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Anti Aging Articles, Tips and Information

More Effective Anti-Aging Treatments

Aging is considered the worst kind of stigma these days. With so many advertisements, TV shows, videos, photos and whatsoever of young people, youth has become a substantial part of modern lifestyle. Old people have no place in this world, unless they do something to hide their hideous wrinkles that remind us that life is not so sweet and it will eventually end. The unpleasant things should be hidden, at least that's the modern idea of staying young forever. There are a lot of methods used to cover the inevitable scars that age leaves on human face. The anti-aging treatments are so various today, that it is almost impossible to make your way through the numerous youth cures available.

Of course, each respectful brand of anti-aging cosmetic has something to offer.

Everyone admits that beauty is skin deep. But this depth is so vigorously protected from wrinkles, like it is the most important thing in the world. Just consider the various anti-aging face creams, meant to eliminate wrinkles. There are coming in especially nowadays. The anti-aging treatment industry should really be making a fortune out of all these old people who want to hide their age, don't you think? Just go out for a walk through the big malls of your town. You will discover the numerous cosmetic stalls spread all over the market place. Each cosmetic brand offers you its particular anti-aging treatment system. You can really get messed up with all this anti-aging treatment methods.


But how can you distinguish between them all and choose the best one? There is no such miracle cream, which would make you look 20 years younger. Don't believe what advertisements tell you. The best way to prevent wrinkles from showing up, is to start anti-aging treatment while you are still young. Start with mild creams, which only give vitamins to your skin. They will gradually make your skin cells more resistant to wrinkle process. Try only the reputable brands of cosmetics, and try them all. By trial and error, you will gradually come to a conclusion which brand suits you best. You may then stick to it, and use it on a regular basis, thus making your epidermal cells stronger.


Get to know your skin type and skin condition. Then you may choose the cosmetics that best suit your skin and really help you. You can always avail of the advice of your dermatologist. You may as well hop online and find bountiful information about skin and skin types anti-aging treatment. Start with natural products and use them regularly. This will surely prevent wrinkles from showing up, but remember: time cannot be stopped and you should have realistic expectations about the anti-aging treatment results.


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Retin A is an Effective Anti Aging Cream


Continuous sun exposure can make a big difference to the body skin over the years. It brings lot of difference to the skin's texture and appearance. One of the major effects of sunlight is the aging of the skin. Aging is characterised by wrinkles, sagging and discoloration. The skin gets thinner and dryer as one ages. In order to avoid aging it's better to implement an anti aging skin care treatment program early on. One such treatment is "surface treatment" with a medicine named Retin A. This Retin A is used as an anti aging cream. It's a vitamin A-enriched cream that changes the cellular metabolism of the skin's surface and is used to combat fine facial wrinkles and saves from sun damage


It is recommended to use Retin A once a day and only on the affected portion. But before the usage of this medicine, it is suggested to follow some vital steps for finding successful results. The best time for applying Retin A is before bedtime. Before using this medicine, wash the skin with mild shop and dry the area and after that apply a thin film of Retin A to the affected and the surrounding area. But wash your hands immediately after its usage and avoid eye contact.


It cannot be exactly predicted how Retin A works. But clinical studies think that it may somehow loosen the connections between the skin cells and at the same time enhance the growth of new cells which in turn eliminates the problem of Acne. At the same time, it affects the depletion and dispersion of melanin as well as thickening and strengthening the tissues resulting for a firm and wrinkle free skin.


Its application may give mild stinging and a warm sense at the initial stage. On the other hand, dryness, scaling and redness may occur frequently. But if severe redness develops, a doctor should be notified immediately for it may be possible to start the therapy with a lower concentration. Besides it has been also found that some patients using Retin A developed an increased sensitivity to ultra violet rays of the sun resulting in sunburn. Therefore, it is advisable to use a sunscreen before exposing the skin to the sun. A lot of quality results are found using the medicine on a regular basis, in the proper way and for an adequate period of time. It is prescribed to both younger as well as older persons.


Alan Anderson writes on health, beauty and hairstyles. He has been working in the same field and writes informative articles for Hair Care subject. To learn more about Propecia, Hair Care tips, Hair Care Products, Retin A, Oracea, Hair Loss treatment visit


Understanding Mechanism of Anti Aging

Every one knows she is aging even before one sees a wrinkle on her face. But still, when they really show up, they scare us. Then we start groping around to know more about aging, wrinkles and treatment for wrinkles. Today there are effective medications and treatments aided by laser technology are available for wrinkles. But to choose from a variety of lotions for wrinkles, one should understand the mechanism of aging.


