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Bed Wetting Articles, Tips and Information

Adult Male Bed Wetting

Why does adult male bed wetting happen?  There are many reasons that people, even adults, will experience bed wetting.  In most cases, if a child is over the age of eight, he is considered to be at an age when bed wetting should be outgrown, but still some children at the age of 14 will still have this problem.  At any rate, the problem with adult’s bed wetting is that they are beyond the realm of development issues.  The male that is having this problem should seek out the help for his or her doctor to insure that they receive the proper medical treatment for it.  IN most cases, bed wetting can and does improve at that point.

If they have not do so by now in the way of development of the bladder and muscles that control it, it is likely that this will not just go away on their own. 

Bed wetting as an adult male may be the result of the body’s inability to control this need.  If the bed wetting has happened throughout their lifetime, the bed wetting should be taken seriously and a doctor should be sought to help relieve this problem.  A bed wetting that happens infrequently is still cause for concern at the same level. 

If the bed wetting has not been something that the male has experienced their entire life, then it is quite possible that the bed wetting is something to do with a condition that is occurring to the individual.  For example, a urinary track infection as well as several other medical conditions can cause bed wetting to happen.  In this case, treatment of that condition will relive the problems with bed wetting.  Again, a doctor should be sought to help in this condition.  In either case, the adult male that is having these problems can find help to correct their problem effectively.



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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Getting Bed Wetting Help

Bed wetting help is available to you.  If you are a parent of a child that is facing bed wetting problems or perhaps you are an adult or teen that is facing bed wetting problems, there is help out there to help you to overcome this condition.  Often, it is not easy for a person to deal with these situations.  Often, it is embarrassing, worrisome and can be very much a problem both physically and emotionally.  In any case, help is available to help those that are facing these bed wetting problems to make it happen in a better way.

Male Bed Wetting Cure


In the case of a child, there are bed wetting products offered that can help you to overcome these problems.  From bed wetting pants to training products and alarms, there are tools that can help and provide treatment to a child in the need of it.

If the bed wetting is in an adult or in a teenager, this may be harder for you to overcome.  In that case, it is important for you to seek out the help of your doctor.  This may be a sign for emotional problems but it may be something that is due to a medical condition as well.  In any case, there is a great deal of help that can be found for people that face bed wetting problems.


How To Stop Bed Wetting

There is not one way to stop bed wetting.  There are many reasons why your child may be experiencing these types of bed wetting problems.  If and when this becomes a problem for your child, you should do several things to help them to get out of this problem.  But, one thing is for sure.  A child that has problems wetting the bed is not doing so because they are being bad.  Therefore no child that has bed wetting problems should be punished for doing so.  Instead, they are likely to need things like reassurance and guidance to keep them on top of the situation rather than dragged down from it.


The help that you can get from bed wetting is going to start with your doctor.  The doctor will be the first person to talk to.  If the child that is experiencing bed wetting is under the age of eight, there may not be anything that can be done to prevent this reaction.  But, bed wetting that is beyond this age may not be something that can be controlled in this manner.  If your child is in need of the help, seeking help from your doctor is the first step.

There are many other things that you can to help your child to stop wetting the bed though.  For example, try the use of bed wetting alarms.  These tools are ideal because they are easy to use and they give your child a sense of control over their situation.  The child is able to react to the alarm that they are having and then to get up and get to the bathroom in time to keep from having the bed wetting accident.  These alarms work in various ways and soon your child may be able to handle these situations on their own.

But, some other children will not handle them well.  If the child has to urinate several times at night time, they are likely to find that to stop they will need to get up several times per night.  This may make them very tired and very much in trouble.  If that is the case, then an alarm may not work.  Yet, a parent can use things like a bed wetting diaper to help with handling the problem until the child does outgrow it.  To stop it, work with your doctor and give your child reassurance.


Is Teenage Bed Wetting Normal?

Teenage bed wetting is not something that is necessary out of the ordinary, but it is important for the parent to learn what it is that is causing this to happen to their teen.  Often, teenage growth and the reaction to their surrounding circumstances are partially responsible for what is causing the bed wetting to happen.  Most teens do not have this problem and that may be enough to cause a bit of alarm in the parent that is realizing the problem they are facing.  So, to help you to determine what is causing your teenager to wet the bed, ask these questions.

* Are they worried, anxious, or upset about something?  Emotional trauma and stress can cause bed wetting.  These things can be small or large problems.  Children, including teenagers that face bed wetting may be under a lot of worry or stress in their lives.  To stop the bed wetting from happening, you will need to tap into why this is the case and then determine if they need to seek out counseling or reduce the stresses that the child is under.


There are several medical conditions that may lead to bed wetting.  It is important for your doctor to rule out these types of problems first and foremost.  When this happens, you and your doctor will be able to insure that the child gets the help that they need, if they need it.  It is very common for children to wet the bed up until the age of about eight.  Teens, though, should not have this situation and it should be a sign that something is not as it should be.

* Is the child experiencing a large growth spurt?  This can sometimes cause the child to experience problems with wetting the bed as well.  If necessary, you should help by providing them with a bit of help in handling these changes.

* Medical condition scan cause bed wetting as well.  If your child does not seem to be having the other problems listed here, you may want them to seek out the help of their doctor for bed wetting.  There may be something physically wrong causing this problem.

Treatment for bed wetting is out there, but it is hard to bring a teenage child to the doctor without a bit of understanding.  Any child that is wetting the bed is not doing it for attention and does not do it to make you mad.  Therefore, punishing your child for bed wetting does not help.


The Bed Wetting Teen

What causes a bed wetting teen?  As a parent, it is very important for you to know what is happening to your child.  If you find that they are having problems with wetting the bed, you may not know what to do or think.  What’s more is that most teens will try to hide this condition or they may resolve not to tell anyone about it, including a doctor.  If you have a teen that is in a situation that has them wetting the bed, it can be very important for them to see the doctor to find out what help there is.  The good news is that with a bit of help, they are likely to be able to work through this situation and to not have bed wetting problems in the future.

Finally, a teen that is wetting the bed may be in need of help with personal problems.  They may be under a lot stress, be worrying about things this year, or they will be facing problems with their emotional state.  It is very important to first rule out any medical condition that is causing the bed wetting but then, it is important for you to insure that the child is doing okay with their emotional background.



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Bed Wetting Alarms - Whenever parents discuss how to deal with bed wetting, the topic of alarms inevitably gets raised. Bed wetting alarms can be useful devices, but in spite of the popularity with which they get discussed, they should not really be considered a first line option. Bed wetting alarms are highly useful, but they are probably only worthwhile once you have tried a few other methods.

Bed Wetting Cure - When looking for a bed wetting cure, you may want to consider just what is causing the bed wetting to happen in the first place. Not only is it important for their emotional well being, but a bed wetting problem can get expensive as well with the use of bed wetting diapers and the use of bedding that needs to be laundered regularly.

Bed Wetting Problems - Adult bed wetting can be something that has always been there, something that they have experienced for a very long time. Or, it can also be something that comes on later in life. In any case, if you are an adult and are finding that you are wetting the bed, there is a need to seek out the help that is needed to treat this condition. In fact, one of the most important aspects that you need to consider is the need to learn what is causing the bed wetting to happen.

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