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Itchy Watery Eyes - Foods account for most cases of anaphylaxis in children, whereas drugs are more often the cause with increasing age. For potentially life-threatening reactions, injectable adrenaline, also known as epinephrine, should be administered rapidly, no matter how mild the early symptoms appear.


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Allergies and Asthma - Differences and Similarities

Allergies are the most common cause of the inflammation which underlies most asthma particularly in younger sufferers.


Allergy rates are on the increase especially in Western countries (compared to people in less affluent rural parts of the world) and there is a growing body of evidence that strongly suggests that asthma is an environmentally induced disease.

This is also true when the cause is a pet such as a cat or dog, however the reluctance to not have loved pet commonly prevents this.

This raises the challenging possibility that we may be able to prevent asthma by altering our environment. Treating asthma by removing the causes, aka triggers, may prove to be successful when the cause is easy to remove, such as a dust or vapors inhaled at the office.


An allergy to house dust mites is one of the commonest cause of asthma but getting rid of mites sufficiently to make a significant difference requires such a major and expensive change in lifestyle for the sufferer that it is rarely successful..


Research is currently being carried out to develop future treatments which may be able to modify or diminish the allergic process in the body and help all asthmatics.


Asthma and Allergies

*The cause of the inflammation (of the airway) which underlies most asthma in younger sufferers is one or more allergies.


*More people in western countries suffer from allergies, compared to people in less affluent parts of the world, and allergy rates are on the increase.


Do you, a spouse or a child, have asthma? Learn more, including the treatments available at


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The Increase of Allergies and Sensitivities


Allergies and sensitivities seem to be on the increase, more and more people seem to be suffering from them nowadays. Food allergies and sensitivities seem to especially be on the increase and many health problems are associated with them.


What are the reasons for the increase in food allergies and sensitivities over the past few years? The leading theories are that a combination of consuming high amounts of similar foods on a regular basis, consuming food with preservatives, consuming foods with added food colourings, consuming foods with added flavour enhancers, the use of antibiotics during rearing of food, the use of herbicides and pesticides in production of food are all playing havoc with our immune systems. The adulteration of the food we eat by the food industries is making our immune systems react to every day food.


It is believed that the average person eats the same ten foods per week; this is a major facture in the increase of hypersensitivity in today's modern society. Our digestive systems are becoming insufficient which is allowing food particles to retain their antigenicity and to enter our systemic circulation which provokes our immune system to react to them as they were a foreign protein. Food allergy and sensitivitivies can cause health problems such as aches and pains, ADHD, anxiety, arthriti, asthma, bloating, Celiac disease, chronic fatigue, chronic infections, dizziness, eczema, enuresis (bed wetting), fibromyalgia, hyperactivity, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, lethargy, migraine, nausea, PMS, psoriasis, recurrent ear infection, recurrent sinus infections, Rhinitis Sinusitis and Urticaria.


Food sensitivities and allergies cause the body to be constantly combating what it sees as a foreign invader, the immune system expands large amounts of energy trying to defend the body. This constant battle against what should be harmless food proteins can lead the body to let in via the back door more serious health problems such as cancers and autoimmune conditions.


The human body is constantly working in harmony; it's regularly systems stopping trouble before it ever happens. Health problems only occur when the body's defences become over run. This is called body overload, it is important to understand body overload to understand allergies. The human body can cope with small amounts of different stressors such as stress, environmental pollution, alcohol and nutritional deficiency all of which are common in modern life. The problem comes when the body tries to cope with more than one stressor and it reaches its threshold level, it can only take one allergen and the threshold will be reach causing all sorts of health problems. This explains why someone who has a food allergy can eat that food on holiday whilst they are relaxed and in a cleaner environment, for example a beach holiday but when they come back to their stressful city job they become unhealthy again. When the human body gets affect by an allergen it will show up in its weak organ, this is an organ that will show an allergic reaction first. For example; someone with hay fever may well get a runny nose - their target organ.