Retin A or Retinoic acid is made from vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin that is absorbed through the intestines and stored in the liver. Vitamin A plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy skin. It comes in the form of liquid cream or gel and is applied before going to bed. Apart from using it as an anti aging cream it is also found to be very effective for the treatment for Acne and helps in eliminating the scars and blemishes left by acne.


Mechanism of Aging

Millions of cells on the epidermis (outer skin) die every minute and are replenished by endodermis continuously. This dermis contains fat, water along with cells that facilitate production of fibers, collagen and elastin. The firmness and elasticity to skin is provided by these fibers. As we age, endodermis holds lesser water and fat. And behind the scene it is the free oxygen molecules that languish in our bodies seeking to satisfy themselves electrically by yanking electrons from healthy cells. This triggers a chain reaction wrecking havoc thus damaging tissues. This is a process called oxidation and simply put, aging. Many factor like foods, exposure to UV light, sleeplessness, pollution contribute to oxidation.


Anti-Aging Medicines

The available anti aging medications essentially contain antioxidants (A typical example is benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid). These medications are blends of antioxidants, a host of vitamins, (A & E) and minerals that work to reverse the aging process. They revitalize the skin, aid metabolism and helps regain some of the lost firmness and elasticity. Aged skin holds lesser water, which means anti-aging lotions have to moisturize our skins and protect from pollutants and sun. Typically, the result of using such antioxidant creams shows after 4-6 months for sustained results. Do everything that is possible to keep yourself healthy. Exercise regularly is a good way to maintain a high quality of life. Clear Light and Smooth Beam (CLSB) lasers may be used in the treatment of aging skin. The destructive power of laser light is put to use to vaporize the hardened wrinkles in the endodermis. CLSB also stimulates the growth of collagen.


What FDA Has To Say

FDA, in its numerous releases, has alerted that any product using certain descriptive words like anti-aging, counteract, retard or control aging, rejuvenate, repair or restructure the skin is a drug as it claims to alter or reconstruct the inner structure and metabolism, requires marketing clearance and New Drug Approval under section 201(g) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.


Alan Ross is a regular article contributor on many topics. Be sure to visit his other websites Anti-Aging, Anti-Aging Clinic andPlastic Surgery

Anti Aging Herbs in Ayurveda

Everybody in this world wants to live forever. But it's not possible and is understood by all. Another desire every body want, is to live youthful mentally and physically till they die. Ayurveda has laid stress on two things, one that to attain long life and second is to live like a youth till death. Ancient ayurvedic medical texts Charak samhita mentions in its very first chapter about the techniques by which you can attain long and youthful life. Chapter is named as rasayan. Rasayan are herbs and certain lifestyle techniques by which an ideal condition is attained in the body, so as to minimize the daily wear and tear amongst the cells and tissues to obtain longitivity, rich memory skills, health, youth, efficiency in doing work and vigor. Basically rasayan in a substance that retards aging and makes body strong to fight against diseases. Ayurveda has mentioned many types of rasayanic herbs like Amla, shilajit, haritaki, guduchi, shankhpushpi, bhallatak, pipilli, and triphala etc. out of these Amla and shilajit are considered one of the best rasayan.

A heavenly blessed herb with wonderful applications, indicated in almost every disease. Amla is a rasayan mentioned by sage Charak in his golden book Charak Samhita and almost every ayurvedic ancient physician of that era. Amla is considered as a magical herb as it is one herb, which is almost part of every ayurvedic classical preparation. World-renowned ayurvedic herbal supplement Chyavanprash contains Amla more than 50% of all its bulk. Amla is rich in Vitamin C and is used very commonly in supplementing ascorbic acid. Amla has a small tree, which belongs to Euphorbiaceous family. Amla is known as Emblica officinalis in biological terms. Amla is commonly called as amlaki in Indian subcontinent and as Indian gooseberry in general English people. Amla is a fruit used without seed mostly in dried form but in Chyavanprash fresh Amla is used. Amla consist of sheet (cold) virya potency and is guru (heavy) and ruksh (dry) in property. Amla contains five rasa i.e. madhur, amal, katu, tickt and kashaya. Amla chemically contains ascorbic acid, phyllembin, phyllemblic acid, gallic acid, ellagic acid, zeatin, Z riboside, Z nucleotide, and tannins.

