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Hypnotherapy to Calm & Heal Stress Caused Allergies: Hypnosis to Heal

Allergies and Other Immune System Disorders: Part 3


Doctors have understood for years that chronic stress in our lives can trigger a wide variety of immune system disorders, including asthma, allergies, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. They don't always explain to their patients what processes cause the normal stresses of daily life to turn into disease. Nor do they show us how we can deal more effectively with the stresses in our lives to eliminate these processes and the symptoms that result from them. You'll learn in this article how stress becomes internalized into immune system malfunction and how with hypnosis we can stop this dangerous process and thus heal our immune system reactions.

When the rent is overdue or mother in law pays a visit, you may have noticed that a few rounds of screaming, hitting or running are hardly effective solutions, no matter how good they might feel.

Among our primitive ancestors, stress usually involved some profound physical threat which required a rapid and energetic physical response. If attacked by a saber tooth tiger, our bodies reacted with a powerful dose of adrenaline from the adrenal glands, which got our heart pumping, increased mental alertness, stopped digestion, and prepared us for fight or flight. With the action of this and other hormones, our bodies were ready for battle. Unfortunately, nowadays the stresses we experience usually do not require aggressive and energetic action.


So all these stress hormones simply stir up our bodies into a frenzy of cellular reactions for which there is no effective release. The result: our bodies, directed by the subconscious mind, start attacking whatever is at handÖinnocent pollen grains, loose food proteins, or even our own body cells, as in the rheumatoid arthritis which had me crippled in 1978. (Hold the sympathy cards. I used hypnotic techniques to free myself of this disease in 1984 and am now a rock climber and mountaineer.) What can we do?


Hypnotherapy has the answers. And the first of these lies in the very definition of hypnosis. Hypnosis is first and foremost a state of deep relaxation and peace and thus a premier remedy for stress. A competent hypnotherapist will spend time showing their client how to induce the state of self-hypnosis, and will instruct their client both in and out of trance to access this state every day, especially when their symptoms are activated by the stresses of daily living.


Hypnotherapists know that even the most ordinary stresses can become overwhelming if the subconscious mind clouds these experiences and tasks with negative significance based upon childhood or other traumas. For example, the simple and usually pleasurable act of making love to one's devoted spouse, for most of us a source of pleasure and relaxation, can be a nightmare of stress to a survivor of sexual abuse.


It is critical to gather from our clients their descriptions of the most stressful experiences of their daily lives, so we can go back in hypnotic regression to "the first time you felt this feeling" and rescue the client's earlier self from these terrible memories. We use emotional release therapy to help the client push these tensions out of their body, through sounds, movement, and aggressive emotional expression. Then we implant in the body new memories, memories in which the client's younger self is filled with safety, power, and love. These new memories are accompanied by new beliefs. "I'll never get it right!" is replaced by, "I can do this and enjoy it!" While many of my clients express skepticism at first about the possibility of accomplishing something so farfetched, one session in trance is all they need to feel the enormous power of the work in their own bodies, in their own beliefsÖand in their lives.


Which particular stresses are bringing on an attack of an autoimmune disease can be discovered in hypnosis by entering the affected body part as if it were a room. Then we can see exactly what persons or memories are stored there, and either complete communication with those persons, or rescue the former self from these traumatic memories. Details of these processes can be found at the Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy library. For example, we enter a client's arthritic finger and discover the stresses of trying to type at a job filled with criticism and undermining of the client's achievements by a vicious boss. First I encourage the client to use these fingers and the client's voice to express their anger at the boss.


Then I have the client's present self applaud the good work she is doing, while gently stroking and massaging these fingers. The results? We can see and feel an immediate and lasting reduction in pain and swelling. I then encourage the client to continue this healing process on their own if needed. And such conditions, because they have been ingrained by years of daily trauma, often require that clients learn to do these processes every day on their own for a period of time. This combination of self massage and self hypnosis to deal with chronic pain is a very powerful and unique feature of the work I have developed.


Physical exercise is an important element for recovery from any illness. It is especially difficult for victims of autoimmune conditions because when we are in pain, or sneezing, or suffering from chronic fatigue, we just don't feel like moving. That's why to work effectively in this area, a hypnotherapist must be trained in pain control and helping to motivate clients to get exercise. The client must be encouraged to be patient with their bodies and celeb rate the small victories. "I'm too sick to move, so I'll just collapse" can become "I walked all the way to the mailbox today!" Hypnotic suggestion can be used to make movement more appealing as well. "It's so much fun to walk again" is a message that can be repeated in every session, and will be so much more effective when spoken to the subconscious mind of the hypnotized client.