Suggested web site: Photos of Newport Beach


The human body is finding it hard to cope with life in the 20th century because it has not really changed that much since the Stone Age. On the other hand, life in the 20th century is very different to that of what a Stone Age man would be used to. Our ancestors did not eat grains or dairy foods, their diets consisted of fresh meat and fish, fruits, nuts and water. In contrast, our modern day diet consists of wheat, dairy products, processed foods, refined foods, foods with additives and preservatives, high amounts of salt within our food, foods sprayed with pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, microwave foods, foods with high amounts of sugar, smoked meats and fish and stimulants such as tea, coffee and alcohol. With this nutritional bombardment upon our stone aged bodies it is no wonder why allergies and sensitivities are on the increase.


Some scientists think that man has not adapted yet to tolerate grain products as we only started to be cultivating grain ten thousand years ago, a short time in evolution. This may explain why allergies to wheat are very common.


Another modern day invention which was not around a lot in Stone Age times is heat. Stone Age man eat a lot of raw food, cooking destroys a lot of valuable nutrients and enzymes. Raw food also needs a lot of chewing which not only breaks down the food but also mixes essential digestive enzyme when it is in the mouth enabling proper digestion of the food in the stomach. Today; most processed and fast food is soft which does not help with proper digestion.


In conclusion, modern day food that is produced by the food industry is high in fat, high in sugar, highly process, high in salt, high in chemicals and dowsed in pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. Although our bodies have not changed much since the Stone Age our diet is far from the simple foods that our ancestors consumed. Adulterated food together with environmental pollution and modern day stress that we endure in our city has lead to the increase of allergies and sensitivities in the 20th century.


Stewart Hare C.H.Ed Dip NutTh


Advice for a healthier natural life




Protect yourself from dust particles, skin allergies and other allergens.


Not too many people pay attention to the size of their noses, but we do. Because we want to provide you the most fit, most comfortable nasal filters so that you can receive the best protection against breathing in allergens. This is a brand-new invention in the world.


Life style and environment also plays a large part in the body's susceptibility to allergies. Atmospheric pollution which is high in busy cities has a detrimental effect on human health. Examples of sources of pollution are burning fossil fuels, agricultural spraying, smelting and waste incineration. Many people find that their food allergies get better when they leave city life. People are not only effected by outdoor pollution but also indoor pollution, our homes are full of pollutants such as formaldehyde, tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, asbestos, dust mites, toxins from plastics, xylene from paint, toluene di-isocyanate from varnish.


We know what it is like, and how it feels to have allergies and asthma attacks. We want to share our solution and harvest with you, and hope people who suffer from allergies can live a free and full life again.


The invention of our product is based on 100% physical non-drug treatment. Since most people's allergies are caused by allergens. Our product is to filter out the allergens from the air people breathe in through their noses.


The majority of people who suffer from allergies are more sensitive than people who don't have allergies, in order to avoid any skin irritations, our products are made out of precious metals, 18K Gold, or pure Silver & Platinum, so that patients can wear it 24/7.

We also have disposable nasal filters, which are made out of plastic. The effect of the filters can last from one to two days, and can be disposed and replaced with new filters at your convenience.


The filter is made out of Ultra Filter, which can capture:

1. 90% of large allergens ­ like pollens, pet dander, mildew, and mold spores - from the air passing through the filter. 2. Microscopic allergens like smoke and smog particles, and dust mites. 3. Bacteria and particles that is able to carry viruses. 4. Meets the Indoor Air Quality Guidelines of American Lung Association, Health House. 5. Nasal Filter filtering material will not support the growth of bacteria, mildew, mold or fungi in normal use; no unnecessary antimicrobial chemicals added. 6. Also, by wearing nasal filter, it will slow down the speed of air passing through our nasal passage, and increase the temperature of air so that it will reduce the chance of sneezing and running nose.


For further details visit

Or call us at (510) 741-7115

Or mail us to


Allergies and Tree Selection

Allergies and Selecting Trees

Many people wonder why it is so common today to have allergies. It seems that many more people today than 50 years ago are suffering. I know of a school that can not have peanut butter present because one child could suffer life a threatening reaction if exposed to peanut butter.


