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Anti Aging - Choosing The Right Product

There are a great many vitamins, minerals, etc to consider when choosing a skin care product – especially when your aim is to reduce the signs of aging on your skin. From year to year the advice changes, one year it’s all about chemical peels and the next it’s all about microderm abrasion, and when it comes to creams it can seem a little overwhelming. There are 2 important things to consider when deciding on an anti aging product. Firstly, the price and secondly the ingredients…

It’s no secret that the cosmetics companies make large amounts of money from sales of their products but ultimately we have to look at the price/value relationship.

Many products nowadays charge premium prices but offer little in the way of value. It came as quite a surprise to me when I first began designing our cream. I couldn’t believe that companies were either charging so little and offering so many ingredients (they were either being creative with their ingredient list, using a fraction of the ingredient instead of the most beneficial amount, or using sub-standard quality ingredients), or they were charging so much and offering so little in the way of ingredients.


I faced an important decision early on about how I would like Sezeur to develop. I believe that it’s vitally important to manufacture the best possible product and then work out the price from there. Our specialist chemists asked us how high we wanted the quality of our cream and we asked them to use only the highest quality ingredients available. As the owner of a cosmetic company which specialises in anti aging cream, I’m inclined to believe 2 things. When it comes to budget creams, you definitely get what you pay for. When you begin to look at more expensive products I would suggest looking at the list of ingredients and also client testimonials.


Any company serious about its future understands that in order to survive and prosper it needs to have repeat sales from its clients. This is only possible if you have made a high quality product, and providing people feel they’ve received value for money they will talk about it positively. High quality ingredients aren’t cheap and if you’re considering a product with 4 or 5 ingredients but it’s priced cheaply then be alert. It could be that the company is inexperienced and not charging enough in order to cover its manufacturing and marketing expenses, in which case it will either go bankrupt or raise its prices sharply, or it’s possible that it’s misleading you with the ingredient list. Similarly, a product with only 1 or 2 ingredients and a premium price tag may be assuming that you don’t know too much about the industry and may be asking you to pay for the privilege of telling your friends you use ‘Brand X’.


I would recommend always looking at the price vs the number of ingredients offered. Where you personally feel comfortable on that scale is down to you. Some people only want budget products and are happy to trade a bit of quality for that whilst others may want only the most expensive product without caring so much about its effectiveness because they love being able to tell their friends ‘they use only the best’ (ie most expensive).


A discerning mind will stand you in good stead when making your decision to purchase the right anti aging product for you. Hopefully, you now have a little more insight into this field from an owner’s viewpoint.


Steve Whitehead is the Managing Director of Sezeur Skincare ( ) and has seen it grow from just an idea to the point where it now has clients around the world who are absolutely thrilled with the effectiveness of its main product (Créme de Jeunesse). If you have any questions at all please feel free to get in touch with us via the contact page on our website.



We really do care about your health and happiness and are thrilled you are interested in our articles, but please always check with your doctor before trying something new!


Medical Anti Aging


Not so long ago, the term medical anti aging knowledge was a bit of a misnomer. The medical community regarded aging as an evitable part of human life, and didn't devote much time to figuring out how to slow it down or alter its effects. Those with money could have plastic surgery, but that was about all. Today however, scientific research is revealing many of the processes that cause physical aging as the years pass, and with that understanding comes the opportunity to tinker and try to ameliorate the aging process.


Many professionals with medical training are now involved in researching possible approaches for medical anti aging. We're learning that many common diseases of old age can be avoided by eating, or not eating, certain foods, keeping our bodies fit, and protecting ourselves from environmental threats. We're identifying genes that predispose people to certain diseases, which allows us to identify and possibly treat those at risk. We're discovering many new drugs in chemistry and nature that help to fight diseases already in progress. And we're discovering that some foods have potent healthful properties that we never imagined were there. Surgical interventions are still available as well, and they are better than ever.


