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Anti Aging Articles, Tips and Information

Anti Aging - Look And Feel 10 Years Younger Without Drugs or Sugery

Is it possible to look and feel years younger than what you are now without expensive drugs and surgery? Yes, of course you can.

• Do Cardio Exercises – When you exercise your cardiovascular system, your heart and lungs get stronger.

Here is how:


You will breathe better and oxygen circulates better. You may be able to avoid age related diseases like high blood pressure, stroke and heart problems. Since your blood circulates well, that will put a glow of pink health on your skin and face. And since you are fitter, you won’t look tired and haggard. Cardio exercises will also help you to maintain a healthy weight. With low body fat, you will also avoid many age related diseases besides look great and younger.


• Build Muscle – In order to build muscles, you will need to lift weights. Weightlifting with strengthen your bones too and helps prevent other aging diseases like osteoporosis and muscle dystrophy (wasting away of muscles). With cardio exercises, weightlifting and correct eating habits, you will keep your body fat down and owned an attractive well toned body. This will boost your self esteem and your added confidence will be another look young factor.


• Avoid Direct Sunlight. Always wear at least an SPF 15 sun block when out in the sun even on cloudy days. Sunlight is now known to be one of the main factors of skin aging. Prolong exposure to sunlight will cause wrinkles, skin pigmentation, rough and coarse skin and even skin cancers.


• Vitamins and Antioxidants – Take multi vitamins and antioxidants regularly as a supplement. They will mop up free radicals and improve your general health besides providing better immunity to diseases and great looking skin.


• Sleep – Sleep at least 8 hours a day. More even better. Sleep helps your body to recharge and repair itself from stress and work. Your muscles build up from the exercises you have done during your sleep. Furthermore, with enough rest, you will look fresh and radiant. They don’t call it “beauty sleep” for nothing right?


• Water – Drink lots and lots of plain water. It will help flush out toxins and waste products and thereby hydrating your skin for a better glow.


• Say No To Cigarettes and Alcohol – Cigarettes and alcohol are a no no if you want smooth beautiful skin. Cigarettes with its many toxins will speed up the aging process. Wrinkles and fine lines on your face and hands will appear even when you are young. Alcohol will dehydrate your skin and you will have with flaking and dry skin. Combined the two together, you will look much older than you really are. Just do all these anti aging and very soon, you will look years younger without surgery or drugs.


Chris Chew is a personal trainer of fashion models, pageant winners, actors and other celebs.

See his sites for more free fitness tips. Lose fat fast. Build muscle fast. and Free Fitness Tips.


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


The Worlds Leading Anti-Aging Products


Skin cell reproduction slows down as one continues to age. The declining rate at which fresh cells are reproduced, combined with exposure to sunlight, gravity, and years of frowning and other facial movements, reduces skin elasticity. These natural developments lead to the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging on the forehead, cheeks, around the mouth, and even the hands and neck. A high number of individuals are unwilling to accept the physical changes, helping the market for anti-aging products grow into a multi-billion dollar industry. Non-invasive skin care products to address aging are now generating huge demand. These anti-aging products include skin lighteners and skin tightening and anti-wrinkle creams.


1. Cosmecuticals

A product line known as cosmeceuticals (cosmetics and pharmaceuticals combined) has also emerged. These refer to cosmetic products featuring alpha lipoic acid - a strong anti-oxidant - and other biologically active ingredients. Such products may also have cellular enhancing ingredients and different anti-aging vitamins, essential oils, herbs and botanical extracts. A key characteristic of anti-wrinkle creams and other anti-aging treatments is that their ingredients enhance blood circulation below the skin, enabling more nutrients to reach the surface and consequently enhancing skin elasticity.


3. Wrinkle Creams

Anti-wrinkle creams are developed to make skin on the neck and face firm mainly by acting on collagen, or the protein under the skin surface that conditions suppleness. This clinically proven product, which helps eliminate wrinkles and lines around the mouth and eyes and on the forehead, helps keep collagen fibrils nutrient-rich and moisturized. Alpha lipoic acids are found in most anti-wrinkle creams, promoting skin cell health and reproduction. Some creams are also enhanced with vitamins B, C and E to boost the skin renewal process. Generally, anti-wrinkle creams are massaged into the face to enhance blood circulation and tighten skin tissue. Ideally, the product is accompanied by sunscreen for protection against the sun's UV rays.


