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Anti Aging Articles, Tips and Information

Anti Aging Treatment

There is probably no faster growing market today than the industry of anti aging treatment. Everywhere, people are looking for ways to look young longer and stay healthier longer so that they can enjoy life well into their senior years. The industry is responding with a multifaceted approach - a vast selection of products and therapies ranging from the familiar skin creams and hair dyes to hormone injections, plastic surgery, and bookstore shelves full of self-help books and plans for healthy living.

People have always had strategies for living a long life: ask a dozen centenarians what the secret to a long life is and you'll get a dozen different answers.

Medicine is explaining the processes that make our bodies and minds age, and strategies for preventing those changes follow close behind. We hear the same message over and over: we can choose to live happier, healthier, longer lives by changing what we do.


That may all be changing. While there are still many untested anti aging products, the baby boomer generation is providing not only the subjects and the money to make testing possible, they are also providing the incentive. For the next fifty years, these affluent consumers will be living longer and using their resources to improve their lives with anti aging treatment.


Formerly an area of research for a few specialists, gerontology and the study of aging processes is growing daily. Whole journals are now devoted to the subject. The knowledge and expertise that is gained during this time will remain, even after the baby boomers have passed on, to the benefit of future generations.


Not all the available anti aging treatment, of course, is backed up by scientific research - those hoping to make a quick fortune from a gullible public will always be with us. It's important that aging consumers ask questions about anti aging products, and investigate the supporting evidence for any anti aging treatment before handing over money or exposing themselves to potentially harmful therapies. If we remain vigilant and critical, the quality of products and services available to us will continually improve.


R. Drysdale is a freelance writer with more than 25 years experience as a health care professional. You can learn more about anti aging treatment on the AntiAging Information site.


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Anti Aging Product


The 21st century will surely be the era of the anti aging product: the first wave of the baby boomer generation are entering their senior years and the rest of their cohort are following close behind. As a group, these consumers are better educated and more affluent than any group before them - and they have the advantage of numbers. "Grey power" is not just an idea: the baby boomers will have a dynamic effect on the marketplace, and on the direction of medical research. Diseases of the elderly and products for healthy aging are moving to the forefront of Western culture.


Future advances in medical knowledge and product research are sure to widen the horizons even more.


The term anti aging product already encompasses an endless variety of products aimed at multiple facets of human aging: cosmetics (or cosmeceuticals, as they are sometimes called), hair products, supplements, hormone therapies, exercise aids, spa treatments, drugs, surgical techniques, and many more. Unless you are looking for something specific, it's hard to know where to begin.


A good approach for locating the anti aging product for you is to narrow down your search. Are you looking for something to give you a more youthful appearance? Try exploring skin care products, hair treatments, and spa treatments. If you're looking for an anti aging product to promote physical health and healthy aging, look at vitamins and nutrient supplements, physical activity aids, diets, and regimens for a healthy lifestyle. If your willing to try more invasive (and often more expensive) treatments, ask your doctor about hormones, surgery, and drugs. If you have a very specific problem that you are trying to deal with, search for products on the internet, and in library databases, by using specific terms. Consult a specialist in the appropriate area.


Just as there is endless variety in every category of anti aging product, there is wide variety in the quality of available products. It's a good idea to do a little research on a product before you buy: make sure the supplier has a good reputation, and that the science behind the product indicates that it's safe and the benefits are real. Remember, too, that not every product works for everyone who tries it. If you try something, and you don't get the results you were hoping for, try something else next time - and watch for new products as they appear on the market. Grey power will ensure that the next few decades will be a time of rapid advances in this market niche.


R. Drysdale is a freelance writer with more than 25 years experience as a health care professional. You can learn more about anti aging product on the AntiAging Information site.


Anti Aging Natural Supplements

One of the simplest ways to slow down the aging process is to provide the body with all the nutrients it requires. One vital function of nutrients is to repair DNA and RNA at the cellular level. Ideally, we should obtain essential nutrients from our diet. However, it is becoming harder and harder to obtain nutrients from the processed and packed foods available in the market.

Today there are available a number of supplements, such as melatonin, green tea extracts, fish oil, lipoic acid, folic acid and selenium, that help provide the required levels of nutrition.

Each of these supplements has its own benefits. Fish oil helps in reducing heart and blood vessel disorders, while protecting blood flow through arteries. Green tea extracts, according to scientific findings, help in maintaining cellular DNA and membrane structural integrity. They also prevent the growth of detrimental cell colonies. In addition, green tea extracts contains catechins, of which the most potent is Epigallacatechin gallate, an antioxidant more powerful than vitamins C or E.


Melatonin is another highly potent antioxidant, produced by the pineal gland located beneath the brain. It is released every night, and helps in inducing sleep and recuperating from fatigue. Melatonin is also scientifically proven as significant in protecting against age-related degenerative diseases. Lipoic acid, another potent antioxidant, helps in the recycling of other antioxidants such as vitamin E, into their original forms after they detoxify free radicals from the system.


Supplements have proven to be beneficial in our fight against the aging process. However, the controversy surrounding their use has made it difficult to determine their value. Although many of these supplements help avert conditions associated with old age, it cannot be positively stated that they are without any side effects.


