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Almost everyone has some sort of allergy that makes the different seasons seem unbearable.  Most people have a hard time controlling their allergies in the fall and spring seasons because of all the pollens that are in the air.  In the winter, you make have a hard time controlling your allergies if you have mold or dust allergies.  In the winter the temperatures start to decline and the moisture factor goes up.  This is when molds and dust seem to collect or grow frequently.

Most people who have a food allergy cannot tolerate nuts, milk, wheat products, and certain fruits like strawberries. 

Some people can have an everyday allergy like cat or dog allergies. When they come in contact with a cat or dog, they begin to itch and sneeze or cough. It affects the person's skin and breathing.  Some people will find just being around a cat or dog owner, that their skin will break out or they have difficult time breathing.

If you think that you are having an allergy attack, it is possible to go the doctor's and find out what triggered the reaction.  This will help you to avoid other attacks. Once you know, you may need to have medication just in case you accidentally intake the object.  As for air allergens, you can take a small pill in the mornings and your allergies will not bother you while you do your daily activities.


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Allergy Relief

It can be scary or frustrating when you have an allergy attack.  You may feel ill or cause yourself to become serious ill because of your allergens.  Some types of allergies can cause other problems like a sinus infections. This will make you feel worse than before.  Sometimes allergies cause a person to get hay fever, where you may develop a rash, fever, or sinus problems.  Other allergies will make a person itch and a rash appear.  It is the most annoying type of reaction.  Spending hours scratching. But luckily there is some relief to theses problems.


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If you have an allergy to cats or dogs your relief may come in different forms.

For instance, let's say that you have an air-borne allergy.  Pollens cause this from the release of flowers, grass, and tree spores.  Instead of killing your garden, you can take a daily pill orally.  This will dissolve in your bloodstream and control your allergies.  You may get an anti-itch cream to use if you are allergic to pet dander and you will get medicine in the form of a pill to control your allergies to pet hair and such.

Food allergies are extremely important when it comes to caution.  You want to make sure that everything you put in your mouth is not going to cause you an allergic reaction.  This is important to so many people because a simple food allergy could cause you to suffocate. 

In case of a food allergy, make sure that you have your medicine on you at all times.  For food allergies, you will most likely be given a liquid form that is injection into your blood stream.  It is given to you this way, so that you can receive relief within moments of the injection. 

If you think that you are having allergy attacks, you may want to contact your family doctor and ask for his opinion.  If it is determined that you have an allergy, you need to do your research and keep any prescribed medicine on you at all times.  This is especially important if you have food allergies.


Allergy Medicine

An allergy is an immunological response of your body when exposed to certain substances in the environment or the foods we eat, usually protein, collectively known as allergens.

Often with an allergic person, the first time he gets exposed to the allergen, the symptoms don’t occur yet.

Instead, what happens is that your immune system will mistakenly identify these allergens that are otherwise not harmful as potentially disease-causing substances. This signals the immunological defense system to produce antibodies that will bind with these allergens and destroy them. The antibodies produced are called IgE or immunoglobulin E.


The next time you are exposed to the allergen, your immune system will auto-react by mass producing IgE antibodies and signaling these to bind with the allergens. Once bound with the allergen, the antibodies are circulated around the body and encounter certain types of cells we have, called mast and basil cells. These cells contain chemical substances, such as histamine, that are key players in inflammation.


The IgE antibodies with allergens attached will bind with these mast and basil cells, altering its cell membranes, and thereby, causing the substances inside to leak out into surrounding tissue. The result is inflammation, one of the most common symptoms of allergy.


An allergy varies with each person affected. Some may have food allergies caused by substances in food that they eat, while others get allergic reactions from the air that they breathe. But no matter what type of allergy you may have, the reactions are often the same. Common symptoms of allergies include:



The best way to treat an allergy is strict avoidance. For instance, if you are allergic to wheat, you should cut out wheat foods and wheat-containing products from your diet and just take vitamin supplements to make up for those that you have lost as a result of your restricted diet. Or if you’re allergic to dust mites, then you ought to keep your house as clean and as dust-free as possible and use even air filters and purifiers just in case.


