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Perhaps the stress of life is too much for your kid to handle? try improving conditions of life and allow extra time and understanding for this critter so they don't get stressed out. This could be the key! Less stress - less stains! Give it a try!


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Bed Wetting Alarms Can Be Useful

Whenever parents discuss how to deal with bed wetting, the topic of alarms inevitably gets raised. Bed wetting alarms can be useful devices, but in spite of the popularity with which they get discussed, they should not really be considered a first line option. Bed wetting alarms are highly useful, but they are probably only worthwhile once you have tried a few other methods.

That's why patience is the best option for dealing with bed wetting.

Children all develop at different rates. A child who hasn't been able to master staying dry at night, may well be able to do some other task that a 'dry' child cannot do. Never forget, if your child wets the bed, they are almost certain to be better than other children at some other developmental achievement. All children are different.


The reason why bed wetting alarms are such a popular topic for discussion amongst parents who have children who wet the bed is because these alarms work. They produce results; but don't be in too much of a hurry to get those results.


So, when should you consider an alarm? If several months of positive encouragement to be dry as well as patience and a friendly household haven't shown some improvements, then you may need an alarm.


Cure Male Bed Wetting


The kind of alarm you choose needs to be right for your child. So don't just go and buy the first one you see. The alarm needs to be comfortable for the child - after all they are going to have to use it. Also, your child needs to be motivated to use the alarm. If they don't want to us it, it won't work for them. So simple things like the color can affect motivation. What it looks like, the kind of noise the buzzer makes and so on, can all have an impact on your child, so you should pay attention to these factors. Never buy an alarm without your child. See it as their alarm, rather than yours.


These alarms work by detecting moisture. When your child starts urinating, the alarm senses the first drop of wetness and sounds a buzzer. For some children, the buzzer will wake them and they will then be able to go to the bathroom to finish off urinating. For other children, the alarm will not wake them - but it will wake you. You can then gently wake your child and take them to the bathroom. The idea behind these alarms is that your child begins to associate the feelings of a full bladder with the noise of the alarm and waking. Eventually, the alarm can be taken away and they should be able to wake themselves normally.


Alarms can certainly help with bed wetting. But they will only do so with the full participation of your child. Otherwise you will be wasting your money. You could also be spending money unnecessarily if you rush to by an alarm when nature would have taken its course if you were more patient.


Graham Jones is a child psychologist who helps parents deal with the problems of bed wetting.



We really do care about your health and happiness and are thrilled you are interested in our articles, but please always check with your doctor before trying something new!


Bed Wetting Resources


While a doctor can be very useful in helping you deal with your child’s bedwetting, health care workers today are busier than ever and no one doctor can keep up with all the research and new information coming out each day. You may want to contact organizations such as the National Kidney Foundation or the American Academy of Pediatrics for more resources and then raise the information you find with your doctor.


You can contact some key resources about bedwetting yourself:


• The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) provides lots of useful information, and pamphlets about a variety of conditions, including bedwetting...

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
141 Northwest Point Boulevard
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007_1098
Phone: (847) 434_4000
Fax: (847) 434_8000

Alternative address:

The American Academy of Pediatrics
Department of Federal Affairs
601 13th Street, NW
Suite 400 North
Washington, DC 20005 USA
Phone: (202) 347_8600
Fax: (202) 393_6137
Web Address:


• The PottyMD is a great resource about toilet training and bedwetting. Since this groups focuses only on this problem, you are sure to get information that is pertinent to the topic. Many parents swear by this resource.

2216 White Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37916
Phone: 1_877_POTTYMD (768_8963)
Web Address:


• The National Kidney Foundation has recently launched a number of resources about bedwetting. Their website has lots of information and even video clips about the subject. Plus, if your child’s bedwetting is caused by a kidney problem, this group can help you get information on that issue, as well.

National Kidney Foundation
30 East 33rd St., Suite 1100
New York, NY 10016
Phone: 1_800_622_9010
Web Address:


• The National Kidney and Urologic Disease Information Clearinghouse provides all sorts of information about conditions that affect the kidneys and urinary system. Not surprisingly, they have several resources just about bedwetting.

National Kidney and Urologic Disease Information Clearinghouse
3 Information Way
Bethesda, MD 20892_3580
Phone: 1_800_891_5390
Web Address:


• The Bedwetting Store carries a large selection of items relating to bedwetting. If you want to know about the latest items and devices that can help your child, consult this large online selection.

The Bedwetting Store
Phone: 1_800_214_9605
Web Address:


• The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry helps in distributing information about childhood psychiatry. It can be a useful resource if your child experiences undue upset because of bedwetting or if your child is experiencing secondary Enuresis caused by emotional trauma and needs treatment to overcome the problem.

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Web Address:


Jan Nicholas

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Choose The Right Bed Wetting Alarms

Moisture detector alarms are among the most effective tools in helping children overcome bedwetting. Unlike many of the devices and tools intended for children with Enuresis, alarms can actually treat bedwetting rather than just making the symptoms more bearable.

