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Male "Menopause" - The Alternative Anti-Aging Approach

If you are a male over the age of 40 and are suffering from weakness, impotence, pain, stiffness, drooping muscles, depression, anxiety, or heat intolerance, you may be experiencing "andropause". Andropause is a syndrome resulting from the deficiency of hormones, especially testosterone. It's onset and symptoms may not be as dramatic as female "menopause", but its effects can be just as serious. It is interesting that hormone replacement is quite routine in women but barely even addressed in men.

The decline in hormone levels in both sexes has an adverse impact on one's state of health.

Starting around age 25, DHEA and testosterone levels begin a progressive downward trend. With falling hormones, it is much harder to maintain muscle mass. Things begin to sag and fat begins to form increasingly thick layers around the lower back and abdomen. Stamina is affected and exercise intolerance occurs. Osteoporosis is well-documented in women and occurs in men as well.


This can result in hip and vertebral compression fractures. Wrinkles that carve deep crevices in the face are partially due to testosterone deficiency. Libido is reduced and even impotence may develop. These changes are all a result of male "menopause".


Hormone replacement has been available for women for decades and the positive results continue to multiply. In Anti-Aging medicine, it is expected that maintenance of hormone levels in the youthful range (that of a 25-30 year old) will provide substantial health benefit. Proper monitoring of hormone replacement is a relatively recent innovation that makes this therapy much safer. We can now insure proper dosages in the accepted normal physiologic range. Cancer risk is greatly reduced by this refined approach to replacement therapy.


The decline in testosterone occurs as a result of multiple causes and treatment should be directed accordingly. Aromatase (an enzyme that converts Testosterone into Estradiol) increases as we gain years. This increases raises the free estrogens and lowers the free Testosterone. Prostate cancer is correlated with high circulating estrogens. Aromatase inhibitors, such as chrysin, nettle extract, and Arimidex can inhibit aromatse. Testicular atrophy leads to decreased testosterone production. A course of treatment with HCG stimulates testicular development and can boost Testosterone production. A complete vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant supplement plus a proper diet help to correct nutritional deficiencies. DHEA and possible melatonin replacement also serve as alternatives and as adjuncts to testosterone therapy.


A diet that includes a large amount of legumes, especially soy, is helpful in providing the necessary building blocks for our bodies to manufacture hormones. Maintaining cholesterol in the normal range (not to high or to low) is also critical for hormone synthesis. Testosterone replacement can be accomplished by the use of creams, pills or even injection. It is best if the physiologic patterns natural to the body are mimicked, which makes injection less favorable. Creams containing natural testosterone are well absorbed through the skin, bypass metabolism by the liver, and are easy to apply, thus making them superior to pills.


The potential risks of testosterone administration include increases in red cell mass, worsening of sleep apnea, changes in plasma lipid levels, and fluid retention. There is some concern that testosterone replacement might exacerbate benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). There is no change in PSA with testosterone therapy. You are not a candidate for this replacement therapy if you have an active testicular or prostate cancer. Finally, testosterone supplementation may produce adverse side effects if administered to men with normal levels, hence the importance of monitoring. With proper replacement, you can expect to regain muscle mass, increase bone density, increase stamina, increase libido, reduce your risk for a variety of cancers and Alzheimer's disease, and live an improved quality of life.


Dr. Rod Rojas is a board certified physician and Medical Director of IHC SKIN LASER & ANTI-AGING CLINIC, member of the prestigious American Academy Of Anti-Aging Medicine.

If you are suffering any of these symptoms, give us a call at The Skin Laser and Anti-Aging Clinic 843-757-8717.

We will be very happy to assist you.


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Recommended Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimes


There are a multitude of anti-aging techniques and methods offered by experts, and many anti-aging skin care products available on the market. However, the key to avoid undesirable wrinkles and aging of the skin is to follow a strict personal routine related to your nutrition, exercise, and hygiene etc. Some of these basic steps and practices will be useful while taking care of your skin in order to prevent aging.