Anti Aging provides detailed information on Anti Aging, Anti Aging Eye Cream, Anti Aging Treatment, Anti Aging Natural Supplements and more. Anti Aging is affiliated with Anti Aging Skin Care Treatment.

Anti Aging Eye Cream

Few skin care products will have more of an impact on your appearance than an anti aging eye cream. This is because, when we first look at someone, we usually look first at their eyes. It's the first thing we notice. The skin around the eyes is also often the first area of the face to show signs of aging.


As we age, changes occur in the skin. There are changes in the production of collagen, a protein found in skin cells, and an increase in elastin, another protein. Melanin, the pigment that controls skin color becomes unevenly distributed and fat is lost from under the top layers of skin. Sweat glands, and oil glands start to dry up. Facial skin, constantly exposed to environmental forces such as sunlight, wind, and drying heat, can experience these changes more than other areas of the body, and the skin around the eyes suffers the most. This is what anti aging eye cream is designed to protect against.


Skin beneath the eyes is thin and lacks subcutaneous fat and oil glands to begin with, so it can become drier, thinner, and more wrinkled than the rest of the face. Wear and tear from squinting, blinking, rubbing and other physical insults affect the skin on a daily basis. The blood vessels beneath the skin become more obvious as the skin thins, and the passage of years brings wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. Anti aging eye cream can combat some or all of these effects of aging, depending on the formulation.


For obvious reasons, a good anti aging eye cream is not the same as facial moisturizer. Cream for the skin around the eyes is specially designed to support and revive the skin cells there, addressing the particular problems of this area without irritating or damaging the delicate tissues of the eye itself. Many facial products not designed for use around the eye will caution you not to use them in that area: an anti aging eye cream is always the safest choice for treating signs of aging around the eyes.


If there are already noticeable signs of skin damage around the eyes (puffiness, dark shadows, or wrinkles), an anti aging eye cream can be directed against a specific symptom. Otherwise, a program to support the sensitive area around the eyes and slow the development of these symptoms should include a product aimed at all of them.


R. Drysdale is a freelance writer with more than 25 years experience as a health care professional. You can learn more about anti aging eye cream on the AntiAging Information site.

The Best Kept Secret For Anti Aging And Preventing Hair Loss Is The Mineral Silica

Silica is a relatively unknown mineral by the general public which is absolutely astounding because what it does for the body is nothing short of a miracle. Silica, also known as Silicon, is a combination of silicon and oxygen, two of the most common elements on earth. It is in the grass the herbivores eat. Plant eating animals have the most silica and meat eating animals have less. Silica is found in leafy greens, onions, alfalfa and whole grains.


One may attribute it to something they ate or drank every day while another gives credit to a particular activity, an attitude, or heredity. Though research has attempted to identify common factors in people to live to be very old, studies of anti aging treatment based on things like attitude and dietary factors have not been possible. Likewise, most anti aging products have relied in word of mouth and unverified claims by manufacturers, rather than solid scientific proof.


When you were young, you had an abundance of silica and this why when you look at children they have beautiful silky hair, skin and nails. Silica is essential to bone growth and development and an abundance of this mineral works with calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and boron. This promotes strong bones and teeth. We are born with a lot of silica and a low amount of calcium, but as we age, we lose silica and have more calcium. Calcium needs silica (and the above mentioned minerals) to be absorbed into the system, so if you are trying to handle a deficiency, you may not be able to handle it with just taking more calcium. A silica deficiency is a precursor to calcium deficiency.


In several studies done with broken bones it was demonstrated that people with a high calcium content healed slowly, and people with low calcium and high levels of silica healed very rapidly. It has also been shown to assist in healing burns effectively. This trace mineral is utilized through all the tissues and organs in the body and is needed to produce collagen which promotes smooth healthy skin, hair, nails and tissue elasticity. And who doesn't want to maintain that!


It is thought that silica can improve the cardiovascular system. It has been shown that people with higher amounts of silica have fewer problems with cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. Silica does have an influence in the brain, the nervous system and proper sexual functions. Men with prostate problems and women with cysts or vaginal problems may benefit from taking this mineral. Silica counteracts aluminums effect on the body by excreting it, so the middle age to elderly people may be able to prevent Alzheimer's disease by supplementing this mineral.


It stimulates the immune system and inhibits the aging process. In short, a deficiency in this mineral has an all over effect on our bodies and our ability to heal and the obvious visible effects of aging skin, brittle bones and hair loss. An abundance of silica alkalizes the body. This is important because a body that becomes acidic from poor diet and toxicity from the environment is far more likely to contract immune problems and disease. A silica rich environment is alkaline and ph balanced. There are test strips you can purchase at your local drugstore to determine if you are acidic. Taking silica on a regular basis may bring your body back to its natural ph balance, that and a healthy diet and exercise.


Silica supplements are not for the young (who have an abundance of silica). If you are in your late forties you may be deficient. The best way to take silica is in liquid form as this is the most absorbable for the body.


* Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA are meant for informational purposes only. Consult your health care professional before undertaking any treatment.

References: James F. Balch, MD and Phyllis A Balch, CNC second addition page 28


Willie is a researcher, freelance writer and artist that has an interest in putting information on health and wellbeing into the hands of the public.


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