Another helpful approach in hypnosis is to communicate directly in trance to the "soldiers" of the immune system, telling them to "stand down" from their assault on harmless pollen grains or those body cells that are being attacked. For example, for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers, such phrases as "The linings of your joints are safe. They are a part of you. They belong to you. Your body is safe and at peace." can be very effective. For pollen allergies: "The flowers are your friends. Their pollen is harmless, a gift from your friends, the flowers. Your mucus membranes (prime sources of histamine production) can relax in the knowledge that these pollens are your friends." I have personally experienced a huge healing of an arthritis attack using these methods. It is often possible to experience a steep reduction in visible redness and swelling within an hour of this procedure.


In another article, I explain how it is possible to rewire a client's biochemical responses to allergens by returning to infancy, the time when our biochemical immune system responses were first programmed into our bodies. We can then change this programming to reduce or eliminate allergic responses.


David Quigley


Article 4 part series available in full online at:


About Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis: America's oldest spiritually oriented hypnotherapy training program has trained over 2000 hypnotherapists since 1983. The Alchemy Institute is approved by the state of California Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education (BPPVE) and American Council of Hypnotists Examiners. Our website offers an extensive library on hypnosis. Alchemy Institute Founder David Quigley now offers home hypnotherapy in special hypnosis by phone sessions call the Alchemy office at 1-800-950-4984 to inquire.


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Hypnotherapy Returns Us to Our Mother as an Infant: Hypnosis Heals Allergies


In this series of articles I have been presenting hypnotic strategies for dealing with allergies and other immune system diseases. Today I discuss a primary reason why our western civilization is so rife with this type of disease. Literally millions of Americans suffer asthma, pollen allergies, and autoimmune diseases in which the immune system appears to be indiscriminately attacking harmless dust, pollens, and even our own body cells. Why here? Why Us?


The human immune system like that of all mammals is programmed at birth with the biochemical signatures of those microorganisms which present a real health hazard and the particular chemical antibodies needed to combat them. The newborn is also programmed with what food proteins are safe, and which pollens, molds, etc. are safe in the infant's world. This information helps the emerging immune system of the newborn adjust to the biochemical environment into which it is born.


The thymus gland in the infant is very large compared to its vestigial appearance in the human adult. It is as large as the infant's heart, which it sits next to. The task of the thymus is to build the infant's biochemical immune system. After the first few months of life the thymus begins to shrink, so clearly this process develops most rapidly in those first few months of life.


The biggest help for this process comes from mother's milk, or, more specifically, her colostrum, the sticky clear fluid that precedes milk production. Scientists have found that this clear fluid is chock full of antibodies containing the chemical signatures of all the microorganisms that mother's own immune system has learned to fight. I also believe that this chemical program may reveal what foods, harmless pollens, etc. can be safely trusted by the child. Thus the infant's immune system "learns" what is safe and what is not.


It is therefore logical to conclude that when an infant is fed formula and not nursed, that infant's immune system is compromised very seriously. The immune system doesn't know how to tell friend from foe, harmless dust or molds from dangerous pathogens. Many infants and young children suffer from the epidemics of allergies and asthma that result from this confusion. Other infants may appear to be unaffected, but years later, when stresses build in their adult lives, the immune system panics and goes on the attack. Doctors have known for years about this danger, but few have spoken out. Part of this is perhaps because women today don't wish their freedom to choose parenting styles to be compromised by medical science. Perhaps few physicians are willing to take on the pharmaceutical industry, which has such a powerful control over our health care system and for whom infant formula is highly profitable business. Also, there is nothing traditional medicine can DO about this problem once we have missed out on this essential gift of health from mother.


Then I instructed him to breathe in the sweet smell of his mommy, which was the smell of the molds and pollens of his jungle home. I described in considerable detail how his new mom held him, so close, so safe. I continued to emphasize the sweet smell and sweet taste of mommy's breath, her milk, her skin, smelling and tasting like these molds. As we progressed his symptoms rapidly cleared, and in two sessions he became symptom free. The key here is to use hypnotic language to build for the infant a vivid bodily experience of being held, loved, and nursed, with a special emphasis on breathing in the sweet smell of Mommy, which in this case was the smells of the jungle. Thus the nose and lungs receive the message at a subconscious level that this smell is safe. I suspect that this process can be used to desensitize us to any allergen.


