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Lung Cancer - The Stages And Treatments Involved In Treating The Disease

Lung cancer forms in the tissues of your lungs generally in the cells which line your air passages.lung cancer is a very aggressive type of cancer and if not caught early enough can have a very poor outcome. Generally, lung cancers originate in the lining of the bronchi. Plus it can also form in the glands below the lining of the bronchi, usually in the periphery of the lungs. There are four recognizable stages of lung cancer. Stage one is the mildest and stage four is the most severe form. Remember though, that all stages of lung cancer are very serious.

Stage Three: At this stage, the cancer is in the lung tissue and lymph nodes inside and outside the lungs.

Let us now examine the four stages:

Stage One: In this stage, the cancer is confined to the lung tissue will only. Your chance of recovering from this type of cancer is the best. Stage Two: Here the cancer is confined to the lung tissue and lymph nodes only.


Prostrate Cancer Treatments


There are two types: Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, and Small Cell Lung Cancer. What follows are the likely treatments and approximate cure rates for each stage of lung cancer:


Stage One:

The main treatment here involves surgery. Cure rate is around 67%.


Stage Two:

The main treatment for this type of cancer also involves surgery. The cure rate for this type of cancer is generally in the 40 to 50% range.


Stage Three:

The main treatment here includes chemotherapy and radiation. The cure rates is generally less than 60%.


Stage Four:

The main treatment involved here also includes chemotherapy and radiation. The cure rate at this stage is less than 80%.


Research is continually ongoing to study the causes of lung and other cancers, and to find new ways to prevent or even cure them.Unfortunately however, if you are diagnosed with lung cancer there is not a very good outlook attached to the outcome.


For More Information On Asbestos Lung Cancer:
Asbestos Lung Cancer


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Why Is Sauna Used In Cancer Therapy? 


Sauna Therapy Used in Cancer Therapy.
This is a new and experimental procedure. It shows a great promise in some cases when used properly. American researchers favor careful monitoring of the tumor temperature; whereas, the successes reported in Japan make no mention of such precaution. Infrared healing is now becoming the leading edge in the care of soft tissue injuries to promote both relief in chronic or intractable "permanent" cases, and accelerated healing in newer injuries. Localized infrared therapy using lamps tuned to the 2 ~ 25 micron waveband is used for the treatment and relief of pain by over 40 reputable Chinese Medical Institutes.


In high humidity water condenses on the tiny alveoli where this exchange takes place and breathing may be slightly more difficult.

Give Your Entire Body A Workout!
The oxygen needs of the body increase by about 20 percent so the lungs, another important eliminator of body wastes, join in the body's quickened pace. (The lungs' rapid exchange of carbon dioxide for oxygen is hindered in some sweat baths. On the other hand, if the air is too dry, as occurs in many American saunas, mucous membranes may become dry and damaged.) Clogged respiratory passages are opened by heat, giving relief from colds and other minor respiratory problems. Sweat bathing is not recommended for those suffering from pneumonia or other acute respiratory diseases. (see Sauna)

Understanding Infra-Red Sauna
Radiant heat is simply a form of energy that heats objects directly through a process called conversion, without having to heat the air in between. Radiant heat is also called Infrared Energy (IR). The infrared segment of the electromagnetic spectrum is divided into 3 segments by wavelength, measured in microns or micrometers (a micron = 1/1,000,000 of a meter); 0.076 ~ 1.5 microns = near or close; 1.5 ~ 5.6 = middle or intermediate; 5.6 ~ 1,000 = far or long wave infrared. The infrared segment of the electromagnetic spectrum occurs just below or ¡°infra¡± to red light as the next lowest energy band of light. We can, however, feel this type of light that we perceive as heat. Our sun produces most of its energy output in the infrared segment of the spectrum.

After A Sauna Session
When the bocly is slowly cooled, the effects of heat are reversed--the heart calms, sweat pores close, dilated blood vessels contract and body temperature returns to normal. The German Sauna Society recommends a warm foot bath to re-open closed blood vessels.On the other hand, abrupt cooling brought on by a plunge into snow or icy water creates a more dramatic effect. For this reason, people with weak constitutions should avoid rapid cooling. Vessels near the skin's surface contract, but since the skin's metabolism returns to normal slower than the circulatory system, wastes accumulate that are normally washed out by the blood.

For more comprehensive information on the sauna benefits, please visit

Come to Avoid heavy meals two hours before a sauna session.


