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Acid Reflux Articles, Tips and Information

What is Acid Reflux?


The term acid reflux is actually a popular term for the term, GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease, which is also commonly referred to as GERD. This disease, acid reflux, is a condition where the stomach regurgitates a liquid substance into the esophagus causing damage or discomfort in the individual. While acid reflux isn’t potentially fatal or even life threatening, it can cause a decent amount of discomfort for the inflicted individual. That individual should then take the time to understand, just what is acid reflux?


Many complain that acid reflux only attacks them at night and it can be a very difficult situation to overcome, in addition to being extremely frustrating.


The liquid that is regurgitated, or refluxed, to begin acid reflux is actually a combination of acid and pepsin, which is the enzyme that digests proteins in the stomach. Some people that suffer from acid reflux also have bile from the duodenum that has backed up into the stomach. Pepsin and bile don’t have as much to do with the damaging or discomforting areas of acid reflux, hence the name of the condition is “acid” reflux.


Women who are pregnant may suffer from irregular levels of acid reflux do to the imbalance of hormones in the body. Along with the uncomfortable position of the abdomen due to the fetus, the results of acid reflux are much more painful during this time. While it is a difficult and uncomfortable condition to suffer from the pains of acid reflux can be overcome, most of the time by over the counter products.


Medications like Pepsid, Protonix, and Prilosec can be found at just about any drug store and have a considerable amount of success in overcoming acid reflux. Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or acid reflux, is a chronic condition, meaning that it will inflict an individual for their entire life instead of just a limited amount of time. If over the counter solutions don’t work, contact your doctor or physician.


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Diagnosing Acid Reflux: Gastric Emptying Studies & Acid Perfusion Tests


Most people want to claim to have a condition or disease because it seems comforting to know what we are afflicted with, but is that worth not taking the tests and missing the opportunity to treat your condition right? The simple fact that you may have a condition that is recognizable by rather easy tests and that the condition is treatable is a blessing in and of itself. Do not be the one that is taking for granted the chance to get rid of an uncomfortable leach in the physical world. Here is a summary of the basic diagnosing procedures, gastric emptying studies & acid perfusion tests.


Based on the length of the procedure the doctor or specialist will make a decision about the potential for a surgical procedure or prescription drug for the patient.


The medical advances that we are treated to these days are sometimes boggling to the mind and in the case of the gastric emptying studies the situation is no different. In this procedure the patient will eat foods that are covered with a radioactive substance to put the foods into the stomach. After this a “Geiger counter” type of machine is placed over the stomach in order to gauge how quickly or not so quickly the stomach empties itself of the radioactive food. The drug would help in the rapid digestion of food while the procedure would restructure the stomach to promote a more rapid digestion that could eliminate the problem of acid reflux.


Acid perfusion tests again require the patient to take a tube down one nostril that will extend down the back of the throat and into the esophagus. Two separate solutions are then passed through the tube, one being an acid solution and the other being a normal salt solution. Since the patient doesn’t know which is being used at which time then the chances of a problem being induced by the mind is nil. If the salt does nothing, but the acid causes the usual reflux, then the patient suffers from reflux. This procedure is usually a successful one, but is being phased out in favor of the esophageal Ph study.


If you think that these procedures are something that you should have performed on you then contact your personal medical professional and set up a time right now.


The Basics of Diagnosing Acid Reflux


Most people want to claim to have a condition or disease because it seems comforting to know what we are afflicted with, but is that worth not taking the tests and missing the opportunity to treat your condition right? The simple fact that you may have a condition that is recognizable by rather easy tests and that the condition is treatable is a blessing in and of itself. Do not be the one that is taking for granted the chance to get rid of an uncomfortable leach in the physical world.


However, acid reflux does occur in most individuals, even those who don’t have an extreme case of the condition, during the day when the individual is in an upright position. Since the individual is standing up right then the acid tends to flow back into the stomach nearly undetected by the individual person.


Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is generally diagnosed by doctors by simply listening to the patient’s symptoms and understanding the implications. Most doctors will start by prescribing an easily obtained and easily maintained medication that is well known for curing acid reflux. If this pill does the trick on a regular basis after a few days then the diagnoses is understood to be correct and the process is over. If the pill does not do the trick then doctors do have a few more tricks up their sleeve to resolve the situation.

