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Arthritis Articles, Tips and Information

Pain Free: Some Arthritis Relief Tips

Arthritis is the name given to a group of related diseases, which include osteoarthritis (degenerative arthritis), rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, lupus and fibromyalgia. In its various forms, arthritis affects the young and old, both sexes and all races. Although there are over 100 kinds of arthritis, they share one thing: they all rob otherwise healthy people of their quality of life by making even the simplest of movements painful. This pain is caused by inflammation of the lining of the body's joints.

Taking more than one NSAID at a time increases the possibility of heartburn and severe side effects such as ulcers and bleeding.

How do we treat the illness that affects so many people? On answer is with drugs, such as the "NSAIDs."


Pronounced "ensayds," these drugs help reduce pain and swelling in the joints while decreasing stiffness. When taking a low dose, NSAIDs control pain, but higher doses are required to reduce inflammation. The problem with NSAIDs is their side effects.


However, when the NSAIDs do not work, there are other things, less orthodox, to try. Here are a few tips, for arthritis relief.


1. Exercise is a great option at your disposal when looking for natural alternatives for your arthritis pain relief. Walking is especially good; it is easy to do and does not put too much unneeded pressure on the joints. Other forms of exercises that are especially good for arthritis sufferers are balancing types of movements, such as Tia Chi and water walking. While these activities can help build muscle strength, they may cause some discomfort in the joints. If this happens, stop the exercise, if the pain persists more than a couple of days speak with your physician.


2. Rest. As important as exercise is, rest is at least as critical when it comes to arthritis pain control. It is particularly important that you pay attention to your symptoms. If your joints are inflamed and sore, take it easy. Your doctor might advise you to continue range-of-motion exercises, but do not tire yourself.


3. Losing weight is another great way to find some relief from your arthritis pain. That happens because ten extra pounds adds thirty pounds of stress to the knees. Therefore, losing extra weight will be very effective for arthritis pain relief.


4. Heat / cold. Using ice packs can reduce acute pain while heat loosens joints and increases blood flow. Try sitting in a whirlpool before exercising and icing an irritated spot after exercising to provide soothing relief.


5. Researching and using any product that will make your daily life easier, will also indirectly help ease the pain associated with arthritis, reduce discomfort and disability, and, at the same time, reduce your dependence upon others. For example, using a shower seat will allow you to shower without much of the pain that can result from extended period of time standing, or the Foot Funnel, a modern day type of shoehorn, is an assistive device that is been recommended if you have difficulty putting on your shoes. Other helpful examples include cervical pillows, custom-made foot orthotics and canes.


Put these tips into action and you should get at least some relief from the pain of arthritis.


Nick Carter is editor of, a website dedicated to providing arthritis pain relief tips


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Arthritis Symptom


Arthritis Symptom Fact

It is not uncommon to hear of people talking about joint pain and stiffness when the weather changes, this is in fact an arthritis symptom that most people suffer from with this disease. Many different things can bring out an arthritis symptom and weather is just one of them. When a change in the barometric pressure takes place, an arthritis symptom will start to occur, this is due to the excess amount of fluids that lubricate the joints and tissue that are secreted when the weather turns wet, and this can affect one of more areas of the body. Staying still to long or being overly active during the day, has also been proven to bring out an arthritis symptom in many people and is only second to weather that is the general cause.


Not all incidences of an arthritis symptom, will affect only the joints and the tissues around them.


A General Arthritis Symptom

An arthritis symptom will vary from one person to the next, however, everyone will experience one common arthritis symptom, and this is stiffness and joint pain that is caused by inflammation of the joints. Some individuals can also develop calcium phosphate crystals or uric acid in the joints that are affected, and will cause an increase in limited mobility and pain with this arthritis symptom. An arthritis symptom can affect the body, result in weight loss, fatigue, and anemia, and even affect the lungs, heart and your eyes. What most people do not know is that an arthritis symptom may occur at about the age of thirty and younger. Typically, an arthritis symptom at this age is easily dismissed as growing pains or wear and tear on the body as we get older.


