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Arthritis Articles, Tips and Information

Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis is a particular type of inflammatory arthritis that affects roughly twenty percent of those suffering from the chronic skin condition called Psoriasis. Psoriatic arthritis occurs much more frequently among those that have a particular tissue type. The tissue type most affected by psoriatic arthritis is HLA-B27.

For example, rubbing emu oil into the affected areas, brings ant-inflammatory medicine directly to the affected areas, particularly where the joints do not lie very deep beneath the skin's surface.

For the most part, treatment of psoriatic arthritis is quite similar to treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Mostly treatment involves treating patients with anti- inflammatory drugs, though I believe that an advantage to natural medicine therapies are that the same relief is effected, yet that a deeper cause is more fully addressed as well.


It has been shown that a combination of emu oil applied topically, along with nutritional supplements of glucosamine, chondroitin and/or MSM, can keep arthritis very much under some semblance of control.


One of the more unique characteristics of psoriatic arthritis is that about eighty percent of those suffering with psoriatic arthritis will develop psoriatic nail lesions which are known by pitting of the nails, or even the complete lack of a nail. When a person loses a whole nail, this is called onycholysis.

Of course onycholysis is a very general term meaning simply disease of deformity of the nail. These can include everything from ingrown toenails to all kinds of odd and rare nail fungus and other deformities of the nails.


Psoriatic arthritis can develop at any age, yet the average age that psoriatic arthritis usually appears is about ten years after the first signs of psoriasis. For most people with psoriatic arthritis, this condition makes an onset between the ages of thirty and fifty, yet it can occur in children and those of other ages as well.


Women and men seem to be pretty equally affected by psoriatic arthritis, whereas osteoarthritis affects nearly twice as many women as it does men. One in seven cases of psoriatic arthritis involve the arthritic symptoms occurring much earlier than any skin problems or skin involvement of the condition.


There are some different types of psoriatic arthritis. There is symmetric psoriatic arthritis where joints on both sides of the body are affected simultaneously. This type accounts for about fifty percent of all psoriatic arthritis cases.


Asymmetric psoriatic arthritis affects around thirty-five percent of people suffering from the disorder. This type of psoriatic arthritis tends to be more mild and does not occur in the same joints on both sides of the body.


Less than five percent of psoriatic arthritis patients suffer from arthritis mutilans which is characterized by severe joint damage and is known to progress over months and years until some type of severe damage is noticed.


Spondylitis is a type of psoriatic arthritis characterized by stiffness in the neck or spine and can also affect the feet or hands. Distal interphalangeal predominant arthritis is characterized by pain and stiffness in joints located closest to the tips of fingers and toes.

The main treatment used for psoriatic arthritis is the administering of anti-inflammatory drugs and nutitional supplements. When psoriatic arthritis does not respond to such treatment, sometimes immunosuppresants such as methotrexate may be used to treat the psoriasis in addition to the arthritis.


Suellen has been suffering from arthritis for over 20 years and has researched and tested numerous techniques from arthritis medical journals. She prides herself in keeping up to date with the latest arthritis productas well as medical developments in this field and she shares her knowledge with you at


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Relieving Arthritis With Exercise


If you think that only old people are prone to arthritis, you are mistaken. The disease is commonly characterized by joint pain, swellings, and inflammation. It can also be experienced by the young in varying degrees of pain. The only difference is, the old are affected worse because of slow regenerative traits that come with aging. But, whatever age you are, arthritis is a debilitating disease that lessens your enjoyment and the quality of your life. Don't let joint pain stop you. There are exercises that can alleviate arthritic pain and prevent future attacks.


Research shows that exercise is beneficial to arthritic patients. Exercise lessens stiffness and joint pain while effectively increasing muscle strength, flexibility, endurance, and cardiac fitness. Fat around the joints contribute to arthritic pain, and exercise also alleviates this since exercise reduces fat in the body. True, arthritis reduces mobility and limits the affected person's activities. But exercise is a perfect foil to compensate for little activity. In fact, exercise is introduced as an aspect of intensive treatment method for joint pain. The other aspects of the treatment are relaxation, rest, diet, and medication. An essential part of this treatment that has great bearing on exercise is motion efficiency -- the patients are instructed about energy and motion conservation. Excessive movement often trigger arthritic attack and by making movement efficient, patients are trained not to waste movement, but to make every motion count.


