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An air purifier is an excellent adition to any household and can help keep allergic reactions to a minimum.


Shop for one that has a HEPA filter as those are particlularly effective at getting spore and other airborne contaminants under control fast!


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Food Sensitivities - A healthy home environment means that contaminants that are harmful to your health are removed or neutralized as much as possible. For allergy sufferers, it is vital to try to limit the free distribution of air-borne allergens that can trigger allergic symptoms.


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Tips for Dealing with Pet Allergies

It will seem horribly unfair to any child who suffers with allergies that they cannot have a pet or must loose one whom they have grown attached to. Is there a way to deal with pet allergies which may lessen or even eliminate the suffering for adults and children with allergies?

Having the child stay with a friend or relative for a week (as long as there are no pets in the home) may show an improvement that might indicate an allergy to the family pet.


By establishing whether the animal is actually the cause of an allergy is certainly the best starting point. However, that can be a difficult task if you already have an animal since the allergens are extremely difficult to remove entirely.If an existing pet can be removed and the home thoroughly cleaned (carpets, walls, furniture etc.) you MAY be able to verify the allergy in several months. Obviously that is not the easiest solution.


Some allergy symptoms are compounded by exposure to several allergens. By identifying other sources and removing them you may find the reaction to pets is lessened and not a barrier to enjoying their presence.



There are several steps you can take to reduce the build up of allergens and bring relief to allergy sufferers.


The first recommendation is to have hardwood or other smooth surface for your flooring. Carpets hold far more of the particles that cause allergies and hard flooring makes it easy to clean.Leather furniture is also ideal for homes with pet allergies. For the same reason as hard flooring is more suitable than carpet, leather holds far less allergens than fabric.Keep a seat for the allergy sufferer that pets are not allowed to sit on. Also be certain that animals do not sleep on the beds or enter the bedrooms of allergy sufferers. Consider keeping the sleeping area of the home as a pet-free zone.



There are even things you can do with your pet to reduce the allergic effects of having them in your home.Frequent grooming and bathing with a mild soap to prevent over drying will reduce the dander that is one of the main causes of pet allergies. It would be recommended that someone without allergies take on this task.Washing hands after playing with a pet and avoiding touching your face with unwashed hands will also help. Since some individuals are also allergic to the saliva of pets it would be sensible to not allow your pet to lick you.


In the case of more serious allergies or asthma it may be best that no pet share the home. For older children or adults it may be possible to find a medication or treatment which makes the situation tolerable if they prefer to keep the pet despite the allergy.


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The 8 Most Common Allergies


It seems that almost everyone we meet suffers from an allergy of some kind or knows of someone who does...perhaps it is because of the amount of chemicals we use in this modern era...perhaps it is that modern conveniences such as air conditioning or fans can more efficiently distribute the harmful allergens throughout our society.It is possible for almost anything to cause an allergic reaction but there are some allergies that are more common than others. These are explained in more detail below.


This allergic inflammation of the lungs is characterized by wheezing, coughing and tightness around the chest, making it difficult to breathe.


1. Asthma

Asthma is a serious respiratory disease. It can be brought about through environmental allergens, dust mites, pollen, animal dander, smoke and other pollutants.


2. Allergic Rhinitis (hay fever)

Like asthma, allergic rhinitis or hay fever is caused by airborne allergens such as dust or pollen. It is characterized by watery, itchy eyes and a runny nose. It also causes bouts of sneezing and coughing. This is caused by the person breathing in floating pollen which then sticks to the mucous membranes of the throat and nose. They can also land on the sensitive covering of the eyes.


3. Perennial Rhinitis (dust mite allergy)

Perennial rhinitis is a condition which affects the sufferer all of the time. It is usually caused by the microscopic droppings of the house dust mite which is breathed in, affecting the air spaces in the nose, thus producing excess mucous. It can also be caused by animal fur.


4. Eczema and Dermatitis

With skin allergies such as eczema and dermatitis, the skin becomes red and itchy and can sometimes become 'weepy'. Any part of the body can be affected. The cause of this type of allergy varies from dust to pollen to chemicals. It can also be triggered by heat, cold, humidity and bright sunlight.