4. Skin Lighteners

Skin lighteners have become unfairly criticized as an anti-aging treatment due to excessive and negative publicity surrounding pop star Michael Jackson's use of the product. Lightening products work by controlling the production of melanin - the substance that defines skin pigmentation.


- Lighteners prevent excessive pigmentation - Prevents discoloration - Enhances skin tone - Use only such products if they have 2% or less hydroquinone


5. Skin Firming

Skin tightening or firming creams make one look younger by enhancing skin resilience and elasticity. The crucial ingredient in these creams is Vitamin C or ascorbic acid, which research has shown to be effective in promoting collagen production and speeding up skin cell activity. These creams are also responsible for flushing out excess water and splitting fat cells with no impact on the skin surface. Manufacturers advise that tightening creams be applied prior to sleeping to maximize their effect and skin penetration without any interruptions for the full 8-10 hours that one is at rest. Consumers have noted that the cream worked on and helped reduce fine lines, dimples, wrinkles and sagging skin.


For more great anti-aging related articles and resources check out


Meeting Identical Twins Aged 50 Taught me the Secret to Anti Aging


In my late teens, I met a lady called Emily who was 50 years old. She was the mother of my sisters boyfriend, at the time. She looked good for her age, a refined 50 year old.. exactly how I would like to look when I am that age. One day when I was at her house, Emily's sister was there. Her sister looked very similar to Emily, but about 10 years older, so I had her pegged as Emily's elder sister.


2. Drastic Measures

There are some individuals who take a more extreme step in pursuit of the so-called fountain of youth: plastic surgery. Some of the 'popular' choices are botox injections, skin cell detoxification, laser hair removal and resurfacing, microdermabrasion and liposuction, face lifts, dermal fillers and chemical peeling. One should remember that such procedures generate dramatic and safe results, particularly when done by experienced physicians, but are not without any risk and significant costs.


Botox Wrinkle Cream

But what I discovered next was set to change my thinking forever: She was an IDENTICAL TWIN!!!

I was totally shocked! Literally she looked 60 while Emily looked about 45. The difference? Smoking. The older looking twin smoked, the other did not. At that age it did wake me up to the fact that daily habits such as smoking cannot be seen in the short term, but over a lifetime clearly add up to aged skin, lines and general bad health - and looking older then your years.

BUT the more interesting thing I learnt had nothing to do with smoking!

It always made me wonder, being a scientist myself, how smoking, UV rays from the sun, pollution, stress and excessive exercise can all lead to similar ailments, including of course premature aging. Particularly UV rays and smoking - how do they cause the same effect in the body? Then one day a few years back I met a German scientist who explained everything. The feeling was one of a TOTAL understanding of the body, yet the concept was so simple!

Smoking itself does not age you - I mean don't get me wrong there are many affects of smoking, but one effect was particularly important. Smoking and UV rays as well as other things, cause a huge increase in molecules in the body called FREE RADICALS. The body produces these normally, however activities such as smoking increase the levels to dangerous amounts. These free radicals in turn INCREASE the normal rate of mutations that occur in the body.

Just to clarify, for a moment: the body is always in a state of renewal. Constantly duplicting its cells and then killing the old ones. It makes exact replicas of itself to do this. BUT over time errors occur (mutations) - and this is the NORMAL AGING PROCESS.

Now these free radical molecules SPEED UP the mutations, and therefore SPEED UP AGING.

I then learnt about anti oxidants. Antioxidants 'mop up' free radicals in the body. We get them from fruit and vegetables in the diet and they form our protection.

SO... it is NOT smoking, per say, but the fact that it INCREASES production of free radicals in the body > and these go around INCREASING the rate of mutation in our cells which is the main cause of aging. You got it!

and... anti oxidants, the natural nutrients found in fruit and vegetables can mop up these free radicals bringing them back into line.

So... you could say, the more we have things such as pesticides on food, UV rays because of the ozone layer, pollution we cannot avoid, and hectic stressful lifestyles (as well as cultural habits such as smoking or passive smoking) the MORE anti oxidants we need.

But. As we need MORE anti oxidants, the supply is going down. Why? Because of the global market for fruit and vegetables, most are picked when unripe (the full complex of anti oxidants and their required co factors do not get a chance to form) and then shipped in gas storage around the world. All this means the nutritional value decreases. And that is in the fresh, natural produce. Add to that the fact that most of us eat in our diet mostly processed food (nutrients dead) - and there is a real problem.

When I found all this I realised something.