Prostate Cancer Survival Rates


There are approximately 25,000 men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer every year in the United Kingdom. For these men the risk of dying from their prostate cancer depends on a number of risk factors. For example if the cancer is confined to the prostate gland at diagnosis the chance of surviving to 5 years is 70%. If the cancer has already spread e.g. to the bones then only 20% of men will survive to five years. Of all the men who currently have prostate cancer in the UK approximately 10,000 will die of the disease each year.


Breast Cancer

The prostate cancer survival rate is much higher in the developed world - unsurprisingly.

When a man is first diagnosed with prostate cancer then the doctor who has found the cancer (most often a "urologist" - a surgeon who specialises in looking after problems to do with the kidneys, prostate and bladder) will arrange a series of tests to help assess the risk for that individual patient. The results of these tests will in turn help the doctor and patient to decide the best treatment for that patient.


Prostate Cancer Tests to Help Predict Survival

1. Prostate Specific Antigen or PSA

2. Digital Rectal Examination or DRE

3. Trans-rectal Ultrasound and Biopsy

4. CT or MRI Scan

5. Bone Scan


PSA This is a protein made by the prostate gland which can be measured on a sample of your blood i.e. a blood test. The PSA level can be raised by non cancerous problems with the prostate gland i.e. not all men who have a raised PSA have prostate cancer. Also some men who have prostate cancer will not have a raised PSA. However PSA does tend to increase as prostate cancers grow, invade and spread so PSA can be used to monitor how a prostate cancer is progressing or how it is responding to treatments. DRE This is where a doctor feels the prostate gland through the back passage. It tells the doctor how big the prostate gland is, whether the cancer is able to be felt easily and whether it has invaded the area near by.


Tran-Rectal Ultrasound and Biopsy For this test you need to lie on your side with your knees brought up into the chest (same position as for a DRE). An ultrasound probe is then inserted into the back passage. This enables the doctor to see on a screen the outline of the prostate gland. There is no radiation involved. The image on the screen then allows the doctor to insert a needle safely into the prostate gland to take some samples of the prostate tissue. Usually several samples are taken from each area of the prostate gland. These samples are then sent to a laboratory to be looked at under a microscope. This allows confirmation that there is prostate cancer present and tells us how aggressive the cancer looks. Sometimes a local anaesthetic is used to help make the procedure more comfortable.


CT or MRI Scan This is usually carried out in an x-ray department and involves lying still on a thin couch which moves through either a big donut (CT) or into a long tunnel (MRI). This is not painful in any way. The pictures gained from this test helps the doctors to see whether the prostate cancer is still within the prostate gland or whether it had started to invade out of the gland into other surrounding structures. This tells the doctor what "stage" the prostate cancer is. Bone Scan This requires you to have an injection and then to lie on a special table where a camera scans the whole body. It shows up whether any of the bones in the body have been affected by the prostate cancer i.e. whether the prostate cancer has spread to the bones.

Prostate Cancer Stage and Survival

The stage of prostate cancer describes how far the cancer has grown and spread. It is assessed by a mixture of DRE and CT/MRI scans.


T1 Stage This is very early prostate cancer which can only be seen under a microscope. At this stage the cancer would not cause any symptoms. Men with this stage are at low risk from their disease may not need any treatment but surveillance. The original cause of a prostate cancer problem can be difficult to diagnose.


T2 Stage This is early prostate cancer but is now big enough to be felt by a doctor on DRE. This may still not have caused any symptoms. This is most often cured if treatment is undertaken at this stage and about 70% of men are still alive after 5 years i.e. average length of survival from diagnosis is well over 5 years.


T3 Stage This is locally advanced prostate cancer which has started to extend and invade outside of the prostate gland. This stage would often cause bladder symptoms in men. By this stage in the disease the chance of cure with treatments is reduced however survival is often around five years. T4 Stage This is more advanced prostate cancer which invades the structures around the gland. At this stage there are often already secondaries e.g. bone metastases. If the disease has spread it is usually incurable but may be controlled for some time. The average survival is between 1 and 3 years.


Predicting Survival in Prostate Cancer

Doctors use a combination of risk factors to predict the behaviour of prostate cancer but cancers do not always act as expected. The factors they consider include the cancer stage (see above), the age of the patient, the PSA level and how quickly it is rising, and the Gleason Score. The Gleason score is a marker of how aggressive the cancer looks under the microscope and how much of the gland is affected by cancer.