To lessen pain during arthritic attacks, strong muscles are necessary. They provide cushion for the inflamed joint and relieve joint stress. Muscle building and strengthening exercises, like weight training or resistance training, increase muscle strength. Pilates is also a good substitute if resistance training is too hard on the patient. The only difference between pilates and lifting weights is the type of weight lifted. The former uses the body as its weights while the former uses metal bars. Either way, the patient benefits from having strong muscles. Arthritis rarely develops in people with strong muscles.


Endurance exercises like swimming, jogging, or cycling are also part of the arthritis treatment. These exercises lessen pressure on the joints by taking out the extra weight. Weight control is important to ease stress and pressure on the joints. Cardiovascular functions and the body's overall function are also improved. Studies reveal that aerobic and endurance exercises lessen joint inflammation.


Arthritic people should ask their doctors about exercise options. You might be surprised but doctors actually recommend exercise in arthritis therapy. It is important to consult your doctor first before taking any exercise or sport. Exercise is good, but if done incorrectly, you may end up with an even worse arthritis attack.


For more valuable information on Arthritis, please visit


The Drug I Most Often Prescribe For Arthritis Pain Relief


I often get asked what drug I prefer for osteoarthritis pain relief. Over the years it has changed based on the most current medical knowledge. As a doctor I am always looking for the best way to help each patient. This means looking at treatments that provide the greatest benefit with the least risk. Because I also suffer from osteoarthritis I am very familiar with both the benefits and risks of the various treatment options. Unfortunately, most treatments with pharmaceutical drugs have what I consider excess side effects and risks.


Believe it or not, dance is a part of the treatment. Arthritis affects joint by making them inflamed and stiff. Dance, with its variety of movements, increases and maintains flexibility. Gymnastics, yoga, and pilates are also recommended alternative exercises. Like dance, these also maintain flexibility with the added bonus of toning the body. Generally, exercises, which increase muscle coordination and flexibility, are part of arthritic exercise plan.


The pain medication that doctors most often prescribed for arthritis pain is a class of drugs called Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs or NSAIDs. These drugs work by reducing inflammation in the joint, which then reduces the pain and improves mobility.

NSAIDs includes such drugs as Aleve (Naproxen), Celebrex, Ibuprofen, etc. While drugs in this class help reduce joint inflammation and pain their most common side effect is an increased rate of stomach ulcers. This increase can be quite dramatic. For instance, 25.7% of the participants in the UCLA Medical School study developed stomach ulcers after twelve weeks of taking Naproxen.In practice, I have seen patients develop bleeding ulcers after a few days using NSAIDs. This is a very frightening scenario when those patients come into the emergency room, with what can be a life-threatening bleed... it can be quite scary.


When Cox-2 Inhibitors (Vioxx, Celebrex, Bextra) where approved by the FDA they reduced the single largest risk that NSAIDs such as Naproxen had... stomach ulcers. At the time they were viewed by many as a very safe anti-inflammatory pain reliever. Unfortunately as we found out... they were anything but safe. Now, due to the significantly increased risk of heart attacks and stroke, the only Cox-2 Inhibitor still on the market is Celebrex, but with stronger risk warnings on the label.


Before I tell you which drug I prescribe most for osteoarthritis I will tell you what I do for myself and recommend for many of my patients.


1) Low Impact Exercise. While the last thing you may want to do is exercise when you have joint pain, studies have shown that people who exercise regularly show a 25% improvement in arthritis symptoms. They have less pain, less stiffness and greater flexibility.


2) Weight Control. Maintaining a healthy weight alone can make a large difference for 2 reasons. First the added weight puts additional stress on your joints. When you walk the impact is about 4x the weight. So an extra 10 pounds creates impact on your knees, ankles, hips, and back of about 40 pounds with each step. Second when you are overweight your body produces higher levels of pro-inflammatory compounds, increasing your body's systemic inflammation.


3) Eat An Anti-inflammatory Diet. Your diets should be high in fresh fruits, vegetables and fish. Fruits, vegetables and fish contain numerous natural anti-oxidant's and anti-inflammatory compounds that help reduce inflammation throughout your body and joints.

4) Supplement with a Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Boron Joint Complex. These supplements work together to help your joints rebuild cartilage that is lost due to osteoarthritis and help your joints stay healthy, strong and flexible.


