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Fantastic Anti Aging Skin Care and Anti Aging Skin Care Products to Keep You Looking Young

As we get older, we start to notice changes in our body. Things don’t stay as firm and in place as when we were teenagers. But there are definite things we can do to guard against getting older including anti aging skin care. The first order of business is to drink 8 – 10 glasses of water a day. It is imperative that we stay hydrated in order to keep our facial structure and a healthy complexion. Second, if you are out in the sun, wear anti aging skin care products that contain an SPF of 15 or more. This will protect you against the harmful UV rays that can cause serious cell damage. One of the best anti aging skin care actions is to stop smoking. Smoking reeks havoc with your complexion.


Since it is a fact that we are going to get older no matter what we do, we can use some great anti aging skin care products that have been scientifically proven to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Moisturizers and creams that contain vitamin A and E, essential oils, antioxidants, and collagen are especially effective. You can get quality creams without paying a fortune, although, those moisturizers are available as well.


Many people are turning to natural anti aging skin care because they feel it is a more healthy approach. Creams and moisturizers are made with 100% or close to 100% all natural ingredients. You can find a huge selection of recipes on line if you want to give it a try.


There are also a number of anti aging skin care products that are highly recommended by consumer research groups. They have been rated against a number of tough criteria and have actually been consumer tested over a period of time. One study ranked Alpha Derma CE as the best formula for reducing lines and wrinkles.


Coming in a close second was Rejuvinol/Rejuvox a combination am/pm nutrient rich moisturizer. But be careful because anti aging skin care is getting very specialized with products that are suitable for your face but not your eyes. You will have to purchase another cream for those. We highly recommend you try a number of them to see which one works best for you.


Amy-Jo Strutt is a successful health and beauty writer and regular contributor to an online resource to help you find the very best anti aging skin care products.


Health needs to be earned!

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Anti Aging Benefits Of Stretching Exercises| Why Stretch Muscles?


In many exercise programs, be it weight lifting for building and toning muscles or cardio vascular exercises for increasing stamina and to lose weight, most people do not perform enough stretching exercises even though stretching exercises can be performed by anyone at any age unless that person has some physical restriction to stretch. What is worse, many people do not even stretch before and after exercising. Unknown to most people, stretching also has anti aging benefits.


*Benefits of stretching exercises for muscle growth

Stretching is an important aspect of exercising and should be a part of any exercise routine and program. There are many wonderful benefits when you perform regular stretching exercises. Stretching exercises not only help you to warm up and cool down before and after your workouts, it can and will actually help your muscles to grow bigger and stronger too. Don't believe me? Then read on. Stretching exercises help muscle growth because stretching lengthens your muscles and thus giving your muscle fibers a greater range of motion when lifting weights. So in effect, it recruits more muscle fibers and thus causing your muscles to grow stronger and bigger from your weight training.


By stretching your muscles after an intensive workout will reduce muscle soreness commonly known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle sore) which usually occurs a day after your workout. Performing stretching exercises before your workout or before a physically demanding sporting activity will also decrease your chances of sustaining injuries and muscle cramps which will certainly destroy the joy of your activity.


When you stretch regularly, stretching exercises will help you gain agility which will make your daily chores much more pleasant and if you play sports, you will notice your agility is much better than others who do not stretch. This will put you in a more beneficial position against your opponents.


*Anti Aging Benefits Of Stretching Exercises

If you are a baby boomer and age is catching up, this agility will make your life so much more pleasurable because you will be able to avoid stiff muscles and stiff joints unlike your peers who do not stretch. You will be more mobile, agile and suffering from less pain associated with aging and stiff body parts. These anti aging benefits from stretching regularly are priceless. Benefits that money can never be able to buy.


What is more, you can stretch anytime any where as and when you like. Stretching exercises need not be limited as a pre and post workout activity. So start a stretching exercise routine soon and make it part of your everyday lifestyle. You will surely enjoy the pleasures and anti aging benefits that a regular stretching routine can bring you.