Types of Arthritis and their Symptoms

Osteoarthritis is the most common forms of arthritis and an arthritis symptom with this type of arthritis can include degeneration of one or more of the joints that affect the cartilage and the lining around the bones. An arthritis symptom of this particular disease also can cause tears in the synovial joints, and without the proper care and precautions, this could cause it to become unbearable to cope with the pain. Another common form of arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis or better known as RA. The arthritis symptom that go along with RA, include the tissues and membranes that line the joints can become inflamed, cause stiffness and swelling. With an arthritis symptom, over time, antibodies will start to develop and try to fight against the inflamed tissue; this will begin to destroy all of the components that make up the joint and surroundings.


Warren and Karen have been involved in the internet for a number of years and run several websites. They are most interested in providing opportunities for people to connect with information relating to business, health and creativity. Check out their Arthritis Symptom blog for more information.


Arthritis Relief


Arthritis Relief and a Diet

There has been a great deal of debate going on within the medical world and among health care professionals alike, about the affects of a good diet, how it helps with arthritis relief and alleviating the ailments. It has been knowledge for some time now, that a good diet affects gout, a certain type of arthritis condition, and is proven to help with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis relief as well. Nutrition and weight play a big factor when it comes to arthritis relief and an overall good diet helps to regulate the body. Being overweight will put more strain on the joints, which over time allows arthritis to wear out the joints and tissues surrounding them. Vitamins and minerals can help with arthritis relief by reducing the swelling of tissues and can provide relief from pain. Some foods such as walnuts and NutraSweet have the reverse affect for arthritis relief and can cause pain.

A great way to get arthritis relief is to get a pass to the local Y.M.C.A or gym.

Just Add Water

The arthritis relief of being in a pool setting and being weightless, helps take the stress off the joints and other parts of the body that are being affected. This type of arthritis relief helps as well because it improves the mobility in stiff and inflamed joints. Exercising for sixty minutes three times a week has been proven to be a great way to help arthritis relief in a natural way. The best benefit of arthritis relief and water is that the water will actually block some of the pain sensations and giving your body a chance to help heal itself.


Surgery and Arthritis Relief

Sometimes the only way to get arthritis relief is surgery. This is only an option when medication and exercise are not working and arthritis relief is needed because of the disability it can cause and restricted everyday activities that generally becomes a part of daily life. Several surgical procedures can help with arthritis relief, reduce the pain and increase the range of motion that was restricted due to arthritis, as well as the stiffness and swelling of the joints. Possibilities for arthritis relief can range from an arthroscopic procedure that will require a small incision in the affected area. This type of arthritis relief has a short recovery time and you will be back in the swing of things in no time at all.


Warren and Karen have been involved in the internet for a number of years and run several websites. They are most interested in providing opportunities for people to connect with information relating to business, health and creativity. Check out their Arthritis Relief blog for more information.


Arthritis Pain Relief

Arthritis Pain Relief Methods

Getting through the day and living with arthritis pain can be a hard and heartbreaking task for you and the people around you. However, there are some simple arthritis pain relief techniques that you could try to incorporate into your daily life. If you find yourself working on a certain task or tasks to much, stop and allow for some relaxation, if you push yourself past your limit, you may hinder any kind of arthritis pain relief. Exercise may seem like a scary thought, when in reality by regular, slow and gentle movements you can increase muscle tone, which improves strength and flexibility, giving you some much needed arthritis pain relief.


Sleep Interfering with Arthritis Pain Relief

Some people may consider sleep of little importance when it comes to leading a healthy life. Sleeping can have a major effect on arthritis pain relief and overlooking it can do more harm than good. If you are trying to sleep and it does not seem to work, try to keep a regular sleep schedule, by going to bed and getting up at regular times. Your body gets used to it and sleeping becomes easier. Additionally, it can help maintain your arthritis pain relief throughout waking hours. Taking a nap during the day is not advisable because it interferes with your nightly sleep, ultimately thwarting your arthritis pain relief.


Weight Gain

Your weight should be average for your size, by assuming that adding a few extra pounds cannot hurt anything, you are ignoring your hopes of arthritis pain relief. If you gain weight, you also add to the stress you are putting on your joints, for every pound you are over weight three to five pounds is added to your knees during walking. Ask yourself if arthritis pain relief is really what you want and work towards maintaining a healthy weight. You cannot change your genes; however, you can change your eating habits and try to level off your emotions causing you to eat. Exercises such as yoga, swimming, and jogging can have two benefits, one being weight management and the other being arthritis pain relief.