Adrian Jones has a personal interest in promoting awareness and self-help in dealing with several forms of cancer. This article is from his website dealing with prostate cancer and prostate cancer treatments.


Chlorine - A Possible Cause of Cancer?

Dr. Robert Morris and colleagues at the Medical College of Wisconsin concluded after examination of 10 previous studies on the cancer-causing abilities of chlorinated water:

"There is a clear pattern between consumption of chlorinated water and rectal and bladder cancer."


Dr. Robert Morris
(Dr. Robert Morris has been the featured health/water expert on "Dateline NBC" and was a key presenter at the WQA National Show in March 1995.)


Halina Szejnwlad Brown, Donna Bishop and Carol Rowan contrast their estimates of skin absorption versus drinking for three toxic chemicals: Toluene, Ethylbenzene, and Styrene. Depending both on the compound involved and the body region exposed, skin can act as a fairly strong barrier to chemical entry or as no barrier at all. Their analyses were based on data published for the hand, one of the least porous areas of the body. Their most surprising finding was that for a swimmer, between 83 percent and 91 percent of the chemicals entering the body came through the skin.


"Modern diets are marginally deficient in many elements, and therefore,the contribution of hard water or a daily intake of lithium or magnesium, or particular other elements may make a difference between optimal and sub-optimal intake. Also, chemical forms of many of these elements in water are different from what is food. In food, there may be some chelating agents that prevent immediate absorption of certain elements and even if they are contained in very high amounts in food, their absorption comes down to perhaps a few percent."


Dr. Masironi
World Health Organization

REMEMBER - The Eliminator (tm) delivers the calcium, magnesium and copper needed by people and plants while removing the toxics in your municipal or ground water.


The EPA has raised skin absorption of chlorine to its top 10 carcinogen watch list. June 1994

Chlorine is harmful.


Alex Lum offers friendly advice on better, safer, and eco friendly Non Chlorine water treatment. Copper Ionization products use no chemicals, are healthy for you, and protect the environment. Here are some Resources on Ecosmarte copper ionization products.


Alternative Cancer Treatments - Insulin Potentiation Therapy


This article is about the use of Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) for people with cancer. IPT has been known about for many years as a kinder, gentler way of using standard chemotherapy drugs, selectively delivering them to the cancer cells, whilst leaving the body's immune system intact. Insulin Potentiation Therapy, generally referred to by the initials IPT, is an alternative treatment that uses standard, approved cancer-fighting drugs in much lower doses, thereby eliminating many of the debilitating side effects so common with conventional chemotherapy. The side effects are significantly reduced because the chemotherapy doses can be as low as 10-15% of the standard dosage.


IPT was developed by Dr. Donato Perez Garcia (1896-1971) in Mexico, who claimed it to be especially effective with breast cancer. Indeed, that if a cancer can be beneficially influenced by existing chemotherapy drugs, then IPT may also be effective, but without major side effects. Dr Garcia's work is today carried on by his grandson, of the same name.The first clinical trial of IPT for treating breast cancer was undertaken in Uruguay and published in 2003. For the trial, insulin combined with the chemotherapy drug methotrexate in low-dose form resulted in significantly stabilising the disease, with reduced progressions, as compared with insulin or low-dose methotrexate alone. Other studies have been worldwide, although informal. In fact, although little known, IPT has been in use for approaching seventy years.


How does IPT work?

Insulin, which is created naturally in the pancreas, regulates many of the body's functions at the cellular level, the most well-known being the level of glucose in the blood. It is suggested that insulin also modifies the receptivity of cancer cells to being penetrated by chemotherapy agents. Cancer cells grow by secreting their own insulin-like growth factor and insulin itself which draw on the body's nutrients to multiply. In fact they possess many times more insulin receptors than do normal cells, and these receptors will respond to administered insulin, which in turn makes them hungry for glucose and thus more susceptible to chemotherapy medication. The chemotherapy drugs are thus able to target more precisely the cancer cells, leaving the normal cells relatively unaffected.


What's wrong with traditional chemotherapy?

It is generally recognized that, over time, regular chemotherapy dosages may so compromise a patient's immune system and organ functions as to prevent further treatment or even cause organ damage resulting in the patient's death. Cancer cells are highly active in fighting for the glucose found in the blood stream. With sixteen times the number of insulin and insulin-like receptors found in healthy cells, cancer cells absorb essential nutrients from the blood stream before normal cells can get to them. This is the reason that, in advanced stages of cancer, tumors continue to grow and multiply while the patient appears to waste away. In addition, because of the cancer cell's internal protection against toxins, normal chemotherapy doses need to be sufficiently large to force their way into the cancer cells. The result is the killing of many healthy cells in addition to the cancerous ones, frequently inducing in the patient nausea, vomiting, fever, hair loss, etc.