If Emilys aunt is the real life example of what a higher level of free radicals does to you over time - increasing the aging process - surely the more anti oxidants we eat from a natural source to keep the levels low, the more likely we are to be the reverse of Emily's sister, and look 10 years YOUNGER when we are 50! I'll drink (my anti aging bioactive juice) to that!


A scientist by training, I see our body as one big chemical reaction, with everything going in to it counting towards our health and appearance. Working with the best anti aging natural supplements over the last three years has led me to meetings with the worlds leading dieticians and doctors and I have learnt so much from this, which I now share to the world!


Anti Aging Skin Care - 7 Tips On Looking Younger

Do you want to look younger? Let’s face it, nowadays, who doesn't? Once it was just celebrities and those in the public eye who worried about looking older everyone else grew old gracefully! Now 40 is the new 30 and men as well as women care about their appearance, there is even a trend in society to discriminate against the older generation.


What can you do to stay looking younger? There is no Anti Aging Magic Potion that will clear your wrinkles overnight, but with discipline and a good Anti Aging Skin Care routine in place you will be on your way to looking younger for longer.


There are many drastic solutions available for anti aging skin care to help you look younger, from the traditional cosmetic face lift to injecting chemicals like Botox into the skin to provide a temporary wrinkle smoothing effect. Not everyone is willing, or financially able to go to these extremes. So what can you do on a day to day basis that will help you feel and look younger? By following the 7 steps below, you will be on your way to a more youthful appearance for longer. And remember it is never too late (or too early!) to start a good anti aging routine.


Seven tips on looking after your body and mind:

1. Drink plenty of water every day - most doctors recommend 7 to 10 glasses a day. Water flushes out toxins, keeping your body and skin clean. Also your skin will look clearer and plumper if it is not dry. Definitely the first step for "anti aging skin care" to look younger.


2. Eat a healthy balanced diet, include something from all the major food groups each day in your diet. Eat plenty of fibre and fresh fruit and vegetables. The UK government recommends five portions of fruit and vegetables are eaten daily, however this should be the minimum amount you eat. Fruit and vegetables contain many essential vitamins and minerals that help maintain and repair the skin and cells. Not only will your skin look younger but your body will age better and you will be less prone to many common diseases of old age. The prefect "anti aging skin care solution" Also avoid eating fatty and oily foods which increase your weight but do not give you anything nutritionally. Overweight people generally look and feel much older than they are.


3. Aim to lead a stress free, calm existence. If you are stressed the body releases chemicals which years ago would have helped you to deal with the problem with "fight" or "flight". Since these are not a solution to most of life today’s problems, the chemicals will stay in your body and cause you to become mentally or physically ill. Ensure that you sleep well and exercise regularly. Use whichever techniques help you to relax - taking a long warm bath, massage or aroma therapy are just a few to try. Remember, extreme stress will just cause your hair to go white and your face to look tired and lined. Enjoy life!


4. Regular exercise, taken at least 3 times a week and daily if possible, will work wonders in helping you look and feel younger. Ensure the exercise is vigorous enough to make you break out in a sweat and your skin will look younger as toxins are flushed out. Remember to contact your doctor before drastically changing your exercise regime.


5. Avoid UV radiation as it is the major cause of premature skin aging and wrinkles. Ensure you always have adequate sun protection for the climate and your skin type. Buy facial moisturisers which contain UV protection for daily use. Use of a good quality high factor sun cream should be part of your daily routine. A tan might look good for a while but you will age and wrinkle quickly and be more prone to skin diseases such as cancers.


6. Try to cut out nicotine and alcohol consumption. Smoking will age you as chemicals in the smoke are aging to the skin and will reverse your anti aging skin care process. Additionally, if you are forever squinting through smoke, crow’s lines around the eyes will appear all too quickly. Alcoholic drinks contain many toxins which are harmful to your health. Excessive drinking will mean your liver no longer copes with ridding your body of these toxins.


7. Look for skin care products which are anti aging (those containing the ingredients Vitamin C, retinol and ceramides are very good). Try different anti aging skin care products to see which works best for you and moisturise daily. Remember, if you feel good about yourself, you will look good.


