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Lose Weight Quickly - Almost everyone has some sort of allergy that makes the different seasons seem unbearable. Most people have a hard time controlling their allergies in the fall and spring seasons because of all the pollens that are in the air. In the winter, you make have a hard time controlling your allergies if you have mold or dust allergies.


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Baby Food Allergies - How To Identify And Avoid Them

Many parents find the risk of baby food allergies one of the most worrying aspects of introducing new foods to their baby. But there are simple steps you can take to minimise potential problems and make your child's introduction to solid food a safe and happy one.

Whilst it is sensible to be cautious, it is still important to remember that baby food allergies only affect around 8% of children.

Allergic reactions take place when your baby's immune system mistakenly treats a harmless substance as a harmful one. Baby food allergy symptoms include diarrhea, eczema, nausea, constipation and watery or red eyes. Very rarely, a serious reaction known as allergic shock can occur. This can cause the throat and tongue to swell dangerously, which could lead to choking. In this situation, professional medical help must be sought immediately.


Baby food allergies should not be confused with food intolerance. A baby with food intolerance would have difficulty in digesting a particular type of food, which can be caused by many other things besides an allergen. In either case, diagnosis should be made by a medical professional.


In order to prevent baby food allergies such as these, or to identify foods to which your baby reacts, it is important to follow these simple guidelines --


1. Try to delay feeding your baby solid food until he is at least 6 months of age. His immune system will be better developed by this stage.


2. Only introduce one new food at a time and wait for a few days to see if a reaction occurs. It will then be easy to spot the "problem" food and eliminate it from your baby's diet.


3. Avoid foods that are known to be more likely to cause allergic reactions. Examples of such foods include eggs (particularly the whites), shellfish, gluten and citrus fruits.


4. Decide whether or not your baby is at a particularly high risk of developing allergies -- for example, do you suffer from an allergy yourself? This can often lead to an increased risk of allergies for your baby, although not necessarily to the same allergen (i.e. the substance responsible for the reaction).


5. Discuss any concerns with a medical professional.


So try to keep things in perspective, introduce new foods individually and stay alert for possible reactions -- these measures will give you the confidence to safely introduce the delights of solid food to your little one.


Christine Albury is the author of, helping you become head chef for a very special little customer.


For more baby food allergy information, visit


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Allergies to Your Cat or Dog? Think Again It May Be Your Cleaners


Process of elimination is the best way to solve allergies, especially if you have loving pets around.


Living with 9 cats and one dog all my family members were not prone to allergies, possible the minor itching of the eye from petting the cat, but that was solved by washing ones hands.


The next day I started the process of elimination and checked all the cleaners to see what was in them and found a high content of perfume in the clothes detergent my husband had bought on sale. I immediately went out and bought a perfume free detergent and washed all the clothes and sheets with that. In a matter of a few days the allergies stop. Hilda was back on our bed purring away. So please check out the perfume content in all your cleaners and detergents before finding new homes for your precious pets.


Happy Cleaning

Maria Brittis is a full time mom and Fuller Brush Distributor. On her spare time she fundraises for the low cost spay and neuter assistance program in South Carolina, Visit her websites: and


What are Allergies?


Allergies are one of the leading causes of diseases in USA. The annual amount spent on allergies in USA is $18 billion. Allergies could get complicated and even ruin a person’s life. Allergies generally mean over reaction or hyper sensitivity to a certain substance or product. The substance could make a person sneeze, wheeze or create rashes etc.


One evening my husband had this terrible sneezing attack and his body started to itch as well. We'll Poor Hilda our grey tabby cat was getting the evil eye from my husband. I knew that her days were numbered on our bed. Eventually my husband sneezed himself to sleep with a little help from the over the counter allergy medicine.