5. Urticaria and Hives

Urticaria presents itself as raised lumps or as white patches with reddened skin surrounding them. They are extremely itchy and can come and go from all areas of the body. In most cases, urticaria will subside after a few hours but it can last for several days, causing extreme distress to the sufferer. This type of allergy is typically from a chemical substance such as cleaning products, hair dyes, and other chemical matter.


6. Food Allergies

A large number of people are allergic to certain foods, bringing on bouts of stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, wheezing, stuffy nose, and a rash. The foods responsible are mainly berries, shellfish, eggs, nuts, milk, corn, beans or wheat. For people who suffer food allergies, it is necessary to avoid not only these specific foods, but any other product made with these ingredients.


7. Poison or Venom Allergies (such as wasp or bee stings)

The allergic reaction to venom of insects usually presents itself in the form of hives or urticaria, tightness in the throat and chest, and itchy eyes. The person who suffers this type of allergy experiences more pain from a sting than someone without an allergy. Other creatures that can cause an allergy include ants, mosquitoes, jellyfish and scorpions.


8. Allergies to Drugs or Medications

Penicillin and Aspirin are the most common drugs to which some people have an allergic reaction and this generally causes a rash or hives.


In most cases, an allergic reaction is uncomfortable and can indeed be quite stressful. It is usually not fatal and will generally respond favourably to a treatment of antihistamines, corticosteroids or inhalants.


However, in some cases, the reaction is so severe, it can lead to a potentially life-threatening condition called anaphylactic shock. This is a condition in which a person is exposed to something to which he is extremely hypersensitive. This results in a release of histamine into the body tissues, sending the individual into anaphylactic shock.


Its onset is immediate and the symptoms include severe difficulty in breathing, swelling, a drop in blood pressure, and heart failure. The result will be fatal if the person is not treated urgently by the injection of adrenaline.


If the person has severe reactions, it is essential that they wear a medic alert bracelet so that those treating him are aware of the situation and can respond accordingly.


Most allergies can be controlled by avoiding the allergen if known. However, in some cases, it is unknown and this can be difficult. This can be overcome by always carrying antihistamines with you in case you have an allergic reaction to something.


If you manage your allergies sensibly, your discomfort should be minimized and you should be able to live a full and active lifestyle.


Anne Wolski has worked in the health and welfare industry for over 30 years and is also co director of which is a health information portal of many interesting articles by people in the medical industry, as well as which has online physicians who can answer your medical questions.


Positive Parenting and Latex Allergies

Learning to Live Positively with a Latex Allergy

Your child has a latex allergy: Perhaps a mild allergy; perhaps a life-threatening one. Either way, you now have to help your child live with it. Of course, to do so, you need to be able to live with it. You've done all the research. You know to avoid balloons and bananas. You've latex-proofed your house.

While it might seem selfish, knowing that your child can never go near latex, is the death of a dream for you--the dream of your child living a safe, problem-free life.

Have you grieved?

You have the right to grieve for his or her loss. Grieve over the fact that your child can never blithely go to a birthday party because balloons are integral parts of that experience.


So what should you do after you finish grieving over your child's latex allergies? That one is simple. Get mad.


"It won't do any good," you say. No, it won't change your children's latex allergies, but you'll probably feel better once you're done being angry. Just like grieving, this should only last a few days. Go ahead and be mad that your child is "different". Rant in private that it's not fair that your child has to worry about things other children don't. Maybe throw a few (soft) things because you're upset that you have to explain over and over and OVER to people that latex allergies are real and deadly, and because you're tired of repeating the list of foods your child must avoid in addition to rubber bands.


When you've allowed yourself to go through the mad stage, it's time for acceptance. It should be a bit easier now to accept that your life will be as fully affected as your child's life. Now you and your family can learn to help your child cope with this life-altering allergy.

How do you deal with the fact that your child isn't invited to a fast food restaurant for a birthday party because all the kids will be in the ball pen--the balls are rubber, and your child can't participate. Explaining to your child that he or she is being left out for their own safety is heartbreaking for both of you.