Although we use an ideal image of the perfect mother for this healing of the immune system, it doesn't usually require the client to process angry feelings about their original mother or to "fire" her for not being a good enough mom. Some clients need to process feelings about their original mother in the context of achieving other therapeutic objectives. But I usually encourage my clients to understand that their original mother simply didn't know what was needed for her child so we are calling in a divine or angelic mother to take care of this infant. I suggest that this process does not need to affect in any way the relationship they have with their mom in the present.


One client objected to my theory by telling me that her son had numerous allergies that were extremely debilitating, but, she insisted, he had been nursed. I encouraged her to examine the circumstances of this nursing. Were you under severe stress? Were you smoking or using drugs that could have made your milk toxic? Yes she said, all the above. Nobody should blame a mother for doing the best she can to care for a child in our civilization, which appears to care so little for the infants in our midst. But when the delicate but essential biochemical cord that connects us to the safety of this mother earth is cut, it is the task of every healer to reestablish that bond.


Another factor in the creation of food allergies specifically is the way a mother introduces her child to solid foods. In traditional cultures a mother chews the food herself before offering it to her infant. Thus the mother's own digestive enzymes are mixed with the food to give the infant the tools for digestion. In addition, mother is patient and loving with her infant and both enjoy the feeding experience as play, filled with laughter and fun. Thus the infant learns that this food is good. When infant feedings are done in a hurried, stressed out way by a mother who is late for work or on the phone, what message do we expect this child's digestive system to receive about this new food? Fortunately, in hypnosis we can use regression to return to infancy and experience our new, divine mother teaching us that corn, or peanuts, is safe. Where it is safe to do so, I encourage my client to bring to my office a serving of the food they are allergic to so they can taste it in their mouths as I walk them through this experience. Hypnotherapists can also use gustatory hallucination to create the taste.


Article 4 part series available in full online at:

About Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis: America's oldest spiritually oriented hypnotherapy training program has trained over 2000 hypnotherapists since 1983. The Alchemy Institute is approved by the state of California Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education (BPPVE) and American Council of Hypnotists Examiners. Our website offers an extensive library on hypnosis. Alchemy Institute Founder David Quigley now offers home hypnotherapy in special hypnosis by phone sessions call the Alchemy office at 1-800-950-4984 to inquire.


Food Allergies


The foods that adults or children react to are those foods they eat often


A Food Allergy is defined as an individual's adverse reaction to food. Almost any food can trigger a reaction in a person who is susceptible. Other terms for Food Allergies are "Food Intolerances and Food Sensitivities."


Hypnotherapists suffer no such limitations. When a client suffers from an allergy, here is what can be done. A client of mine had moved to a home he loved in a tropical jungle by the sea. He was soon heartbroken to discover huge allergic reactions, in both bronchial passages and lungs, to the molds in his environment. I regressed him to infancy, while suggesting that he would be born now to a new mother. Not only would she be less hostile and high strung than his original mother, she was a native of this tropical jungle. I instructed him to curl up in a fetal, ie.nursing, position.


For adults, the common foods that cause allergic reactions include: shellfish such as shrimp, crayfish, lobster, and crab. (Of note; if you are allergic to one of the shell fish, you are probably allergic to others or all of them.); peanuts, a legume ; tree nuts such as walnuts; fish; and eggs. Adults usually do not lose their allergies.


Children are somewhat different. The common food allergens that cause problems in children are eggs, milk, and peanuts. Children can sometimes outgrow them. Children are more likely to outgrow allergies to milk or soy than allergies to peanuts, fish, or shrimp.

These food allergies can cause catastrophic events to happen . Reactions range from rashes, pain, to anaphylactic shock.

When trying to figure out if and what food you have a problem with, it is very important to keep an accurate diary of your daily food and drink intake. You also need to write down in detail the symptoms that you are felling. Without doing this, there is no hope in finding what is ailing you. Keep detailed records!


