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Wheat Allergy

We see stories in the news, magazines, and on TV everyday telling us about some of the horrific allergies that result from eating certain types of food. One such food targeted by these stories is wheat. However, while there is indeed such a thing as wheat allergy, this is not a license for you to skip wheat all together when you find yourself showing even the remotest signs of an allergy.

The Flour Advisory Bureau commissioned a survey in 2001 showing that more than 40% of women have eliminated specific foods from their diet over the last five years.

For one thing, true wheat allergy is extremely rare. And other adverse reactions to wheat are also uncommon (0.1%, excluding coelic disease). A number of people today believe that food intolerance to wheat is rising. However, it should be noted that wheat based food often contains a mixture of ingredients, any of which could cause the adverse reactions.


Secondly, there are two terms related with wheat allergy that are clearly misused. These are “food allergy” and “food intolerance.” People often think that the two are interchangeable and mean the same thing, when the truth couldn’t be any farther. The differences between these two conditions are vast.


Food intolerance is rarely life-threatening. It will not trigger the immune system to overreact quite in the same way as in food wheat allergy. However, it may cause symptoms like migraines, bloating or skin rashes, and in some cases, worsen the effects of conditions such as asthma, eczema, or migraines.


On the other hand, a food wheat allergy is largely immunological. It is an abnormal response to a food that is triggered by the immune system and is far more serious in nature. According to the Food Standards Agency, the food allergen is seen as ‘foreign” by the immune system and initiates an immune response and the production of immunoglobulin E (IgE). IgE binds to mast cells in the mouth, nose, and gut and causes the release of histamine which is responsible for inflammation and other symptoms of allergic reactions.


Food allergy, like wheat allergy, may produce violent reactions, from swelling of the lips and tongue (oedema) or a red rash to, in extreme cases, fatal anaphylaxis. Additional symptoms of wheat allergy may also include asthma and urticaria, or what is commonly known as hives.


A vast majority of people claiming they have wheat allergy may at worst have only food intolerance. Often, the case is that a person has, at one time, tried to remove a food from his diet, say for example, cheese. And the next time they eat it, they develop a headache, prompting them to believe that they are allergic to it.


Health professionals are concerned that fashionable fads like cutting out foods, such as wheat, could put women at risk. Most of the women who admitted eliminating wheat from their diet because of fear that they have wheat allergy had taken no dietary advice whatsoever about making such whole-scale changes to their diet or received no information on how to replace the nutrients they were losing.


The lesson, therefore, is not to immediately jump to conclusions when you have a bad experience with food. When you get a reaction from certain kinds of food, like wheat, be sure to write it down, or keep a food diary.


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Allergies to wheat

Being allergic to wheat products is one of the most common types of food allergies.  This allergy is caused because of a protein or gluten that the body cannot adapt to.  It is an unusual reaction to the substance.  You need to steer away from whole grains and wheat gluten. 

You can do this by reading your labels on your food.  You need to read all your food labels because you won't believe what different things you cannot consume.  For example, you cannot drink root beers soda. You cannot drink any instant drinks like coco powder or instant coffee. 

Most people are allergic to the wheat products or gluten usually has to check labels and stay away from displays like in bakeries.  It is most likely that they will not know what it in the delicacies.  Also, you may want to consult your doctor about your diet or hirer a dietitian.  This will help you in controlling your food allergies. 

When dealing with any type of allergy, you have to rearrange your diet and life so that you can avoid from eating these allergens that will cause you to have a reaction. Your food allergy is important because they can seriously harm you.  You may find that your breathing passageways will close because of the wheat products.  This will make you start to feel like you are suffocating and will be alarming.  It is best for you to avoid these foods so that you can stay away from having an attack.



There aren't any cures that are guarantees.  You need to tell your doctor about your asthma or allergy problems and talk it over with your doctor.  You need to understand what exactly are your symptoms. This will help determine what medical ways you'll find the most effective.  You must understand that medically there is not cure, but there are ways to treat and control your attacks.  Avoiding the allergy and then taking your medicine for when you do accidentally take something that you're allergic to can control allergy attacks. This is the most you can do to solve your allergic problems.


These drinks contain the protein that will cause a reaction. When it comes to the bread group, you really have to watch the labels, certain rice or grains have wheat products mixed in with the rice or have been placed on the same conveyor belt. Cereals are definitely something that you should watch.  They are a lot of cereals that contain a wheat gluten or wheat products. You should also avoid things like beer and ale and even chocolate.  These contain wheat products and malt.  Malt will cause you to have a food allergy reaction.  You should rearrange your entire diet because of the allergy.

As for asthma, there are ways to cure it.  Most children grow out of their asthma attacks by the time they become a teenager.  It is also the time you can develop asthma.  One way to help your asthma is to be active.  You don't need to be involved in everything, but being involved in sports can help a child work out their asthma problems.  With this said, you cannot over strain yourself.  Over straining yourself will cause an attack.  This is not good if you're trying to avoid attacks.


Allergies to Dogs - There are 5 types of dog allergies: food allergy, flea allergy, bacteria allergy, contact allergy and atopy. Here are some basic facts about each of these allergies.