Read more about Benefits and Uses of Amla


* Can increasing HGH levels really aid in reversing the signs of aging?

Yes. By increasing the human growth hormone in your system, it can lower the blood pressure, can even build muscles, improve sexual potency, increase the skin's elasticity, sharpen the vision and can also thicken the hair making you look and feel younger.

Pharmacological action of Amla
Amla is rich in tannins which retards the oxidation of Vitamin C therefore helps in restoring the functional element of Amla. Pectin present in it has well-known results in decreasing cholesterol. It inhibits platelets agglutination. Its hematinic and lipalytic function helps in countering diseases like scurvy and jaundice. It regulates digestion and controls over secretions of acids causing hyperacidity. A well renowned herb with anti aging action due to presence of properties that regulate vata dosha which plays a major role in aging process of an individual. Due to its sheet virya potency Amla has proven its effectiveness in liver related disorders, premature graying, hair loss, encourages hair and nail growth, improves eyesight, cleanses mouth, nourishes the teeth and bones. A very good intestine and colon cleaner due to it action which promotes peristaltic movement of our gastro intestinal tract. Amla has powerful action on increased glucose level in blood therefore helps in normalizing blood sugar level due to presence of katu, tickt and kashaya rasa and also because it helps in protein synthesis therefore helps in synthesis of insulin, a protein required for balancing glucose levels in blood stream.

Amla has numerous other pharmacological actions. A powerful antioxidant, which helps in retarding preoxidation of our body cells and hence keeps us young and energetic. A well proven anti microbial action like anti bacterial, anti viral, anti fungal, yeast subsidal action, nematacidal and anti protozoal action of Amla is extensively used in ayurvedic line of treatment. Amal is considered as one of the best hypotensive agent and is vastly used by ayurvedic physicians in lowering down the high blood pressure. It gets this property because of its cold potency action. Amla is highly indicated in ulcers, inflammations, constipation, diarrhoea, and heart burns i.e. hyperacidity. An excellent pitta dosha suppressant therefore helps in suppressing disorders caused by pitta dominance. It suppresses burning sensations in palm and soles. It works as antipyretic agent, and makes mind calm and cool.

Due to presence of kashaya rasa Amla is said to enhance red blood cells production. Significant results have been seen in eye inflammations and in improving near sightedness. Amla is also known for its cosmetic values as it helps in hair growth and reduces pigmentation on skin.

Due such actions on our body Amla rejuvenate our whole body system and helps us in regaining the lost energies and enthusiasm in life. It delays aging of our cells and therefore prevents early signs of aging, which easily reflects on our face. It helps in fading away the wrinkles and makes our skin glow which reflects good health. It helps in strengthening our teeth and provide then with the extras strength to last longer then normal.

Another discovery of ayurveda, which has lead to complete change in life of people. An herb obtained from Himalayas, having very diverse mode of action. Shilajit is a resinous matter that oozes out of Himalayan Mountains during summers, which is result of decomposed plant matter dumped in the mountains due to pressure caused by sliding of crusts of mountains. Shilajit is pale brown to black in texture having shiny appearance. It is consumed after purification in milk that helps in detoxifying any toxins present in it. In Sanskrit shilajit means ruler of mountains and suppressor of weakness, so as the name suggest it performs similar action i.e. it helps in subduing weakness and makes our body rule over all the diseases. Shilajit, from very ancient times has been an integral part of ayurvedic medical system. It is a constituent of various ayurvedic classical medicines due to its rejuvenating powers that helps to improve our immunity and therefore helps our body fight against the various diseases. Shilajit finds its mention in every ancient ayurvedic texts. It is considered as rasayan. Modern sciences regard it as a powerful antioxidant, which helps in delaying preoxidation process of cells therefore helpful in supporting our body for longitivity.

