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Anti Aging Treatment

There is probably no faster growing market today than the industry of anti aging treatment. Everywhere, people are looking for ways to look young longer and stay healthier longer so that they can enjoy life well into their senior years. The industry is responding with a multifaceted approach - a vast selection of products and therapies ranging from the familiar skin creams and hair dyes to hormone injections, plastic surgery, and bookstore shelves full of self-help books and plans for healthy living. Medicine is explaining the processes that make our bodies and minds age, and strategies for preventing those changes follow close behind. We hear the same message over and over: we can choose to live happier, healthier, longer lives by changing what we do.

People have always had strategies for living a long life: ask a dozen centenarians what the secret to a long life is and you'll get a dozen different answers.

One may attribute it to something they ate or drank every day while another gives credit to a particular activity, an attitude, or heredity. Though research has attempted to identify common factors in people to live to be very old, studies of anti aging treatment based on things like attitude and dietary factors have not been possible. Likewise, most anti aging products have relied in word of mouth and unverified claims by manufacturers, rather than solid scientific proof.


That may all be changing. While there are still many untested anti aging products, the baby boomer generation is providing not only the subjects and the money to make testing possible, they are also providing the incentive. For the next fifty years, these affluent consumers will be living longer and using their resources to improve their lives with anti aging treatment. Formerly an area of research for a few specialists, gerontology and the study of aging processes is growing daily. Whole journals are now devoted to the subject. The knowledge and expertise that is gained during this time will remain, even after the baby boomers have passed on, to the benefit of future generations.


Not all the available anti aging treatment, of course, is backed up by scientific research - those hoping to make a quick fortune from a gullible public will always be with us. It's important that aging consumers ask questions about anti aging products, and investigate the supporting evidence for any anti aging treatment before handing over money or exposing themselves to potentially harmful therapies. If we remain vigilant and critical, the quality of products and services available to us will continually improve.


R. Drysdale is a freelance writer with more than 25 years experience as a health care professional. You can learn more about anti aging treatment on the AntiAging Information site.



We really do care about your health and happiness and are thrilled you are interested in our articles, but please always check with your doctor before trying something new!


Anti-Aging Blockbuster: Art Linkletter and Mark Victor Hansen's New Book


Many "youngsters" not yet age 65 -- doctors, researchers, educators and experts -- write anti-aging books. Because they lack first hand "old age" experience, they present their own research and opinions and regurgitate research and opinions of others. When writing an anti-aging book designed to help avoid pitfalls of the aging process, experience reigns supreme. The person who reaches 65 and beyond knows what it takes to outsmart father time. You cannot argue with wisdom that comes with "been there and done that."


And that's what makes "How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of your Life" by Art Linkletter and Mark Victor Hansen the absolute best tool to help you achieve victory over the aging process. You may not know that Art Linkletter is ninety-four. Retirement claims no place in his busy life, nor will it ever. When he tells what you need to do to stay ageless and productive, you hear the voice of experience and you "listen up."


Want to know what truly dynamic ageless people know and do? Want to know what vibrantly ageless people know about dietary supplements, and which supplements keep them young and healthy? Want to know what kind of mental attitude works best to manage the aging process? Want to know why most successful older people don't retire, and what they do instead?


Want to know how to set up a secure financial future? Want to know how to increase your income even though retired? Want proof that diet and exercise play a key role in staying ageless, mentally and physically? And would you like this information (and so much more) served up with lots of really funny stories you will share with friends?


"How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life ranks as the Cadillac of anti-aging books. You absolutely will not find a more complete, thoroughly helpful treasure trove of "must have" anti-aging help. Advice: Regardless of your age, put "How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life" on your "must read" list. You can attain vibrant, healthy agelessness as long as life lasts. You just need the right information and the right mentors to guide you. You will find it all in "How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of your Life".


For more information about "How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life", go to


Barbara Morris, R.Ph. is a pharmacist and leading youth preservation expert. She is the author of Put Old on Hold. Sign up for her monthly Put Old on Hold newsletter at and receive a complimentary ebook, "Diva Tested Tips for Fabulous Skin".


Eniva Vibe - Liquid Vitamin - Nutrition Supplement - Anti Aging

Why is Eniva VIBE™ a Superior Nutrition Supplement? ©

Those of us searching for the best quality in nutritional supplements can often be confused by the constant stream of "new" and more "exciting" health drinks and products which all claim to be the next panacea in nutritional healing. But determining a superior product depends on technology and multiple key factors (not single or limited "miracle" ingredients). Those who have experienced first- hand VIBE's life-changing benefits can attest to its unparalleled potency, but those who haven't may often ask "why should I take this supplement over any other supplements that claim to be good? Yet, rarely will they have the resources or the patience to sit down and research the matter out for themselves. Therefore, I took it upon myself to compose a straight-and-to-the-point summary divulging exactly why Eniva's VIBE Nutraceutical is so important for our everyday health.