Moisture alarm bed wetting devices are worn with underpants and the sensor of the alarm emits a loud sound when moisture is detected.

The child can wake up and hurry to the bathroom in time. With use, the idea is to get the child to anticipate the alarm and wake up before any moisture is detected by the alarm. Within two or three months of nightly use, many children find that they can prevent all nighttime accidents and that they are actually getting up when their bladder is full and going to the bathroom.


Because moisture detection alarms are so effective in helping children overcome bedwetting, many manufacturers make them. However, all the different moisture detector alarms are not made the same.


If you choose the wrong model - one that makes your child uncomfortable or one that does not work well - the chances of success with the alarm are slim. You need a reliable and well-built alarm in order to help your child.


Signs of a good alarm include:


• Reasonable price - the alarm must be affordable

• Comfortable to wear - your child will need to wear this alarm nightly for a few months, anything that digs into your child, prevents sleep or has sharp edges could be detrimental. Plus, if your child hates wearing the alarm, he or she may not wear it often enough for the alarm to actually work

• Right levels of sensitivity - it is important that the alarm responds to small amounts of urine, so that the child can wake up in time to go to the bathroom. At the same time, an alarm that is too sensitive may be set off by night sweats, which will not only interrupt sleep unduly but will also make the alarm less successful in curing bedwetting.

• Ease of use - the alarm must be easy enough for your child to set and reset even in the middle of the night. Some alarms have a remote system that allows parents to reset the alarm from another room. This is useful for younger children.

• Durability - your child may drop the alarm in the night or may knock the alarm against the walls or bed during a restless night

• Reliability - The alarm must work each time urine is present, or it will be difficult to teach your child to solve bedwetting.

• Hygienic design - since the alarm will be in contact with urine, it is essential for good health that the alarm can be easily cleaned or disinfected after each use without its functioning being affected

• Loudness - The alarm should wake your child (and you, if your child tends to sleep through alarms). Some alarms come with adjustable sound levels, which can be very useful. Plus, some alarms allow children to be woken with vibrations rather than sound.

If you have large family, young children, or if your child shares a room, this can be a very useful feature. Plus, children not woken by sound may well be woken by movement, so this feature is very useful if your child has trouble being woken by an alarm.

• Secureness - Some alarms come with wireless technology to prevent tangling or pulled wires. This is a nice feature, but even a lower-end alarm is fine as long as it fits snugly with clips or some other secure fastener so that it will not dislodge even with nightly tossing and turning.

• Size - The alarm should be small enough to be worn with comfort, and should be the right size for your child. It should fit snugly enough so that it is not dislodged during a restless night

• Simple power sources - Most of these alarms work on batteries. Make sure any alarm you are considering buying uses batteries that are easily available. Stock up on batteries, as well.

• Guarantee - The manufacturer should be confident enough in the product to offer a full warranty or guarantee on the product. Remember: if the alarm does not work well each time, it will not be able to teach your child to overcome bedwetting. An alarm that is not consistent is useless.

• Quality made - The device should be sturdy and made with a design that shows some thought to patient comfort. The device should also be made to last.


Of course, you may not be able to try the device out in the store. However, the package label may at least give clues as to which of the above qualities are present in a product. Doctor or clinic reviews and recommendations from other parents can also help guide you to the alarms that have most of the above features.


Jan Nicholas

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Breast Feeding - Answering The Bed Wetting Dilemma

Feeding your baby formula food may answer the twin needs of convenience for back-to-work Moms. But, what about the long term consequences? Your baby's life long health risks, your family's health care expenses and an increased risk for prolonged bed wetting may be included in the price.


When is bed wetting "normal", and when does it inch into the abnormal and chronic segment? To answer this by the time you're in anxiety-knots trying to stop bed wetting means you might be too late. You may have missed the simplest "natural" solution available to you at you baby's birth, namely mother's breast milk.


Whatever Happened To Old Fashioned Breast Feeding?


Remarkably, only around 42% of Moms leave the hospital after delivery and will exclusively breast feed their Baby. Reasons? Social customs combining with physicians' training and the emergence of a market for baby formula food manufacturers have turned baby-care practices upside down. Add to this trend the initial difficulty that new Moms experience in getting their breast milk to flow and you've got the perfect combination of factors.


The Likely "Link" Between Breast Feeding And Bed Wetting.


There is no simple bed wetting cure. Hard science remains open as to a provable direct cause-and-effect relationship, yet some trend numbers seem to point to some practical realities. In a 2006 study 55% of the bed wetting kids from ages 5 to 13 were fed manufactured baby formula food. In the research "control" panel over 80% of the children commencing life with Mom's milk didn't wet their beds after age 5.


Night Time Bed Wetting In Older Kids - Causes And Future Issues.