Emotional effect and arthritis pain relief

Fear can be a major arthritis pain relief deterrent, fear can make you tense providing you with unwanted and unhealthy stress. Some people deny they are in any danger and continue to go about life as if they have no need for arthritis pain relief. However, denying the fact that you need arthritis pain relief can lead to more pain in the end. If you do not begin changing your daily activities to help in your arthritis pain relief regiment, you can further intensify your condition. You may also become angry with the limitations you face, but do not let this cause you to push yourself, doing so will surely hinder your hopes for arthritis pain relief.


Warren and Karen have been involved in the internet for a number of years and run several websites. They are most interested in providing opportunities for people to connect with information relating to business, health and creativity. Check out their Arthritis Pain Relief blog for more information.


Arthritis Pain Relief Information


Majority of senior citizens and middle aged people get Arthritis Pain. While there are many medications available, people should use different approaches with or without medicine to cure the problem. You should stay alert and watchful, as an arthritis cure will surely be found soon.


The website gives valuable information to the users. Some of the information the web site offers are :-


· Information on Degenerative Arthritis - This is the most common form of Arthritis. About 20 million people in the US alone are affected by this. · Information of Arthritis Aids - Tips and how to on the aids · Gout Arthritis - Most painful disorder caused by Uric acid. Mostly found with men. Contributed to food, alcohol, low water consumption and genetics · Arthritis Diet · Knee Arthritis - This can lead to replacement surgery · Glucosamine for Pain Relief - Why many arthritis users are choosing this? · Psoriatic Arthritis - which affects joints and skin · Reactive Arthritis · Rheumatoid Arthritis · Rheumatoid Arthritis Medications · Temporal Arthritis · Testing for Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis


The web site also has an e-book about Arthritis for sale. The contents of the website is updated often and it has a latest news section on Arthritis.


Roger Thompson is a regular contributtor to site

Arthritis Treatment

An Arthritis Treatment using Massage

There are many different ways to get an arthritis treatment. Massage therapy is one of the best ways to ease the pain of arthritis. This type of arthritis treatment deals with the stiffness that is associated with arthritis. Almost all doctors will recommend regular massage therapy to their patients. Research shows that this type of arthritis treatment will decrease most of the stress hormones and will help with depression. The benefits dealing with this type of arthritis treatment is that it eases the muscle pain, spasms in the joints and the joint tissue. Massage therapy, is an arthritis treatment that releases endorphins that are natural painkillers, which can improve sleep at night and help the immune system function, as it should.


NSAIDs inhibit the blood's ability to clot properly and may therefore interact with blood-thinning medications such as coumadin. In addition, kidney disease is considered as a side effect. While the over the counter alternatives are safer, they often need to have other remedies used as well to achieve arthritis pain relief.


An Arthritis Treatment with Acupuncture and Acupressure

Acupuncture and acupressure are both ancient Chinese treatments for pain relief. They are gaining popularity in the United States as a complementary therapy to any arthritis treatment used today. When acupuncture is used as an arthritis treatment, long needles are placed in specific spots throughout the body to stimulate the endorphins. When acupressure is performed, the practitioner uses their fingers in place of the needles for this type of arthritis treatment. This also releases endorphins that have the anti-inflammatory properties that are needed to help with the pain relief.


An Herbs and Supplement for Arthritis Treatment

Herbs and supplements are the natural remedies that more people are turning to for a complementary therapy to an arthritis treatment. Although most people that suffer from arthritis know that there is no real cure for it, do know there are other arthritis treatments, like this one, that will help control the pain and other symptoms by taking a supplement or an extract. This is done in combination with the medications being taken and prescribed by the doctor. It is best to ask questions about this arthritis treatment with your doctor, pharmacist or other health care professional for their recommendations and opinions.


Prayer and Spirituality for an Arthritis Treatment

In public opinion polls, people have said that prayer or some kind of spirituality is the most common used arthritis treatment of all. Research shows that behavioral medicine can suggest that the interaction of body, mind and the soul will have a very powerful effect on someone dealing with arthritis and health in general. There have been very few scientific studies that have been published that examine the effect of prayer and spirituality, but the studies that have been done on this type of arthritis treatment proves that there is a great benefit to it in dealing with it.


Warren and Karen have been involved in the internet for a number of years and run several websites. They are most interested in providing opportunities for people to connect with information relating to business, health and creativity. Check out their Arthritis Treatment blog for more information.


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