"How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life" gives more than you can possibly imagine. In addition to Art and Mark's own experience and expertise, the pair called upon other "ageless wonders" to add to the most valuable accumulation of knowledge and experience you will find anywhere. I am proud that Art and Mark invited me to contribute some of my expertise and wisdom to help boomers and those younger reach my incredibly "ageless" age, now seventy-seven.


What is Eniva VIBE™?

The Eniva VIBE is a Liquid ALL-IN-ONE nutraceutical supplement now being recognized as an unprecedented advancement in anti-aging science with the most efficient nutrient delivery system and highest certified antioxidant potency to be found anywhere in the world, rendering most other supplements obsolete.


What makes VIBE™ so different and better than all other nutritional supplements?

#1. Liquid VIBE's nutrients and minerals are delivered to your body in the only one form that our cells were designed to properly recognize and optimally use. This means that they are: * Water-Soluble - in perfect aqueous solution to be transported through the blood stream and into the cell * Ionized - properly charged, to be recognized and received by the cell * Pure - in their elemental state, uncontaminated and of appropriately small molecular size for complete cellular assimilation. If any one of these three essential requirements is not met, the cell cannot make efficient use of the nutrition.


#2. VIBE's unsurpassed Solutomic™ delivery technology is made possible by a highly technical, proprietary process that allows elemental mineral ions to exist in perfect polar and ionic/water-soluble form. The result is nutrients that are certified 99.9% pure, wholly bio-available and virtually completely assimilated into every cell of the body in minutes. In fact, VIBE is directly absorbed like water, bypassing the digestive process. This can be better appreciated when understanding that the level of purity plays a critical role in how nutrients in general are received and accepted on a cellular level. This means that the minerals and vitamins in VIBE are not only put back into the water-soluble state that nature intended, but in a form that is more nutritionally efficient and superior than what can be obtained by whole foods which are exposed to contaminants and pollution, if not pesticides. Significant also, is the fact that Earth Summit Statistics (1992 report) have shown soils to be more than 85% micronutrient depleted, which means that whole foods can no longer supply the proper amount of nutrition required.


#3. VIBE's high-level purity is gained by the use of "OHMTM" water, or ultra- pure USP 23 grade water as the solvent for the uncontaminated crystalline water-soluble nutrients which are rendered to their smallest possible molecular size. The water molecules are then enhanced using Eniva's additional proprietary technology called Negative Field Activation™ to structure and change certain physical qualities of their already ultra-pure water, rendering their OHMTM water even more pure yet, with a lower surface tension (meaning the water becomes more fluid, or "wetter") to optimize a more complete assimilation. The water becomes alkalizing due to the propensity to pull oxygen into the cell. The exceptionally high electrical resistance allows the minerals in solution to be ionized more fully and transported into the body's cells more efficiently. The more pure the water, the more effectively it can hold the proper ionic charge.


#4. The raw materials (minerals, vitamins, botanicals, fruits and vegetables) found in VIBE are processed in Eniva's Class 10,000 (ultra-clean) research and development laboratory and Class 10,000 manufacturing facility to ensure 99.9% purity of each and every component found in every one of its nutritional supplements. This means that VIBE is made in the same conditions and hygiene where heart pace-makers and computer chips are manufactured.


#5. VIBE holds the highest certified Antioxidant rating (ORAC, or, Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) of any liquid nutritional supplement listed in the PDR for Nonprescription Drugs and Dietary Supplements. VIBE is not only a foundational nutritional supplement, but it is the first liquid product able to provide FOUR potent and exclusive anti-aging blends in an ALL-IN- ONE formulation. This distinct synergistic blend includes:


* SoluMAX™ - Immune Health

* AntiOX2™ - Anti-Aging

* HeartMAX™ - Cardiovascular

* CollaMAX™ - Cellular Health Please visit for more information


#6. VIBE is free of any stimulants, toxicity or contamination, including heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, caffeine, microbial contamination, plastics, waxes, resins, artificial or hydrogenated ingredients, chalk, binders, fillers, unnatural preservatives, excitotoxins, trans fats, animal products (such as meat or dairy), genetically modified ingredients, and petrochemicals. Furthermore, nothing is pasteurized or irradiated.


#7. The technology incorporated in VIBE also means that its nutrients are within correct ratios and scientific balance. Eniva devotes a tremendous amount of research and development effort to its products. Ironically, the science of correct nutrient ratios and interactions is often overlooked by most nutritional manufacturers. At Eniva, the laws of chemistry and body balance have been respected. No ingredient is sourced, or technical process explored unless it is grounded in qualified, scientific principles. Volumes of research documents, clinical studies, and test results are reviewed by Eniva's R&D Team as new technologies are explored. VIBE truly incorporates the best of both science and nature.



