known about the dangers of asbestos-related diseases for more than six decades. In an effort to increase profit, they kept this information quiet, putting workers and families at risk. Working with asbestos causes serious diseases. Unfortunately, many corporations thought they would be able to cut corners and make a large profit at the expense of endangering workers. Fortunately, there are laws that help to protect those individuals that have been harmed by exposure to asbestos-related products. was created to give Americans the chance to learn about this deadly cancer and how they can fight back if they or someone they love has been affected by this horrible sickness.

Remember that only provides background information on the disease and legal options. Please consult a lawyer if you wish actual professional legal advice.


Dave is a Website Designer and owner of


Choosing Your Cancer Caregiver & Tips for Cancer Caregivers;


Choosing Your Cancer Caregiver & Tips for Cancer Caregivers; Part of a Series from "Positive Attitudes, Affirmations & Actions to Help Survive Your Cancer Experience" ISBN#: 978-0-9766370-0-4. Battling Cancer is an individual journey that takes all of heaven and earth to combat. Choose your caregivers well!!: Your Caregiver walks a fine line between reality, support cheerleader, hand holder, master "hugger" and "inspiration machine", and friend, who must give that medicine, drives you to treatment, and fusses at you to keep you on track for your healing journey. Below are excerpts from "Positive Attitudes, Affirmations & Actions to Help Survive Your Cancer Experience" ISBN#: 978-0-9766370-0-4. Brent Atwater a Medical Intuitive and Distance healer, developed and implemented these for her clients, that used them to improve the quantity and quality of their lives.


Your Cancer caregiver is your primary filter and monitor of your visitors, both family and friends. They should only allow POSITIVE PEOPLE!!! and ONLY people who are emotionally nourishing for you. YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT! They should encourage you to be surrounded by individuals who treat as if you are living and expect you to have a future. No "what if'ers,' no "maybe that won't work", or "oh you poor dear", or any others who say negative things. If ANYONE ever says to you "before you were living with cancer, now you're dying with cancer." Remove them from your life until they can be respectful and empathetic! Not only are they unable to determine your death, they are also unkind to make a remark like this.


If they say to you, "I was just making a realistic statement so you won't be in denial and we can address your will, funeral plans, and future provisions." FORGET THAT justification!!!!! NO ONE who truly cares about your heart and soul, would ever say anything like that. Do not be so needy for attention, that you allow yourself to be the "victim" of comments that are TOTALLY inappropriate!! no matter how sick you are. As long as there is breath in your body, you have the right to be treated with respect and dignity, and as if you are going to live!!! Family members as Caregivers: If you have spent your life helping others, and enabling them, it's time to stop that energy drain. This does NOT mean that you do not love them anymore. It means that you care enough about yourself to take care of you FIRST, so that you can be around in the future to help them. Non-healing: 1. "But he's my brother and he just drinks a little too much, and he wants to come visit"..... His energy will drain you!!! Visit with him when you are healed! 2. At this time, YOU do NOT need to hear their problems. They need to support you!


Friends as Caregivers: There are several kinds of friends during this time in your life. The talkers: They call to see how you are, listen for a short period of time and then spend hours telling you about their life. They ask if they can do anything for you. When you mention that you need a ride to chemo on Thursdays, their answer is, "I'd love to take you, but I have book club." Do not be discouraged. This person is interested enough to call, but NOT authentic about truly helping you or they would have taken you to chemo........ There will be more book clubs, this is your battle with a disease!


Thank them for calling, and get off the phone. You are not THAT needy to have to talk with someone who won't really be there for you! The Doers: These are the friends that pick you up, sit through, and bring you home after chemo, and probably add fresh flowers to your home. Be thankful. They encourage you to live with every dinner invitation, movie, or "let's go to" invitation. GO! Do not feel like you are "putting them out", "being a bother", or whatever. When you are well, YOU can DO for them!!!!! They are your Earth Angels. Being the Caregiver for someone battling cancer, and going through cancer treatment is a job that requires everything you can muster to handle your work and all of your coping skills.


Advice for the Caregiver:


1. Treat your Cancer client as if they are going to live. DO NOT treat them as if it's just a matter of time. Always speak of their "experience" NEVER a disease.