Benefits of IPT

* IPT works vigorously against cancerous tumors whilst being gentle on the patient, who continues to live a normal lifestyle during treatment.

* Standard chemotherapy medications are considered to work better in combination with IPT. As a result of the low dosage requirement and much reduced toxicity, the treating physician has greater freedom and flexibility in selecting and combining the various chemotherapeutic agents, resulting in a more highly optimized treatment.

* Due to the lower dosage requirements, treatments costs are significantly less than with standard chemotherapy.

* Side effects are relatively minor. There is no vomiting, no high fever, no vomiting and no hair loss. However, there can sometimes be a little initial nausea and occasional constipation.


IPT Side Effects

IPT causes a reduction in the blood glucose level. This is known as hypoglycemia and is an expected side effect of insulin therapy. Be in no doubt, hypoglycemia is a potentially dangerous state for the body, however it is a condition that is quickly and effectively controllable through the administration of intravenous glucose infusions. This is a standard component of the IPT protocol.

The information presented here is intended simply as that - to make you aware of available treatments which might be worthy of further and more detailed investigation.


Readers should note that, whilst there are many individual anecdotal cases and studies over many years that suggest that IPT may be effective, there is at present no collection of scientific data to validate Insulin Potentiation Therapy as a treatment for malignant neoplastic diseases or cancer to the satisfaction of the United States FDA. As always, you should seek the guidance of a professional medical practitioner before taking any medications or undergoing any form of therapy.


Dr. Tavares is a medical consultant experienced in traditional and complementary medicine. Her writing about signs of prostate cancer can be found at Alternative Cancer Treatments.

Reduce Your Risk of Cancer Naturally

A sobering fact, cancer is the second leading cause of death in this country. It strikes men, women, and children. Cancer is caused by a variety of factors, including exposure to environmental toxins, smoking, an unhealthy lifestyle, and genetic predisposition.

However, the most staggering statistic is that improper diet accounts for almost 70% of cancers and is one of the main causes of death among human beings. Diet and cancer experts are beginning to identify more and more nutrients that may help reduce cancer risks. Healthy weight and good nutrition are important elements in the fight against cancer. Making some changes in your diet and lifestyle can greatly reduce the probability of getting cancer.


Stage Four: When you reach this stage, the cancer has spread to the liver, bone, adrenal glands, brain, and other areas. The state of development and the type of the cancer are very important when trying to heal the patient.


Suggested Dietary Guidelines to Lower Cancer Risk:

*Eat a primarily plant-based diet rich in a variety of vegetables and fruits, beans and peas, and minimally processed starchy foods.

*Eat five or more portions a day of a variety of vegetables and fruits, all year round.

*Eat at least three portions a day of a variety of cereals, whole grains, beans and peas, and root vegetables. Minimally processed foods are preferable.

*Limit consumption of refined sugar.

*Alcohol consumption is not recommended. If consumed, limit alcoholic drinks to less than two drinks a day for men and one for women.

*If eaten at all, limit intake of red meat to less than 3 ounces daily. It is preferable to choose fish and poultry in place of red meat.

*Limit consumption of fatty foods, particularly those of animal origin. Choose modest amounts of appropriate vegetable oils.

*Limit consumption of salted foods and use of cooking and table salt. Use herbs and spices to season foods.

*Do not smoke or use tobacco in any form.


Exercise and Fitness:

*Maintain a healthy weight. If you are overweight, lose weight. Obesity is now a leading cause of some cancers.

*Be physically active. If occupational activity is low or moderate, take a brisk walk or similar exercise daily. Also exercise vigorously for a total of at least one hour a week.


The consumption of a predominantly plant-based diet, when matched with regular physical exercise and the avoidance of tobacco, can decrease cancer risk by as much as 70%. A truly healthy body is far less vulnerable to cancer and more able to fight off its ravages. The guidelines listed above can help you in your fight against cancer.


Find out everything you ever wanted to know about alternative cancer treatments from Cancer Treatments That Work! Discover over 350 gentle & non-toxic cancer treatments that no one else will tell you about and that could save your life!


Chris Chenoweth writes articles pertaining to health and nutrition, budgeting, and online business.

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