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Allergies Antihistamines Part - Allergies in pets(mostly dogs and cats) are diagnosed far more frequently these days than in the past. This is probably due to a combination of factors - more pets being taken to vets, better diagnostic tools, an increased allergen load in the environment, and probably indiscriminate breeding.


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Inhalant Allergies In Dogs And Cats

Several objects in the environment can be inhaled by pets and can trigger allergic reactions in dogs and cats. These objects induce the cells of the pets to release substances such as histamine. With histamine, the irritation begins.

When the above symptoms are displayed, especially on certain seasons, such as spring and summer, dogs or cats are most likely affected by pollen allergy.

The objects in the environment that cause this type of allergies are called allergens. Some examples of these allergens are the following:


· Pollen from the surrounding flowering plants · Dusts that have accumulated in several areas in the house · Mites and similar tiny creatures that survive and live on dust · Molds, fungi, and other similar low forms of plants. The spores from these can be inhaled by pets


Pets, upon exposure to the above allergens will show several symptoms. Among dogs, the major symptoms are:


· Unstoppable itching in the face and in the feet · Other itching and irritation in several parts of the body · Occurrence of sores and discharges · Loss of hair


Dog Allergy Symptoms - what can we do to treat your dogs problems?


Among cats, the symptoms of inhalant allergies are:


· Unspecific itching · Intolerable itching in the face, neck, and thighs · Inflammation and sores in different parts of the body · Loss of hair


To accurately determine the occurrence of inhalant allergies, pets should be taken to the vet. The vet will carry out a skin test to find out if, indeed, the dog or cat is suffering from inhalant allergies. Some vets also conduct blood tests, but the results of this type of test are oftentimes uncertain.


The best treatment is prevention of further worsening of the allergy. That is, the source of the allergens should be removed. Sometimes, this is easy if the allergens are dusts and mites that live in them. A good cleaning is all that a pet owner needs to do. But sometimes, removing the allergen could be difficult. That is, taking away the flowering plant may not be feasible.


Thus, owners resort to other treatments. Two of these allergy treatments are:


· Anti-itch medicines - These medicines suppress the production of histamines. These can be taken orally or gently rubbed on the irritated area.


· Allergy shots - These can make the pets less sensitive to the presence of allergens. Vets can provide these allergy shots.


Not all cats and dogs suffer allergies when exposed to pollen and other inhaled allergens. The reason for this is their heredity. Other pets have genetic characteristics that predisposes them to have allergies.


Peter Garant's pet medicine concentrates on cat and dog medicine


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Milk Allergies in Children


If you think you are doing yourself and your infant a favor by feeding them formula, think again! Medical experts are starting to come out and speak out against dairy for infants. Babies need mother's milk not cow's milk! After all, you are raising a baby, not a calf. The following excerpts support the truth that cow's milk is unfit for human consumption.

In the Townsend Medical Letter dated May 1995, Julie Klotter, M.D. writes:

"In reality, cow's milk, especially processed cow's milk, has been linked to a variety of health problems, including: mucous production, hemoglobin loss, childhood diabetes, heart disease, atherosclerosis, arthritis, kidney stones, mood swings, depression, irritability, ALLERGIES."

And Nathaniel Mead, M.D. wrote in Natural Health in July 1994:

In August 1994 in the report, "A Prospective Study of Humoral Immune Response to Cow Milk Antigens in the First Year of Life" in Pediatric-Allergy-Immunology, the following statement is written:

"Formula-fed babies, at the age of three months, were secreting low levels of serum antibodies to bovine proteins contained in their formula."

In the same periodical in the same month, the article titled "Epidemiological and Immunological Aspects of Cow's Milk Protein ALLERGY and Intolerance in Infancy" states:

"Most formula fed infants developed symptoms of ALLERGIC rejection to cow milk proteins before one month of age. About 50-70% experienced rashes or other skin symptoms, 50-60 percent gastrointestinal symptoms, and 20-30 percent respiratory symptoms. The recommended therapy is to avoid cow's milk."

So, by eliminating dairy products in the diet of an infant can prevent many allergies for these children. Dairy at a young age could be the trigger for allergies later in life. Humans are not meant to digest cow's milk and these studies bear that out.


Dean Novosat writes about health and nutrition. He has two websites and


Eliminate Your Allergies Naturally

Millions of dollars are spent each year fighting allergies. Doctors' office visits, over-the-counter remedies, prescription drugs, painful injections, and lost time-off from work are all affecting millions of people each year. But there may be a simple curre to eliminating allergies that cost nothing! Yes, the cure may be free!


"At least 50% of all children in the United States are allergic to cow's milk, many undiagnosed. Dairy products are the leading cause of food allergy, often revealed by diarrhea, constipation, and fatigue. Many cases of asthma and sinus infections are reported to be relieved and even eliminated by cutting out dairy."

In July 1994, Dr. Nathaniel Mead, M.D. wrote in Natural Health:

"At least 50% of all children in the United States are allergic to cow's milk, many undiagnosed. Dairy products are the leading cause of food allergy...Many cases of asthma and sinus infections are reported to be relieved and even eliminated by cutting out dairy."