Can drug allergies affect the way you eat? Absolutely!. For instance, Any of you who has an allergy to penicillin for instance must be careful when buying and eating penned animals such as chicken, turkey, pork, etc. These animals who are kept in tight quarters climb over each other constantly and scratch each other causing skin infections. These animals can not be sold with these infections. Their keepers are known to give these animals penicillin to clear up these infections so that they can be sold.


The quantity of the drug can remain high in some of these animals. Anaphylactic reactions and even death from penicillin allergies have occurred from people eating these animals. Just be careful. Buy the meat from penned animals that has no antibiotics and you will be fine.


I can't believe that I'm allergic to food! Could it be something else? Absolutely! Its a little thing called preservatives. Preservatives are placed in food so they last a longer time so that their financial value will be realized.


Currently, canned foods for instance have a shelf life of 7 years. What does that mean? It means that the can of food can be eaten and therefore sold for that period of time. Years ago, the shelf life for canned foods was 3 years. How did they prolong the time? Preservatives!.


Did you know for instance that a popular brand of peanut butter has over 120 preservatives in it. Doesn't that sound astounding? It does to me. Individuals like you can be allergic to any of these preservatives. Its very difficult to find the one preservative that you are allergic to.


Also, don't forget food colorings. Many individuals are allergic to the different food colorings. Most common is red dye #3


How do you find out if you have an allergy or sensitivity to a food, preservative or food coloring?


The first thing that you have to do is have a suspicion that you have a problem. There is a difference between an overt allergy and a sensitivity. The allergy will cause overt symptoms such as hives, rashes to in some cases anaphylaxis. (Hypersensitivity especially in animals to a substance, such as foreign protein or a drug, that is caused by exposure to a foreign substance after a preliminary exposure.). A food sensitivity will cause subtle discomforts such as a generalized uneasy felling. Maybe an increase in your heart rate, excessive belching or flatulence or stomach distension. You may also feel fatigued.


The next thing that you have to do and maybe its the most important is to read the labels of the foods that you buy. You must become a detective! Most food items use the same preservatives. If after reading the labels you identify a preservative that stands out, by that I mean a preservative that is only in one of the foods that you eat, that preservative may be the culprit. Simply eliminate that food. You will know after 4 days if that is the food and preservative that is causing your problem. Now to discern if you are sensitive to the food or the preservative, eat the food fresh and see if it causes you to have the same sensitivity reactions. If the answer is yes, then your sensitivity is to the food. If the answer is no, then the sensitivity is to the preservative. At that point, you need to then eliminate that preservative from your diet. The only way to do that successfully is to read all the labels.


Simple Test!

There is a simple and effective way to determine a food either alone or with a preservative may be causing you a problem. Its not 100% effective. However, it will give you an indication. Its the "Pulse Test." Its simple to perform. Prior to eating the food, take your pulse for a complete minute. Simply count the number of times that your heart beats in a 1 minute period. Now take a small potion of the food that you are planning to eat. Place it in your mouth. Don't chew it, simply place it in your mouth. Wait about 30 seconds and then start counting your heart beats again for another minute. If your heart rate increase 4-5 beats per minutes, then there is a good chance that the food you are about to eat will cause you to have a sensitivity reaction.

Not That Easy?


If what we described above doesn't help you identify your culprit food or preservative, then you need to resort to the Elimination Diet. The Elimination Diet is very effective. However, it takes time. As the diet's name states, you need to eliminate foods from your diet. You do this one food at a time.


We suggest that prior to making your first elimination that you write down exactly how you are feeling. Then eliminate that one food. This food needs to be eliminated for 4 straight days to determine if it is causing you any problems. Each day of the elimination, you need to journal how you are feeling. At the end of the forth day, compare your journal entries. If you are feeling the same at the end of day 4 as you did before the elimination, then that food is not the culprit. You need to keep trying different food one at a time for the 4 day period until you find the culprit. It could take a while.


Remember, your problems may be caused by more than one food. That is why the journal is so important. If say prior to the first food elimination you had 6 symptoms. Now after the elimination of this food, you have 3 symptoms. Then you need to eliminate that food from your diet. Don't stop there though! You now need to eliminate another food. If you feel the same after that food is eliminated for 4 days, then try another food. This process can take over a month to complete!


Diana Corso is the publisher of NutritionalUpdates.