Ana-Stella Kahlon makes it easy to look and feel younger with her tips of Anti aging skin care. Want to learn more about Anti Aging Skin Care, visit


Anti Aging Skin Care and Treatments Dermatologists Use and Recommend


"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's fairest of them all" might have been the uttering of one of the most hated characters we have come across, but this concern for outward good looks is too deep-rooted in the human psyche. The basic concept of beauty has been and remains to be soft, flawless, glowing skin. Advancing age, however, takes its toll and the skin becomes blotchy, rough and dull. Seen from this angle, the topic 'anti aging skin care and treatments' calls for sincere reflection.


The sagging and sinking skins have had enough of natural beauty tips that do really well unless scars and wrinkles steal appearances and the once healthy skin falls an easy prey to advancing age. It is time now that they get some insight into the steps being taken in anti aging skin care and treatments.


One of the best skin care treatments you can add to your anti aging skin care routine is the use of moisturizers. Our skin loses water constantly and if you are like most people you do not enjoy drinking gallons of water in order to keep your skin hydrated. This is the reason you should use moisturizers every day. You should apply an all-natural moisturizer to your face before you apply any type of make-up.


A number of aesthetic or cosmetic plastic surgery like face-lifts, thread lifts, fat transfer and a host of non-surgical skin refinishing treatments are now available to fight back the impacts of aging and the harsh treatments meted out to skin. Given the wide selection of skin-rejuvenating treatments, it is preferable that a reliable dermatologist be entrusted with the responsibility of working out the ideal anti aging skin care treatment to eliminate and soften the effects of aging.


The recommended skin care regimen prescribed by the skin specialist may be a singular or a combination cure, depending on the seriousness of the condition, age and other health related issues. The surgical part of the treatment is handled by the skin specialists but the follow-up skin care program necessitates total patient involvement.


The following section elaborates some of the anti aging skin care treatments, which can be used at home:


Glycolic Acid -

Glycolic or 'fruity acid' treatments are good for pigmented aging skin. The bleaching-cum-moisturizing action of this anti aging skin care treatment removes the skin blotches and smoothens the rough, sun-damaged skin, reviving its natural freshness. Available in two forms (cream and face wash), Glycolic Acid should be applied to the face twice daily or as recommended by the skin specialist. There are no serious medical problems associated with the usage of glycolic acids other than causing temporary skin irritation and redness sometimes. It is regarded as a safe anti-aging skin treatment. Caring for the rejuvenated skin involves use of sun block creams too.


TCA Skin Peels -

The TCA skin peels are the most sought after anti-aging skin care treatments, because these medium strength peels are perfectly safe and essentially effective. They fight back the ravages of advancing years by removing facial lines and wrinkles and give back the skin its lost elasticity, suppleness.


The best thing about this easy-to-apply, home-based anti-aging skin care treatment is that its effect lasts up to a year or so. Twice a year application of TCA peels will certainly benefit the skin and are now available for at home use (see the link below).

Adding some natural skin care tips like hydrating the body inside out, going for a balanced diet (containing anti-oxidants), a little meditation and other health tips summarize a full-fledged anti aging skin care program.


David Maillie is an alumni of Cornell University and specializes in biochemical synthesis for public, private, and governmental interests. He can be reached at

Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

As we all get older we seem to lose that youthful glow that we once had. There are many factors fighting against us to keep our youthful looking skin including, sun, wind, the foods we eat, or the lack of hydration our skin so desperately needs. Quite a few skin care products can help us keep our skin looking better than ever, however, without proper skin care treatment, all the skin care products in the world will not help. To look your best and provide your skin with anti aging skin care you should turn to natural skin care and all natural products.


Let's begin by first looking at your overall daily routine. You need eight hours of sleep, stay out of the sun as much as possible, use a good all natural moisturizer and above all else drink plenty of water. It is recommended in order to have youthful healthy looking skin the best anti aging skin care starts with eight glasses of water per day. Exposure to the sun makes our skin dry and weather beaten. If you must be out in the sun, use sunscreen and moisturizers for natural skin care. Read the label, though, you do not want any product that has any type of alcohol in it; alcohol will dry the skin causing it to age as well.


When you are searching for the best anti aging skin care, you will of course look for anti aging products. The best products for skin care treatment that aid in anti aging are ones that include antioxidants. Antioxidants aid our skin by protecting the collagen and the elastin that we need to keep our skin feeling firm and supple.


The overall thing to remember with all skin care treatment including anti aging skin care is that what you put into your body will show on the outside. You should eat a proper diet and healthy foods. Eating well-balanced meals and nutritional foods will give your skin a healthy glow especially when you remember to drink plenty of water.


Natalie Aranda writes about heath, beauty and fitness.


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