The end result of the technology used in VIBE is an ALL-IN-ONE liquid supplement unmatched in bioavailability, purity, and antioxidant value with a breakthrough assimilation technology that allows angstrom-sized, elemental nutrients to achieve cellular efficiency within seconds! Now you know why so many doctors and nutritionists are recommending VIBE to their patients. Eniva Corporation offers VIBE as the benchmark by which other nutritional liquid supplements are measured. Truly not another excuse to have a company with a tasty fruit-juice attached to it. This is real nutrition, with real science, yielding real results!


It doesn't matter if it's Noni, Goji, Xango, a plant derived from land or sea, or some other exotic berry sitting under the moon on a seashore. No single food or nutrient is capable of supplying a daily complete regimen of all the essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants that the body requires to function optimally. Your body needs the full-spectrum nutrition found in VIBE. It's no wonder everything else is just "juice".


As you experience the health generating results of VIBE and the Eniva Product Line, it is natural to share your experience with friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors. Many times the results are so dramatic that others just notice the beneficial changes, or your excitement motivates others to want to regain and improve their health. Eniva created a marketing plan specifically designed to enable people to just use the products and receive wholesale pricing. As others that you have influenced start using the VIBE and other Eniva products, your process is duplicated, and many find that a business begins to build naturally.


With a generous compensation plan, Eniva has made it realistically possible with minimal effort to have your products paid for, and even earn significant additional income. Whatever the outcome financially, your true wealth is your health. With it, everything else matters. Without it, nothing else matters. So pursue health and wellness with enthusiasm and diligence, share the message and the experience, and take wellness to this world! Have a healthful and vibrant day!


Eniva Vibe All In One Liquid Multi-Vitamin. The World's Best Nutrition and Dietary Supplement

Order VIBE Today - Buy Vibe Today, Start with a Bottle and a Box for $99 and get Your FREE Website included!


Anti Aging: Is There A Silver Bullet?


Almost all of us are concern about how we will age. Even though aging is a very normal and natural process we always try to delay it as much as possible. Lets face it everyone wants to look and feel younger than they really are. As we enter our late thirties and early forties, the realization that we are getting older sets in and we start the fight against the aging process. In our aging society the tips, treatments and techniques for anti aging are in great demand. In the market you can find numerous varieties of anti aging creams, therapies, and medicines. The market is over crowded with all these types of products.


Apply Your Common Sense:

The desire to look young is so strong that people will spend incredible amounts of money to stay young looking. As a result of this there are thousands of anti aging products on the market. You will see them in stores, on home shopping networks, infomercials, etc. I recommend you be careful to not get wound up in the hype. Take your time, do some research on the product you are looking at and make an educated decision. Most of these products are expensive and you owe it to yourself to be aware.


Nutritional and Balanced Diet:

With out a nutritionally balanced diet you really cannot fully achieve the anti aging effect. It is important to eat right and keep you weight down so you feel healthy, and when you feel healthy you will look younger. To achieve this you should cut out all the food products with too many calories. Just say good-bye to your favorite fast foods, pack your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, and other organic food products. All the fresh fruits and vegetables contain some photo chemicals that purify the oxygen content of the blood thus making you very healthy. If you are healthy and physically fit, then you automatically look young.


You Need To Exercise:

Exercise is the corner stone in the plan to battle aging. If you want to be young looking you must exercise period. You should join the health club in your area to get started. If you just starting out with a new exercise program you should first consult a professional trainer. They will help create a workout routine that will be focused on your anti aging goals. Remember the less you exercise the older you will feel and the older you will look.


The Silver Bullet?

The question still is can all these anti aging creams and medications really make you look younger? The answer is definitely no, at least not all by themselves. As we have seen you also need to eat right, exercise and get your rest. I know you were looking for the silver bullet but there just is not one.


Charlie Welf writes about anti aging products and treatments. Learn what the current anti aging research has to offer you at


Anti Aging Therapy At Home


This article deals with a few safe, easy ways to start anti aging therapy for yourself in the comfort of your own home. The advice here comes mainly from personal experience and is not intended to replace proper medical advice and treatment. Always consult a doctor before beginning any kind of home therapy if you have health issues that may make light exercise difficult or hazardous. As we age, we start noticing little things more; wrinkles, age spots, the way the veins on the backs of our hands stick up. Nothing is ever going to completely erase the marks of the hand of time, of course. But there are steps we can take to ensure that age finds us healthy and still living a full, vital life.


The first and most important step in any kind of anti aging therapy is learning to be comfortable with yourself at whatever age you are. Life is not over at fifty, or sixty, or even eighty or ninety, unless you let it be. Life will change; when we speak of anti aging therapy, we mean less stopping age and more controlling it. The second most important step is to stay healthy. If you thought that eating right and getting plenty of exercise were something that you would be able to set aside once you reached retirement age--think again!