Allergies - Living With Asthma

More and more children in developed countries suffer from asthma. In fact many doctors consider asthma to be a new epidemic. More than 10 million Americans suffer from asthma and most of them blame the condition on worsening environmental pollution and increased exposure to toxic chemicals in the air. Deaths from asthma continue to rise at an alarming rate largely because many people do not recognize the warning signs in time.


Asthma is a condition that causes the lung airways to swell, secrete thick mucus and eventually spasm. The swelling narrows the airways and makes breathing difficult and sometimes impossible. The first asthma attack can include wheezing (a sign that the airways are already constricted), congestion or pain in the chest, shortness of breath, dryness of mouth, coughing and a feverish feeling.


Almost anything can cause asthma. The most common triggers are an allergy, respiratory infection, emotional stress, strenuous exercise, or nutritional deficiency. Allergies tend to be the most common trigger off them all. Most asthma attacks follow exposure to environmental allergens like pesticides, pollen, cigarette smoke, natural gas odors and car exhaust. Foods that most likely trigger asthma are chocolate, peanuts, corn and dairy products. Waxes, artificial smoke, emulsifiers, thickeners, sulfites and artificial sweeteners in food are also more subtle asthma triggers. Asthma is also prompted by taking tranquilizers, hormones, or antibiotics.

You can take a number of vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements to help treat asthma. Vitamin B complex is probably the most important supplement to take.


It is necessary for maintaining biochemical balance in the body and can reduce the frequency and severity of an asthma attack. Vitamins A and E worked together to protect lungs against air pollution. A large dose of vitamin C, preferably 500 mg three times daily, is effective in preventing exercise-induced asthma attacks. Gingko biloba enhances breathing and lessens sensitive bronchial reactivity. 400 mg of magnesium taken daily helps the lung muscles relax. Omega-3 can improve breathing, while selenium protects against free radical damage inside the lungs. Odorless garlic is a strong anti-inflammatory agent that can reduce the possibility of an attack. And Indian herb called tylophora asthmatica is frequently used in Ayurvedic medicine that blocks the release of histamines and other inflammatories. Licorice root taken three times a day also loosens phlegm once an attack has begun.


If you suspect that you have asthma, go to your physician and asked to be tested for food and environmental allergies as soon as possible. Avoid allergens known to trigger asthma attacks and eat a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that includes plenty of vegetables and fresh fruits. Try to avoid sugar, artificial sweeteners and other refined carbohydrates. Try to eat five or six small meals throughout the day rather than three traditional large meals. Make sure you warm up slowly before beginning all physical exercise. Minimize stress and avoid situations that trigger emotional disturbance. Use aspirin sparingly if you must. It would even be better if you would eliminate aspirin entirely from your regular medication because aspirin has been shown to trigger asthma attacks. Your physician will prescribe a bronchodilator that you can bring around in case you have a sudden asthma attack. If you don't have it with you while you have an attack, drink two cups of coffee quickly. Coffee acts in the same way and usually provides enough protection for you to go to the nearest hospital for treatment.


Michael Russell

Your Independent guide to Allergies


Food Allergies and Fatalities


Every year, millions of people worldwide are affected by allergies to particular foods. It is estimated that in America alone, over 11 million people suffer from potentially life threatening food allergies. It is estimated that over 200 people die each year from allergic reactions to food in the United States. Furthermore, there are approximately 30,000 emergency room visits each year that are attributed to food allergies. These numbers are astounding, to say the least.


There has been a lot of talk in the popular press as of late, regarding food allergies. In fact, the White House recently designated a National Anaphylaxis Day to raise public awareness about the dangers of certain types of food. Anaphylaxis is a term used to describe extreme allergic reactions that have the potential to cause death.


The most troubling element of food allergies is that they are next-to-impossible to diagnose. More often than not, an individual does not realize that they have a food allergy until they are having a reaction. At that time, it is too late to consider preventative measures. The scariest part is that there is literally no way to determine how serious the reaction might be, so the utmost care and consideration must be taken when dealing with an allergic reaction.


Some of the most common foods people are allergic to include nuts (peanuts, walnuts, etc.), shellfish (lobster, shrimp, crab, etc.), eggs, and dairy products (milk, cream, etc.). Now take a moment to consider how many prepared foods contain one or more of the above ingredients. For those suffering from intense food allergies, every meal is like playing a game of chance.