One problem with such a simple diagnostic approach is that there are other types of conditions that can practically copy GERD. If the doctor prescribes a medication that works, as medications usually do with the identical symptom conditions, then he or she might miss a more serious and potentially debilitating disease. A doctor may overlook an ulcer and lose the opportunity to catch the problem before it progresses to a point that doesn’t allow assistance.


Some doctors may rely on endoscopy or biopsies of the esophagus to see if the true culprit is acid reflux while others may attempt to use X-rays to get to the bottom of it. A thorough examination of the throat and larynx or esophageal acid testing may get the job done, but some doctors will still prescribe to different theories. The best way to go about it is to find what type of procedure would be the most comfortable for you and then find a doctor in your area who performs it. Find out what your problem is and then find a way to get over it!


Acid Reflux and the Unknown


While we know much about the affliction known as acid reflux we are in the dark on just about the same amount of issues. There are a good number of diseases that exist today without the public and private communities knowing every thing there is to know about their symptoms and conditions. So what do we do when these subjects are considered and what are we doing to overcome them, just read on and find out for yourself.


Heart Burn and Damage- Questions like why does heartburn occur in an esophagus that is not damaged and what causes patients with the same amount of acid reflux to have and not have heart burn?


These are questions that aren’t generally known in the medical community at this time, but it is at no fault to the medical community. Testing and evaluation is constantly being done to solve these problems.


Barrett’s Esophagus Treatment- While only 10% of gastroesophageal reflux disease sufferers are also afflicted with Barrett’s Esophagus, it is worth treating due to the possibility of cancer being present. The presence of extreme amounts of heartburn in the esophagus is thought to be a cause of Barrett’s Esophagus and cancer in general. It is suggested that the individual suffering from GERD take periodic examinations to ensure that the esophagus is free of cancer.


Non-Acidic Reflux- We know definitively that there is acid reflux and we know definitively that there is non-acidic reflux, but we don’t know what the non-acidic reflux consists of. Many assume that the only type of non-acidic reflux is the reflux of bile, but we also don’t know how injurious this could be to the individual. Continue to keep yourself updated on the advancements of non-acidic reflux.

There is no way for us to know for sure what causes acid reflux at this point in time, but what we do know can help us in determining what we don’t. At some point we will make advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of acid reflux, but keeping in contact with your doctor will help you stay in the loop in the long run.


Treating Acid Reflux with Pro-Motility Drugs, Proton Pump Inhibitors, and Foam Barriers


There are a plethora of ways to try to treat the popular and discomforting gastroesophageal reflux disease, some requiring a doctor and others requiring a simple walk to the drug store. The following are three of the ways that doctors use to treat acid reflux disease and it should be stressed that not all will work for one or all people. This is how pro-motility drugs, proton pump inhibitors, and foam barriers help treat the discomfort of acid reflux disease.


Pro-Motility Drugs- Your doctor may choose to use pro-motility drugs to treat your acid reflux if all other avenues have been attempted to no avail. The benefit of pro-motility drugs is that they stimulate several portions of the digestive system including the esophagus and stomach. It may help in accelerating the emptying of the stomach, but the majority of acid reflux sufferers show little to no response to pro-motility drugs.


Proton Pump Inhibitors- For those that suffer more from the heartburn portion of acid reflux disease one answer may be the use of proton pump inhibitors. Most people have seen or heard an advertisement for Prilosec, a proton pump inhibitor that helps with fighting off acid reflux disease. Proton pump inhibitors like Prilosec with blocking the production of acid and secretions of acid into the stomach. The beauty of a proton pump inhibitor is that it works for a considerably longer amount of time than an antacid.


Foam Barriers- The use of a foam barrier like Gaviscon is generally in addition to another treatment for acid reflux that isn’t completely doing the job. A foam barrier is generally created by swallowing a tablet that reaches the stomach and begins to form a foam level over the liquids in the stomach. In conjunction with the antacid in the foam barrier the tablet fights off the acid in the stomach and keeps it from coming back up or refluxing into the stomach.


It is a good idea to consult a doctor before choosing any treatment for acid reflux as some cases are more sever than others and may therefore require a higher potency treatment.


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