Creams and lotions are quite helpful in moisturizing the outer skin but they hardly penetrate the pores. Water naturally hydrates the skin from within and prevents drying of the skin. Therefore, you need to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water in order to maintain supple and well-hydrated skin.


When handling detergents, do not use products containing harsh chemicals such as Lauryl Sulfate, as they can strip oil and moisture from the skin. Chlorine, as found in tap water, can also cause oxidative damage on your skin. The best way to avoid harm from chlorine is to avoid washing your face more than once a day, take less frequent showers, and decrease the temperature of the water. Premature skin aging can also be the result of excessive exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun. Always apply sunscreen lotion on your face and body when exposed to the suns rays, this can be highly effective in protecting your skin from sunburn, skin aging and serious conditions such as skin cancer. Sunglasses will protect the skin around your eyes from harmful UV light so always remember to wear them when out in the sun.


Lack of sleep often results in the creation of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, eventually leading to wrinkles. Sleep helps you to relax and naturally revitalizes the skin, so you should aim for a minimum of eight hours of sleep per day. Remember to remove all makeup thoroughly before going to bed, and always sleep with the face up thereby minimizing the stretching effect of gravity on your skin.


Do not smoke. It contributes to premature wrinkling and sagging of the skin. One study showed that some forty to fifty year olds who smoked only during their teens and twenties, later experienced excessive wrinkling. Smokers who quit did regain the color on their cheeks but never lost their wrinkles. It is also believed that smoking activates genes involved in the destruction of collagen.


Christopher Buckley is the webmaster of Anti-Aging Access, a site devoted to Anti-Aging Skin Care.


9 Anti Aging Ingredients and Methods Effective in Diminish Wrinkles

1. Vitamin A:

Despite its insignificant inflammatory action, it can help diminish the depth of many wrinkles.


Regular exercises of the face stabilize the flow and circulation of blood and oxygen in the skin. They also assist in the regeneration of collagen (fibrous protein constituent of bone, cartilage, tendon, and other connective tissue) giving the skin its elasticity, thereby preventing wrinkles and revitalizing your facial skin.


2. Vitamin C:

Improve blood flow and boost the collagen production within the body. It may lead an aged dull and dry skin to bright appearance..

3. Vitamin E:

It is an antioxidant able to protect skin against damaging effect of free radicals. It also improves circulation, strengthens the immune system, and protects red blood cell membranes.

4. Coenzyme Q10:

This important antioxidant is helpful at protecting the skin from free radical hazardous action. It can be found as an ingredient in skin care creams or in oral vitamin supplements.

5. Alpha Hydroxy Acids:

They are fruit acids and are useful to eliminate dead skin cells that can dull the appearance of the face.

6. Anti Aging Procedures Botox:

This neurotoxin generates a slight paralysis of the muscles around the wrinkles. Once injected under the skin, Botox can produce anti aging results similar to surgery.

7. Dermabrasion:

This procedure uses microcrystals or other sanding equipment to remove facial skin from the affected area. It requires a recovery of several weeks.

8. Laser Resurfacing:

This new technique uses a controlled laser beam to scrape the outer layer of damaged skin. It can dramatically reduce the appearance of fine line and deeper wrinkles.It is an invasive surgical procedure that has risks such as excessive scarring, infection, redness and dryness.

9. Chemical Peels:

This procedure requires ten to fifteen minutes in the doctor's office. By applying a chemical substance to your skin the damaged areas are burned. It must be repeated frequently because the results are only temporary.


Valerian D is a freelance writer interested in health affecting men and women as well such as wrinkles removal

Super Foods, Natural Anti-Aging and Your Health

That certain foods have healing powers is a concept that is as old as civilization, but this concept is only now beginning to take root in the West. The terms "functional food" and "super food" are now popping up everywhere. Just what do these terms mean, however, and how does a food qualify as "super"?


The first thing to take into account when exploring the functional foods terrain is that not all foods that are advertised as "super foods" are proven as having healing properties. As such, one must be very careful about what they believe in the avalanche of hype sprouting up on the Internet and elsewhere.