There are few ways to protect one self from having an allergic reaction. The best strategy is simply to be prepared for the worst. You certainly have to be aware of what you are eating, but also of the environment in which the food was prepared. In the case of an individual with peanut allergies, mere traces of the nut can cause like-threatening illness. If you are dining out, be sure to inform the restaurant of any allergies you suffer from. In the kitchen, extra care should always be taken to ensure cross-contamination is not taking place.


As mentioned above, there is no way to determine how severe an allergic reaction might be. The frontline tool for defense against allergic reactions to food is a compound known as epinephrine. Epinephrine is absolutely critical for managing allergic reactions, and could mean the difference between life and death. If you or somebody you know is suffering from food allergies, be sure to consult a physician regarding management strategies. Alternately, you can visit our site for more information.


Harold Miller is allergic to shellfish, and carries his Epipen everywhere he goes. He also writes for – an online guide to allergies and allergy treatment with extensive information about hay fever, sinus problems, allergy-free product reviews and more.

Allergies-Relief from Allergy - Its Symptoms and Medication

What is Allergy
An Allergy is a hypersensitive response of the body to certain substances, called allergens. These allergens can be of plant origin such as pollens, animal origin such as dander (scales shed from the skin, hair, or fur of animals), and insect origin such as the stings of bees and wasps, or the dust mites themselves. House dust, smog, smoke, and some strong odors may trigger allergies. Drugs like penicillins and cephalosporins evoke allergic reactions in sensitive patients. Food allergies are also extremely common and vary individualistically from animal sources like eggs, milk, and sea food to plant sources such as eggplant, drumstick, and wheat. Allergens can be inhaled, eaten, injected, or contacted by the skin.

Signs and symptoms of Allergies
The body's defense mechanism is considering simple and otherwise harmless substances to be potentially dangerous and is preparing for battle by producing a particular type of antibody called IgE in large amounts but in a way that on exposure to an allergen for the first time, only its memory remains. However, on subsequent exposure, an allergic response is manifested in the form of signs and symptoms depending on the tissue, organ, or system involved. All these are due to the release of a chemical substance called Histamine by some body cells under the influence of IgE, thus inducing congestion, excessive secretion, and muscle spasms. The most common examples are those of Asthma (a respiratory allergy with wheezing and breathlessness) and Eczema(a skin allergy with eruptions, itching, oozing, etc.)


Otisis Media begins with an ear ache, swelling of the membrane in the eustachian tube (resulting in blockage of the tube that normally aerates the middle ear) and results in a build up of fluid behind the ear drum. It is the pressure of the fluid that causes the pain and it is the fluid that decreases the amount of sound being conducted through the middle ear that causes the hearing loss.

Causes of Allergies
Although modern medicine claims that allergies and most of the other chronic diseases have a hereditary predisposition to blame, homeopaths and naturopaths all over the world believe that every disease is multi-factorial in origin. Health according to them is a dynamic state of physical, mental, and spiritual equilibrium where a homeostasis is maintained in spite of a continuous influx and interaction of the opposing or negative energies with the life perpetuating ones through harmoniously orchestrated processes that are so subtle that they can hardly be perceived. In simple words, other than one's genes, the lifestyle, diet and regimen, psychological state of a person, and degree of exposure to toxins or irritants, together contribute to giving rise to an allergic personality. Thus logically speaking, it is the immunity at fault and not the allergen. In fact, observations show that in most cases, once an allergic disposition is acquired, the body gradually begins to react hypersensitivity to more and more substances so as to only add to the medical list of allergens. Hence, it can be easily surmised that the remedial measures must be capable of bringing the deranged immunity back to normal rather than expecting and advising the allergic patients to give up or stay away from all the probable allergens.

Auxiliary treatment of Allergies
It has been known for long that natural foods and natural living always pays off good dividends probably because Mother Nature completely shoulders our responsibility, but if it's the artificial that you cherish, then Mother Nature will see that you perish. One doesn't really need to browse through research documents to fathom the truth in this statement. All that one needs to do is to go into retrospect and compare his or her life with that of his or her grand parents. It's not that there were no illnesses then; however, those illnesses were genuinely caused by miasma such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. These days, the number of allergic and auto-immune disorders has gone up to such an extent that they beat all the natural causes.

Following is a list of probable underlying causes that set the background for the development of an allergy.