5) Supplement with Natural Anti-inflammatories. You should avoid ones that act as a Cox-2 Inhibitor which we know can cause heart issues. Safe effective ones include Boswellia Serrata, Devils Claw and Bromelain all are proven natural anti-inflammatories that reduce inflammation and pain - often better than drugs with significantly fewer side effects.


Because there are few joint formulas that contain both the essential joint ingredients and natural anti-inflammatory ingredients in sufficient amounts to be therapeutic I developed Zymosine ( ), which I take daily to provide both for maximum joint support and pain relief.


What drug do I prescribe most often? Well until all the facts were known, it was Vioxx, which provided the highest level of relief for most people and was considered as safe as the other Cox-2 Inhibitors. Now, for most patients who prefer a drug I prescribe the lowest dose (200mg or less per day) of Celebrex. This dosage is fairly safe and generally gives most patients sufficient relief. However it will not help to stop the progression of cartilage destruction as glucosamine and chondroitin do.


Why Celebrex? From our latest knowledge it appears that the risk of heart problems is only slightly higher with Celebrex compared to other NSAIDs, but the rate of ulcers is significantly less - about 5.6%. So the risk profile appears to offer the best drug alternative for patients.


In addition, I discuss the cardiovascular risk directly with the patient and consider the patient's actual tendency to develop a heart attack or stroke. I look at the usual risk factors such as cholesterol and hypertension and often use a special lab test called "high sensitivity C-reactive protein" which gives a good indication of someone's actual cardiovascular risk. If that test comes back high, I would tend to avoid prescribing Celebrex for that particular patient.


Interestingly, the latest National Institute of Health Study demonstrated that Glucosamine & Chondroitin was better than Celebrex for people with moderate to severe arthritis. (79.2% had improvement with Glucosamine and Chondroitin compared to 69% improvement with Celebrex.) A prudent and cautious approach to medical care is to start with the alternatives with the least risk first. So you may want to avoid the higher risk drugs and start with the healthiest alternative: supplementation, diet and exercise.


This article is intended for information purposes only and not intended as medical advice which should be provided by your personal healthcare provider.


Dr. Hays has practiced medicine for 16 years in both family practice & emergency services. He developed the premier joint health & anti-inflammatory pain relief formula Zymosine . Read more health articles at



Arthritis is a Greek word which is used to describe certain conditions which affects the bone joints of the body. Arthritis disease is of many forms which may include psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis is generally caused due to the joint infection which is commonly known as osteoarthritis. Arthritis is generally caused due to certain strains, injuries, repetitive motions, too much of exertions etc. Arthritis is found to be very much common in the older generation of people. Arthritis is found to be very much sensitive to certain weather conditions.


Arthritis is necessary to be properly diagnosed. Proper diagnosis of Arthritis virtually depends upon the stage of development and also upon one's gender that is whether one is a male or a female. Blood tests as well as x-rays are necessary for proper Arthritis diagnosis. After proper diagnosis has been done, treatment commemorates depending upon the condition of the patient. Treatments like surgery, joint stress reduction, physical therapy and certain medicated treatment are offered to the patients. Besides these, glucosamine is basically used for the purpose of treatment of osteoarthritis, a common form of Arthritis. Glucosamine is commonly used for rebuilding cartilage and thus treat arthritis.


Besides osteoarthritis, glucosamine is also used for the treatment of many other forms of arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis, septic arthritis, juvenile arthritis, etc. However, it is necessary to estimate the side effects which are generally caused due to the intake of glucosamine. The most common side effect of glucosamine is intestinal gastric problems and also stool problem which get too softened due to undertaking of glucosamine. Thus before undertaking the arthritis supplements it is generally recommended to get the doctor's advice. The blood pressure of the patients, whether the patient is a diabetic patient or whether he or she is undertaking certain drugs, antibiotics etc should all be known before prescribing for undertaking glucosamine to cure arthritis.


Herbal and ayurvedic treatment can also be used for overcoming arthritis. Glucosamine acts as an anti-inflammatory supplement which might sometimes lead to irritation in the stomach. However internet at present brings about various solutions to arthritis. Just by simply inserting the key word in the search section, one can get knowledge of the disease of arthritis and also the remedial measures and the medical treatments which can be sorted out to overcome arthritis. But it is the physician's recommendation, consultation and treatment which count to be very much important in overcoming arthritis.