Why the Sudden Interest in Super Foods?

There are a number of reasons why the functional foods industry is growing at incredible rates every year. First of all, the populations of many industrial nations, such as the United States, Canada, Japan, China, Britain, and elsewhere, are aging rapidly. Baby boomers are beginning to taste their own mortality and are taking notice of how they treat their bodies. "In the U.S., baby boomers who started turning 50 in 1996 are doing so at a rate of 300,000 per month. The interest in retarding the aging process and remaining healthy will continue to drive the market demand for functional food products," noted Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada.


Another reason for the surge in the functional foods industry is the increasing scientific research being done into the effects of certain foods on the body and mind. It has long been known in Asia that certain foods have incredible medicinal value, and with the sharing of research between world scientists, this knowledge is beginning to make its way to North America and elsewhere. Foods that have a long history of medicinal use are only now being verified as having medicinal value through peer reviewed research. An example of this is the goji berry (a.k.a. Wolfberry, a.k.a Himalayan Goji Juice).


Just a few short years ago this berry was virtually unknown in North America. However, nutritionists and other researchers have since added countless studies to the medical databases involving the berries, and this has fueled a flurry of marketing websites from marketing networks and natural foods companies. These studies have been published in a number of peer-reviewed medical journals in Asia and elsewhere, and a number of natural healers and doctors have promoted the use of goji juice or berries.


What to Watch For

Unfortunately, there are many products available that have little or no scientific backing, and if you enter a health food store, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the dizzying array of choices you are faced with. It is therefore extremely important to first consult with a doctor who is familiar with the medicinal properties of plants (not many regular doctors are, so you'll have to find a good naturopathic doctor or traditional Chinese doctor, etc.). Take a good look in the PubMed medical database online, and do your research. Don't depend on companies who sell the products to get your information, find the skeptics. This is very important, as some plants may actually be damaging to your system.


Other plants are very healthy for some people, but do not work well for others. Since everyone's body chemistry is different, it is important to get the advice of someone who is knowledgeable about such natural healing products. Using goji berries or goji juice as an example again, they may overstimulate the liver if used in excess. Although they are very beneficial to the liver, it may be wise to start off with around 20 berries per day and then slowly increase the dosage, according to naturopathic doctor Michelle Garieri of the Kingston Wellness Centre in Kingston, Ontario.


Products are available on the market, including creams, machines, surgeries, toners, night creams, gels, lotions, foams, pads, and more. Few products offer natural ingredients that claim to prevent lining and wrinkles, while declining the fatty tissues around the face area, which is idea if you have excessive fat around the face area.


Food vs. Pharmaceuticals

The truth is, if everyone ate optimally, it would not be uncommon to see people living to be well over 100 years old. Most of our aging takes place due to our eating habits. Eating cooked foods, processed foods, and downright synthetic foods is the main cause of aging, according to many doctors. Most people simply do not get enough natural foods in their diet, specifically fresh fruits and vegetables. Instead, drugs are often prescribed to cover the symptoms that were initially caused by eating poorly. Unfortunately, our bodies are better adapted to foods than pharmaceuticals, so functional foods have few side effects, whereas pharmaceuticals do little except cover the symptoms while supporting a "disease economy".


Take it Over Time

Another aspect of the functional foods industry that often goes unmentioned is the fact that health foods are much more effective if used over time. Many Asians are well aware of the beneficial effects of using certain "tonics" over the long term. Such plants as He shou wu, Gotu Kola, American Ginseng, and Astragalus are examples of herbs that, used over a period of time, can help to boost the health of specific bodily systems, or the overall health of the body in general.


Whereas our health system and its medicines focus on treating the symptoms, many functional foods are used to prevent the illness to begin with by providing the body with materials it can use to repair existing damage, improve communication between cells, fortify the immune system and protect against free radicals. A number of herbs have symptom-treating functions as well, but these are used only when preventative measures have failed.