Chris Chew is a fitness personal trainer of actors, pageant winners, fashion models and other celebrities. His websites Enjoy Fitness and Great Health Forever and Fitness Trainers In Singapore


Prevage-The Anti Aging Cream

There are no established rules for managing aging skin but there are certainly many antidotes that promise to decrease the rate of aging or the visual appearance of aging. As a result of aging and exposure to a damaging environment there is significant damage within collagen and elastin, both of which are essential for optimal skin health. Once damaged the skin cells innate repair mechanisms cannot work effectively leaving skin saggy, lifeless and wrinkled.


Estimates indicate skin loses up to 30% of its collagen in the first five years after menopause. Skin also thins by approximately a percentage point a year, the decreased cell renewal rate leaves increasing numbers of dead skin cells on the surface. Proper skin care and long-term preventive techniques can help lessen the visible influences of aging Cleansing and moisturizing your skin with appropriate products are two important steps to maintaining skin health. Applying a sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher) is an important step to include no matter what time of year.


Application of antioxidants (like vitamin C, E, A and idebenone) are helpful to sequester free radicals, which ultimately damage the cell membrane, cellular DNA, and other cell structures. Free radicals are produced in the skin when it is exposed to environmental stressors such as UV radiation, ozone, air pollution, and cigarette smoke. A major cause of skin aging comes from free radical damage leaving the cells defenseless and unable to repair and produce more elastin and collagen, both are important to maintain cell structure and integrity. Wrinkles, dry uneven skin tone and sagging are a visible result of free radical damage.


There are many antioxidants available over the counter and in physician offices. The older compounds include vitamin C, vitamin E, Retinols, and Kinetin. Many of these older compounds have not been thoroughly researched to prove they actually do what is promised. Allergan, the makers of Botox Cosmetic, recently introduced PREVAGE. PREVAGE IS THE FIRST AND ONLY CLINICALLY TESTED TOPICAL ANTIOXIDANT. PREVAGE is a novel cosmeceutical containing 1% idebenone--a revolutionary, potent and effective new antioxidant--proven to protect the skin against sun damage and the environment, but also to correct fine lines and wrinkles. PREVAGE is made up of a unique formulation proven to penetrate the skin at the cellular level to prevent free radical damage, not like other topically applied products that just sit on the skin's surface.


Data that compare the leading antioxidants indicate that idebenone is the most effective topical antioxidant available. A six week clinical study evaluated the use of PREVAGE in 21 women between the ages of 18 and 65 with moderate photoaging. The women in the study applied PREVAGE antioxidant cream twice a day to the facial area for 6 weeks. Study results included: *29% reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles *26% reduction in skin roughness or dryness *37% increase in skin hydration *33% overall improvement in global skin appearance

PREVAGE is only available through physician's offices.



Dr. Tracey O'Neal is the medical director of Nu Yu Medical Aesthetics a Toledo, Ohio practice dedicated to anti-aging and non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedures.


Anti Aging Natural Supplements - What Are They?


Anti aging natural supplements - do they exist? Is it possible that anti aging natural supplements can slow the aging process? Absolutely! Numerous clinical studies have shown and are still discovering the health benefits of many nutrients. The foundation for good health is a lifestyle that includes a sensible diet with nutritional supplements, reasonable exercise and weight management. It is important to be aware of what NOT to eat as well as what you should eat. In general, if it comes in a packet or is processed, it's healthier not to eat it.


Slowing down the aging process includes providing your body all the nutrients it requires. These nutrients must work at the cellular level repairing your DNA and RNA. Ideally, you should be able to obtain the essential nutrients from your diet. However, that has not been possible for years. Numerous studies have found the overall nutrient value of foods has been declining for decades due to soil depletion.


Taking one of the high-quality, broad-spectrum anti aging natural supplements helps fill in the dietary gaps that everyone will have. The essential nutrients that you need are extensive and complex. Your body also needs and will use a wide array of anti aging natural supplements -- amino acids, antioxidants, bioflavanoids, neuronutrients, certain herbal extracts, enzymes and specialized substances such as L-Carnosine, alpha lipoic acid, acetyl L-Carnitine, ATP precursors and so on. And these nutrients have to be in the correct proportions to each other based on the latest research.


