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Anti Aging Articles, Tips and Information

The Best Kept Secret for Anti Aging and Preventing Hair Loss is the Mineral Silica

Silica is a relatively unknown mineral by the general public which is absolutely astounding because what it does for the body is nothing short of a miracle. Silica, also known as Silicon, is a combination of silicon and oxygen, two of the most common elements on earth. It is in the grass the herbivores eat. Plant eating animals have the most silica and meat eating animals have less. Silica is found in leafy greens, onions, alfalfa and whole grains.

We are born with a lot of silica and a low amount of calcium, but as we age, we lose silica and have more calcium.

When you were young, you had an abundance of silica and this why when you look at children they have beautiful silky hair, skin and nails. Silica is essential to bone growth and development and an abundance of this mineral works with calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and boron. This promotes strong bones and teeth.


A silica deficiency is a precursor to calcium deficiency. In several studies done with broken bones it was demonstrated that people with a high calcium content healed slowly, and people with low calcium and high levels of silica healed very rapidly. It has also been shown to assist in healing burns effectively. This trace mineral is utilized through all the tissues and organs in the body and is needed to produce collagen which promotes smooth healthy skin, hair, nails and tissue elasticity. And who doesn’t want to maintain that!


It is thought that silica can improve the cardiovascular system. It has been shown that people with higher amounts of silica have fewer problems with cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

Silica does have an influence in the brain, the nervous system and proper sexual functions. Men with prostate problems and women with cysts or vaginal problems may benefit from taking this mineral. Silica counteracts aluminums effect on the body by excreting it so the middle age to elderly may be able to prevent Alzheimer’s disease by supplementing this mineral.


It stimulates the immune system and inhibits the aging process. In short, a deficiency in this mineral has an all over effect on our bodies and our ability to heal and the obvious visible effects of aging skin, brittle bones and hair loss. An abundance of silica alkalizes the body. This is important because a body that becomes acidic from poor diet and toxicity from the environment is far more likely to contract immune problems and disease.


A silica rich environment is alkaline and ph balanced. There are test strips you can purchase at your local drugstore to determine if you are acidic. Taking silica on a regular basis may bring your body back to its natural ph balance, that and a healthy diet and exercise. Silica supplements are not for the young (who have an abundance of silica). If you are in your mid to late forties you may be deficient. The best way to take silica is in liquid form as this is the most absorbable for the body.


• Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA are meant for informational purposes only. Consult your health care professional before undertaking any treatment.


References: James F. Balch, MD and Phyllis A Balch, CNC second addition page 28

Willie is a researcher, freelance writer and artist that has an interest in putting information on health and wellbeing into the hands of the public.


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Anti-Aging and Longevity


There is no "wrinkling" your way out of it, but it is just a fact of life that the longer you stay on planet Earth the older you begin to look! The question is, can something to be done for anti-aging to help restrict the dreaded wrinkles? The aging sign of wrinkles occurs in our skin when collagen fibres, which are fibrous proteins, become cross linked. This happens when these fibres oxidize due to the presence of certain chemicals, also known as free radicals, as well as UV light such as the sun.


The cell damaging effect of free radicals reactions increases as we get older and at the same time our ability to repair this damage decreases.


Tanning ourselves by exposure to the sun etc is a good way to age fast, which is why many film and music personalities now use self tanning products. Note that this is an internal process. You can do something about anti-aging to combat the effects of ageing today and increase your longevity. In the meantime, stay healthy.


Paul Spencer is the founder of, a free resource giving advice and information about all subjects of anti-aging and longevity, healthy living, optimal nutrition and wellness. Paul holds a diploma in Clinical Nutrition.


Anti-Aging, Longevity And Hair Pieces

The baby boomers are entering their 50th years and they are determined to stay young, beautiful and live forever. Old is a taboo for this over 77 million baby boomer population. Anti-aging is the motto, as use of hair pieces, plastic surgeries are on the rise.

Many doctors recommend lots of excursive and meditation for relaxation to prolong life with less stress.

Food products, medical procedures and services are appealing to the graying population today. Eating and drinking healthy foods with lots of water intake is in order. Nutritional supplements are used to reduce wrinkles, encourage healthy hair growth ( )etc.

The first concern is generally hair loss ( ). Hair loss affects 80 million American men and women and while it isn't life-threatening, it can cause emotional distress. Creating a healthy environment below the surface of the scalp, where hair grows is a start. To enhance hair growth with fewer frizzes and easily split ends use lots of protein your diet. Since hair in its basic form is 100% keratin (protein), our diets should consist of a good balance of easily digested protein such as dairy products, poultry, meat, beans and nuts. In addition, massaging your scalp, once a day, while you shampoo will stimulate blood supply to your hair roots and with it needed proteins.

Aging look can be reversed with today's many cosmetic products ( ) available with ease. Cosmetic surgery is a trend to reduce aging face lines. Many use liposuction to get rid of excess fat cells since fat look does age a person appearance. Cosmetic hair replacement surgical and non surgical hair piece are very popular as anti-aging antipode for generation that wants to stay perpetually young.