Could our trees that we are planting also be a cause?

54.3% of Americans have allergic reactions severe enough to be mesured by the skin patch test to at one of the "top ten" allergens!

LIST PUT HERE: There have been changes in our urban and rural tree planting to adjust for such plant diseases as the Dutch Elm Disease. Our elm trees which were very common in the landscape have all but disappeared. From a possible 150 million or so trees in 1900 at the turn of the 20th century, the number fell to about half in a 1930's census totalling 76 million, mostly in the cities of the esatern states. A second outbreak following the end of the Second World War in 1945 further reduced the elm tree total to less than 20 million today. This includes all the new elm trees which were planted as replacements too.


This tree had little air born pollen because this tree is mostly pollinated by insects. (Elms have both male and female flowers present on each tree.) Thus elms can cause less allergy problems for people. Since 1949 our USDA, through its yearbook, has recommended trees which are males because they are less messy. No acorns and no fruit but alas more pollen. So what is recommended as suitable for urban plantings does effect the total amount of pollen in the air. Selections should be made with pollen production in mind. Trees with high pollen production should be kept out of urban planting if possible. This is even more important in high density urban areas such as schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and as street trees in downtown areas. Trees with high pollen production should never be near fresh air ducts for buildings. Municipalities should incorporate pollen production of trees into land use regulations. Lists of trees that are allowed in land use plans should reflect good health factors for our communities. Think of all the law suits that could be derived as a result of poor planning.


Best Trees to Plant Female Ash Trees Female Red Maple Trees Female Red Locust Trees Double Flowering Cherry Trees

Good Trees to Plant Flowering Pears and Plums Pines and Spruces Dogwoods

Poor Trees to Plant Male Ash Trees Male Mullberry Trees Male Red Maple Male Junipers Red Oak Trees


See more articles by B Hirst at the farm web site or


A Nurseryman/Tree Farmer who tells it like it is, including anecdotes and allegory, history and facts, with humor too!!!


Dogs - Common Allergies and Symptoms


When Your Dog Starts to Sneeze

There are many things that both the dogs and the dog owners could have in common. For example, both dogs and dog owners could be prone to obesity if not regulating food intake and by not exercising. In addition, dogs and humans may also acquire diseases that results from improper dietary regimen like diabetes, heart diseases, etc.Moreover, the most amusing thing that both dogs and humans share is the fact that they are both vulnerable to allergies.


Sounds impossible? Think again.Veterinary experts assert that dogs have allergies too. One of the primary signs of allergies is the itching of their skin. Their respiratory tract system can also be affected with allergies. Normally, dogs will manifest symptoms of respiratory tract allergies like sneezing, wheezing, and coughing. Their nose and their eyes may also manifest a discharge just like humans do whenever they have colds or flu.


There are also allergies that may have an effect on their digestive system; hence, it may result as watery stools, diarrhea, or vomiting.

Experts say that almost 20% of the dogs in the United States suffer from several types of allergy. So, for people who want to know more about the different allergies that dogs acquire, here is a list of the most common allergies:


1. Allergies with fleas

It is a well-known fact that dogs are usually infected with fleas. However, what most people do not know is that they can get allergies through these fleas, too.Well, it is not the fleas that actually cause the allergic reactions in dogs but the flea's saliva. Hence, it is important for the dog to undergo a skin allergy examination so as to determine if a particular dog is sensitive to flea saliva.In the event that the dog is allergic to flea saliva, it would be better for the owner to implement a rigorous flea control or flea eradication treatment in order to lessen the allergic reactions. Though, it must be kept in mind that solutions that are used in flea control should be safe for the dog.


2. Allergies pertaining to foods

Like humans, dogs get allergies from food as well. There are instances wherein dogs get allergies from foods that their system cannot tolerate, such as wheat, soy products, pork, beef, whey, fish, eggs, milk, corn, artificial sweeteners, and chemical preservatives that are placed in their food.Moreover, dogs can get allergies in food that they have not tried before. The best way to combat this particular allergy problem is to feed the dog commercial dog foods more often instead of homemade products.Some signs of allergic reactions to food in dogs are shaking of the head, scratching the ears, irritated skin, biting and licking at the rear feet, inflammations in the ear, sneezing, behavioral changes, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.