2. You will most likely be caught up in the overwhelming environment of caregiving, and handling every life and medical detail and decision. Try to look at the patient and all of their circumstances as if they are in a healing situation, and in a positive manner. Don't be a Pollyanna, but try to put a positive spin on everything that you can.


3. Although your patient has "determination to live", that determination needs to be rooted in positive. Positive energy raises their body's physical energy frequency which fights their disease.


4. Creating a positive uplifting environment: a. Dress in happy colors. b. Help create a environmentally pleasant and visually happy care area. Little touches mean a lot! c. Only allow positive people around your patient. EXPLAIN why the negative folks need to stay away, and help keep them away. d. Be very conscious of how YOUR energy can effect the "patient." If you view the patient in a "sick" condition, you are sending negative energy their way! If you have a negative attitude, or irritable responses, you generate negative energy which lowers your patient's physical body frequency and DOES NOT help heal the disease. Your energy field will affect your patient. e. Keep your energy field clean. Your patient is like a sponge and absorbs and interacts with all the energy surrounding them and that they are exposed to.


5. Contributing Life force energy thru Love: On numerous occasions, family and friends have asked how they can contribute positive energy to the "patient." [An educational note: The hand that you write with is your energy sending hand. The other hand is your energy input receiving hand.] So follow the directions below according to whether you are right or left handed. Take your left receiving hand and place it on your heart, and take your right sending hand to hold the patient's left hand (receiving hand). Then say to the patient, "I send you the love from my Heart and it's healing life force energy to use as you so choose." You then become an "energizer" bunny for the patient thru your love for them.


You are invited to download our free pamphlet with excerpts from this book "Positive Attitudes, Affirmations & Actions to Help Survive Your Cancer Experience" ISBN#: 978-0-9766370-0-4. at or

Feel free to reprint this article in it's original format with the disclaimer.



Atlanta, GA 1.404.242.9022 USA

NC Office: 1.910.692.5206 USA


Web Site:


Disclaimer: There are no guarantees about the healing properties of these suggestions. We can only state that positive results have been documented for individual clients and research in this area continues. Ms Atwater is not a medical doctor or associated with any branch of medicine. Ms Atwater works in Alternative, Integrative and Complementary Medicine. She offers her opinions based on her intuition, which is not a substitute for medical procedures or treatments. Always consult a physician or health care provider concerning any medical problem or condition before undertaking any diet, health related or lifestyle change program. There are no guarantees with any of the suggestions in this publication.


Brent Atwater: Medical Intuitive, Distance Healer: Her global Medical Intuitive & Distance Healing has been studied by & or documented at Duke, the ARE, & for pets by the NCSU's Veterinary school. ARTIST: An artist (30+), Brent is a pioneer in healing art by scientifically documenting the Healing benefits of Paintings that Heal™. Her art was featured on "PBS". At 16, the NC Museum of Art chose her painting for their pe

Prostate Cancer with Low PSA

One of the problems with screening tests for cancer is that there is an assumption that if you have a negative test, you don't have cancer. Many people just don't realise that you can have cancer with a negative screening test. For prostate cancer serum PSA levels of 4 μg/L or more are considered to show the possible presence of cancer. An analysis of men in a large randomised study shows that cancer is also found in men with lower levels.


To date, research continues to explore the links between breast cancer and the environment. The study, "State of the Evidence: What is the Connection Between Chemicals and Breast Cancer?" presented by the Breast Cancer Fund and Breast Cancer Action explores and summarizes the research about links between breast cancer and the environment.


Although the risk of finding a cancer on biopsy is directly related to PSA levels below 4 μg/L, there is no PSA value below which a man has no risk of prostate cancer. Moreover, this statement applies not just to any grade of prostate cancer, but even to high grade cancers where disease progression in the absence of treatment is to be expected. Its importance is that it is a harsh reminder of the failures as opposed to the benefits of screening. Older men with normal PSA values of 4 μg/L or below should still be on the lookout for warning signs, as 1 in 8 will have prostate cancer worth treating despite that normal result.


A Certified Family Physician of the Philippine Academy of Family Physician and continue to complete the requirements for Continuing Medical Education in Family Practice. Also a member of the Philippine Medical Informatics Society, Philippine Occupational Health and Safety Inc., and Pangasinan Medical Society. Faculty Department of Physiology (Medicine) Lyseum- Northwestern University, Dagupan, Pangasinan, Faculty Medical Informatics Lyseu


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