A simple cure to eliminate allergies is to simply eliminate all dairy! This includes the obvious milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, and cream, but also includes one of the toughest dairy habits to break: ice cream! One dairy product that you have to be diligent to eliminate would be casein. Casein is the predominant phosphoprotein found in fresh milk. In addition to being consumed in milk, casein is used in the manufacture of adhesives, binders, protective coatings, plastics (such as for knife handles and knitting needles), fabrics, food additives and many other products. It's not wonder that this protein can cause havoc in our bodies! It is not only used as a thickener in other foods, it is also used to make adhesives and plastics. Just think what those milk proteins are doing in our bodies.

And Dr. Mead is not alone in the belief that dairy products are the root cause of allergies in people. Dr. Julie Klotter, MD wrote in the Townsend Medical Letter in May 1995:

"In reality, cow's milk, especially processed cow's milk, has been linked to a variety of health problems, including: mucous production...and allergies."

And lastly, the Israel Journal of Medical Sciences 1983; 19(9):806-809 reports:

"Dairy products may play a major role in the development of allergies, asthma, sleep difficulties, and migraine headaches."

So this Spring, when the grasses and trees all start to bloom, instead of reaching for those antihistamines, decongestants, and other more-powerful and dangerous drugs, try this simple cure: eliminate all dairy for 30 days. Thirty days may seem like an eternity when it comes to the magnetic draw of cheese or ice cream, but imagine thirty days of clear breathing, restful sleep, and higher energy levels.


Dean Novosat writes about health and nutrition. He has two websites and

An Air Purifier May Keep the Allergies Away

Air purifiers convert dirty air into fresh and clean air, and also free the air from pollutants and contaminants. They are very beneficial for people suffering from allergies and can help alleviate asthma. Allergy inducing particles within the air may come as dust, pollen, pet dander or mold spores.


There are numerous air purifier brands and manufacturers worldwide. It becomes too tough for a customer to pick the air purifier of one's choice from the huge range available.


The best idea is to do some research online. Thanks to the online reviewers, there are some good air purifier comparisons and reviews on the Internet.


A decent air purifier review will honestly depict the pros and cons of a specific air purifier. Therefore, going through numerous air purifier reviews will help you make a good decision before buying an air purifier.


There are a large number of air purifiers including Oreck Super Air 8, Sharper Image Ionic Breeze GP, Friedrich C-90A, Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Quadra, Blueair 601, Bionaire BAP1300 Quietech HEPA, Honeywell HEPA 50250, Hunter Quietflo 30400, Vornado AQ535, Hunter HEPAtech 30375 etc.


Oreck Super Air 8 is a good quiet machine, quite effective at clearing the air of a number of pollutants, allergens, and irritants. It's efficient, covers a large area and quite inexpensive having a strong warranty.


An blood test will tell you not only what they are allergic to, but HOW allergic they are. It will show a titer, or a number out of normal range to help you and the vet understand how severe it is. The test will cover 20 or more different possible pathogens which are prominent in your part of the country and test the blood to all of them. You can also test for food allergies this way.


Sharper Image Ionic Breeze GP is a good home air purifier having a germicidal UV lamp. Ultraviolet radiation is capable of combating many pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. It's quiet and quite effective in air purification, with a 5-year warranty. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America awarded it with a Consumer Product seal as its "proven to reduce airborne allergens and irritants including dust mite allergen, pet dander and cigarette smoke".


Friedrich C-90A is good, efficient but a little noisy and bit costly also. Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Quadra is also good at removing pollutants and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America also awarded it with a Consumer Product seal.


Blueair 601 using activated carbon technology is particularly effective in removing odors and gases. It's considerably cheap with 10 Year Overall Warranty.


Bionaire BAP1300 Quietech HEPA is a powerful air purifier, a bit noisy and requires a regular filter change. It has a 5-year warranty.

Honeywell HEPA 50250 is good and effective in small rooms. Its price line is good with a 5-year warranty. Hunter HEPAtech 30375 is a good device having an ionizer that can be controlled independently.


Recently, there has been a controversy that ionizing air purifiers produce ozone (O3 poisonous allotrope of oxygen) that can worsen asthma and decrease lung function. Some critics feel that air purifiers are over hyped devices that can't completely clean the air and protect against secondhand smoke.


Paul MacIver writes articles on a variety of health topics. For further info on the health benefits of air purifiers visit Ultimate Air Purifiers. Ultimate Air Purifiers is the sister site of Dehumidifiers Guide

Allergies in dogs

Allergies are one of the most common complaints among dog owners. Truly, not too many puppies have allergies their first year but many are already becoming sensitized to things in their environment. If your puppy already shows signs of allergies, and some do, don't hesitate to get it treated. You may head off a lifetime of trouble if you get a handle on it early. Allergies get worse every year if left untreated.


Allergies usually materialize in the form of small skin eruptions, rashes, hair loss, itching, moist or oozing dermatitis, and ear infections. Dogs will over wash themselves, chew, scratch, and rub to alleviate the sensations which in turn makes them worse.