Using Medication
Your doctor may advise you to take an antihistamine. An antihistamine, like the name suggests is able to counter the effect of histamine, the chemical that is released by the body and causes the allergy symptoms. These drugs have had proven success in alleviating the common symptoms of an allergic reaction. You may be given an over the counter or a prescription decongestant like a nasal spray or drops. These will ease congestion, swelling, excessive secretions of the nose and sinus. Alternatively your doctor may recommend prescription anti-inflammatory steroid drugs if you have severe symptoms.


3. Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is a known allergic skin disease in dogs. This is usually caused by the hypersensitivity of the dog's immune system to ordinary substances that can be found in the environment like molds or dust mites.Usually, a dog is said to be suffering from atopic dermatitis when the dog begins to excessively lick and chew its paws, licking the abdomen and its rear feet.Atopic dermatitis can be seen as a saliva staining found in the armpits, between the toes of the paws, and in the groin. In light-colored canines, atopic dermatitis can be seen as a red-brown stain found on the same parts that were mentioned.


4. Allergies resulting from bacteria

This is the most common cause of serious allergies in dogs. Generally, there are certain bacteria that thrive in the dog's skin. This is known as the species of Staphylococcus bacteria. In most cases, this does not cause allergies in dogs. However, there are certain types of dogs that develop an allergy to it.The most common symptom of this kind of allergy is hair loss along with the development of ringworm like marks in the dog's skin. The areas where these marks appear usually get infected, hence, it is important to treat them with antibiotics.


Indeed, allergies are not for humans only. Allergies great affects almost 20% of the total population of dogs in the United States, and that is a pretty alarming number. Therefore, it is extremely important for dog owners to know these dog allergies in order to prevent them from further exposure.


Jay is the web owner of Dog Training Tips, a website that provides information and resources on dog training, puppy training, and more. You can also visit his website at: Pet Mall for pet supplies.

Treatment of Allergies

Does your head feel like it's stuffed with old socks? Do you feel like you can't stop itching your eyes and is your nose running like a leaky tap? Don't worry you're not alone. You are probably one of the 20 million Americans who suffer from hay fever or seasonal allergic rhinitis. So what could have set off this allergic reaction? More importantly, how can allergies be prevented or controlled?

The bad news is that for many people allergy season lasts all year round. But wait! The good news is that a combination of preventive medicines, avoidance of allergens and allergy shots or vaccines can minimize the discomfort from the symptoms of allergies.


Minimize Exposure
The first step is to minimize exposure to the allergens that trigger off your allergies. These maybe pollen, mold, animal dander. Complete avoidance, although the best treatment, is an extreme solution and can be quite difficult to achieve as it may offer only temporary relief. A person may be sensitive to one allergen but over time may become sensitive to more such irritants. So the next best thing to do would be to avoid places where you know that allergen is present. For e.g. if you're allergic to dogs, stay away from homes with dogs. Reduce exposure to mold allergens by making sure your garden is mowed and raked, your bathrooms and basements are as dry as possible (you could use a dehumidifier), and control the moisture levels in the house through central air-conditioning. Of course keeping your house clean will prevent dust mites, pollen, animal dander and insects from bothering your allergy prone system. You could try using an air-purifier to cleanse the air of these contagions. Make your home a no smoking zone. Avoid using hairsprays and rooms fresheners as even strong fragrances can set off an attack.


Allergy shots are also available to help your body cope better with allergens. Small mounts of allergens are injected into the body to sensitize it to the allergens and help the body to learn how to deal with them. more effectively. This mode of treatment it is also termed as immunotherapy or allergy desensitization. However, this treatment can take over a year before it shows results.


Logan writes about various topics. This article is free to re-print as long as nothing is changed, the bio remains, all hyper links remain intacked and the rel="nofollow" tag isnt added to any links. Thank-You


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