Farzina Naznin has written articles for various sites like Comments are most welcome at


How to Treat Arthritis Naturally


Arthritis inflicts much suffering in terms of pain and disabling the sufferer. It affects the large joints of the body and limits body function, movement, and causing joint deformity.


Unfortunately, there is no known cause or cure for arthritis. Thus, you can only treat arthritis and treatment is essentially focused on pain management.


Heat therapy is very effective in treating the pain and swelling of arthritis. This is where aromatherapy can be combined with heat therapy for maximum results. Aromatic heat baths and herbal massage oils are an awesome way to promote healing to the painful area while reducing pain and swelling. There are many wonderful herbs that have analgesic and pain reducing qualities that may be massaged directly on the affected areas.


You should of course test the herbs first to make sure that you have no sensitivities or allergic reactions. To check for allergic reactions, simply add a drop of the essential oil to the nape of the neck, by the hairline, and checking for any irritation. Fourteen hours is sufficient time to see if any irritations have developed. If the area is clear of redness or signs of a reaction, it is safe to assume that the oil will not cause an allergic reaction.


Mangosteen is also packed full of powerful xanthones which can boost the immune system. Many types of arthritis are considered to be an autoimmune disorder. It will be interesting to follow the research on the mangosteen. Who knows? Perhaps a natural arthritis remedy is inside this small, purple fruit.


It is also important to note that when using essential oils they are in concentrated form and can be very irritating to the skin if used directly. You should always add essential oils to carrier oil when making massage oil. This means that you should add 10-20 drops of essential oil to 1 ounce of carrier oil.


A great carrier oil for an arthritis massage oil would be Sweet Almond or Olive. You can make your own arthritis massage oil with 1 ounce of carrier oil, 3 drops of Vetiver oil, 4 drops of Cedarwood oil, and 4 drops of Lemon oil. Blend together in your carrier oil and store in an amber colored bottle. You can also add the blend to a bath of hot water for immediate and penetrating relief in the bathtub. Soak in the hot bath for at least 20 minutes to obtain the most relief.


The key to prevent arthritis happening in the first place is to keep the body supple and flexible. One good prevention method is by practicing yoga. Yoga helps to keep joints supple and flexible. By beginning a routine of yoga exercises now, you may be warding off many serious and pain filled days in the future.


Yoga is not only an effective tool that may help prevent arthritis, it is also very therapeutic to those who are suffering with it. The important rule is not to push yourself beyond what you can easily hold and maintain. Remember to move slowly, and that yoga is not a competitive sport. Thus, there is no not need to compare your progress or performance with anyone else but yourself.


In this article, I have highlighted on using natural methods for arthritis. Of course, you can always manage pain by taking OTC medication like paracetomol or prescription medication such as ibufren. However, these medications are drug-related and its overuse can lead to potential side-effects.


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All Natural Arthritis Remedies

A number of are hoping for developments from the natural health arena for arthritis remedies. One issue which is gaining the interest of researchers is glucosamine chondroitin supplements. They are being studied extensively by many who are interested in discovering new treatments and an arthritis remedy.


Accepting that Glucosamine chondroitin is not an arthritis remedy specifically, it is showing itself to be a helpful anti-inflammatory. This would explain why a number of arthritis patients are electing to supplement their diets with this combination supplement.

Glucosamine may possibly cause stomach irritation in some who use it. One answer to this is to obtain time release capsules. This will avoid the danger of a powerful dose of glucosamine all at one time. Time release capsules also keep blood levels saturated with nutrients on a consistent level which can help with inflammation and pain.


Mangosteen supplementation is also an avenue which should be explored concerning pain relief. Mangosteen reportedly has properties which inhibit pain. a number of consider this an arthritis remedy in itself.


Undoubtedly an arthritis remedy will be uncovered. It is just a question of when. Until then, doctors encourage their patients to seek out alternative medicines which may bring them relief. Alternative medicine is no longer considered to be a taboo topic in the medical workplace. Doctors are agreeing that there have been excellent results through alternative and natural medicines.


If you would like to learn more about arthritis remedies, you can do a search on the Internet. Here you can see personal stories from arthritis patients and you can learn what is working for them. However, do remember that, as is often the case, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Adrian Sulyard is the webmaster of Best Help About Arthritis This site has the best information and articles about Arthritis. Why not visit:


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