Hair piece (hairpiece) dictionary description says it all: "A false substitute for a person's hair; a wig ( a toupee". Yes, our baby boomers do not hesitate the use substitute for aging part of their body and it works. Just observe many of our movie stars looking young with beautiful hair. With a wide range of hair type, colors and styles, hair pieces and wigs have never looked more fabulous Human hair piece is the most natural lifelike look and bounce.

Several names are used in reference to hair pieces

* Human hair piece

* Synthetic hair piece

* Ready made hair piece

* Hair replacement system

* Hair pieces for women

* Hair pieces for men

* Toupee

* Wig

Handmade custom-made hair pieces are more expensive than machine-made hair pieces or Wigs as in Most natural look will be achieved with custom human hair piece by an expert professional such as Nu HairReplacement Center at

It is important to note professionals who specialize in hair replacement such as hair piece and wig ( ) services offer many advantages unavailable at a conventional hair salon or wig retailer Aging and determined to look young and are not alone. The use of a hair piece, wig or hair transplant surgery ( ) to conceal your hair loss is what millions others are using. Read our web page about hair loss stress

The baby boomers determined to stay young, beautiful and live forever, as use of hair pieces, wigs and plastic surgeries are on the rise

Nu Hair at has been providing answers and solutions for hair loss from the Dallas Texas and the Cleveland Ohio facilities for over 40 years


Marketing solutions for hair loss sites on hair pieces and wigs to hair transplants. You'll find loads of instantly useable tips at Nu Hair ( ) about hair loss treatments, hair transplants ( ) or non surgical hair piece ( ) hair replacement hair restoration wigs ( )and


Anti Aging & Diet and Exercise


What are the three basic rules of anti aging?:

That’s a simplistic way of looking at it, but taking good care of your physical and mental self is critical to extending life and defying your age. Some of the most-asked questions about anti aging are:


Today we are going to tackle the most profound aspect of anti aging -- diet and exercise. Now I know a bunch of you just moaned, “Diet and exercise again!” But according to a recent Forbes article, titled “Diet and Exercise: The Real Fountains of Youth”, if you want to live long and well you must eat right and exercise.


The Center for the Advancement of Health realizes that it’s not always easy for older people to adopt healthy pursuits in a society “that has built its streets for drivers, not walkers, and put convenience – think fast foods – for the young over possibilities for the old.” “The challenge is to make [diet and exercise] operational in our daily lives.”, says Nancy Whitelaw, director of the National Council on the Aging’s Center for Healthy Aging.


People who get regular exercise, eat healthfully and avoid tobacco have a lower risk of chronic diseases that lead to premature death. They also have reduced rates of disability, better mental health and cognitive function, and lower health costs. Just 30 minutes of activity five days a week can make a difference. The right kind of activity coupled with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can lead to a longer happier life. Supplements are also important. “Studies show that older people consume inadequate amounts of key nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D, magnesium and phosphorus, which play a key role in maintaining muscle and bone health.” These are things we all know we need to do if we want to look younger and have vitality. We just got out of the habit.



Anti-Aging Products and Your Skin


Everyone's skin is different, and because of this fact, there is no answer to which anti-aging product works the best. There are many different skin types, and each product works differently. Everyone needs to protect their skin differently, and the best way to protect your skin is to find the best anti-aging product for your skin.


Vitamins and other essential substances are needed to keep any skin typing looking young and vibrant. You will need to know what works best on your skin, and what your skin needs to find the best anti-aging product for your skin type. Some things to look for in a skin product are vitamins A, C, D and E. You should also look for rosemary, grape seed oil, and olive oil. All of these ingredients are known to smooth fine lines and make skin appear younger then it really is.


The key to picking the best anti-aging product or any skin product is to always look at the labels. You should have a good idea of what you are putting on your face, and rubbing into your pores. You should also consult a dermatologist. They will be able to tell you what you need for your skin, and what would work best for your skin type. You can then use that information to buy the right product. There are different forms an anti-aging product can come in. The best form that you can buy it in is in a moisturizer. This is the best way to deal with all of the problems you are having because it is applied directly onto the skin, and can travel deep into it, hydrating, and perfecting your skin.


The main goal of an anti-aging product is to have you and your skin look younger. Anti-aging products can also have other effects that help your skin to look and feel even better. For example if you get the best anti-aging product for your skin then the other effects that you can look forward to are a more soft face as well as a more hydrated face. Overall anti-aging products help to give you healthier, younger looking skin.


Discover the best Antiaging Information, Resources and Products at

Anti Aging and Foods

How to well Anti Aging and Food Work Together?

To the surprise of most people, many of the right kind of foods contain many benefits to help Anti Aging. That's right, you don't always need medicines, anti aging and the right foods really do work together and there are foods that actually help aging process. Most of these foods not only help you look younger, but actually feel better.