Its properties like laghu (light) and ruksh (dry) helps and its ushan (hot) virya potency, presence of katu, tickt and kashaya rasa makes it work as a powerful antioxidant and a good health supplement. As per its chemical aspect is considered it contains fulvic acid, which has been of great utility in human body. Besides fulvic acid it contains certain biochemical and photochemical which give it properties to behave like an anti oxidant, and reduces the production of free radicals important for retarding early aging processes of cells and helps them fighting the preoxidation of the cells in the body. It is also very helpful in making bodies immunity strong thus plays a very important role in building our body without making it affected by any disease. Moreover it is very helpful in supplementing our body with important vitamins and minerals thus rendering our body to grow to the fullest. This helps in reducing any wear and tear of the bodies' cells thus is very helpful in avoiding any undue stress on bodies metabolism thus avoiding aging processes. Moreover due to ushan virya potency, shilajit is helpful in suppressing vata dosha, a dosha very much responsible in causing early aging changes and loss of energies in body. Due to its actions shilajit is helpful in avoiding formation of wrinkles and loosening of skin thus helps in retarding early age changes in the body.

Overall we can say that shilajit is very much helpful in rejuvenating our whole body and its systems, thus making it feel young and energized. Read more about Benefits and Uses of Shilajit

For more information visit Ayurvedic Natural Health Supplements, Herbal Remedies by Ayurveda

Dr. Jyotiraditya Agarwal

Anti-Aging Questions - Different Anti-Aging Skin Treatments?

* What is the best thing I can do to keep my skin healthy and youthful?

The best way to keep your skin healthy and youthful is to have enough supplements of vitamins in your everyday living. Vitamin A, E, and C are the primary vitamins that are helpful to your skin health and youthfulness. Vitamin C and E is used to repair the skin damaged by the sun. Vitamin A also has a different role in having healthy and beautiful skin. Vitamin A helps you to avoid wrinkles and dryness of skin. Furthermore, these vitamins are also very healthy for your wellbeing. They will aid in preventing illness that can damage your health.


Botox Wrinkle Cream


* Is botox safe?

Botox is safe if managed by the medical professionals properly. On the other hand, there are side effects associated with botox. However these are only mild and not permanent. Always remember that every medical procedure has a benefits as well as risks to consider.


* What is dermabrasion?

Dermabrasion is a surgical procedure that helps to keep your skin smooth by removing skin irregularities and imperfections such as chicken pox scars, acne, and pits in the face, tattoos and even in reducing your wrinkles by means of scraping the skin using fine sandpaper or a wire brush.


* What is exfoliation?

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from your face and your body. This will make you look young in a healthy way both inside and out.


* What is glycolic peel?

Glycolic peel is also a part of the exfoliation process wherein it removes the micro-thin top layer of the skin. Removing damaged cells motivates the cell divisions that result in healthier young cells. It also smoothes and softens your skin, lessen the acne, and reduces fine lines.


* What can I do to keep my neck looking young?

Always remember that your neck has a thin layer of skin that can be easily damaged by the sun. In order to keep your neck looking young, here are some healthy tips:


- Make sure that whatever treatment you do to your face, it should also be done to your neck. If you are applying moisturizing creams or having facial treatment, always include your neck.

- When you are planning on being outside for a long period of time, make sure that you have applied sun block to your neck especially when you have short hair. Hats are not enough to protect your neck from the sun.


- Always massage your neck lightly with an upward motion. This helps to stimulate capillaries to bring more blood to the surface.

- Get used to sleeping on a lower pillow so that the neck will be stretched rather than folding into your chin.

- Always maintain a good posture so that your neck will look younger.


* What kind of diet is best for antiaging?

The best diet for antiaging is the so-called "whole foods" diet. These foods contain vegetables, legumes, eggs, and yogurt, oils that are rich in monounsaturated fats, fruits, breads that are multigrain, water and tea. This has to do with the phytochemicals, monounsaturated fats and antioxidants that had been contributed.


Amber Annesley is a regular contributor to anti-aging and skin care-related resources such as Anti-Aging FAQ. Website:


Anti Aging Products - The anti-aging market is one of the largest in the world. Aging is something that effects every single person on this earth.


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Anti Aging Exercise - The beauty of what you can do when deciding on the route you want to take in your anti aging skin care is that your choices are many.

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Reduce Cholesterol Risk - Lowering cholesterol is important business. The airwaves are replete with messages promoting drugs to reduce cholesterol risk. "Ask your doctor if Brand-X is right for you."


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