In conclusion, many benefits can come from exploring the so-called "super foods", many of which have been adopted from the ranks of traditional Asian medicinal herbs and foods. As long as one remembers that many of these herbs are indeed medicine, and should be treated as such, this is a relatively safe area to explore. There are many foods that you can begin eating immediately, and besides the aforementioned goji berries, one can also achieve many benefits from eating such super foods as sea buckthorn berries, acai berries, garlic, kale, pomegranates, cinnamon, flax seed and oil, turmeric, algae and brown basmati rice. This is by no means a comprehensive list, however.


Advertising Schems to Avoid


For more information, visit, where you will find articles with extensive information on functional foods, comparisons of the companies selling certain natural health products and general information on anti-aging, including anti-aging advice on everything from how to eat to how to breath. At, you will find information on goji berries and goji juice, a highly nutritious, antioxidant rich super food.

Exercise as a Solution to Anti-Aging

Facial toning exercises are ideal for keeping the face healthy and free of aging. At least to a degree, since we can never abandon all things that nature sends our way. We can never get away from eliminating all age signs, since nature is dominating solutions. As we age, we experience crowfeet, wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, and other aging symptoms. Most times we experience lines around the eyes, neck, forehead and chest area, and sometimes even the hands.


The gels and foams I've found to offer more in the way of making the face radiant. Thus, gels and foams I've tried personally gave my face a healthier glow and youthful appeal. Still, gels and foams differ, thus deciding on the right anti-aging solution, you must consider your skin type. Also, like any thing else you purchase it is important to make sure the ingredients are not detrimental. One of the better solutions for minimizing wrinkles is pampering and exercising your face. Moving the mouth in circular motion is a form of exercise as well as eating meals.


Some of the products for anti-aging solutions include the masks. The substance is applied to the face and stays on the face until it starts to feel hard. The problem I've found with the masks is that it tends to irritate the skin. The solution will tighten the facial area. The creams for protecting the skin help to restore the skins health supposedly, while toning the face and reducing the wrinkles, at the same time adding tightness to the skin to help it restore collagen. Few of the products claim to offer ongoing solutions for reducing aging signs, however, many confess that some of the products work as little as ten minutes, however I doubt this is true. I need concrete evidence to make me believe this noise.


Flex facial systems differ, yet some have remedies for making the skin feel healthy, while giving a radiant appeal to the face, and reducing wrinkles while progressing. The machines are expensive and most claim to reduce wrinkles, enhance the skin, prevent and eliminate wrinkles, and repair the skins youth. The machines may include gloves, creams, and a massager that is used to relax the face. The processes help to minimize wrinkles while enhancing the skins tone.


Again, exercises is a better solution, including the face tone exercises, which extends and pull the skin upward, thus tightening the skin. The mechanical gloves are used since the process becomes a bit wet, but the lotions, creams, or gels are applied to pads, which the machine rotates minimizing the wrinkles from aging and weather beats. Still, the natural exercises, which mean you will pin the ears back, move the mouth and jaw in circular motion and so on can help minimize wrinkles.


Crowfeet are one of the biggest problems women and men alike incur. Crowfeet develop around the eyes, developing lines. The crowfeet accumulate, starting with age, but extends when persons are around smoke, or narrow the eyes ongoing. Other problems increase lines around the eyes and face area is overexposure of the sun. Thus, avoiding sun beds, lamps, sun, smoke, and other harmful chemicals including cosmetics with CARCINOGEN, and PARABEN, OR PROPYL is your ultimate solution for avoiding wrinkles.


Baby fat is often from overweight problems, or else hereditary. If you are overweight, exercising can help you reduce aging, weight and more. Exercise in fact has proven to keep the body and face looking young, while protecting it from diseases and illnesses. Thus, if you have fat around the face area the right exercises can help to remove some of the fatty tissues. If you have a hereditary problem, try not to worry about it, since people with baby faces tend to look nicer than some of those people with narrow faces, still you want to exercise.


Blake is the webmaster at Guide To Anti a website focused on the latest information on Anti-Aging.


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