When it comes to medical anti aging products and services however, we still have to be careful. While scientific knowledge has expanded exponentially, there are still lots of vendors making claims that are not backed up by the evidence. These entrepreneurs are poised to make a profit from a vulnerable public - while some simply relieve you of your money without providing any benefit, others may actually be harmful. Before you pay for any new or unconventional medical anti aging treatment, discuss your plans with a medical professional whom you trust, or contact one of the consumer advocate/anti-fraud organizations that can help you verify that you are getting what you pay for.


Whatever you choose, keep your eye on the latest in medical breakthroughs - there are lots of products and services already available that really do help you look and feel younger, and maintain better health. It's a safe bet there will be many more to choose from in the near future.


R. Drysdale is a freelance writer with more than 25 years experience as a health care professional. You can learn more about medical anti aging on the AntiAging Information site.


Anti Aging Creams

For many of us, anti aging creams are the first line of defense against the visible effects of aging. The skin is the organ that shields us from the world outside, protecting the body from germs, extremes of temperature and anything else that the environment can throw at us. Because of all the abuse it endures, the skin is susceptible to irritation and damage, and eventually begins to show telltale signs of aging.


The timing is perfect: the baby boomers, a huge cohort of affluent educated North Americans and Europeans are moving into their senior years and they want medical anti aging resources. The baby boomers have grown up in good health, with readily available medical care and the belief that every disease can be cured. They believe that medical treatment can keep them feeling young and vigorous as well, while they enjoy retirement. They may be right.


Skin that has started to age loses elasticity and begins to wrinkle. Age spots and freckles appear in places were pigment producing cells have responded to sun damage by producing more pigment. The skin loses fat and begins to look and feel thin, especially around the eyes, and may have a tough leathery feel. We use anti aging creams to combat these signs of aging and keep the skin looking young and supple. No one product, however, works for everyone: the best anti aging cream for you meets your specific needs. Your choice should depend on whether you hope to just protect your skin, or reverse signs of aging that have already appeared.


For most of us, the sun is the biggest cause of skin damage - we love the feel of the sun and cherish a warm bronze tan, but this sun worship is dangerous for vulnerable skin cells. The best anti aging creams, then, provide some protection from the sun's rays. Sun screens and sun blocks absorb the harmful rays of the sun before they damage skin cells, and allow us to get a safer tan, but beware: tanning is not safe, nor does it help you retain youthful looking skin, and even the best anti aging creams will not protect you from excessive exposure to sunlight.


We get a lot of skin damage when we are children, too young to worry about looking old or using anti aging creams. The realization that the damage is already done comes later in life. Research is showing, however, that some skin damage can be reversed with topical vitamin treatment. The two vitamins particularly promising for this are vitamin C and Vitamin E, which have been shown in limited studies to improve collagen structure, induce production of elastin, decrease wrinkles, fade brown spots, and make the skin more supple and smooth. In short, used over time, they seem to make skin look younger. If further investigation supports this, all of the best anti aging creams will soon contain these vitamins.


So be good to your skin, protect it as best you can from the sun and wind, and other irritants that assail it daily, and if you start to notice signs of aging, give it the best anti aging cream you can find.


R. Drysdale is a freelance writer with more than 25 years experience as a health care professional. You can learn more about anti aging creams on the AntiAging Information site.


Anti Aging Medicine


The field of anti aging medicine is a growing specialty spurred on by ever increasing demand for ways to stay young. The incredible advances of modern medicine over the last century make it plausible that, at some time in the not too distant future, we will be able to halt or even reverse the aging process. For now, we are making progress in baby steps.


Antiaging medication includes a broad spectrum of drugs, vitamin and mineral supplements, and foods with exceptional health giving properties. There is no “magic bullet” anti aging medicine to simply halt the physical process of aging: such a drug is still a long way away, and may be an unrealistic expectation in a world where aging is influenced by many diverse factors.


Anti aging medicine studies the natural changes in body physiology over the course of a human life. Why do we become physically weaker as the years pass and what makes older people more susceptible to certain diseases than young people? Some research focuses on prevention, while other studies look for cures. Anti aging studies necessarily cross over into other medical specialty areas, such as cancer research and gene therapy, and any specific antiaging medication might also be shared with other disciplines.