Remember, even the best anti aging natural supplements cannot substitute for a poor diet. For example, the USDA food pyramid recommends consuming 2.5 cups of vegetables a day for women and 3 cups a day for men -- most people simply do not. Consuming mostly junk food, sodas and sweets and taking anti aging natural supplements will not provide you with all the nutrients your body needs. Anti aging supplements should be considered supplements to, not replacements for, a reasonably balanced diet.


If you are serious about slowing down your aging process, remember that there is no single magic pill, supplement or hormone that on its own will help you achieve this objective. The best anti aging natural supplements aren't the one-a-day vitamin type. Why? One capsule or tablet simply cannot hold all that's needed in necessary quantities -- it would be way too large to swallow. The minimal vitamins and minerals found in the typical one-a-day supermarket vitamins are only the beginning and probably a waste of money.


And on the other hand, when trying to design your own supplement plan, it's easy to end up with a dozen or more individual vitamins and minerals to take daily, which is both a hassle and expensive. Besides, if certain substances are out of balance, it's possible they can combine to produce other unwanted compounds that can be harmful. This is why buying a variety of supplements and taking them together can sometimes even be dangerous.


Another important consideration is that women need a different vitamin formula than men. Women's anti aging natural supplements should contain nutrients proven by clinical studies to support the balancing of female hormones in the years before, during and after menopause. And the best anti aging supplements for men should contain ingredients proven to support healthy male prostate. Learn as much as you can about what finding the best anti aging natural supplements really means. After all, your health, energy and wellness is the issue. Before spending your money, be informed about the products you'll be taking every day.


Read more about best women's vitamins and supplements and best vitamins for men here. David Buster is VP of InfoSearch Publishing and webmaster of - a website of natural health articles, reliable sources of nutritional supplements and related health resources.


Anti-Aging Creams - A New Solution To An Age Old Problem


One of the ugly setbacks of pushing through the years has been the skin aging. Whoever wants to suffer looking at those ugly wrinkles appear one by one as the process of aging occurs? People come across with free radicals every day, in the foods eaten, in drinks, drugs taken in, even in the air; indeed, it turns out to be more and more evident as each day passes that aging is beginning to occur in people as early as in their twenties.


1. Benefits Of Anti Aging Cream

Who does not want flawless, smooth skin which is free of wrinkles? Unfortunately, age is not the only factor which kills that desired youthful look. Smoking restricts the flow of blood through the veins beneath the skin. Not only that, smoking also produces large doses of free radials. Acidosis, a condition charatercterized by excess acid in body fluids, is another cause for the skin cells to undergo oxidation. Excessive sun exposure proved to cause the most damage to the skin due to free radicals. Effects of environmental pollutants, food preservatives and chemicals also contribute to the skin aging process.


three more factors which aggravate skin aging are:


2. Functions

- Capability to restore moisture

- Thickness of the epidermis or the outer layer of the skin

- Abundance of elastic fibers found inside the layers deep beneath the skin


3. Plethora Of Products

Once more, the search for the fountain of youth has begun; but lucky for people today, the fountain has found its home in the paharmacy. Many anti-aging products are available in the market today but one of the most popular is the anti-aging cream. There are so many brands of anti-aging creams in stores everywhere but how does one know what to buy? For the consumer to know, it would be sensible to check out what it contains.


4. What To Look For:

Vitamin A

Also known as retinol, vitamin A is the original antioxidant to be used in cocsmetics.There is now an abundance of scientific evidence available to prove the rewards of using vitamin A topically in alleviating skin damage caused by aging and sun exposure. There are also available forms of synthetic vitamin A , also known as retinoids, which proves to be most effective when topically applied. The capacity of retinol compounds to remedy wrinkles and fine lines, clear out pigmentation and alleviate the damage on the skin brought about by sun exposure make vitamin A an efficient bench mark in evaluating the efficacy of new ingredients which are yet to come.


Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

ALA is an anti-oxidant which is believed to possess potent effects. What makes it unique is simply because of its ability to dissolve both in lipids and water. ALA is capable of penetrating skin cells via the lipid-containing cell membrane and does not lose its efficacy inside the cell since it is very soluble in water. ALA is also observed to have a defensive effect on vitamin E and vitamin C, this then boosts these two potent anti-oxidants inside the cell. Because of these properties, ALA is being considered as an exceptional anti-oxidant and is found in many skin care products avaliable in the market.


Copper Peptides

These substances were first recognized for their capacity to improve the healing process of wounds. Copper peptides are known to be essential in elastin and copper synthesis which compose the structural support of the dermis, the layer of the skin just below the epidermis. Since the elastin and collagen production is diminished in skin aging and exposure to ultraviolet rays, copper peptides show potential to be able aid remedy skin damaged by prolonged exposure to the sun.


Accordingly, many products in the market for the past few years actually contain copper peptides. One remarkable advantage of copper is that it does not irritate the skin and is sold at a relatively cheaper price than other anti-oxidant creams. For this basis, copper peptide creams an be an excellent option for people who are looking for anti-aging medications but are quite reluctant about spending much.


CoEnzyme Q10

With its introduction to the market, it has grown to become a popular Anti-Aging content for skin care products. Coenzyme Q10 is naturally synthesized in the skin and acts as its natural defense against aging. When people start aging, the levels of coenzyme Q10 in the skin starts to diminish and the skin loses the potency in rejuvinating its firmness and elasticity. Coenzyme Q10 improves the skin's natural ability to decrease the effects of aging, making skin smoother, firmer, and well-toned. Not only that, coenzyme Q10 affects the skin such that it constantly renews itself after application.


5. Graceful Aging

Although a lofty ambition, and what great news it is that the latest advances in dermatology make that aim even more within-reach than ever. Whichever brand of anti-aging cream you decide to buy, it is important to keep in mind the years it took for the skin to come up to its present state. Eventhough it takes a relatively shorter time for the skin to improve in appearance and quality, it is imporatant to be prudent in using thewse products. Be sure that directions are read, correctly understood and used faithfully according to these instructions. it is also important that a dermatologist is consulted always when in search for answers regarding a problem spot.


For more great anti-aging cream related articles and resources check out

Anti-aging vitamins and tricks. Staying healthy in your later years

There are certain benefits to old age: wisdom, a relaxed style of life, a lifetime of memories and in some states, free bus passes. These pleasures are balanced on the negative side by the fact that as you grow older, things stop working as they once used to. This is a sobering thought, but you may take solace in the fact that older people are leading better lives than they ever have done before. In part, this has been achieved through huge advances in our knowledge of human nutrition and longevity and this well researched information is freely available.


We all know what is good for us in terms of nutrition but unfortunately for the aged, statistically, older people get fewer nutrients and certain vitamins are a necessity. A gradual loss of appetite caused in part by lowered physical activity and in part by the side effects of drugs. It is a grim reality that nearly 50% of Americans aged 65 and over are on 3 or more prescription drugs. Additionally, as time goes by, the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and liver are less able to process and replete the nutrients that the body receives through food.


Most of the diseases that we associate with aging such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, digestion problems, depression, sexual dysfunction and fatigue; are all preventable to some degree or other without recourse to science fiction. Simple nutritional supplementation can help people live longer and more importantly, better.


Researched Components to Help You Stay Healthy Longer

The formula outlined below is focused on controlling cellular oxidative damage with antioxidants as well as addressing total nutritional health. A variety of commonly used traditional and modern constituents have been included for their protective and health enhancing properties.


* Vitamin B Complex 50 is a group of B vitamins that are important for brain function and can help against Alzheimer's disease.

* Spirulina is a natural source for vital nutrients, also good for progressive mental diseases.

