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While much of the information at Cure Help Health Tips can be beneficial and empowering, we'd just like to remind you that the suggestions found on this web site are intended for informational purposes only and are not medical advice.


Arthritis Articles, Tips and Information

Arthritis back pain

Arthritis back pain lies between your discs in your spine.  This may be one of the worse areas to feel pain.  Back pain seems to enable people more often from their daily activities and restrain a person.  Most people with back arthritis seem to just lie around and not do much.  This becomes depressing to them and they may begin to even suffer from a major depression. This is why you need to convince your loved one to see a doctor about the back pain.

Back pain can be helped in several ways; not just from taking a pill or another form of medicine.

Painkillers do not have to be their only solution.  Most people will try to deal with the pain rather than face it by taking a medicine.  If you know someone like that, you may want to suggest some other options.  First, by applying heat to the pain, you will give immediate pain relieve, but this is only temporary.  As soon as you turn the heat down or off, the pain will surely come back.  Another way to relieve pain is by physical therapy. 


You could go see a chiropractor or a massage clinic.  By going to a message clinic or chiropractor they will work out the pain and give you some temporary relieve.  If you would like a longer relief, you may want to see a doctor for your back pain.  He can make sure that is just arthritis and give you medicine to help you deal with the pain.  With a medicine or pill, you can have your pain quickly go away and you don't have to leave your house to find a solution. You may want to ask your doctor about any other things that you can do to help your arthritis pain.  He may suggest you to take medicine and use a heat pad. 


The heat pad will give you immediate relief and the medicine will give you relief for hours.  When it comes to pain, you need to make sure that you tell your doctor about it and get relief.  You shouldn't put your life on hold because of your pain. 


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Arthritis Foot pain

Arthritis foot pain can make it difficult to walk.  You may find that you are unable to put full pressure or weight on your one leg because of the pain you feel in your foot.  This is a serious pain and you should have it taken care of.  You may want to research different ways of pain relief and ask your doctor for medicate or some suggestions on how to be able to live normally with your arthritis pain. Remember, pain isn't something to be ignored.  It can lead to either more serious problems like depression or it can just hold you back from activities that you have come to love.

You will want to seek medical attention and report the pain to your doctor.  Your doctor will be able to give you hints on what to do when the pain starts and how to stop it.  By giving you a prescription, you can use that as a back up to relief your arthritis foot pain.  Painkillers are not what you want to take daily, because they are highly addictive.  You need to understand what triggers you pain and find other solutions to your pain.  You should only use the medicine when your pain because too much for you or enables you to function or move around.  Your doctor should be able to give you some suggestions on what to do first to try to relieve your pain.  You may want to purchase a massager or at least a heat pad for your foot pain.

Arthritis pain

When it comes to arthritis pain each and every person will experience different kinds of pain that is associated with arthritis.  You may have discomfort in the joints and/or back.  You could even be one of the many that may not be able to move when your arthritis pain start to act up.  There are even many of causes for you arthritis to start to act up.  It could start to act up from the weather or even from what you are walking on all the time. 


For starters, one of the things that you can do to help relief pain is apply heat.  For the foot you may want to wrap it up in a heating pad or purchase a hot/cold pack and use that.  Apply heat is the second to best way to rid yourself of pain.  The best way is to relax your foot and apply heat.  Today, you can find many different types of massagers.  In this case, you want the basic foot massager.  One of the best inventions was the foot spa.  It applies water-jetted massage and heat to your feet. You may also use a foot massage that looks like a boot and you wrap it about your foot and ankle.

Some of the pain associated with arthritis can be vary painful to deal with.   When you have arthritis in the back you will notice that you are going to be in a lot of pain when it is the damp season and when you are out walking in the department stores for long periods of time.  When it comes to the back pain associated with arthritis you may need to sit down for a while or lay on the couch or bed for periods of time so that you can deal with the pain.  If you are one of the many that has to deal with the variation of arthritis in the knee you will probable notice that may bother you more when it is cold out and when the weather is going to change.  You could even have some people say that you are a weather meter because your body will tell you when the weather is in for a change.

No matter where you have arthritis in your body you will see that there is times that the pain is going to be very unbearable.  The best thing to do if you have a family history of arthritis and think that you may have ended up with it because of the pain you are having in your back, shoulder, neck, knee, or hip you will more than likely want to go visit your doctor so that he or she will be able to tell you what is going to be the best thing for you to take for the pain.  They may give you a prescription for some medication for the arthritis pain or you may be told to first try some over the counter pain relievers to help deal with the arthritis pain.

Avoid Pain Poisoning

Pain poisoning is simply taking too many medications.  You need to be patient.  It's hard to control yourself when you're in so much pain, but you have to realize that pain just don't go away.  Medications take time to reach you blood system as well.  You need to allow the medication to work.  You should never take medication because you feel that it's not working fast enough.  That is when you will want to find other methods of pain relief.

One of the most natural ways to relieve your pain is by applying heat.  Heat is a natural pain reliever.  When you apply heat, you are allowing your muscles to stop contracting and to become loose.  When your muscles are tight, you will feel the pain that the nerve endings are sending to your brain.  They are sending you messages because they want to you know that some thing isn't right.  The tighten of your muscles can be caused by stress or it could be caused by arthritis.  Arthritis is a natural pain that comes from simply aging.  It can be provoked from and old accident too.  If you take a hard blow to your knee or shoulder at some point in your life, you're almost guaranteed to have some kind of arthritis.


No matter what the cause of arthritis is the many people that have it will tell you that they are just looking for some way to live life with a little more comfort.  You will think that you have no idea what they are talking about.  The reality is that when you have arthritis you will see that there is plenty of discomfort in the areas of your body that it is in.  Whether in be in your knee, hip, back or hands, to name a few, you will just want to find out hew to make the pain stop so that you are going to be able to continue with your daily activities without the pain from arthritis. 

Now that you know why you have pain, it's time to explain the process of painkillers.  Painkillers at ingested and are taken through the digestive system.  The medicine is absorbed into your organs that then take it to your blood system.  Your blood then carries the medicine to the area of pain.  How long do you think that would take?  Sometimes your medicine isn't processed for 30-60 minutes.  Medicine will not give you an instant pain reliever. You need to understand that when you take any type of medicine.  Be patient, the medicine will eventually do its job and you will know it. Taking too much medicine will put too much of it in your blood system at once and you may overdose or have pain poisoning.  It's simply nothing more than just taking too much at once and causing your body to breakdown because of it.

Cause of arthritis

Does any one really know what the cause of arthritis really is?  There are many people out there that really don't care what causes it they just want the pain to stop that is from it.  Some will say that arthritis is just normal wear and tear on your joints and your body.  Then there are some that will say that one cause of arthritis is from inflammation of your muscles or joints. 

You may think that the cause of arthritis could be because your family has had it in the past.  That may be true to some extent but if you think about it what was the cause of arthritis in your family.  Some where along the line there would have had to be the first person in your family that was found to have arthritis?  I bet that if they are still here they are asking the same question to the doctors they have seen.  It would be, did you find the cause of arthritis yet?  You know if we are able to find the cause of arthritis then they will be able to find a cure for arthritis as well as the prescriptions that are out now days.

To really find some kind of answer to what is the cause of arthritis then you will want to make sure that you are asking your doctor to see if they are able to come up with some kind of satisfying answer for you.

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