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An air purifier is an excellent adition to any household and can help keep allergic reactions to a minimum.


Shop for one that has a HEPA filter as those are particlularly effective at getting spore and other airborne contaminants under control fast!


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Allergy Mattress Covers


Lips are sensitive!


Your lips can burn quite easily - always apply lip balm with a sunblock when you spend more than a few minutes in direct sunlight.


Allergic to everything??? Oh nooo!!!!


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Looking at Dust Allergies - Almost everyone has some sort of allergy that makes the different seasons seem unbearable. Most people have a hard time controlling their allergies in the fall and spring seasons because of all the pollens that are in the air. In the winter, you make have a hard time controlling your allergies if you have mold or dust allergies.


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Allergy Mattress Covers - Health Advice on Allergies

Allergies can leave you out of breath, sneezing, and wheezing with watery eyes. However, when your skin is too sensitive you will experience another type of allergy attack and that is itchy skin, red patches and in the worst cases numbness. Many of us struggle for years trying to find quick fixes that will help us control an allergy attack.


For those of us who suffer from these allergies a specially designed mattress cover may be a blessing in disguise. An allergy mattress cover is made mainly of micro fibers, which are allergy free and suppress the other allergy agents in your mattress.


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If you suffer from any symptoms investing in a cover may be a great way to lessen your discomfort through the night. If you’ve ever awoken to a fitful of sneezes or itchy skin, an allergy mattress cover might provide some much needed relief to you.


Because of the high number of people who suffer from skin allergies there are many companies that specialize in these covers and other bedding items such as pillow cases and dust ruffles. They work on designing attractive bedding ensembles geared specifically towards those of us with allergies.

In order to combat skin allergies you can also use allergen free detergents when washing your clothes and bedding items however, since you cannot wash the mattress, the allergy mattress cover will be your only rescue in this department.


They are available in many colors to match your décor, bedding or other items within the room. Keep in mind though that the allergy mattress cover is generally hidden by a sheet, so investing in anything other than white may be a waste of money. They come in all sizes including twin beds for your children who have allergies as well as king size for you and your partner.


The easiest way to access all the information you require and more is to get online to specific stores that carry allergy free products. In addition to the allergy mattress cover you will probably find some other useful products that will help keep your home allergen free. Many people use these websites to their full advantage and purchase specialized items that ensure their home will be the most comfortable it can be for them.


Optimum Health and Allergies


You certainly will be looking at spending more money with this type of bedding but when it comes right down to it, isn’t your health and the health of your family members who suffer from allergies, well worth the extra cost? An allergy mattress cover can save you countless nights of restless sleep.


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Managing Skin Allergies - Odds are good that you know someone who suffers from food allergies – possibly a mild aversion to nuts, dairy, eggs, fish or some other food. You may even know someone who suffers from extreme allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis, and must carry an epinephrine injector with them at all times in case of such a reaction.


Allergic Condition - Many people don’t realize that their dogs, just like human beings, can suffer from allergies. In fact, about twenty percent of the dogs in the United States alone suffer from one allergy or another, with flea allergy dermatitis being the most common form of allergies in dogs. Other types include atopic dermatitis, food allergies, and inhalant allergies.


Allergic Reactions - Allergy rates are on the increase especially in Western countries (compared to people in less affluent rural parts of the world) and there is a growing body of evidence that strongly suggests that asthma is an environmentally induced disease.


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Mattress Choices For Those With Allergies

By Danny Carter


Are you looking for a mattress that will help with allergy problems?

An increasing number of people - an estimated 13 million in the UK alone - suffer from allergies brought on by dust and other household allergens. These health problems vary from minor, temporary irritations to severe allergic reactions and symptoms include:


• Itchy, runny nose
• Sore eyes
• Skin reactions
• Tightening of the chest


These symptoms are created or exacerbated by the enzymes released by the droppings of the common dust mite. Dust mites thrive in warm, moist conditions and feed on dead skin, which is why our mattresses and pillows are such fertile breathing grounds - and why we often experience these allergic symptoms when we wake in the morning.


How your mattress can help


There are millions of dust mites living in your current mattress and it won't take long for them to take up residence in a new one. There are ways you can make life more difficult for dust mites, particularly when it comes to buying a new mattress:


• Mattress ticking - the outer covering of your mattress is called the "ticking" This can be made from a variety of cloths, and is a very important part of the mattress because it effectively holds the rest of the mattress together. Ticking can also play an important part in preventing the allergens produced by dust mites from entering the air. Ticking is now available with additional properties including anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-allergen. Check out what type of ticking is applied to your mattress before you buy.


• Mattress covers - for mattresses that aren't yet ready to be changed, or to provide you with an extra layer of protection, you could consider a mattress cover. This is an affordable way of protecting your mattresses and mattress covers are available from most mattress suppliers or from specialist anti-allergy suppliers.


• Mattress care - remember to always look after your mattress. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and remember to air your bed every day and to let the mattress itself air when you change your bedding. Wash your bedding in a hot wash every so often - this will help to get rid of dust mites - and vacuum your mattress carefully once a month to reduce the amount of dust that sits on top of it.


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Mold Spores - Allergies are prevalent these days, not only in children but in adults as well. In fact, according to the FAAN (Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network) the prevalence of allergic reactions to peanuts has doubled over a period of five years.


Allergic Reactions - Allergy rates are on the increase especially in Western countries (compared to people in less affluent rural parts of the world) and there is a growing body of evidence that strongly suggests that asthma is an environmentally induced disease.


Acne Psoriasis Allergies - We see stories in the news, magazines, and on TV everyday telling us about some of the horrific allergies that result from eating certain types of food. One such food targeted by these stories is wheat. However, while there is indeed such a thing as wheat allergy, this is not a license for you to skip wheat all together when you find yourself showing even the remotest signs of an allergy.


Seasonal Allergic Conjunctivitis - Hayfever can drive those allergic to pollen crazy as symptoms build day after day with little respite. Here's a look at summer's most common allergy affliction and what its streaming victims can do to get some relief.


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