* Green Tea is a potent antioxidant and a detoxifier, and research is ongoing into its benefits against a variety of cancers.

* Flaxseed is needed for healthy cell function and replication as it contains vital acids.

* Garlic has been shown to benefit the immune and cardiovascular systems and is now a regular prescription against arteriolosclerosis.


* Siberian Ginseng can help the body adapt to mental and physical stress and supports the immune functions.

* Ginkgo Biloba has antioxidant properties and is used for circulation and memory problems.

* Cordyceps has been shown to be effective against fatigue and premature aging. Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Ester C, and Vitamin E are powerful antioxidants and they work synergistically to protect cell membrane from free radical damage.


* CoQ10 is a strong antioxidant and can also aid cardiovascular function, protecting against heart disease and heart attacks.

* Reishi Mushroom Extract may boost the immune function and can help the body absorb other nutrients.

* Ashwagandha the "Indian ginseng" is a potent tonic for the body.

* Asian Ginseng has historically been used for anti-aging and is considered to have anti-cancer effects.

* Ginger is an excellent digestive aid and it is also beneficial for blood clots and anti-inflammation such as in arthritis.

* Milk Thistle Extract promotes liver health.


All the ingredients, as well as the vitamins as complexes, are available separately at your local health store, vitamins shop or online resource. However, it is worth noting that you should check to find out if any of the ingredients interact with your prescription drugs and you should first and foremost tell your doctor and pharmacist what you are taking. Unfortunately, there is not a high level of understanding in the medical or pharmaceutical world into herbs and nutraceuticals although some research has been conducted into vitamins and the popular herbs such as St. John's Wort, Ginseng, Gingko, Cayenne, Saw Palmetto and Valerian.


A dietician may have better knowledge than your doctor but there are also a number of sources of information concerning prescription drug-dietary supplement interactions on the internet. A free drugs/vitamins interaction checker is available at, a company that sells custom vitamins. The Merck Manual is a comprehensive resource of up to date medical information and has some good primers on interactions as well as in depth analysis. The National Institute of Health's Office of Dietary Supplements has a number of good fact sheets on different supplements


Mark is a nutritionist and qualified chemist and currently works as a consultant for a Californian nutraceutical laboratory - Mitamins. Mitamins have developed formulas for hundreds of complaints and diseases and provide custom multivitamins with your choice of vitamins, minerals or herbs in one bottle.

Feel Young Every Day! Read About the Most Powerful Anti Aging Herb

Shilajit is the most powerful anti - aging substance and Rejuvenator ever known to mankind. Feel the Power of Growing Young. The ancient medical literature attributes many health benefits to Shilajit known as "conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness."

In Sanskrit the literal meaning of Shilajit is "Rock Like" - the power to make our body like a rock enabling it to withstand the ravages of time. Shilajit has that unmatched powers of arresting and reversing the aging process.


Shilajit has been used historically for general physical strengthening, anti-aging, blood sugar stabilization, libido, injury healing, urinary tract rejuvenation, enhanced brain functioning potency, bone healing, kidney rejuvenation, immune system Strengthening, arthritis, hypertension, obesity and many other application for numerous conditions.


Shilajit in India, is an aphrodisiac. It is well known that Shilajit would return the libido of people to a level of teenagers. It will keep your Vigor, Vitality and Energy at optimum levels. Shilajit works like Viagra to enhance the effect of nitric oxide to produce an erection. It is also called as "Indian Viagra".


If you are a Woman, Shilajit will ensure that you stay in your youthful charm for a very very long time. Something which rigorous Diet regime, Physical Exercise and any amount of beauty products cannot ensure. If you are Man, it will keep your Vigor, Vitality and Energy at optimum levels. Shilajit restores youthful vigor to the entire body.



Learn more about shilajit, antiaging, aphrodisiac - Health, Nutritional and Herbal Vitamin Supplements Guide. Health Guide featuring Home Remedies, Nutritional Herbal Supplements. Complete Guide and Online Health Store.


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