Allergies are such that your dog may be exposed to a pathogen one year and show no outward signs of ailment...this time. Next time he comes in contact, it will create a reaction, maybe small at first, but each time he is getting more sensitized and each time the reaction will be a little, or a lot worse. We often hear owners saying, "he never had this problem before". Yeah, we know, that's how it works.


Dogs can develop allergies to any number of things such as grass, trees, shrubs, dust mites, molds, and most commonly...fleas. If your dog has an allergy to something, it will take very little to set of a histamine reaction in his body. Dogs are most commonly allergic to things their skin touches rather than something they inhale. They may be allergic to pollen but it is usually a contact problem, not an inhalant one like with people.



Fleas are the most common cause of allergies by far. You may not even think your dog has fleas but it could only take one bite to set him off. One of the most important things you can do is protect him against fleas. Protect him aggressively and often. There are excellent products on the market now such as Advantage, Frontline, Revolution, and Sentinel. A couple of these require simple blood tests before they can be used because they also protect against heartworms. You must always make sure your dog is not infected before starting on heartworm medication.



It is also vital that you treat not only your pet but also his environment as best you can. Fleas can live anywhere. They reside quite nicely in your yard, grass, sand, dirt, carpet, bedding and anywhere else you can think of. And the are resilient. Persistence is a must. One study showed fleas that were found in Arctic Turns nests which were thawed out and found to be still viable after having been frozen for a long time.


The fleas life cycle must be broken to gain any sort of advantage at depleting their population. Treat the house, the yard, and your pets. Make sure you use products that are safe for all your pets. Cats and other small animals can be very sensitive to toxins. Please NEVER use over the counter products unless they are recommended by your veterinarian. Many of the products sold in stores are very dangerous and can be deadly, especially to cats.


There are many ways to treat your dog if he develops allergies. If it is not too bad you may only have minor flare ups in the summer which can be treated with oatmeal baths and antihistamines. The dogs who really suffer often require year round treatment, or at least aggressive treatment through their sensitive times of the year. A regimen may include injections of steroids, antihistamine and steroid tablets, a special diet, flea products, and frequent soothing baths.



Less that 10% of dogs who have allergies are allergic to what they eat. We often make that leap on our own because there are so many allergies with the human population. Not so with your dog. While it is quite possible. It is not usually the best place to start looking for solutions. Many dog food companies have created diets for those dogs who are sensitive to their diets however. Hills and Nature's Recipe are among the leaders. They make a variety of foods with ingredients that your dog won't have come in contact with. They may include venison, duck, whitefish, lamb, rice and potato.


The trick to ruling out a food allergy is to eliminate everything else they may put in their mouths and it will take up to 60 days to clear everything from their system. You must only change their diet but also eliminate treats unless they are just hand outs of the same biscuits he gets at meals. You must have him eat from stainless bowls. You must remove any chew toys, like rawhides, and cows hooves. This sounds easy but it must be maintained without hesitation or fail or else it will all be for not. Any contact will set you back to the beginning.



Dogs and usually allergic to more than one antigen. Most will react to varying degrees to a number of different things the come in contact with. While dogs are often allergic to pollens, it is not usually due to inhalation, but due to contact with the skin. If your dog has a severe sensitivity to grass for instance, you may need to wash off his feet every time he comes in from outside. Even just rinsing them will help prevent further involvement. He may need baths several times a week but only with specific types of treatments and direction from the veterinarian. The wrong things could aggravate instead of help the problem.


Dog allergies usually come in the form of dermatitis, some form of skin inflamation, itching, redness, hair loss, scratching, oozing, and ear infections. The animals are truly miserable and inconsolable. If you can get by with a few treatments in a season you should consider yourself lucky as allergies go. If you have a dog who is sensitive to something all year or hyper sensitive at certain times of the year you may need to explore allergy testing and injections.



Allergy testing is the best way to determine what exactly you are battling and how best to handle it. The tests are done either in the form of skin testing where part of the dog is shaved and tiny amounts of possible allergens are injected under or applied to the skin to see what he might react to. The areas are checked regularly for signs of reaction. Another is a blood test where the dogs blood is drawn and sent to a special laboratory who just does this type of blood work. The results can take a week or two but the answers come without further insult to the dogs skin.


One other benefit of blood testing is that you have not only the vet and his experience but you also have the laboratory to help guide him with their vast and focused expertise. The labs will guide you through the many types of treatments that may be done at home and by the vet.


ANTIGEN THERAPY Once the blood work has determined what the dog is allergic to, the lab can make an antigen therapy which the dog will undergo to begin de-sensitizing him. The antigen vial will contain an injectable and sterile form of what the dog is allergic to. Tiny amounts are injected under the skin and regular intervals and strengths to allow the dogs body to start to build a tolerance to it. This can take months and may have to be done every so often to maintain the effect but it is the most promising form of treatment.


If your dog has severe allergies you and your vet will become well acquainted so make sure you and your dog are comfortable with them and their office. Allergies can be expensive, infuriating, frustrating, and time consuming but they can almost always be alleviated

For more information about dogs


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