Children with latex allergies react to the changes and limitations in their lives in different ways. Some just accept it and move on. Others may accept it while they are young, then lash out at the world when they are older and more fully comprehend their limits. If your child struggles with the emotional pain caused by their allergy, you may need to guide them through the stages of grief, anger and acceptance. Children will often stuff their frustrations deep inside because they are trying to be "good", so you may have to talk with your child and give him or her permission to express sadness or anger at the difficulty this allergy brings with it.


A great way to help a child with latex allergies cope is to involve them in protecting themselves and other children with the same problem. You're probably becoming a bit of an activist already, possibly fighting a school board to make sure that your child's class (and preferably the entire school) is latex-free, or asking toy shops to have lists of latex-free toys on hand. Let your child get involved too. Bring them along when you go before the school board and let them speak about their own need for safety and how latex affects them. Involving your child helps them feel like they are taking back some of the control over their life that their allergy took away.


When your child stands up for him or herself, they are standing up for every child suffering latex allergies, or anything else that makes them different. Speaking out about their problem not only helps your child cope, but makes a positive contribution to the community. And with as fast as latex allergies are growing, especially among adults in the healthcare field, awareness of the problem needs to increase quickly.


It seems like an uphill battle to educate other people about the danger of latex allergies. There will always be another parent to explain things to, another toy shop to educate, another battle to fight. But the effort is far from useless. You and your child will connect with people. You will both make a difference, because even tiny victories help make the world a safer place. Most importantly, you are teaching your child to be pro-active and not let their allergy rule their heart and soul.


Latex allergies will create daily wear and tear on you and your loved ones. It's important to make sure you don't let yourself get run down. Take care of yourself so you can withstand the coming years of helping your child maneuver through the dangers of a latex-filled world.


Reach out to others in a similar situation. Perhaps you won't find anyone else locally who is dealing with latex allergies, but they are on the rise, as are wheat and peanut allergies. Why not band together and pool your energy as well as your resources? Talking to others who have been there and done that will help both you and your child. If for no other reason, when they say that they understand they truly do.


Finally, though being pro-active in spreading the word about latex allergies and encouraging change to a safer environment is good, don't let your life or your child's life become consumed by their allergy. It's very important to spend time doing things and discussing subjects that have nothing to do with latex. Planning activities that are safe may take a bit of advance work, but it will be worth it when your child is able to completely relax and just be a kid like everyone else.


Nadine O'Reilly, M.A. is a doctoral-level school psychologist and Coordinator of Special Services in northern New Jersey. She creates 100's of accommodation plans for disabled children each year. Nadine is the author of "Peter Can't Eat Peanuts" and the Empowered Toddler series of books. Nadine's son, Brendan, has a potentially fatal peanut allergy, and is asthmatic.

Air Purifiers: Putting A Stop To Airborne Allergies

While it's a popular misconception that an air purifier is a luxury product, few people realize the immense benefit this technological marvel can bring about in their lives. Be it a large home air purifier or a high-end HEPA purifier for your posh office. In a world increasingly punctuated by rising pollution and airborne discomfiting elements, the place for an air purifier in your life has changed from being a desire to being a need. Electrostatic air purifiers, ionic air purifiers, filterless air purifiers and a whole army of more such soldiers perform the brave task of keeping you healthy and safe. So what do these air purifiers protect you from? Lets find out ...


Best Home Air Purifiers


Airborne allergies are easily one of the most common types of allergies afflicting a wide spread of the population. This rise in allergies necessitated a lot of research from several companies on making a device that would clean the air. Thus, Air purifiers and air cleaners today have become one of the biggest answers to the various airborne allergies. The air you breathe is rife with so many pollutants that there is almost no single system that can make the air 100% pure but you can get pretty close.


Air purifiers get rid of particulate matters in the air silently and effectively. This particulate matter frequent have pollutants which cause common airborne allergies such as pollen allergies, tree and plant allergies, weed allergies, hay fever allergies and mold allergies. How do you know if you have caught on to these allergies? If you have been sneezing often, having breathing problems, a nose that's running, skin rashes or watery eyes, it's possible that you are suffering from some airborne allergy. But how do you fight an enemy you can't see? That's where the air purifier steps up to the challenge, getting rid of these pollutants so that the air that you breathe is safe for you and healthy as well.