Perhaps it is a change in the perception of how many diseases are linked to aging that makes anti aging medicine seem like something new. Knowledge gained in preventing the spread of infectious diseases, the importance of clean food and water, and the ability of certain drugs to cure have all contributed to a continually lengthening life expectancy in the Western world. In a sense, then, immunization, water treatment, food inspection, and antibiotic use are all types of antiaging medication.


Outside the realm of specific diseases, however, anti aging medicine has embraced a whole group of treatments that simply claim to make people look and feel younger. These include the newest antiaging medication, such as glucosamine sulfate to ease aging joints or human growth hormone therapy to increase energy, muscle mass, and strength. It is here that the most controversy exists, for many treatments are simply too new to have any solid track record, or make promises that aren’t fulfilled.


The range of products is vast, both on the internet and on store shelves, and no one review or reference can adequately cover them all. Before taking any antiaging medication or submitting to any treatment. Take the time to research the product claims and investigate possible side effects. If you can, back up your decision by consulting a qualified specialist in anti aging medicine.


R. Drysdale is a freelance writer with more than 25 years experience as a health care professional. You can learn more about anti aging medicine on the AntiAging Information site.


Want Youthful Skin? Anti-Aging And Anti-Wrinkle Solutions


It's often said that beauty is wasted on the young. I never understood this until I hit my early 40's, which is when the first major signs of aging became apparent. You know the kind of thing, a neck that begins to wobble just under the chin and those lines on the forehead and around the eyes that are slow to shallow after a facial expression. These are the first signs of aging.


I understand now why getting older is such an unpleasant experience (visually), and why so many of us are slow to accept it as a natural part of being. When we're young, that's all we know, so we have nothing to compare our youth to. Young people don't appreciate taught skin, lineless faces, and thick crops of hair, because that's just the way it's always been. When we're old of course, we can compare how we are now with how we used to be, and it's this yearning for our youthful good looks which make us rebel against the aging process. The anti-aging and anti-wrinkle entrepreneurs of the 21st century have made their fortunes out of folks just like me.


Unless there's a miracle cure for the appearance of aging, then there will never be a shortage of cosmetic products dominating the ground floors of department stores and salons. But is beauty or youthful looks really only skin deep or does physical appearance really have an influence on our daily lives. I can't speak for every town in every state, but where I come from you would rarely find a receptionist over weight and over 35 in most of the high street office buildings down town. I have had personal experience of having numerous job rejections and ignored job applications at just 41 years of age. As an experiment, I applied for a bunch of jobs I had no interest in and put my age down as 28. Of those 10 applications I got 2 rejections and 8 invitations for interviews.


Okay, so there comes a point where we have to accept those things we cannot change and just focus on the ones we can. As far as aging is concerned, we can't reverse the process but we can and should take great pride in our appearance, and look as good as we possibly can for our age. There are plenty of anti-aging and anti-wrinkle lotions, creams, and potions on the market to help us out.

Although most of these products exaggerate their claims of reversal and elimination of the visible signs of aging, many can and do help to take care of the skin nonetheless. And they're not just for woman either. We are seeing more and more anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products on the shelves for men too, and it's nice to see societies not letting themselves go as they used to in past generations. No disrespects to my grandfather, (god rest his soul), but he looked like the living dead for about 20 years before he popped his socks!


Some of us find it necessary to take more extreme measures to combat the aging process like cosmetic surgery of the cutting variety. Going under the knife is a last resort for me but if I'm honest, it's not been totally crossed off my lists of anti-aging treatments. I have a friend who is 77 years old and could easily pass for mid to late 50's. He had a major face lift some years back, but when he reached his late 60's all of his hair fell out, and I mean all of it. As a consequence, you can visibly see the 2 scars just above his ears where he had his cut and tuck surgery, and so it's obvious to the world now why he looks the way he does.


Acceptance and self care is what's needed to those facing a mid life crisis of sorts. Additionally, an attitude adjustment within society as a whole would also go a long way to lessen the pains for those of us who are over 40 and experiencing our first signs of aging.