Do Not Experiment

Experimenting with different foods in hopes of finding the perfect recipe for Anti Aging and food is not recommended. Making sure that you do proper research is important to help you avoid experimenting with anti aging and foods. Many foods we have been told over years are good for us, actually can be degenerative to the cells and can actually speed aging instead of slowing.


Recommended Foods

Many foods do help with the aging effect, but if you are looking for the perfect Anti Aging and food substance then you should not look any further. Lycium Berries or even Goji juice and berries are a great choice because these have been known to help the Anti Aging effect. It can help slow that annoying aging effect down giving you a better sense of well being. It can do this by helping with skin cell reproduction and helping you with healthier living.


Other Helpful Anti Aging Foods

There are other foods that can help slow down the Anti Aging process. These foods have been recommended and also tested to help slow down the Anti Aging effect. Anti Aging and food can be hard to gel together it takes a lot of practice and a lot of patience to succeed in finding the right foods. Some foods that help slow down the Anti Aging effect include seaweed, raw nuts, foods with omega 3 and also gentle exercise. Keeping yourself feeling good on the inside will begin to show on the outside.


Anti Aging through food is not always the answer

Anti Aging and food is not always the cure to slowing down the Anti Aging effect. You will be shocked to discover that all it takes to help beat or simply slow down the Anti Aging effect is some exercise and also at least eight hours sleep every night. Some occasional sunlight has been known to help as that contains vitamin D. It is surprising to see these kinds of simple activities on a list needed to slow down the effects of aging. But they have been proven to work and they can help everyone out.


The Anti Aging Skin Guide team is committed to giving you education and advice on your health and beauty needs. Please read more about Antiaging Skin Care and how our professionals can help you at Antiaging Skin Guide

Anti Aging & Hair Loss

Our question today is, “What should I do about thinning hair?” Although you may eat right, exercise, wear sun screen, and don’t smoke, thinning hair could be a dead giveaway to how old you really are. (And we don’t want that, do we?) There are a number of options out there: Some include inhibiting dihydrotestosterone (DHT), others are topical treatments, and some are oral supplements. Or some people just shave their head. For simplicities sake, we’re just going to touch on these topics.


Calcium needs silica (and the above mentioned minerals) to be absorbed into the system, so if you are trying to handle a deficiency, you may not be able to handle it with just taking more calcium.


An article printed in Science Daily in 2004 says that a team of scientists have discovered a little-know molecule created in the intestine when soy is digested. It creates a natural and powerful blocker of a male hormone (DHT). This hormone normally stimulates prostate growth, which is a precursor to prostate cancer, and causes male pattern baldness. The pharmaceutical industry has developed drugs to replicate this molecule, but, unfortunately, the drugs have side effects. The researchers go on to say that this little-know molecule, called equol, may offer a means of controlling hair loss and promoting healthy skin.


The researchers have initiated further studies of equol to assess its potential as a treatment for a variety of other androgen-mediated conditions. In the meantime, eating more soy products is recommended. You’re probably thinking, “Soy….Yuck!” But there are numerous soy-based products on the market that actually don’t taste too bad. There’s everything from soy chips to soy burgers, take your pick.


Topical treatments have been around since the beginning of time. According to my research it’s best to start topical treatments in the early stages of hair loss. These products are mainly designed to thicken the hair shaft, not re-grow hair. Oral supplements seem to be most effective when taken over an extended period of time and in conjunction with a topical treatment. These supplements claim to block the hormones responsible for hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. Consulting a physician before you start an oral supplement for hair loss is recommended as side effects, including sexual side effects, are not uncommon.


The final option, shaving your head, is more socially acceptable for men. Guys, don’t discount this option right away. There are plenty of women out there who find Mr. Clean, the cleaning products icon, to be very sexy!



Antiaging Nutritional Supplement - If there were a poll to find out what exactly bothered women the most in the world today, without any doubt it would be concern for aging. There is usually nothing that bothers women more than old age, wrinkles, and the unattractiveness that comes with it.


Antiaging Nutrition Vitamin - While exploring the scope of anti-aging skin care treatment, the most commonly asked question is ‘What skin renovation medicines have so far proved to be effective’?


Antiaging Skin Product - Of course, attention to your entire dietary intake is important when it comes to antiaging or preventing heart disease. He determined that eating an ounce of nuts, more than five times a week will actually reduce the risk of coronary artery disease an astounding 25 to 39%.

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Chemical Skin Care - Pores play a major role as far as our looks are concerned. When we have large pores that look still larger when we reach the mirror, we feel disheartened by what we see. There is no need to feel helpless about the pores. Let me tell you how you can look young with tight looking pores.

Sugar Content Cholesterol - You see, cholesterol doesn't dissolve in the blood. It is carried between cells by lipoproteins in the blood. LDL cholesterol is the bad stuff. Too much of this is what causes health problems. On the other hand, HDL cholesterol is the good cholesterol.

Lower Cholesterol Levels - Zetia can work on it's own or with statins like Lipitor, Zocor or Crestor to help lower your cholesterol. Statins work mainly with your liver to decrease production of chloesterol and reduce it in your bloodstream.


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