Even healthy kids can develop night time bed wetting, or enuresis, into what appears to be a chronic pattern, absent medical issues or psychological triggers. Some behavioral scientists theorize that this tendency is family-gene based, therefore hereditary in nature. Implications? The future-projection side of the theory suggests that night time bed wetting implies a delayed neurological development in the girl or boy. Meaning? Parents might just be getting a hint as to future cognitive and behavioral delays or vulnerabilities in their child, such as an amplified susceptibility to peer pressure, early drug experimentation and so on.


What's Making Mom's Milk So Incredible?


New Moms just naturally produce the most remarkable life-enhancing and complete food for babies. Right-now-hunger is immediately satiated at the same time as breast milk is conferring long term life long health advantages. Breast fed babies score higher IQ's and show enhanced visual aptitudes, two clear markers of neurological development. Breast milk also delivers a powerful mix of long chain proteins and fats, in a blend that changes over the initial 5 months, to deliver a powerful boost to Baby's immune system that will be a plus-factor for life. Breast feeding babies now appears to directly boost babies' immune system, lowering risk of infection, as well as offering protections against diabetes and adult obesity.


Bottom Line Of Bed Wetting And Breast Feeding.


All the most contemporary research shows that Moms should try to breast feed exclusively for up to 6 months, and this is not exclusively for technical health reasons but also for the deep psychological bond and soothing experience that a suckling baby creates. There are trained professional breast feeding consultants, or lactation specialists available at many hospitals to help guide new Moms.


In the early toddler bed wetting phase, normal sorts of training will work in most cases, along with a bed wetting pad or even one of the new alarm devices that wake up and train the child that she's peeing. Bed wetting in an older child can prove challenging, especially where the bed wetting pattern is deeply imbedded, and of course is exacerbated by the practical fact that a larger child will produce more pee for clean ups.


Learn more about your family’s health needs for a better today and a richer tomorrow.

Moms And Babies Health:

Women’s Health Advantage:

Author Robin Derry is publisher for a specialty information site that gives solutions to health, household, sport, travel and legal needs.

Choosing The Best Bed Wetting Alarms – They Are Not All The Same

Bed wetting alarms are not all the same, even though they are all designed for the same purpose – a solution to bedwetting for a child or an adult. There are many different types of these alarms to choose from, which is why it is important for parents to choose the one that will be most effective for the child’s enuresis. Many times children have a problem with bed wetting because they sleep so soundly they don’t wake up in time to go to the bathroom. There many also be a medical reason for the bedwetting. Parents need to have the child checked by a doctor before they choose any solution and this includes bed wetting alarms.


In most children the condition goes away naturally; the child grows up. That's why bed wetting alarms are not always necessary. Not because they don't work (they do) but because you will be spending money unnecessarily. Bed wetting alarms that get children to be dry at night may be helpful, but if your child was going to be dry anyway (as most children will be), you could well have wasted your money.


There are three main types of bed wetting alarms on the market:


· Wired bedwetting alarms

· Bedwetting alarms that clip to the underpants

· Bedwetting alarm in a rubber pad


Each of these alarms has advantages and disadvantages. What may work for one child may not work for another. For this reason, parents do need to research the different enuresis alarms to choose the one they feel will be the most effective solutions for their child.


The wired bed wetting alarms are very unique in that they are really panty liners The remote sensor is placed in between the liner and the underpants. It uses a 9-V plug and a battery. As soon as the sensor detects the slightest bit of moisture on the absorbent liner, it send as signal to the alarm. The alarm, similar to an alarm clock, will continue to sound until the child or parents wakes and turns it off. Even though this is called a wired enuresis alarm, there are no wires attached to the sensor that the child could get entangled in during the night. The response to urine is instantaneous and the clock alarm can be placed far enough from the bed so that the child has to get up to turn it off. However, this type of bedwetting alarm is not suitable for use with boys because the liner for the underpants is very small and narrow.


The most common type of bed wetting alarms on the market today is the panty liner with sensors built in. The alarm is connected to the sensor through a clip on the pyjamas. There is a wire from the clip to the liner and it is also connected to a clock alarm. This is the cheapest model of bedwetting alarms on the market and it does have quite a few disadvantages. It has the same type of alarm system connected to a clock that will sound when moisture is detected. However, the wires can also be pulled loose from the sensor, which means that the child will not get out of bed to go to the bathroom. Since there are wires connected with these enuresis alarms, the child can also get tangled up in them if he/she moves around a lot during sleep. For some children, this type of alarm is not effective as a solution to bedwetting.


Bed wetting alarms that come with a rubber pad is wired but does not pose any problem with the wires getting tangled or pulled free. You lay this enuresis alarm over the mattress cover and then cover it with the bed sheet. It works in the same manner as the other types of bedwetting alarms by sounding when it detects moisture. There is no clip for the child’s pyjamas and the batteries are rechargeable, saving you expense in having to buy a lot of replacement batteries. It is harder to clean because you have to wash off the mat and the alarm will keep sounding until the wet bedclothes are replaced. However, it is the most effective of the bed wetting alarms.




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