Gary Tooth is a proficient writer for where he has articles on Anti-Aging Creams and Anti-Virus Protection He also has other 'Anti' related pieced on the site.

The Best Anti Aging Face Cream

With so many products to choose from today, it's hard to decide what the best anti aging face cream is. There's no correct answer of course: everyone's face is different and one product won't suit everybody. Good products, however, will have certain features in common.


When you are searching for the best consumer anti aging face care, look for products that protect your skin from the sun: we know that sunlight does damage to skin and causes wrinkles and other signs of aging. Your face is consistently exposed to more sunlight than any other part of your body, and this is why some moisturizing facial creams now contain sun protection ingredients. Applying one of these products to your face daily, before applying makeup, will give you daily protection. While the best anti aging face cream should include sun protection, if you choose one that doesn't, consider adding a skin lotion with a sun protection factor (SPF) rating of at least 15 to your daily skin care routine.


The Anti-aging guide at is written by an academic with pharmacy credentials. It provides current anti aging information divided into six categories: fasting, drugs, nutrition, biomedicine, quality of life and exercise. Content on the site includes summaries of scientific study results – a great resource when may anti aging websites don’t provide any solid scientific backup for the claims they make. The Anti-aging guide also has a short list of “hot anti-aging news,” allowing you to keep up with the latest advances.


Other than sun protection, the best anti aging face cream will be what is sometimes called a "cosmeceutical," a cosmetic product that does more than just make your skin look younger - it actually induces healing or other changes in the skin cells. Active ingredients include vitamins, especially vitamins A, C, D, and E; minerals, especially selenium and zinc; lycopene (found in tomatoes and other fruit) and other antioxidants; herbal extracts; and compounds that lighten skin tone. Many of the best consumer anti aging face care brands include some or all of these things.


The product that will be the best anti aging face cream for you will depend on your specific needs. If you are not noticing the effects of aging too much yet, are are taking a preventative approach, you will probably select a different product from the person who has specific issues to address. Read labels and instructions to determine what products are supposed to do, and if you still unsure which is the best consumer anti aging face care product for you, consult a skin care professional for advice. Though this may cost a bit, it will probably save you money in the long term by narrowing your possible choices to a few quality products.


R. Drysdale is a freelance writer with more than 25 years experience as a health care professional. You can learn more about the best anti aging face cream on the AntiAging Information site.

Anti Aging Websites

Anti aging websites – there are so many of them now that it’s hard to know which ones are worth spending time on. The high consumer demand for anti aging information and antiaging products and services has resulted in the proliferation of sites catering to these needs. Before you start searching for specific information about services, products, health problems, or life style suggestions, it’s a good idea to surf the web a little bit – look at various websites and bookmark the ones that you might like to return to. This will save you a lot of time later. Here are a few good sites to get you started.


Another of the good anti-aging websites, the Anti-aging Newsletter at contains summaries of current scientific publications on everything from the benefits of calorie restricted diets to the debate on cryonics. These publications are gleaned from peer reviewed scientific journals and are therefore the latest in information you can trust. This site also provides links to other resources, conferences, and sources of information, as well as resumes of the medical advisors for the site.


The AntiAging Information site at contains a wealth of information as well as links to other anti aging websites and commentary on controversial products and services. Browse this site for a comprehensive introduction to the subject of anti aging medicine, and to the scope of anti aging content on the internet, both good and bad. Once you know what to expect, you will be better able to judge the quality of an anti aging website yourself.


The Scientific and Educational Website on Human Longevity at is a scientific website developed by two experts and educators in the field of longevity. This website provides fascinating reading: here you will read about theories of what influences and controls longevity, vital information if we hope to increase the human life span or our own chances of living longer. This site will not offer you products like most anti aging websites, but it will broaden you understanding of the subject and give you lots to think about – and keeping an active mind may be integral to enjoying the maximum number of productive years of life.


R. Drysdale is a freelance writer with more than 25 years experience as a health care professional. You can learn more about anti aging websites on the AntiAging Information site.


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