But often these things are easier said than done. So you’re allergic to cats but you like cats so you keep one anyway. Or you bought a product and you didn’t check the label and in turns out it contains some ingredients that you are allergic to. So even with an avoidance method, you can’t really help suffering the symptoms of an allergy. That’s why allergy medicines are provided for you.


Though not entirely allergy medicines, eye drops are good to have a round in case of itchiness of the eyes as a result of an allergic reaction.


Allergy treatment

There are several ways to receive allergy treatment.  You can have creams, pills, or injections to get rid of the symptoms of an allergic reaction.  Some of the symptoms for an allergic reaction are rashes, fever, shakes, cold or heat spells, swelling, closing of air passageways, and hives.  You may realize what causes your allergy attacks right away, or it may take awhile for the reaction to happen.  For instance, you may not realize you have a food allergen until you begin to digest it. A nice sweater may look good on you, but the wool fabric may cause your body to produce hives.  This can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. You will need to find some relieve for your discomfort.

If you have a food allergy, you will most likely take a pill for the allergy.  Sometimes like for those who are lactose intolerant, you may be able to take a pill before you eat milk products and be able to enjoy them allergy free. Most of the time, you want to avoid taking these foods so that you can reduce your chances of an attack.  Reading labels for ingredients is extremely important for a person with a food allergy.  You need to avoid an attack as much as possible.  But, just in case you accidentally swallow something your allergic you, you can get an infection that will reduce your swelling and make you feel better.

Most allergens are cured with medicine in the pill form.  Almost any type of allergy can be cured with a pill. It will reduce your swelling and bring you back to normal. The only type that is really cured with injections are those that cause swelling of your air-passageways like bee stings and food allergies.

If you have allergies to pet dander or certain fabrics, you will break out in hives most likely.  You will need to carry your medicated creams with you to reduce the inflammation of your skin.  Remember, everyone's different and reactions differently to certain things. 

Fabric is just one of the many objects that will cause you to break out in a rash.  In these cases, make sure that you have an anti-itch cream so that you can feel better and without the burning sensation of the itching; try not to scratch, since scratching will cause an infection to your skin.


Cleaning the bedroom

It is important that you take in consideration the bedroom when you are cleaning your house.  You need to make sure that there aren't any triggers present in the room.  This will help you or your family deal with asthma or allergy attacks less frequently. You need to make sure that the room is properly dusted every day or so and that the floor is clean.  Some of the steps you can take to clean your room for your attacks are very simple.


Another everyday allergy is a food allergy.  Food allergies can be highly deadly to a person.  They contain something that will make the person have an allergic reaction.  To know what an allergic reaction to food is when your throat suddenly closes and you begin to get hives.  It is extremely important that you steer away from these foods because an attack can be deadly.  If a person does not get their medicine or antidote within a couple minutes, they can in fact suffocate. It is important to not give a small child certain foods until a doctor suggests it.  Items like strawberries can be very harmful to a small child if they were to have an allergic reaction.

Each room only has three areas: floor, walls, and ceiling.  First, you should take a dry mop and wipe down your ceiling and the light fixtures. Next, you need to wipe down your walls and include getting every corner of the room.  Corners are where most of the dust and cobwebs will stick.  You should clean off any furniture and knick-knacks that you have in the room.  Before heading to clean the floor make sure everything is cleaned so that the dust won't dirty your clean floor. 

Next you will want to clean your heat runs by dusting them.  Then you should start to swipe the floor.  If your bedroom contains curtains, take them out before you start cleaning and either beat them or wash them.  The entire room should be taken care of and cleaned at least once a week.  If your child or even yourself has asthma or allergies pretty bad, then you should clean more often.  Your frequency will depend on severity of your condition or your child's condition.

You may want to add an air filter in your room or the child's room.  An air filter will get out all the harmful spores for your child, as well as, freshen the air.  Your air filter should be cleaned or changed every now and then, so that you know it is working.

By following theses procedures, your family should be able to function with less asthma or allergy attacks.  You may need to consult your doctor about your medication if you are still haven't troubles after you have cleaned the room or such.  Cleaning is important for your personal health.


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