Allergies have also been linked to many respiratory diseases. Sinus, Asthma, Bronchitis are some diseases that are caused by allergies. Allergies can be managed by taking precautionary measures. Some allergic reactions can be very bad. Allergies can also be inherited like balding. Some people are allergic to specific allergens, some to soy, milk, fish etc. Like adults, children and infants are also allergic to certain substances. Cows milk allergy is very common in children. If a child is allergic to cows milk, as a substitute they are provided soymilk. More than 50% of children develop allergies to soymilk.


Allergies due to dust and pollution are very common nowadays. The dust particles enter the nose and make a person sneeze. It could also lead to other diseases like bronchitis and asthma. Allergies due to pollution, candle smoke, incense stick etc could create various upper respiratory problems. People with upper respiratory problems have itching in the throat and ear also. Breathing difficulty could also exist. At home, dust particles in the mattress, pillows etc could also lead to allergies. Even domestic cats and dogs hair could lead to allergies. Consult your physician if you are allergic to any substance immediately.


Paul has been providing answers to lots of queries through his website on a wide variety of subjects ranging from satellite phones to acne. To learn more visit


How To Avoid Food Related Allergies

In the western world, more than one-fourth of all adult Americans are convinced that some of the foods they bite into start to cause recurrent symptoms such as hives, skin rashes, diarrhea, and vomiting. In fact, this is common telltale signs of allergies.


People who have food allergies make drastic changes in their diets. Apart from the inconvenience of avoiding foods that everyone else seems enjoys without problems, keeping away from a wholesome nourishing food, such as milk or wheat, can deprive you of key vitamins or minerals.


There are instances that what people think are some kinds of allergies are in fact not allergies but food intolerance.

According to most health experts, true food allergies are quite rare, probably affecting less than 2% of the adult population. There are some individuals who think that they have a food allergy wherein fact it is a food intolerance.


The problem with food intolerances is that they also produce some of the same uncomfortable symptoms that food allergies create, including bloating, cramping, gas, and diarrhea.


Therefore, it is important that the person knows if what he is experiencing are true food allergies. In addition, if a person has a bona fide food allergy, he must learn how to avoid the culprit. Here is a list of the common culprits that cause food allergies in humans. These foods account for almost 90% of all food allergies.


1. People should shell out for peanuts

As a legume, the peanut can be a healthy addition to most diets. But it is among the most allergenic of all foods. In people with severe allergies, just a fraction of a peanut kernel can be enough to set off a reaction. This also means avoid peanut butter!


2. Leave tree nuts alone

Walnuts and other tree nuts, like Brazil nuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, filberts, pecans etc., are among the most allergenic foods. If a person is allergic to one true nut variety, there is chance that he is also allergic to others, but not necessarily to peanuts, which are legumes.


2. Be a crab about shellfish

Although shrimp gets much attention as an allergen, a broad class of shellfish can cause an allergic reaction. This class includes other crustacean like lobsters, crabs, and prawns, and mollusks such as snails, mussels, oysters, scallops, clams, squid, and octopus.


3. Throw back the finfish

Compared with other major food allergens, the proteins in fish are more vulnerable to heat and other forms of preparation. Therefore, some people allergic to fresh cooked fish can eat the canned version without difficulty.


There are instances that a person might be able to eat canned tuna, but have a problem with fresh grilled tuna, but he does not count on it. Hence, in people with extreme severe fish allergies, even inhaling the vapors from cooking fish can set off a reaction.

Alternatively, reactions to toxins in fish are sometimes mistaken for fish allergies. Scromboid poisoning from fish occurs when fish are contaminated with high levels of histamine, the primary irritant in classic allergic reactions.


4. Bypass milk

Most adverse reactions to milk are not allergies but rather lactose intolerance. That is, insufficient amounts of the digestive enzyme lactase lead to cramping, bloating, and other abdominal symptoms.

Most individuals with lactose intolerance can generally manage small amounts of milk. However, in people with true milk allergy, any consumption of milk or milk-related proteins can be dangerous.


5. Review tofu

Tofu is made from soy, a major allergen in children. Some adults react, too.