An essential part of anti aging therapy involves keeping your body at its best through diet and exercise. Find some method of light exercise that you enjoy, and make time to do it daily. If at all possible, make sure that you really enjoy it; that makes it all the easier to do it regularly, and regularity is the key to any anti aging therapy.


Third, become involved in an activity that gives back to the community around you. Many seniors view the years after retirement as the taking years; they've given their time to their jobs for years, and now it's time to take it for themselves. But becoming involved in some form of community activity will give you a more positive outlook on life, which translates into a sparkle in your eye and a spring in your step. Giving back is one of the most effective methods of anti-aging therapy. Any of these anti aging therapies can help you stay younger longer, but they work best when you follow all of them to the best of your ability.


Are you interested in the truth about healthy lifestyles? Are you using these proven strategies for health and peace of mind? Click Here: Anti Aging

The Secret Keys to Anti Aging Health

Aging, is just a natural part of life. But even if you're getting older it doesn't mean you have to appear like it. By taking a few simple steps you can look and feel younger than you actually are. One of the most effective things you can do in the battle against age is to simply lead a healthy lifestyle. anti aging health is really all about your lifestyle, what you eat,your general level of fitness, and a few other factors which will affect how well you age. Keeping up this type of lifestyle does require a degree of commitment and dedication on your part.


A vital step in beating the effects of old age is having healthy eating habits, it's very important not to eat too much of any one food type, particularly if it contains a lot of fat or grease. Each person is different in their dietary needs, and it's very important to discover which food types that best suits you, there are several books that can help you to decide which foods will be of most benefit for your body type. As a general guide, a healthy diet of five fruits or vegetables per day, and grain along with moderate portions of meat is recommended for those want to live a more healthy life. A balance diet is one of the main factors in slowing the aging process to some measure, and the more effective and healthy your body, the less work it has to do to do to maintain health.


Skin beneath the eyes is thin and lacks subcutaneous fat and oil glands to begin with, so it can become drier, thinner, and more wrinkled than the rest of the face. Wear and tear from squinting, blinking, rubbing and other physical insults affect the skin on a daily basis. The blood vessels beneath the skin become more obvious as the skin thins, and the passage of years brings wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. Anti aging eye cream can combat some or all of these effects of aging, depending on the formulation.


Perhaps the next most important thing in anti aging health is your lifestyle. Do you smoke, how about alcohol consumption, also some eating disorders may affect the way a person ages. I am not suggesting that you need to give up everything that makes life pleasurable, but it is vitally important that if you are concerned with your health and wish to reduce the signs of aging you must have a healthy lifestyle.


Exercise is considered by many experts to be one of the most important considerations in anti aging. Gentle Exercise taken in moderation provides the body with many benefits, for instance it stimulates the blood flow helping to clear those blocked veins and arteries,it builds healthier muscles,and increased bone stability so helping to off set the effects of osteoporosis. If you want to help reduce the effects of aging you will benefit from a regular exercise program. Set moderate objectives, trying to over do things at first is not a good idea and will probably cause more harm than good.


There are several thing to consider in the battle against aging, but if you are concerned with your age and health, these tips will be a very important help in adding a few more years to your life.


For more Anti Aging Product information and tips check out

Anti Aging Eye Cream

Few skin care products will have more of an impact on your appearance than an anti aging eye cream. This is because, when we first look at someone, we usually look first at their eyes. It's the first thing we notice. The skin around the eyes is also often the first area of the face to show signs of aging.


As we age, changes occur in the skin. There are changes in the production of collagen, a protein found in skin cells, and an increase in elastin, another protein. Melanin, the pigment that controls skin color becomes unevenly distributed and fat is lost from under the top layers of skin. Sweat glands, and oil glands start to dry up. Facial skin, constantly exposed to environmental forces such as sunlight, wind, and drying heat, can experience these changes more than other areas of the body, and the skin around the eyes suffers the most. This is what anti aging eye cream is designed to protect against.


For obvious reasons, a good anti aging eye cream is not the same as facial moisturizer. Cream for the skin around the eyes is specially designed to support and revive the skin cells there, addressing the particular problems of this area without irritating or damaging the delicate tissues of the eye itself. Many facial products not designed for use around the eye will caution you not to use them in that area: an anti aging eye cream is always the safest choice for treating signs of aging around the eyes.


If there are already noticeable signs of skin damage around the eyes (puffiness, dark shadows, or wrinkles), an anti aging eye cream can be directed against a specific symptom. Otherwise, a program to support the sensitive area around the eyes and slow the development of these symptoms should include a product aimed at all of them.


R. Drysdale is a freelance writer with more than 25 years experience as a health care professional. You can learn more about anti aging eye cream on the AntiAging Information site.


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