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An air purifier is an excellent adition to any household and can help keep allergic reactions to a minimum.


Shop for one that has a HEPA filter as those are particlularly effective at getting spore and other airborne contaminants under control fast!


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Allergy Mattress Covers


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Allergic Response - A healthy home environment means that contaminants that are harmful to your health are removed or neutralized as much as possible. For allergy sufferers, it is vital to try to limit the free distribution of air-borne allergens that can trigger allergic symptoms.


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Top 5 Air Purifiers - Reduce Allergies, Stop Snoring, Remove Odor

I need "a breath of fresh air" we'll often say. It's more than just taking a break - that "clean air" rejuvenates our respiratory system. We yearn for the purity of crisp forest air. Air purifiers help you achieve this in your home and office.

Germany's consumer foundation rated the IQAir HealthPro Plus the most effective for allergy sufferers.

Add to this that most of us spend as much as 90% of our time indoors. Every day we breathe in natural air borne pollutants such as tobacco smoke, pet dander, dust, mold, mildew and pollen. Add the chemical pollutants from common household cleaners, wallpaper, carpeting and your house could be toxic. Next thing your respiratory system is irritated, sinus or allergies aggravated and perhaps asthma attacks are triggered.


Here are the five most popular air purifiers. This will help you find a good purifier and cut through the marketing baloney.


#1 IQAir HealthPro and the IQAir HealthPro Plus is one of the world's most advanced air cleaners. It is the only residential air cleaner to use HyperHEPA technology that is used in modern medical laboratories. This means these purifiers remove more pollution than conventional air cleaners.


#2 Honeywell Enviracaire 50250 Air Purifier is a compact unit perfect for just one-room or apartment dwellers. It has an activated charcoal prefilter that reduces odors from tobacco smoke, cooking, nursery, pet and plant odors. However, it is rather loud so make sure you can live with the noise. Highly affordable but check out the filter replacement price.


#3 Whirlpool Whispure 450 Air Purifier won't disturb your sleep. Its highly energy efficient using about the same wattage as a light bulb. Make sure you check its dimensions, as it's a larger unit compared with other brands.


#4 Alen A350 Air Purifier has great performance and is affordable, Perfect for a single room or office. The color décor needs work in that the cover is a very obvious Outer Space Blue.


#5 Blueair 601 Air Purifier is large but not unsightly. It's built from steel and its 10-year warranty inspires durability. Its on rollers so is easy to move around. It’s quiet and the filters are easy to change.


Compare the features on all five units


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Author Robin Derry is publisher for a specialty information site that gives solutions to health, household, sport, travel and legal needs


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How to Test Your Dog for Food Allergies


Does your dog suffer from skin problems and/or scratch constantly? Does he have hot spots or recurring skin infections? He may suffer from dog food allergies. Food allergies can appear in dogs any time in their lifespan, from puppyhood to senior. There are certain food ingredients that tend to be problematic. Among them are dairy products, chicken and chicken eggs, soy, corn, wheat, and even beef.


Lamb and rice diets used to be prescribed for dogs with potential allergies, but they are no longer considered unique foods.


Conduct a Food Trial
To diagnose your dog’s potential food allergies you can conduct a food trial, which means feeding your dog a unique diet for up to 3 months. You will need to feed your dog new foods it has never eaten before, such as venison and oats. Many commercial lamb and rice dog foods also contain soy, eggs and other allergens.


Special foods are available through your vet or you can make your dog’s special diet at home using your vet’s recommendations. The special diet must be followed consistently, no other foods allowed including treats or rawhides. Continue with the diet until you see marked improvement in your dog’s symptoms. Then go back to his regular diet. If symptoms return, then you know your dog is allergic to one or more ingredients in his regular food.


Food Allergy Treatment
Once you have confirmed your dog has a food allergy, you will need to continue with the special diet. If you are not sure which ingredient of the old food is causing the allergy, you could try a home made diet and add back in one of the potential allergens, such as soy. Until you narrow down the exact foods your dog is a allergic to. Then you can either keep your dog on the special diet or try a commercial dog food that does not contain the problem ingredients.


Because symptoms can be similar with airborne allergies such as dust and mold as well as flea-bite allergies, it is important to test and eliminate them as suspects first.


Valerie Goettsch is web master of a website featuring dozens of articles and information on dog names and breeds and where to find the best of everything for your dog, from flea meds to beds and crates, training books and videos and dog clothes.


Pet Allergies – Counteract the Symptoms

Suffering from a pet allergy can be heartbreaking. You know that if you suffer extreme pet allergies that you might have to give up your pet (and no one wants to give up their pets when they have grown attached to them.) If you think that you have a pet allergy, then you need to act fast. The longer your pet stays in your home, the more allergens he or she will distribute across your home.

Pets cause allergies mostly because of their dander.

Contrary to popular belief, pet fur is not the number one cause of pet allergies. In fact, it is the pet’s skin. When a pet sheds its fur (which happens as frequently as humans shed their hair) the fur takes small pieces of pet skin with it. Just like human skin flakes off during the course of a day, so does pet skin. Therefore, your pet not only has hair floating in the air of your home, but he or she also has dead skin on that hair that is affecting your allergies.


In order to counteract your pet allergy, the first thing you need to do is to determine how bad the allergy is. You may want to visit an allergy specialist for a special allergy test. Your allergist will determine whether or not you have other allergies as well.


Next, your allergist will recommend a course of action to help you get through your pet allergies. In some cases, the allergist will encourage you to remove the pet from your home. In other cases, you will only need to invest in some allergy medicine, such as a monthly shot or a daily allergy pill.


Having pets can be a very enriching and fulfilling addition to any home. However, as soon as you start to feel ill or uncomfortable because of the presence of your pet, you need to take action. After all, your health should be a priority so that you can better care for your pet.