Like any other product, air purifiers are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, prices and features. Depending on where you live, quality of ambient air, size of the room or apartment and specific allergies you suffer from, you will be able to find the best air purifier that will satisfy most of your requirements if not all. Remember, when it comes to your health, spare no efforts in ensuring that you can secure it to your best possible extent.


Breathe clean healthy air and enjoy a long life! All the best!


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Allergies - Not Just A Skin Rash!

It is a very common term which is used in our day-to-day life and allergies are basically caused by an adverse reaction to some substance. It can also be referred to as immediate hypersensitivities which occur very quickly when it is exposed to the allergen. There can be allergic reaction to things such as food particles, pollens, dust and sometimes microorganisms. The mind reacts to the substance in context that the substance is deadly and can harm the body. It is the defense mechanism of the body when a foreign body gets into the immune system.


A visit to the doctor can confirm an allergy with a simple test. The tests vary, but some can be mildly uncomfortable and would probably not be considered if the allergy symptoms were mild.


Allergies can be developed at any age. An infant can also be allergic and sometimes these allergic reactions can be many times genetic. If the parents are not allergic then the chances of your child being allergic is 15%. But if one of the parents has it then there are 30% chances and if both the parents have it then it reaches to 60%. The immune system is misguided when the foreign body comes in contact with your body. It sends signals to the brain which reacts by causing inflammation to your skin.


Some of the very common reaction one gets from allergy is some severe skin rash or inflammation. The other conditions which you face are the hay fever, asthma, allergic conjunctivitis and sometimes an allergic shock which can happen very fast. When you describe hay fever it would basically lead to sneezing, nasal congestion and severe irritation of eyes which gets severe with the passing hours. You also have a runny and stuffy nose, sneezing and nasal itching. There are very unusual and much unknown factors which cause allergies. Tiredness, fatigue and lethargy can also be termed as part of allergies. Such an allergy can be seen due to dust mites, sleep disturbance and the usual known ones.


The different types of allergies are:

Food Allergies: Where the person is affected by a certain food and such mistake can lead to some bad inflammations on your skin as well as death. So precautions have to be taken accordingly. Dust Mite Allergies: When affected everyone may have a different reaction and this may lead to the unclean room and being in the vicinity of the dirty laundry.Children Allergies: These allergies can be taken under consideration due to the genetic factor. If the father or mother may carry that allergy and which is passed on to their baby. Pollen Allergies: Caused by some specific pollen or any kind of pollen. This is very can be analyzed according to the reaction of the person. Avoiding such places where there is pollen or accepting any thing which may trigger the reaction.There are many more Allergies which can be mentioned but these of the few common ones which are very general and known to everyone.


Some of the precautionary measures to be taken is to know your allergy and to fight it. Once you know what kind of allergy troubles you then you can avoid all those things which trigger that reaction. As mentioned earlier there are many things which can create allergic reaction and many a times such things can be taken lightly.


Kevin Pederson has been managing a number of natural home remedies websites which have information on {a href=""}home based natural cures and remedies for some very common allergies which can be cured very easily.


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Immune System Reactions - No matter how much you clean your home, contaminants in the air remain. To help reduce and eliminate contaminants consider an air purifier. An air purifier is a device, which aims to free air from contaminants and odors. Various techniques are used to accomplish this, including filters, adsorbents like charcoal, and electrostatic charges.


Itchy Watery Eyes - Foods account for most cases of anaphylaxis in children, whereas drugs are more often the cause with increasing age. For potentially life-threatening reactions, injectable adrenaline, also known as epinephrine, should be administered rapidly, no matter how mild the early symptoms appear.


Dust Allergies - Almost everyone has some sort of allergy that makes the different seasons seem unbearable. Most people have a hard time controlling their allergies in the fall and spring seasons because of all the pollens that are in the air. In the winter, you make have a hard time controlling your allergies if you have mold or dust allergies.


Managing Skin Allergies - Odds are good that you know someone who suffers from food allergies – possibly a mild aversion to nuts, dairy, eggs, fish or some other food. You may even know someone who suffers from extreme allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis, and must carry an epinephrine injector with them at all times in case of such a reaction.


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Skin Allergies - For most people food intolerance is the reason for this confusion between the two. The other 29 percent are usually just unable to tolerate certain foods, often because they lack an enzyme needed for proper digestion.


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