6. Beat the wheat

If people notice that wheat products cause symptoms of an allergy, it is quite possible that the person is allergic to the grain. However, it is still better for a person to be sure and see a doctor. Some people have celiac disease, a rare condition resulting from intolerance to gluten, which is present not only in wheat but also in rye, barley, and oats.

Therefore, it is important to take note of these common food allergies because one might never know that he or she is already allergic to one of these foods.


The bottom line is that people allergic to certain foods should avoid that food for life. In adults, it is simply not reliable for a person to stop eating a food and hope that his allergy will not come back. Once a person is allergic to a food, it is safest to assume that you are allergic to that food for the rest of your life.


For more related information visit and learn the alternative approach to taking good care of your health


Use Homemade Dog Treat Recipes For Dogs With Allergies


Utilizing homemade dog treat recipes may be the best alternative to dog owners whose pet has severe allergies. Although some dogs have no food allergies as all there are many dogs that are either severely allergic to one or two specific ingredients and other dogs have allergies to many ingredients. Buying dog treats for dogs with allergies can be a difficult task. You have to examine the labels carefully to ensure that you the dog treats do not contain any ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction in your dog. This can be difficult because sometimes it is hard to determine what is included in the dog treat and there may be derivatives of the ingredient that your dog is allergic to that can be hard to identify.


People with allergies have to be careful about what their daily routines. They should avoid things that they are sensitive to and try to avoid those things. When a person’s immune system reacts to a normally harmless substance, and the person develops some kind of illness, then it is certainly some kind of allergy.

Homemade dog treat recipes are one of the safest ways to provide treats to dogs with allergies. When you use homemade dog treat recipes you are cognizant of each and every ingredient that goes into your homemade treats. You can modify the homemade dog treat recipes to exclude any ingredients that your dog is allergic to or you can find homemade dog treat recipes that do not include these ingredients in the first place.


Todd runs a website where you can find all sorts of homemade dog treat recipes. Over 140 homemade dog treat recipes available at:

Allegra- Fighting against Allergies

Allergies have been the root cause of around 60 million people getting sick with various types of diseases every season. There are so many substances around, which have good potential to illness and disability. Allergies affect around 60 million Americans, or one in every five adults and children, and are as common in women as in men.

Upper respiratory symptoms are allergic to air & environmental pollution problems while up to 10 million Americans are allergic to cats; and two million develop severe allergic reactions to insect stings.

Food allergies are less common; and while about one out of three people say they have a food allergy, only about three percent to eight percent of children younger than three years old, and one percent of adults have true allergic reactions to foods.

The body’s immune system treats the allergen as an invader by generating large amounts of a type of antibody--a disease-fighting protein --that attaches to the body's tissue and blood cells.

The cells are then triggered to release powerful inflammatory chemicals. These chemicals act on tissues in various parts of the body, such as the respiratory system, and cause the symptoms of the allergy.

Allergies can be more than just annoying. While some allergies cause symptoms like sneezing, running nose, cough & cold; skin irritations, itching or gastrointestinal distress or more dangerously a drop in blood pressure.

Allergies that create problems in the respiratory symptoms can be caused by molds and fungi, dust, pets or animals, medications, foods. Food allergies can be caused by shellfish and other fishes, peanuts and other nuts, wheat, soy, dairy and eggs.

Contact allergies, or allergic reactions caused by a person's skin coming in contact with a substance, are most usually caused by, nickel, polishes, rugs, fabric softeners, deodorants, cosmetics, perfumes, preservatives, dyes, and foam insulation.

Anti Allergy Drug
Allegra: Allegra tablets works against the naturally occurring chemical histamine in the body. It prevents one from sneezing; runny nose; itching, watery eyes; and other allergic symptoms like rhinorrhea, itchy palate/throat, itchy/watery/red eyes, and nasal congestion. It shrinks blood vessels (veins and arteries). By decreasing blood flow, it also decreases clogging.


Jenifer D'souza is an amateur writer to providing information on all health related topics or on the latest health topics.


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