Tamra Cantar is a freelance writer on topics of interest and has a website dedicated to providing the visitor with useful information and resources on allergies and allergy relief. Visit for more information on pet and other types of allergies and allergy relief.

Restaurants and Food Allergies…a Problem?

I have been allergic to dairy products among other things for quite a few years. So when I visit restaurants, I always politely request “no cheese, or sour cream.” The next thing you know I get an entrée with a cream sauce on it. Most food servers don’t even know that this contains dairy products!


Since the menus are never explicit about exactly what the allergen ingredients are in the entrees, I will ask the food server if a certain dish has dairy products in it if I’m not sure. Sometimes I’ll ask if it contains something else I am allergic to. They automatically look at you like you are the pickiest person on the planet! Then I have to explain that I am allergic to dairy products and other certain ingredients. They will get a concerned look, and tell me that they will talk to the chef to find out what is in the entrée I am questioning.

They usually come back to the table and explain that the chef doesn’t know what is in some of the sauces or ingredients because they are sent to them pre-packaged or bottled.


So I sometimes take a chance and order an entrée thinking that it is okay. Even tarter sauce for fish sometimes is made with sour cream, even though I like it made with mayonnaise and I’ve had to stop eating it after trying it out.

One time I ordered dinner that I was allergic to unknowingly and immediately I started getting a reaction and had them take it away, I then just ate the bread that came with the meal. I was very pleased when they took my order off the bill, but it could have been avoided in the first place if they would have been more knowledgeable about the ingredients.


I really appreciate the fact that it is now mandatory that the allergen ingredients are listed on most all types of products in the grocery stores! Especially when the label plainly states that the product contains milk, instead of having to read through the long list of ingredients that often list milk as “whey” or “casein.” When you are allergic to dairy products especially, it is always wise to learn the different terms for dairy because not all products are plainly written on the food labels. Some products say “dairy free” on the front label but the ingredients label lists casein, so the labels need to be checked thoroughly.


While we are on the subject of food labels with allergen information, a thought comes into my mind (okay…I’ve been thinking about this for a long time!) Why aren’t restaurants required to list the allergen ingredients plainly on the menus next to the entrée description? Are we allergy sufferers asking too much?


I guess if I didn’t have food allergies, I wouldn’t really care whether the restaurants did or not. But if a person does ever experience what it feels like having an instant food allergy reaction or some of the “soon to follow” reactions, they would really want this information on all restaurant menus.


How extremely nice it would be to not have to bother the food server, and have a dinner where I wouldn’t have to be worrying whether or not, I am going to pass out, have difficulty breathing or worse!


Food allergies are more and more common everyday. I am for getting this valuable information on all restaurant menus! When will this happen? Soon I hope.


Verona Raymond "Living Life with God’s Purpose in Mind"


Verona maintains several websites including a Food Allergy and Colitis website with a forum, plus a Christian website. Both are filled with expert articles and information. She currently enjoys writing her own articles available for publication. This article may be reprinted freely as long as all links remain active.

Food Allergies

Allergy is a condition in which the body tends to react due to hypersensitivity to some substance such as food, drugs, drinks, pollution, flowers, and others. An allergen can be anything under the sun that might cause a reaction in one’s body if the body disagrees with that substance. Even a common thing such as sunlight and air might cause sever reactions in some if the skin is susceptible to allergies due to the same.


It's expensive but then it covers double the area of most other air cleaners. Plus it has an excellent warranty of 5 years.


Food allergy occurs when the body does not respond in a proper manner to certain food products. Because of this the body tends to release antibodies to fight that food instead of accepting the same like other foods. Although the food in itself might not be harmful to the body the same can turn out to be harmful once the antibodies are released to fight the same. These anti bodies, one of which is histamine, would result in allergic symptoms causing all sorts of reactions on the body for no obvious cause.


Food allergies affect the immune system, respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, heart, skin and digestive system. They can be very severe in certain cases and prove deadly to the individual suffering from the same.


Most individuals are allergic to nuts, peanuts in maximum cases. Peanuts cause the most severe and deadly reaction causing even the death of the individual if not treated immediately. All the individuals suffering from this allergic reaction must make sure of every ingredient in the dishes before even trying the same as even the smallest morsel can prove to be poisonous.


Milk based products, chocolate, even breast milk can cause allergic reaction in few individuals. Eggs, seafood such as jellyfish, shellfish, prawns, and fish etc., fish can cause severe reactions in certain individuals. Even the most bland food items such as rice, wheat, soy might prove to be fatal for some individuals.


One of best ways to avoid these allergic reactions is to avoid all the food items causing the adverse reactions. To know what cause reactions, allergy tests can be taken at regular intervals. Avoidance of certain food items can help avoid these reactions completely in most cases. Also keeping the medication on hand in the event an accident occurs might be a good idea to avoid panicking.


When buying processed products, read the ingredients present on the label before adding the item to the cart. Even a bit of neglect can sometimes result in getting hospitalized due to severe reactions. Recipes that do not include milk or eggs or even rice, soy, wheat etc., are available online and can be made use of by those allergic to these.


As a popular saying goes – prevention is better than cure. It is better to avoid certain foods than indulge and suffer the consequences later on. Being a little cautious can result in a healthy and happy life.


Allergies provides detailed information on Allergies, Allergy Relief, Food Allergies, Skin Allergies and more. Allergies is affiliated with Bronchial Asthma.


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Food Sensitivities - A healthy home environment means that contaminants that are harmful to your health are removed or neutralized as much as possible. For allergy sufferers, it is vital to try to limit the free distribution of air-borne allergens that can trigger allergic symptoms.

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