As of the things that will help both your asthma and allergy attacks is a proper cleaning.  Make sure that your home or room is clean and dusted.  You want to rid your environment of triggers; dust and mold are just a few types of triggers for allergy attacks.  You may also want to get tested to make sure that you have asthma or just allergies.  You do not want to be overly medicated for the sake of your own health.  Remember some medicines do have a lot of harmful side effects, so the less medicine that you take is the best for you.

You will want to talk to your doctor about a diet and activity rate.  Why? Because your doctor will give you a general idea of what you can eat or do.  You don't want to put yourself in harms way so it is best to get a professional's opinion.  It will make your situation feel a whole lot better knowing your boundaries.

Acupuncture for Acne, Psoriasis, Allergies

Acupuncture for acne, psoriasis, allergies and other related conditions is the current interest of several study groups, aiming to investigate and validate the preliminary studies on the effects of acupuncture as a therapy for these conditions. The first study on acupuncture for acne, psoriasis, allergies was done in 1992 and focused on acupuncture as a treatment for allergies on skin.


Conducted in China, the small study took 61 patients who are known to be resistant to convenient treatments and gave them acupuncture treatments instead at an average of nine sessions each. According to the proponents of the study, acupuncture produced extremely good results. More than 50% of the patients treated with acupuncture for acne, psoriasis, allergies experienced remissions and complete healings, while most underwent some improvement in their conditions.


In acupuncture philosophy, there are certain points in the body called meridians which are known to balance and restore correct energy flow through the body. By targeting specific skin meridians, the therapy will treat the blockages and nervous conditions that lead to conditions like acne, psoriasis, and allergies.


If you are unaware what latex is, it is the natural rubber taken from a rubber tree.  It is a milky substance.  There are some gloves that are made of a latex, but do not contain natural rubber.  The natural rubber is what causes the allergy symptoms.


In Russia, a different study was also conducted on acupuncture for acne, psoriasis, allergies, and other related conditions. Like the one done in China, this study also showed equally good results. According to the findings, 20% of patients who underwent acupuncture for acne, psoriasis, allergies, and other skin conditions had remissions. In addition, an approximate 50% of patients showed good improvements in psoriasis symptoms.


Larger studies have also been done in the west. However, majority of them have given mixed results. So far, there has been no clear evidence showing that acupuncture for acne, psoriasis, allergies, and other skin conditions is an effective treatment. But individual cases continue to show improvement. In addition, some acne and psoriasis patients say that after going through several acupuncture sessions, their symptoms have shown some significant improvement.


Psoriatic arthritis especially, a painful condition where the joints are inflamed, is known to improve after acupuncture. And if the treatment is done on the classical pain controlling meridians, the condition is said to become less painful.


A Common Factor


Acne and psoriasis are different diseases with different histories and symptoms. Neither is allergic in origin, but both are affected by mood. Thus, tension or depression has a tendency to worsen the condition. This is the common factor between acne, psoriasis, allergies, and other skin conditions and the reason why all three conditions can benefit from the same treatment.


By sheer tradition, acupuncture is not used as a cure for mood disorders. However, due partly to the results of previous studies on acupuncture for acne, psoriasis, allergies, and other conditions, the treatment’s coverage continues to expand. Depression and stress are widespread diseases in our society and lead to many related conditions, of which the allergies and particularly skin allergies are prominent. If controlled studies show therefore, that acupuncture is effective in improving acne, psoriasis, and allergies, it may well be because of the stress-based nature of these conditions.


Acupuncture for acne, psoriasis, allergies, and other stress based conditions is an innovative and exciting idea that may be worth further research, especially since drug based treatment on all these conditions are still far from perfect and show significant side effects.

Latex allergies

Latex allergies were first recognized in the 1970's.  It is an increasing allergy that has many people alarmed.  Most people who are at risk for a latex allergy is usually people who have to be gloves like in a medical workplace or in a restaurant.  Latex can be extremely serious. 

It has been noted for many deaths in the past decades because they were exposed to the substance. The FDA reports of more than a thousand compliments associated to latex and about fifteen deaths. Latex is an ingredient for over 40,000 products.  It has a wide exposure and many people have found that the latex can burn their skin.

The allergy to latex comes in two different forms.  Delayed hypersensitivity is the development of a rash that comes from using gloves or touching products with the allergen in it. The second type is much serious, even though your rash may be severe; it is nothing to really worry about.  You should consult your doctor and you'll be able to get aid for the rash and any anti-bacteria medicine needed to keep the rash from getting an infection. Immediate reaction is referred to as anaphylaxis.  This is where your blood pressure is lower, difficulty breathing, and even death can occur.  Many patients with the second type will develop a severe hay fever.

You can be tested for a latex allergy by having a blood test and skin test done.  Some people are highly prone to have immediate reaction; this is why a blood test is usually done to test for this allergy.  An immediate reaction can make the person unable to breathe and eventually die from suffocation. If you are interested in taking this test, you should contact your doctor to find out if you are at risk for immediate reaction or if it would be a delayed hypersensitivity reaction.


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