* Regular exposure to pollutants in air, food, water, etc.
* Sedentary lifestyle which leads to impaired blood circulation and poor oxygenation of the tissues.
* Lack of sleep.
* Injudicious administration of vaccines and allopathic medicines which are after all foreign proteins and chemicals which have the capacity to alter the immunity.
* Frequent negative or overpowering mental states such as depression, anxiety, grief, fear, anger, irritability, despair, jealousy, etc.
* Improper external as well as internal hygiene inclusive of proper bowel/bladder/sexual habits and avoidance of substance abuse in the form of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.

This artical is a part of a health portal.


I stood first in the Mumbai University Homeopathic degree examinations. The oldest Homeopathic pharmacies in India chose me as one of their main consultants at a young age. I had done plenty to further the cause of homeopathy and vibrational medicines. I am familiar with iridology, classical homeopathy, magneto therapy, naturopathy, yoga, meditation, urine therapy, bio chemical salts, Bach flower remedies, and mana force spiritual healing. I am Medical Director of

Allergies and Hearing

When you think about health and nutrition, it’s important to be aware of how various foodstuffs affect your wellbeing.


It’s quite amazing just how many allergens there are in a well balanced diet. Things like gluten in wheat breads and cereals, lactose in uncultured dairy products, mono sodium glutamate in tomatoes, - I’m sure you can think of dozens – that can turn your life upside down.


Allergy has been called the great masquerader because it can contribute to and mimic many illnesses that we do not typically associated with allergy.


I have a particular interest in issues surrounding hearing, and in the fact that there may be allergies involved with some conductive hearing losses.


Conductive Hearing Loss results from problems in the middle ear, known as Otitis Media.


Middle ear infection is extremely common and very few children never experience it. Otitis Media can be painful, but is usually short term & the Conductive Hearing Loss is temporary.


As I said before Otitis Media is extremely common and most children will experience it once or twice in their lives.


When Otitis Media becomes recurrent, there is enormous cause for concern. Not only because the child is miserable and maybe in considerable pain but because the child’s normal hearing becomes distorted.


Young children are not fluent language speakers although they are learning at a phenomenal rate. The experience of having a fluctuating hearing level as a result of Otitis Media in childhood can result in a life time of difficulties. There is research to suggest that the language pathways in the brain form differently. Some children who have suffered from recurrent Otitis Media have serious problems with understanding what is going on around them, that causes major social and academic problems at school.


Sadly the repercussions of Otitis Media and Fluctuating Conductive Hearing Loss in childhood is generally underestimated. After all it only last a short while, the hearing loss is only slight or moderate, it’s all temporary – Right?



For many children life goes on wonderfully, BUT for some, early Otitis Media leaves them with lifelong difficulties and even an unrecognized permanent disability that they carry with them. And they may fail at school, and socially and get into trouble. A small hearing loss but a major loss in Quality of Life.


Some years ago I read of the work being done by Dr Michael A Schmidt on ear infections in children. He pointed out that in one study that allergic children had double the chance of suffering from Otitis Media as non allergic children.

The main allergens from his findings were food (with dairy products at the top of the list) and airborne irritants (with cigarette smoke topping the list).


It was with this in mind that I met up with some friends I had not seen for some time. Sadly their new son had recurrent Otitis Media. They were aware of my concerns about language development and had been conscientiously taking their son to doctors and specialists who were giving him vast quantities of antibiotics. (we’ll save antibiotics for another time!)


He was eighteen months old and had never slept through the night and had often been very miserable. They were quite distraught. I suggested they talk to the Otorhinolaryngologist (Ear Nose & Throat Specialist) about the possibility of a food allergy. The specialist simply dismissed the idea as nonsense.


Later my friends and I talked about what the specialist had said and I suggested that they could try cutting out uncultured cow’s milk products, continuing with baby yoghurt (the culturing uses up the lactose) – being very careful to replace each item with a substitute eg milk with soy milk, cheese with soy cheese etc. I didn’t expect any immediate changes and didn’t want to cause any unnecessary problems with dietary changes.


I received a phone call from a delighted friend the very next day. She had removed cows milk products from his diet the previous day. She reported that he’d had a good day and then he sleep quietly through the entire night. The first time in eighteen months! You can imagine how happy she was!


How simple was that!

Consider the possibility of an allergy if you are unwell and the doctor can’t find anything wrong.


After all no one knows what you eat and how it makes you feel better than you do!


Cheryl North ( is an educator with diverse interests in Health and Nutrition.


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